Technology of the week: Time Zone Ninja

Practically Perfect PA

This week’s Technology of the Week: Time Zone Ninja What is Time Zone Ninja? Time Zone Ninja is a straightforward tool that helps you schedule international meetings. What does Time Zone Ninja do? The interface on Time Zone Ninja is straightforward to use, firstly, select your location and the location of your attendees, and then the meeting […].

An Admin’s Guide to Understanding Daylight Saving Time & Time Zones

All Things Admin

Referencing the wrong time zone is something almost everyone does. For most people, using the wrong time zone or misunderstanding Daylight Saving Time (DST) just results in running an hour early or late. Time zone converter – [link].


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Clock In The Right Time Zone: Booking Meetings in Microsoft Outlook

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Clock In The Right Time Zone: Booking Meetings in Microsoft Outlook By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, August 28, 2008 Filed Under: Meetings , MS-Outlook , Organize , Productivity , Travel D o you need to book meetings for your manager(s), but most meetings are all over the country or even internationally? Do you have trouble trying to figure out the time zone for each meeting in Microsoft Outlook ?

Does anyone know what time it is? Calculating time internationally

Laughing all the Way to Work

Here is a tip that someone from my office gave me for calculating time internationally. To set your clock to a different time zone in Word 2007, click on the time on your computer in the bottom right-hand of your screen. This pop up will appear: Click on Change date and time settings and choose Change time zone. In the Time Zone Settings dialog box, click your current time zone in the list, and then click OK.

2008 100

World Of Forbes: Stories Of Entrepreneurial Capitalism Across Our 36 International Editions

Forbes Leadership

Forbes magazine's global editions span 13 time zones and 25 languages, celebrating business in all its forms.

Your Time Change Crash Course

Jen Lawrence

Time change trips up even the most experienced world-traveler and international business professional. This crash course will give you the basics of getting your bearings as the time changes and never mess up scheduling a meeting again. Standard versus Daylight Time.

2020 52

Your Time Change Crash Course

Jen Lawrence

Time change trips up even the most experienced world-traveler and international business professional. This crash course will give you the basics of getting your bearings as the time changes and never mess up scheduling a meeting again. Standard versus Daylight Time.

2020 52

5 Smart Ways to Get Work Done While You Travel


If you are like most business persons, you are usually on the road, and with the world working on a full-time basis, there is no excuse to disconnect those several hours you are traveling. In fact, traveling has now become the best time to catch up on your work.

2021 52

14 Problems Freelancers Usually Face

Dumb Little Man

Different time zones Freelancers can work with clients from different parts of the world as long as they can speak one language. […]. Freelance has its pros and cons. You are your own manager and boss, but there are quite a few problems as well. These problems are not all very different comparing to the problems of office workers. If you plan on becoming a freelancer, you should definitely keep reading.

2015 219

Free Webinar: Fast Track Your Social Portfolio With LinkedIn – February 10, 2021

All Things Admin

Time: 12 p.m. View in your time zone. ). Free Webinar: Fast Track Your Social Portfolio With LinkedIn. Presented by Julie Perrine, Founder & CEO of All Things Admin & Jaclyn Baldovin, Digital Media Strategist and Owner of Radiant Digital Solutions.

2021 52

How Circadian Rhythm Affects Your Sleep and Health

Dumb Little Man

Jet lag is experienced by people traveling across opposite or nearly opposite time zones, like a person flying all the way to Europe from the United States of America. It’s quite similar to jet lag, but it doesn’t involve changes in time zones.

2019 165

Armchair Digital Nomads Hitting the Road

Small Business Labs

  Nomads will also choose closer locations due to a need to be in sync time-zone wise.  "Armchair digital nomads" is the term we use to describe the millions of Americans who aren’t currently digital nomads but tell us in surveys they plan on becoming one.  

