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The need for a temp can strike at any moment or may be part of a longer route to […]. Career Development Featured Job Hunting Sponsored posts admin administrators assistants Career EA Employment Executive Assistant Job hunting Office manager PA Personal Assistant Temp workSecuring a forward-thinking and solution-focused temporary assistant is often high on priorities when executives enter the market for a new assistant.

Temps Working More Hours Than Employees

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  But as the chart below (from a NY Times Economix blog post ) shows, this shifted in 2009 and temps now work, on average, 30 minutes more per week than regular employees. Prior to the Great Recession temporary workers worked, on average, fewer hours per week than regular employees.       I think this shift is an example of broader changes taking place in the economy as more firms increase their use of temporary and contingent workers. 


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Super Temps to the Rescue

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CNBC's The Rise of the SuperTemp in the C Suite is another version of the HBR article focused on the increasing use of executive temps.   The demand for executive temps is growing and companies are responding. independent workers could be considered Super Temps.   I think I like the term "portfolio executive" over "SuperTemp"   When I first started Emergent Research I spent most of my as an executive temp.

The Dark Side of the Temp Economy

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ProPublica's The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants are Getting Crushed covers the dark side of temporary work. Key quote on the life of low paid temps: Many get by on minimum wage, renting rooms in rundown houses, eating dinners of beans and potatoes, and surviving on food banks and taxpayer-funded health care. The article focuses on temps working in low skill industrial or supply chain jobs.

The Two Sides of the Temp Economy

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The NY Times article The Rise of Permanent Temp Economy provides an interesting look at the history of temporary work in America.    The author argues the temp industry in America was created by exploiting gender stereotypes in the 1950s and 1960s.   The strategy worked and early temp leaders (like Kelly Girls) were able to establish  "a new sector of low-wage, unreliable work right under the noses of powerful labor unions."

Why Temping Can Be a Great Career Move

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One option that could prove beneficial while you're trying to get your career back on the right road is temping. The American Staffing Association reports that staffing companies in this country hire 17 million temp and contract workers every year. Most of them (76%) work fulltime, while 49% of temps say it's a way to get a permanent job. Here are some other things to consider about temp jobs: You can learn new skills.

1 in 4 Employees Regularly Work With Temps

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 Half of all employees interact with temps at least occasionally. The GigaOm Research report The modern workforce part 3: a changing culture of work  (paid subscription required) covers the shift to what they call the "3D Workforce" They describe this as a decentralized, discontinuous and distributed workforce. By this they mean work is: increasingly distributed across geographically dispersed workers, different parts of companies, and different companies. 

Benefits of Hiring a Temp Agency for Your Texas-based Business

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Well, then hire the services of a temp agency for your Texas-based business. So, if these are the things you are looking to avoid , hire the services of a temp agency for your business and enjoy the following top benefits. Staffing agencies, sometimes known as temp agencies, are companies that bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. … The post Benefits of Hiring a Temp Agency for Your Texas-based Business appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

Answering Reader Mail: Finding Temp Agencies in Los Angeles

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JH recently wrote me and asked the following question, "With so many temp agencies out there, I don't know which is/isn't good. I was wondering if you could give me the name of the temp agency you worked with. The best strategy is to sign up with every single temp agency in town. You'll find that every major movie studio, tv network, or entertainment company usually has their own in-house temping agency. It's best to choose temp agencies that are near your house.

How I Broke The #1 Rule As A Temp & Lived To Tell It

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The best part is, there are a ton of temp agencies and anyone can apply. The #1 rule of temping is you're not supposed to ask for jobs or try to get employment on your own to honor the relationship and introduction your agent forged with the company you're at. Temp agencies help companies find temporary talent, do all the legwork, take care of the screening process, and issue the paychecks. Straight out of college, I joined the temp pool while I was job hunting.

Answering Reader Mail: How Long is it Fair to be a Temp for a Job?

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The staffing agent asked if I was open to temp to perm, even though the position was for a full time EA, he feels the CEO may need time to see if it is a good fit. I have no idea how long "temp" is considered before they would offer the permanent position. I know that temp to perm was not an ideal situation for you and you may have been blindsided by it. For any EAs where it was performance based, start doing freelance temp EA work immediately.

Best of both: Baseball & Knitting!

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First stop, Tempe Yarn & Fiber and then on to Tempe Diablo Stadium to watch the Angels and maybe get to say hi to a few of the players we’ve met over the past couple of years in the minors. Baseball Cleanup Knitter Family Life Knitting Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels minor leagues minor league baseball Prescott knitters Spring Training Tempe Yarn and FiberFinally, baseball begins tomorrow for the Angels, and I’ll be there rain or shine.

