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New ProAssisting coming in May 2018!

ProAssisting Blog

Please note that we have closed our training to new membership as we prepare to re-launch our company in May of 2018. Please come back then or enjoy our content from our blog posts below. We have been so thrilled to train so many assistants for the last 9 years and can’t wait for the next chapter. All our best, Stephanie and Ethan

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Number of U.S. Nonemployer Businesses Continued to Grow in 2018

Small Business Labs

Census,  the number of   nonemployer small businesses increased to 26,485,532 in 2018, up 3% from 2017.     From 2010 to 2018 the number of nonemployer businesses has grown at an average annual rate of 2.53%. between 2010 and 2018 and reached 3.1 million in 2018

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Key skills roundup for 2018

Practically Perfect PA

I hope you enjoy our key skills roundup for 2018. We focussed really heavily this year on increasing our content around the key skills Assistants need to develop in their role this year. We covered a lot of skills including minute taking, event management, organising business travel, project management and everything in between!

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4 scheduling tools to try in 2018

Practically Perfect PA

Well, we are a few weeks into 2018 and I have seen a ton of articles, opinion pieces and social media messages about technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, taking over the role of Assistants. I can understand the cause for concern because so many of us are still battling with the perception of the Assistant role. […].

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Launching the Future Assistant 2018

Practically Perfect PA

I thought I would start the day by launching the Future Assistant 2018! So what can I tell you about the Future Assistant 2018? The Future Assistant will take place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February 2018 in London. Launching the Future Assistant 2018. I am really excited to be launching the Future Assistant 2018.

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Career development round up for 2018

Practically Perfect PA

Welcome to the career development round up for 2018. Career development round up for 2018 Here are some of our highlights and a video from our first Virtual Summit – Developing your business acumen on […].

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2018 Word of the Year: Don’t Be Misinformed!

Office Dynamics’s 2018 Word of the Year—misinformation—is more than a word; it’s a call to action. The post 2018 Word of the Year: Don’t Be Misinformed! defines “misinformation” as “false information that is spread.” Enjoy a $30 discount at checkout with the code ODI at

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