2020 156

10 Apps for Administrative Productivity and Organization

Office Dynamics

To-Do List Apps: Long on to-dos and short on time? Enter your habits, tasks, and hobbies into a to-do list app such as SuperNote , Wunderlist or Timeful. Timeful will suggest the optimal time to complete them. This smart app even “learns” your schedule and adapts to your busy and available times. You can update statuses, track time and tasks, and get real-time updates on all your projects. I use the Time Zone Converter by TimeAndDate.

2017 182

Pros and Cons of virtual meetings

Practically Perfect PA

With the introduction of virtual meetings and teleconferencing people can communicate with each other in different time zones and locations very easily and a great deal cheaper than the cost of a flight. I really try to encourage the people I work with to try all of the various types of software that are available for holding a virtual meeting, not only because it is better for the environment and saves money but also because it saves me time organising flights and hotels for them!

2012 188

Pros and Cons of virtual meetings

Practically Perfect PA

With the introduction of virtual meetings and teleconferencing people can communicate with each other in different time zones and locations very easily and a great deal cheaper than the cost of a flight. I really try to encourage the people I work with to try all of the various types of software that are available for holding a virtual meeting, not only because it is better for the environment and saves money but also because it saves me time organising flights and hotels for them!

2012 178

Top Helpful Hacks for Frequent Travelers

Dumb Little Man

For example, at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International, 84.93% of flights leave on time and only 1.22% are canceled. Return flights with one airline can sometimes be less flexible in terms of time and date. If you spend some extra time scouring online, you’ll probably find something more to your liking. Jet lag often occurs when you cross over two or more time zones, causing a disruption to your internal clock.

2018 187

The Rise of Independent Worker Teams: Fiverr's Studios and Upwork's Agency Experience

Small Business Labs

And in the 3rd wave, railroads changed society in a variety of ways including opening up the West, helping to create suburbs and creating economic opportunities for rural areas (they also created standardized time zones).   One example we used was what we called at the time "hives" , which we described as: Cloud-adapted small businesses will increasingly be made up of individuals who share talent to form a team.

2019 162

7 Cross-Border Dropshipping Tips Winners Use

Dumb Little Man

Today is the best time to do that! However, just like any business, dropshipping requires time and effort. 5 Single time zone Different time zones. What is their time zone? Brand recognition and awareness take time to build. Thinking of scaling or taking your dropshipping business overseas? E-commerce’s global consumer base continues to expand exponentially and with this type of demand, supply must also rise.

2017 169

Tips for Getting Virtual Teams to Collaborate More

On The Job

Vint Cerf is a long-time innovator known for his natty three-piece suits, his work as Google’s chief internet evangelist and as one of the fathers of the Internet. Cert has expressed concern for Google’s remote team members who almost never see one another face to face, often working in different time zones. So when this well-dressed Internet pioneers says that collaboration among remote workers is a concern, it’s clear that more organizations need to pay attention.

2016 127

Time Saving versus Bending Over Backwards

Office Organization Success

Getting clients to self-schedule is such a HUGE time-saver as it eliminates the back and forth of emails. They then compare their schedule to your availability and when they find a suitable time slot they will go ahead and book that time with you. See what a huge time-saver it is! In this global age it’s important to keep in mind time zone differences, so by offering some variation you will accommodate as many different time zones as possible.”.

2014 142

Virtues of going Virtual: Working whilst on holiday

Practically Perfect PA

One of the reasons I became a Virtual Assistant was the flexibility to allow me to travel for longer periods of time, I now have the freedom of being able take my laptop and work from any location around the world. Depending on where you are in the world, working on different time zones to your clients can be tricky but with plenty of planning and preparation in the lead up to your trip, your service needn’t be compromised.

2014 165

5 Amazing Tools That'll Help Recruiters Master The Art Of Productivity

Recruit CRM

However, in this article, we're going to help you select some essential tools that will be beneficial for hiring candidates and save you loads of time. The most exceptional productivity experts have failed time and again before finally unlocking their true potential.

