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From Cubicles To Community Hubs: Reimagining Work As An Activity, Not A Place


As we hover on the precipice of a seismic shift in our understanding and utilization of office spaces, it’s time to color outside the lines of the conventional cubicle. The post From Cubicles To Community Hubs: Reimagining Work As An Activity, Not A Place appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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How To Upgrade Your Cubicles To Be Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals

As more and more working professionals realize how important protecting the planet is, they are upgrading their cubicles to be eco-friendly. At the same time, you can save yourself capital while upgrading your cubicles. One way to upgrade your cubicles to be eco-friendly is to conserve your computer’s energy.

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3 Ways to Change the World from Your Cubicle

On The Job

While we're unlikely to stand up in our cubicle, point at someone and start yelling about how they're wrong, stupid, hateful and wear ugly shoes -- we can use the workplace as a starting point. Maybe you can't change the world overnight, but you can change how you will advocate for civility and collaboration one cubicle at a time.

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Beyond the Cubicle: Deskless Workforce Getting Left Behind

Small Business CEO

… The post Beyond the Cubicle: Deskless Workforce Getting Left Behind appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Gen X worked so hard to become a generation of office drones sitting at a desk and changing the world from behind their computer and talking on their old-school phones.…

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This Is The Surprising Pre-Pandemic Trend That’s Returning To Office Design


Now, employees want the last thing to be expected from a modern office: walls and cubicles. . The open office design was intended to encourage collaboration in the workplace, and while it certainly has its place, companies often took the trend too far.

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Google’s Myth Of Losing Social Capital In Hybrid Work


This experience replicates the benefit of a shared cubicle space, where you work alongside your team members, but on your own task. That’s the benefit of a shared cubicle space, and virtual coworking replicates that experience.

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How Millbrook Companies Reinvented the In-Office Experience for Employees


Instead of finding a traditional office building as its headquarters, with cubicles, watercoolers, boardrooms and corner offices, Millbrook’s leaders went on a mission to find the perfect space to encapsulate what hybrid work really means.

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