Americans Policy Priorities Highly Polarized

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Pew Research's As Economic Concerns Recede, Environmental Protection Rises on the Public’s Policy Agenda covers a recent survey asking Americans about their policy priorities. The top 3 policy priorities for Democrats are the environment, healthcare costs, and education.

HBR on Why Companies Need Digital Nomad Programs and Policies

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The Harvard Business Review's Your Company Needs a Digital Nomad Policy covers the reasons why companies should have formal digital nomad programs and policies.  


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How To Choose The Right Apartment Insurance Policy

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If you don’t have this policy then you risk losing your belongings should something go wrong with no kind of compensation. This is what makes choosing the right renters insurance policy quite tricky.

How to Focus with an “Open Door” Policy (Video)

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We have an open door policy, which is great for building community, but not so great for avoiding interruptions and carving out time for much beyond the necessities.” The post How to Focus with an “Open Door” Policy (Video) appeared first on Eat Your Career.

Olympians Take A Knee Against Racism, Under New Policy Allowing Protests

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"We want to fight all forms of discrimination, and as a group of women, we wanted to kneel against it," said Steph Houghton, a co-captain of Britain's soccer team. Image credit: Noriko Hayashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

4 Essential Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have

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With so many unfortunate instances that can put your ability to earn an income in jeopardy, insurance policies remain the surest way to protect your income. So we have listed the four essential insurance policies that everyone should have. Finance insurance policies

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?

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The post Is Honesty Really the Best Policy? Not everyone is a born smart or Genius. As we grow old, we get that funny feeling. There were lot of fights and quarrels , that could have been avoided. Many things were meaningless. There were not worth dying for. This is like what they say….Growing Growing up. There were so many people, whom we met in our adult hood. They left. We moved on. I remember hearing from my old friends, that time has changed in this generation.

Do you need to write a travel management policy?

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Some of the following scenarios will probably sound all too familiar to you in your current position: Your Executive Team and colleagues take the liberty of booking their flights and accommodation themselves without much thought for the time it takes to get a business trip organised. You work at a fast-growing startup and you’ve realised […].

Small Businesses Bore the Brunt of Pandemic Policies

Why 200,000 additional small businesses closed in 2020. News and Trends

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New Jersey Prisoners Will Be Placed Based On Gender Identity Under A New Policy

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As part of civil lawsuit settlement, the New Jersey Department of Corrections has agreed to make it customary for prisoners to be assigned a jail stay in line with their gender identity. Image credit: The ACLU New Jersey

Police, Policy, and Politics

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Are police and policy related? Originally, police , like policy, referred to civil administration (both come from the intermediate Latin noun politia ), but by the early 1700s, it came to apply specifically to law enforcement, and within about a century that was its only sense. Later, policier came to describe a novel, film, or television program dealing with the solving of crimes.). The two meanings of policy apparently come from different sources.

Guide To Life Insurance: How to Make Sure Your Policy Takes Care of You

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In this article, you’ll learn the best tricks to make sure your life insurance policy is prepared to take care of you and your family. The premise of the claim is that the payments you make into the policy build cash value (almost like an investment) which you can later use as collateral for loans or payment for your monthly insurance premiums. In reality, the monthly premiums are almost always so much higher than for a similar term policy. Life Insurance.

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5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Purchasing Insurance Policies

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With so many liabilities, insurance providers, and policy options for small businesses to consider, purchasing proper coverage can be a time-consuming, complicated process.

Clean Your Old Email With Email Retention Policies

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You can clean your old email with email retention policies. You probably know that you have to hang onto certain paper documents for a given number of years. These documents are required by law, and only after a certain number of years of retention can you get rid of them. The same applies to email, though, which has been used in court cases. But how long do you have to keep the email from Great Aunt Edna talking about the snowstorm?

Why Your Office Needs a Green Workplace Policy

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If you have an office without a green workspace policy, it’s about time to put one in place! Though change comes slowly to many traditional offices, startups and new businesses often adapt to these policies remarkably quickly, and even if it takes a while, the effect of the policy is important. There are a variety of reasons to implement such a green policy, and if you’re looking to do so, ways to do it simply and without great cost.