2021 52

How to Develop a Strong EA Group in a Company – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

As EA we encounter numerous challenges in working together due to different times zones, but we do our best to let our executives shine. Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. We don’t always have an answer to each individuals problem but we know some of you might. Please read the question and comment below. Katrien B asks: We are a start-up company with offices in EMEA and in the US.

2019 144

All Around the World

The Edge VA

Your followers are not always on-line, and they’re not all in the same time zone as you. Twitter is used all over the world, and chances are your business has something to offer clients and customers on every continent. (If If not, why not?) Messages that you send at 5pm Pacific aren’t seen by Liz in

6 Signs You’re In A Long-Term Relationship

Dumb Little Man

The toilet is not a “me-timezone anymore because you know that the other might barge in anytime. As couples grow old together, there’s a growing sense of comfort, reliability, and even shamelessness that the relationship acquires. You start showing your real self and your real colors. You can be the weirdest person in front of each other and that’s absolutely normal because you’re up for a long term relationship. What are the signs that you’re in for a long term relationship?

2016 214

How to remain relevant in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Persistent Assistant

Our desire for constant connectivity and instant gratification have resulted in everyone being connected and contactable most of the time…. Other than class-based training and distance learning there is also online training means that you can now constantly upskill yourself in your own free time. If you cannot afford to go on courses you can spend your spare time reading blogs and forums relevant to your industry to keep your knowledge base current.

2020 40

The First Step To Taking Care Of Yourself Is Knowing Yourself

My EA Career

They included: Do you go to bed at a decent time and still wake up tired? At the best of times I am the queen of procrastination and this predisposition was made much clearer to me after I read the book “The Four Tendencies” by Gretchen Rubin.

2020 52

Frugal Ways to Improve Remote Team’s Productivity

Productivity Bits

Those kinds of team members never see each other face to face, and sometimes even work in different time zones, which obviously means that it’s that much harder to stay in sync. Now, there are times when distance between teams is something that can’t be avoided. Be aware of time zones To increase productivity, use cycled work schedules. During this time, everyone should be working no matter what their location.

2017 100

The Workforce is on the Move…and so is Compensation

Bonnie Low-Krayman

WORK FROM ANYWHERE IN ANY TIME ZONE + IN-OFFICE WORK = HYBRID = NEW POLICIES. Allowing this type of flexibility has its challenges for organizations to contend with – particularly around compensation actions that may be tied to geography or cost zones. COST ZONES.

2021 52

Top Reasons Why You Should Find A Virtual Assistant Today For Your Business

Dumb Little Man

Maybe it’s about time you get yourself support and experience the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. A lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time coping with the expenses. Depending on your needs, you can choose to have a full-time or part-time virtual assistant. By hiring virtual assistants from different time zones, of course! More Work, Less Time. Use your time to explore other business opportunities. Flexible Work Time.

2019 184

Tech Jobs Moving to the Midwest

Small Business Labs

The New York Times article  Hot Spot for Tech Outsourcing: The United States looks at the outsourcing of software development tasks to lower cost U.S. greatly reduces issues and problems associated with  navigating time zones, cultures and languages that are common with international outsourcing.  Key quote from NY Times article: companies in every industry need mobile apps and appealing websites, which can be made smarter with data and constantly updated.

2017 147

Creating Your Freedom Business - Expert Panel Shares Tips (Part 3)

Stephanie LH Calahan

I let my peeps know where I am (and the time. times I've been back & forth between Kauai and the mainland, it's. Many of clients travel for work and pleasure, crossing multiple time zones. Do high intensity cardio - it will help with jet lag, sleeping in a new time zone and oxygen replenishment. On a really long flight, do your best to get some shut eye, and when you land, hit the ground running in your new time zone.

2013 187

The Rise of Social Leadership

Small Business CEO

But social media allows leaders to connect directly, regardless of geography and time zones. Social media is becoming a key leadership skill. Social media represents a real opportunity for leaders – a place where they can engage with employees, customers and peers alike. To create a personal brand, keep up to date and to lead with transparency and authenticity. On a practical level, most leaders can’t engage face to face with the people that work for them. It just isn’t possible.

