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Annotated Agenda

Laughing all the Way to Work

It is very useful to use an annotated agenda. For those who have never used one, it is simply an agenda with notes on it. For the agenda that I send to the meeting participants, I annotate it to let them know why an item is on the agenda or if there are any attachments. Adoption of Agenda (Motion Required) 2.

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BCO’s new research agenda sets out a new vision for the office

Workplace Insight

The British Council for Offices has unveiled its new research agenda, which will it says will aim to guide and inspire the office sector amid disruption. The BCO says the agenda is a direct response to the current and ongoing dynamics in the office sector.

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Use These Five Hacks To Rein In Meeting Madness


Research indicates a consistent annual increase in the number of meetings since 2000, with many deemed unnecessary and unproductive, often lacking a clear agenda. Because 63% of meetings don’t have a set agenda, and a full 37% don’t have an agenda at all. And only 17% of executives believe meetings are productive.

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ESG ambitions should top organisational agendas

Workplace Insight

The post ESG ambitions should top organisational agendas appeared first on Workplace Insight. Ultimately, it is what will define their tenures in leadership roles, and their work will be measured against the commitment and the positive impact they make not only on the business but on the society-at-large.

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Meta Moves Away From Remote Work


The letter claimed that in-person workers perform better than remote workers. How it’ll impact the future: In November 2022, Meta shocked its employees with news of a large-scale layoff: 11,000 workers, representing 13% of the workforce.

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Upping your A(ssisting) game when you work with a Board of Trustees

Executive Leadership Support Blog

Offer to help put together the agenda for meetings, offer to tackle a project for a committee. Become a strategic partner to your Chairperson – just like we strive to be the partner that our CEO needs, it is important to put that effort into working strategically with the Chairperson of the Board.

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Stuck In Back-to-Back Virtual Meetings? Here’s How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue


So when you can create a meeting agenda that allows a little competition, it encourages those invited to not only attend, but be excited to attend to see if they can win,” Bihet says. If you are meeting for more than one hour or the meeting is a key monthly/quarterly session, add a theme to the agenda. We inherently want to win.

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