A Single-Mother, Self-Taught Software Developer Living With Mental Illness Raises Concerns Over Apple’s Limited Remote-Work Policy

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Despite protests from workers, Apple is remaining resolute in its position. Remote-work positions will be limited and decisions made “on a case-by-case basis with any new remote positions requiring executive approval.”. Careers /careers Leadership /leadership Careers /careers leadership

What the assassination of Haiti’s president means for US foreign policy

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Police patrol outside the Embassy of Taiwan in Port-au-Price on July 9, 2021, after 11 suspected assassins of Haitian President Jovenel Moise broke into its embassy in an attempt to flee but were later apprehended by police. Valerie Baeriswyl/AFP via Getty Images.

Are New Iranian Criminal Laws Curtailing Freedom Of Religion Or Belief?

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Policy /policy Business /business Policy /policy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy BusinessIran does not have a good record of protecting the right to freedom of religion or belief, whether in law or in practice.

2021 69

Adhering to the "Closed Door" Policy

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I wrote a post entitled "Adhering to the 'Open Door' Policy", but this post is a little different, so please read on. Do you find that you get disturbed around your cubicle because of excessive noise? Do you wish that you could build walls around your cubicle just so that people would keep quiet? I am sure that this happened to many of you on a regular basis. Managers have offices and the.

With NCAA Stepping Back From NIL Regulations, Colleges Begin Preparing To Adopt Their Own Policies

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With the NCAA seemingly choosing a new path, schools are beginning the scramble to adopt their own rules on name, image and likeness rights ahead of July 1.

For Apple And Others, Accessibility Makes The Return To Office Life Greater Than Culture Or Policy

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It’s only right to acknowledge there are a myriad of factors to consider here—notably, the aforementioned culture of Apple and the fact that, as an employer, they have a right to dictate certain terms to their workers.

United Nations Concerned About Organ Harvesting In China

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Policy /policy Business /business Policy /policy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy BusinessIn June 2021, a group of U.N.

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French Prosecutors To Investigate Retailers’ Involvement In Crimes Against Humanity In Xinjiang

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Policy /policy Business /business Policy /policy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Business

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How to Create a Sales Policy That is Fair to ALL of Your Clients

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When you start developing your multiple streams of income business by adding products and programs which are available on your website, there’s a very specific policy you need to have in place … and that is a clearly defined Sales Policy. Your Sales Policy is simply a statement which lets your clients and customers know what they can expect from you and how you handle your sales processes.

Social Media – The Policy. The Rules.

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This is a great video about social media “Do’s & Do Not’s&# – take a look. You can get social media training if you are unsure how to start your online marketing campaign. Hat-tip to @adrianswinscoe

5 Reasons to be Constantly in Your Policies and Procedures Docs

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I had an interesting conversation with a non-VA coaching client this past week, in which she was extolling the virtues of having well-documented policies and procedures for her business (something you know I was happy to hear!). Then she said, almost in passing, “What I can’t figure out is why, given that I''ve created the Policies and Procedures, things fall through the cracks.”.

Why We Should To Be Concerned About The Destruction Of Cultural Heritage

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Policy /policy Business /business Policy /policy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy BusinessRecent times have seen atrocities committed in many regions.

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Rape Is A Grave, Systematic And Widespread Human Rights Violation Yet Still Poorly Addressed

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Policy /policy Business /business Policy /policy Leadership /leadership ForbesWomen /forbeswomen Business“Globally, 1 in 3 women and girls has been subjected to gender-based violence, and 1 in 10 girls has been a victim of rape” says a new report produced by U.N.

2021 52

Adhering to the "Open Door" Policy

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Home About Me Advertise Adhering to the "Open Door" Policy By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 Filed Under: Meetings , Prioritize I n my last job, I had my own office. We strive for an “open door” policy, but of course, there are times when the managers hold meetings or make phone calls and have their door closed. Just remember, if your company has an “open door” policy, please adhere to it.