2017 55

40 Outlook hacks for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

To add a second time zone to your calendar go to Options >Calendar>Time zones>Show a second time zone. This opens a requester with a “Do not deliver before:” field; enter a date and time, then click Close. After you hit Send, the message will be held until the specified time for sending. If you find yourself regularly performing a particular task then Quick Steps can save you time.

2016 196

5 Ways to Build A Culture Trust In A Large Remote Team

Dumb Little Man

Using collaboration and schedule-sharing tools with optimized calendar features is absolutely necessary, especially for large teams spread across different time zones. Real, lasting trust is built over time, and it takes hard work and commitment from business leaders to make it happen.

2020 209

7 Simple Steps to Organizing & Hosting a Successful Teleclass

Office Organization Success

But a couple of the downsides, and probably why many solopreneurs don’t take advantage of this simple marketing strategy, is that: You need to spend some time preparing the material and organizing the event. If this is your first time at hosting an event – keep it simple – 25 minute presentation (which includes your introduction) and 20 minute open Question & Answer session (which also includes your offer and closing statement).

2015 202

Administrative Assistants Biggest E-mail Issues

Office Dynamics

Dealing with different time zones. Finding time to prioritize issues within the e-mails. Tags: Technology Time Management During my Become an Inner Circle Assistant workshop in Houston, I asked the attendees (a rather large group representing various companies), to list their biggest issues with e-mail. Here is the list they came up with in order of priority. Volume -- by far, this was the biggest complaint in terms of managing the tremendous volume of e-mails.

2010 109

PA in Europe

Practically Perfect PA

I did something a bit crazy this weekend and now writing this blog I am absolutely exhausted and in complete recovery mode but at the same time I wouldn’t change my weekend for the world. To visit these countries over a weekend meant a few long train journeys (including an overnight train) and lots of running around to try and see everything in the limited amount of time I was there.

2012 144

Who is attending the Virtual Summit?

Practically Perfect PA

I thought today would be a good time to give you all a quick update on where we are with the Virtual Summit. I have been getting a lot of emails from assistants wondering how they can watch the Summit in their time zone. Instead, you can log on to the Summit the following day and watch the sessions in your own time. Being the first event of its kind for Personal Assistants there is a lot, lot, lot of planning going on! So, who is attending the Virtual Summit?

2017 158

UI/UX Design for Users with Dyslexia

Dumb Little Man

Convert time zones automatically. Allow users to choose the format of time display. As of the third quarter of 2018, Google Play had 2,100,000 apps and the Apple App Store reached the milestone of 2,000,000 apps. Windows store and Amazon Appstore together had some more than 1,119,000 apps in the same period. As the number of apps for every platform is continuously growing, the competition gets more and more fierce.

2019 186

4 Crucial Business Development Lessons for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Dumb Little Man

Time spent on legal and financial due diligence can never be wasted. For one thing, no matter the size of one’s business, one must know the basics of the time value of money. Briefly, after we started the operations, issues such as time zone differences and cultural communication barriers kicked in. It took a lot of time, iteration, and nerves until we managed to develop processes that worked for our international team.

2019 187

Management Practices That Make Employees Quit

On The Job

So it’s time to break the bad habits that are making you a terrible manager. You don’t think they need a day off after they’ve returned exhausted from business travel across different time zones. Let’s say you’re watching an episode of Dr. Phil where someone is describing a person in his or her life that yells, is rude, blames everyone else for mistakes and expects others to jump 24/7 whenever it is demanded.

2014 172

Guidelines for Effective Email Writing

Jen Lawrence

” Unless we haven’t communicated in a long time (or ever), you can skip the “How are you?” Pst, bonus points if you include time zones! We live in a global environment – don’t assume the reader knows where you are and your time zone.). One of the biggest complaints in today’s modern communications is there are too many emails. We step away from our inboxes for an hour and BOOM! Thirty more emails.

2019 46