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11 Halos - Part 3 (reporting & fans)

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Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs 11 Halos – Part 3 (reporting & fans) Friday, June 19, 2009 at 4:19 pm // By: // Category: Baseball Today, he drove to Tempe, to the Angels Tempe Diablo Stadium to report.

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More Canadians Becoming Freelancers

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « The Rise of Super Angels | Main | MBO Partners: A Business Platform for Independent Consultants & Freelancers » June 10, 2010 More Canadians Becoming Freelancers Where the Jobs are Now from the Globe and Mail reports on Canadian government data showing that freelance, part-time and temp jobs are growing while full-time jobs continue to decline. 

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11 Halos - Part 2 (signing day)

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He heads to Tempe in the morning for physical and workout. Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs 11 Halos – Part 2 (signing day) Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 8:46 pm // By: // Category: Baseball Just back from meeting with Angels scout, John Gracio. Contract and rookie league explained. Then gets his uniform and a plane ticket to head up to Orem, Utah on Sunday.

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Top 5 Tips for Finding Great Employees (cheaply!)

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Temp agencies are useful – look at them as being a trial period for potential employees. E-Mail me or follow me. Build your own network! Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Benefits of Online Software for Small Business. Concentrate on your business, not your office. What is Small Business Infrastructure? How to be successful by focusing on your core business.

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6. How does a Recruitment Agency choose an ATS or CRM?

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Software for temping agencies (or Contract Staffing Agencies) is a different ballgame and will be covered in a later article. In this article, I will specifically cover software (ATS/CRM) for the ‘Permanent Recruitment ‘ business. Do you require an ATS/CRM? Many agencies at the startup stage prefer working on google […] Source. Blogs

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If There’s No Work, What to Do Next?

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During past weak economic times, companies might hire temps, and once the economy gained strength permanent hiring ensued. Today’s weak economy has changed the psychology of hiring. We have not yet seen that pattern, and there are no signs that it’s on its way. The situation has caused various and serious difficulties for most of [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund

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Top Reasons A Staffing Agency Can Boost Your Career

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A Temp Or Staffing Agency Can Simplify Your Job Search. If you are tired of endless online job searches that do not seem to match you with a great job in your chosen career, you may want to consider using a temp or staffing agency.… If you are looking for employment, it can be extremely time consuming and stressful to sift through the numerous online job search sites in order to find gainful employment.

Use of Contract Labor by Small Businesses Continues to Grow

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billion on contract labor (freelancers, temps, etc.) The IRS released their 2016 tax data on sole proprietors.    The data covers business receipts, deductions, and net income reported by taxpayers on Schedule C of tax Form 1040. This includes the vast majority of small businesses, including small businesses that report on a pass-through basis (LLC's, etc.).     In 2016 about 25.5

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Uber Enters the Staffing Business

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  They point out in their blog post announcing the service that temp workers currently struggle with rigid scheduling and a lack of information on what jobs are available and how much they pay.   For businesses, Uber says they can provide a broader pool of potential temp workers and simplify the hiring and payment of these workers.

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If There’s No Work, What to Do Next?

Job Advice Blog

During past weak economic times, companies might hire temps, and once the economy gained strength permanent hiring ensued. Today’s weak economy has changed the psychology of hiring. We have not yet seen that pattern, and there are no signs that it’s on its way. The situation has caused various and serious difficulties for most of [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Lindy Sollinger

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However, a chance job in temp recruiting led her to where she is today. Based in Cape Town, Lindy Sollinger has always wanted to be a psychologist since her university days.

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Europe's Young, Contingent, "Floating Generation"

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Instead, younger Europeans "float" from temp job to temp job. We spend a lot time studying jobs and workforce data. But even though I'm familiar with the labor situation in Europe, I was still stunned by the data in the New York Times article Young, Educated and Jobless in France.   The key quote is on France's current labor market: 82 percent of people hired today are on temporary contracts, said Michel Sapin, the labor minister.

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Google's Shadow Workforce

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Bloomberg's Inside Google's Shadow Workforce covers the use by Google of what they call TVCs, or “temps, vendors and contractors" According to the article about half of Google's workforce is comprised of TVCs.    The article caused quite a stir on social media with many people expressing surprise at the numbers, especially the fact that Google is using so many TVCs. 

Google 136

CNN's Positive Report on Freelancing

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We consider this a small victory in our ongoing efforts to explain that many independent workers (freelancers, self-employed, temps, etc.) CNN did a very positive report on freelancing recently.  It's short (1:38) and embedded below:   I'm pointing this out because most coverage of freelancing in the mainstream media focuses on the negatives associated with being independent rather than the positives.

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Academic Freelancer Woes

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 And since there is a glut of Ph.Ds in many fields, schools don't have to pay well to attract temp professors.  Many colleges and universities are in financial trouble , which means more temp faculty members. The PhD Now Comes with Food Stamps is an interesting article on the struggles of adjunct university faculty. Adjuncts are freelance faculty who are paid per course taught.