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Here Are The Companies Upping Pressure On Workers To Get Vaccinated Against Covid

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Business /business Business /business Policy /policy Leadership /leadership Innovation /innovation Health /health Banking & Insurance /banking-insurance Breaking breaking-news Editors' Pick editors-pick Coronavirus coronavirus

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How policy and cost savings are helping to drive the uptake of low-energy, retrofit LED Lamps

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Post from: Eco-Office Gals How policy and cost savings are helping to drive the uptake of low-energy, retrofit LED Lamps. “The traditional GLS lamp is dead!” ” Well it may not be quite dead but legislation, environmental issues and cost-saving are forcing businesses’ to re-evaluate the real costs of lighting. Traditional lamps including GLS, Halogen, Tungsten and Discharge are being replaced by low-energy retrofit products such as LED.

Finding Out The Cheap and Exclusive Car Insurance Policies With Ease

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The high rates of car insurance premium have been a significant reason why many avoid investing in the car insurance policy. The primary perspective of the policies and its potential to save the individuals from the financial trap makes it a recommended choice. … The post Finding Out The Cheap and Exclusive Car Insurance Policies With Ease appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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Consider Essential Add-On Features when Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy

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If you were contemplating on choosing a car insurance policy, your best bet would be to look for the best car insurance companies in the business. … The post Consider Essential Add-On Features when Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. It would be in your best interest to look for all kinds of car insurance needs, such as those offered by

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Biden’s Cuba policy is suddenly in the spotlight

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But the sudden uprising in Cuba is also shaping up to be a perfect storm of a foreign policy problem for US President Joe Biden: another crisis at America’s doorstep , one with strong domestic political considerations that could have reverberations whether Biden acts — or doesn’t.

How Simple Policies Can Change Your Business

While this makes sense, it doesn’t mean you should ignore behind-the-scenes business administration tasks, such as setting policies. Policies that outline how you run various elements of your business, and why you do it that way, set boundaries and create a foundation for the business. Having policies like this can often be the difference between a good business and a great business. Telephone Policies - What phone numbers will you share with your clients?

Elon Musk And Other Space Players Are Building Up Navies As They Take Rocketry To Sea

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Aerospace & Defense /aerospace-defense Business /business Aerospace & Defense /aerospace-defense Innovation /innovation Science /science Policy /policy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Editors' Pick editors-pick Business

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MIT Economists on the Impact of COVID-19 on Labor Markets

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The essay ends on a positive note explaining that policy interventions at the federal, state and local levels could limit the negative impacts.    Also, see the essay for specifics on the policies they believe will be needed.

2020 184

Mis-sold a PPI Policy? Rush To Claim What’s Yours – It’s Your Money!

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When you have a PPI policy, chances are, you’re not eligible to claim on, especially when you’re self-employed. In fact, there are at least two million people in the UK who have the same fate as yours: You’ve been mis-sold a PPI policy. In other words, your PPI policy is useless in your circumstances.…

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COVID-19's Huge Financial Impact on Cities

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Government PolicyAccording to the National League of Cities (NLC) , 65% of cities are being forced to delay or cancel capital spending and infrastructure projects due to COVID-19.      Unlike the federal government, most U.S.

2020 193

Uber's Third Way for Independent Contractors

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gig economy Government Policy Independent workersUber's 18-page report, A First Step Toward A New Model For Independent Platform Work , outlines their proposal for improving the financial security of independent contractors, especially Uber drivers. 

2020 161

About 14 Million Freelancers, Gig Workers and Self-Employed are Getting Unemployment Insurance

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The program's success - and its importance to the financial health of so many people - lead to two policy implications. Freelance gig economy Government Policy Independent workers

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U.S. Census Pulse Survey Finds Small Businesses Getting Slammed

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   Government Policy Small Business EconomyThe U.S. Census has created a Small Business Pulse survey to track and measure how small businesses are faring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 170

Independent Workers Qualify for Unemployment Insurance Under the CARES Act

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   Freelance gig economy Government Policy Independent workers self-employmentLast week Congress passed and the president signed the CARES Act, a $2 trillion stimulus bill designed to help businesses and Americans weather the economic storm caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Independent workers (the self-employed, freelancers, gig workers, etc.) qualify for a number of assistance programs contained in the bill. 

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