June, 2022

Your Executive Assistant Must Have These 4 Superpowers

ProAssisting Blog

Your Executive Assistant Must Have These 4 Superpowers. The 29-Hour Work Day

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Is Loyalty Hurting Your Salary?

Eat Your Career

Most of us were raised to believe that loyalty is a good thing that will be rewarded. But in the professional world, this often isn’t true. In fact, the longer you stay with one employer, the more you could be missing out financially. Keep reading to learn more.

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16 Helpful & Encouraging Quotes for Home Businesses

Tips From T. Marie

Subscribers to my newsletter receive a helpful, inspirational or encouraging quote in each issue. In the newsletter , they correspond with the subject and are a nice way to not only reinforce whatever it is that I’m teaching or sharing, they also serve as pretty reminders.

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What you need to know when working with a C-Suite Executive

Practically Perfect PA

What you need to know when working with a C-Suite Executive In this article, we will cover the information you need to be aware of to be on the same page as your C-Suite Executive and work in sync together. It certainly makes it easier to form a solid strategic partnership [.].

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Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

Here Are 5 Benefits Virtual Reality Brings To Soft Skills Training


More and more organizations are implementing or planning to implement a VR training program for soft skills. .

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5 Performance Multipliers that Will Enable Your EA (and You) to Achieve Maximum Impact in Minimal Time

ProAssisting Blog

5 Performance Multipliers that Will Enable Your EA (and You) to Achieve Maximum Impact in Minimal Time. The 29-Hour Work Day

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WeAreTheCity: Inspirational Woman: Jessica Gardiner | Founder, The Assistant Room

The Assistant Room

Our Founder Jessica Gardiner recently featured with WeAreTheCity in their Inspirational Woman campaign. Read the full article here. The post WeAreTheCity: Inspirational Woman: Jessica Gardiner | Founder, The Assistant Room first appeared on The Assistant Room. In The Press

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Social Media Content Ideas for July

Karen Vivarelli

Welcome to July and a new financial year if you’re an Aussie! We are well into the depths of winter this month in the Southern Hemisphere and for our Northern friends, you are really getting into that summer holiday spirit. July has you covered with days like Pina Colada Day and Ice Cream Day!

We Reviewed FlexiSpot’s Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

All Work

Many of us spend too much time sitting at our desks working, and evidence shows that sitting for long periods is linked to poor health outcomes. . FlexiSpot’s ProPlus standing desk is a solution for people who need a desk at which to work but do not want to be sedentary. .

2022 85

Could the Threat of Cutbacks Bring Workers Back to the Office?


Is the Great Resignation about to hit the brakes? Real estate tycoon Stephen Ross thinks so. .

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3 Simple, Regular Practices That Will Help You Come Up with New Ideas


Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm, stall. In a culture that demands constant innovation and disruption, it can feel like our imaginations become worn down through constant calls for the new. To fight such burnout , how can we refresh our eyes? How can we see things in new and inspiring ways?

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[Book Bites] Stop Micromanaging and Trust Your Team

ProAssisting Blog

Stop Micromanaging and Trust Your Team. The 29-Hour Work Day

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Shaahin Cheyene talks about Billions: How I Became The King Of The Thrill Pill Cult


Not only is Shaahin Cheyene the author of Billion: How I Became King of the Thrill Pill Cult but he is also the creator of herbal ecstasy, the nootropic pill that sparked the 100% legal smart drug movement.

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5 Steps to Creating Your Digital Portfolio

All Things Admin

A professional portfolio is necessary for every success-minded admin, whether you’re actively looking for a new position or perfectly content in your current role. A portfolio not only shows employers who you are, it also offers proof that you can do what you say you can do.

2022 71

Breaking The Employee Burnout Cycle With Workplace Strategy

All Work

During Mental Health Awareness month, RSP’s Kari Smith discusses how the right workplace strategy can support wellbeing at work and help people thrive. Why is this important?

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Using Technology For Wellness Initiatives: How SaaS Can Help


1 in 10 employees didn’t even have the proper internet connection after one year of working from home according to Microsoft. . Navigating new methods of working means more than setting up a workspace at home.

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6 Ways to Act on Your Ambition


Building your ambition is building your enterprising skills: To consistently create new opportunities , to consistently take advantage of the opportunities you’ve created, to be aware, to face life with your eyes and ears open to the possibilities that might be just around the corner.