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The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence Report - 30.2 Million U.S. Independent Workers

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These are people who regularly work as independent workers (self-employed, freelancers, temps, etc.) The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence Report was released today. Key findings include: The number of independent workers aged 21 and up stands at 30.2 million in 2015, divided between 17.8 million Full-Time Independents and 12.4 million Part-Time Independents. in an average work week. million (or 16%) of the 17.8

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Follow the Science: Ze Frank Teaches Us True Facts and Life Lessons


Subsequently, he temped as an illustrator for a big ad agency, where he learned early versions of Flash and code-based animation. “I Ze Frank could do a TED Talk about pivots, but his TED Talk pivot was a few pivots ago.

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More on Academic Freelancers

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Adjunct faculty is what colleges and universities call temp or part-time professors.  Many  colleges and universities are in financial trouble , which means more temp faculty members. A Portrait of Part-Time Faculty Members is a report on the duties and pay of adjunct university faculty. According to the report, there are about 1.8 million faculty members working at two and four year degree granting institutions in the U.S.  Of those, more than 1.3

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Word of Mouth is How Freelancers Find Jobs

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It's not surprising that independent workers (freelancers, temps, self-employed, etc.) rely on word of mouth/referrals for getting business. What is a bit surprising is just how important word of mouth is compared to other methods. Survey data from the MBO State of Independence study shows that 67% of independent worker respondents listed word of mouth as the most important source for getting assignments.

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Use of Contract Labor by Sole Proprietors Surging

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  While looking through the data we were struck by the extent of the growth in the usage of contract labor - contingent workers such as freelancers, independent contractors, temps, etc. -   by sole proprietors.  The IRS recently released the 2013 data on sole proprietors. This data covers business receipts, deductions, and net income reported by individual taxpayers on Schedule C of Form 1040.

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The Growing Independent Worker Ecosystem

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The growth of the independent workforce (freelancers, temps, self-employed, etc.) has also led to a growing ecosystem of companies supporting independent workers and the firms that hire them. This ecosystem includes a wide range of firm types, including: Talent marketplaces : firms like Elance , Odesk and that connect independent workers with those interested in hiring them.

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A Day in the Life: Simone White, PA, BlackRock

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I started my life as a temp at the V&A in London, after graduating and realising that the world of fashion journalism & promotion was not for me. What does your career path look like? I took all my skills learned from my studies to organise people and offices instead. What are the main aspects of your current role? I support the Head of EMEA iShares Product alongside a small team and coordinate the assistants within the iShares department.

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Why Companies Are Increasing Their Use of Contingent Labor

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Ardent Partners is an analyst firm focused on corporate procurement and as part of this brief they research and analyze the use of contingent labor (temps, contractors, consultants, etc.) by corporations. The article The Contingent Workforce Management Program of 2016 provides their view of how corporate contingent labor programs will evolve over the next couple of years.

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: How to Move from Temporary Work to a.

On The Job

Levit, author of “New Job, New You” cautions that before such an inquiry you should make sure you’ve been doing a great job at the position you were hired to fill as a temp. You’ve got to demonstrate that even as a temp, you’re a great fit for the company. This continues a trend for the previous month, when more than 50,000 temp workers were added. There are a lot of advantages to being a temp,” says Finney, who has herself been in the temporary worker ranks.

Many Americans Planning to Go Freelance

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" Earlier in the survey the term independent worker is defined to include freelancing, temping, self-employment, etc.  As part of the MBO Partners State of Independence study a national, statistically significant survey of adult (ages 21+) Americans is conducted.  One of the questions asked is: "How likely is it that you will be an independent worker (without a permanent employment arrangement) or own your own business in the next 24 months?"

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The GAO Finds Twice as Many Self-Employed as the BLS

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The GAO includes the following in their definition: Agency temps: (1.3%). According to a recently released report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), 40% of the U.S. workforce is contingent, up from 30% in 2005.    The GAO's definition of contingent covers the broad category of workers who aren't full-time, permanent employees. On-call workers (people called to work when needed (3.5%). Contract company workers (3.0%).

2015 142

Corporations Hiring More Contingent Talent

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  The tagline of the study is "the future of work is here" By this they mean contingent talent - freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, temps etc. - Ardent Partners has released its State of Contingent Workforce Management 2015-2016 report. I got my copy at Guidant's website. They're a study sponsor (registration required). 

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The Contingent Workforce and Public Decision Making

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" The article goes on to suggest that governments at all levels need to respond to the rapidly growing number of contingent (freelancers, contractors, temps, etc.) The Contingent Workforce and Public Decision Making is an article in the Spring issue of Public Sector Digest.  It suggests rethinking a range of laws and policies including employment rules, zoning, K12 education and health care due to the shift to the contingent workforce.

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