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Ep 170: Kristine Valenzuela – Chief of Staff and EA to CEO

Go Burrows

Kristine Valenzuela has over 20 years of experience as an executive assistant and chief of staff in several industries.

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Brad Stulberg talks about The Practice of Groundedness


This episode has been highly anticipated. Great guest. Great book. And a great conversation. Brad Stulberg is a coach and speaker on sustainable performance and well-being. You may have read one of his many articles in The New York Times, Time Magazine , The Wall Street Journal, and many others!

2022 81

3 Essential Contracts for Consultants and Coaches

Jen Lawrence

When starting a consulting or coaching business, there is a hoard of things to consider – service offerings, pricing, brand design, prospecting opportunities, etc. Layer in legal concerns and things start to get really overwhelming.

2022 52

As The Pandemic Subsides, What Will The Modern Office Look Like? Neocon 2022 Has Some Answers

All Work

This week Chicago welcomed the office furniture industry’s largest event, NeoCon.

2022 78

1 in 3 Workers Say They’ll Seek New Employment with Education Opportunities


Nearly 40% of workers are actively looking for another job, even though 78% are very content with their jobs. . Tuition benefits could help improve employee loyalty and retention. .

2022 91

Try This Brainstorming Exercise to Come Up with Better Business Ideas


No idea is a bad idea, business coach Christy Wright says. If you’re struggling to know whether your ideas can develop into a successful business venture , try this exercise: On a blank piece of paper, draw a grid with six columns.

2022 99

Ep 172: Minimizing Stress and Preventing Burnout with Al-Husein Madhany and Meagan Strout

Go Burrows

My friend Meagan Strout (CEO of Tack Advisors – the leading provider of management consulting and recruitment for administrative professionals) agreed to share the recording of this recent webinar she hosted with Al-Husein Madhany.

2022 64

Jason Goldsmith talks about Take Charge of You: How Self Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career


You don’t have to be a sports fan to take something from this episode. A globally recognized Performance Coach, Jason Goldsmith emphasizes combining the mental and physical aspects of optimal performance.

2022 82

The Secret to Asking Great Administrative Job Interview Questions

Team: Solo Admin

You made it. You applied for jobs you’re interested in, and they invited you to an interview! Congratulations! Now what? While getting an interview is exciting, it’s also nerve-racking because. Read More.

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The Benefits Of Biophilia, Access To The Outdoors In Today’s Work Environments

All Work

A recent survey showed that 52% of office workers want to maintain a hybrid work model in a post pandemic future. . Bill Browning, environmental strategist and founding partner of sustainability consulting firm Terrapin Bright Green, said in an interview with? Coalesse ?that

2022 71

Report: The State of Worker Mental Health 


2 out of every 5 American workers say that work has the worst impact on their mental health out of all of the potential relevant contributors to negative mental health. .

Why We Say ‘Uh’ and ‘Um’ When Speaking in Public


The last time I hosted a workshop, the session was recorded so that attendees could access the material later. When I played the recording for myself, I was shocked at how many times I had uttered um.

2022 94

Ep 173: Cher Heard on Managing an Administrative Support Team

Go Burrows

Cher Heard is the Client Infrastructure and Support Manager at an Investment Management Firm in Kansas City, MO. Her role is as diverse as the team of people she manages and supports.

2022 52

Episode 428: Create Good Mornings with Craig Kulyk


This conversation is a special one. Not just because it is from the vault, but because this guest is no longer with us. . Craig Kulyk and I met at the World Domination Summit and it was an absolute pleasure to have called him my friend.

2022 73

ELSx Webinar: Email Expertise for the Marketing EA

Team ELS

ELSx Webinar: Email Expertise for the Marketing EA. Date Pending | Time Pending. Register Pending. Join Dawn Monroe in the latest ELSx Webinar: Email Expertise for the Marketing EA.

2022 52

Working Outside: A Critical Component In The New Ecosystem Of Work

All Work

We spend a lot of time working indoors, and yet spending time outside offers numerous benefits for overall health and wellbeing. In addition to increasing natural daylight and views of nature, building owners and designers are now seeking ways to create productive work areas outside.

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