11 Strategies for Managing Stress


The root of stress management is realizing stress is information that we can examine and use, and the first step in understanding that data is becoming mindful of our stress and its impact upon us, says Kathleen Hall, founder of The Stress Institute in Atlanta.

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62% Of Workers Are Experiencing Financial-Related Stress


With 62% saying they are financially stressed at the moment, half of respondents said they have had to take measures to alleviate the financial pressure felt from increased expenses. . The post 62% Of Workers Are Experiencing Financial-Related Stress appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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These Are The Top 10 States Experiencing High Levels Of Hybrid Work Stress


According to the analysis, the states with the most stress-related hybrid work tweets were: Alaska (31.3%) . While the top cities for stressed hybrid work-related tweets came from bustling areas like Oakland and Seattle, the reasons for stress differ. Over half (58%) of U.S.

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5 Ways to Better Handle Financial Stress


The post 5 Ways to Better Handle Financial Stress appeared first on SUCCESS. Things in the financial world are starting to look up for some people.

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Despite The Pandemic’s Threat Dwindling, 45% Of Workers Saw A Spike In Stress This Year


Additionally, despite the threat of the pandemic falling, concerns over inflation and a recession have caused employee stress to spike. The post Despite The Pandemic’s Threat Dwindling, 45% Of Workers Saw A Spike In Stress This Year appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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Anxiety And Stress More Prevalent Among In-Office Workers


Rates of anxiety and stress were higher among those that are back in the office, with the survey showing that these professionals were 2.6 The post Anxiety And Stress More Prevalent Among In-Office Workers appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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Maybe You’re The Problem: How Better Leadership Can Lower Employee Stress Levels


44% of employees stated feeling stressed at work the previous day according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report . Living through the last few unprecedented years has caused a spike in stress and anxiety for most people. . Identifying The Source of Stress .

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The Ten Commandments Of Managing Stress

Virtual Moxie

Starting a new virtual assistant biz is stressful. With little effort, you can double, and sometimes even triple the amount of stress in your life. Rather than adding caffeine or a cupcake, consider looking at your whole life, and managing stress from the inside out.

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Are You Stressed or Are You Experiencing Burnout? with Paula Davis


Paula Davis, author and founder of the Stress & Resilience Institute , joins On Your Terms host Erin King to share the differences between stress and burnout, how to identify when you’re heading toward burnout and how to manage it instead of falling victim.

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Some work distractions can actually reduce stress levels

Workplace Insight

Positive interventions that distract us from difficult tasks actually help to reduce our stress levels, according to new research published in the Journal Work & Stress. The post Some work distractions can actually reduce stress levels appeared first on Workplace Insight.

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Tips to Get Rid of Stress

Office Dynamics

Then comes the stress and we quickly become one of the “office dragons” that we don’t like very much. There is no formula for completely taking the stress out of your life, no wax on or wax off, but there are some things you can do to de-stress or even prevent it from overwhelming you. So, as we begin this New Year and we are coming out of a very fun but stressful time of year I thought it would be nice to list a few techniques and methods that might prove to be helpful.

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Business travel without the stress

Practically Perfect PA

Business travel can be a stressful experience. Unfamiliar surroundings, time and performance pressures, networking in a second or third language, and a confused body clock all contribute to rising stress levels. We look at simple techniques that help you get the basics right, so you can keep stress to a minimum.

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Why Stress Can be Good for You

On The Job

Got stress? But is stress such a bad thing? They decided that they were tired of the stress of their jobs, and wanted something different. Still, according to research by Alia Crum, an assistant professor at Stanford University, stress doesn't have to always be debilitating.

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3 Ways to Manage Stress During the Holidays

Office Dynamics

To help you stay effective, achieve more and reduce stress, here are a few proven tips on managing time during this busy season: Review your approaching deadlines. This is an excellent best practice that can prevent mistakes during high-stress times when we’re often asked to “rush” certain projects. Remember: You’re in charge of your time – so don’t let it control you, even during the stressful holiday season.

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Stress, Complaining and Lost Business

The Small Business Blog

This led me to think… Read the full article here: Stress, Complaining and Lost Business on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Personal Effectiveness complaints stress I came across this article “15 Statistics That Should Change The Business World – But Haven’t” which identified 15 pieces of research that show how important customer service is in retaining and developing business – much more so than the quality and price of the product or service being sold.

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Stress: Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

Stress kill brain cells. Stress is not a good idea.” ” That quote was by US business write Doug Hall and it is a good explanation of why too much stress will be bad for your business. Pressure can inspire you to create your best work, but too much pressure will lead… Read the full article here: Stress: Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business Quotations business quotes stress “Brain cells create ideas.

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How Pets Help to Reduce Stress in The Workplace

Small Business CEO

The post How Pets Help to Reduce Stress in The Workplace appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. A recent study showed that many American workers are stressed out. When people are stressed for a long time, their well-being and happiness are compromised.

Feeling emotionally exhausted? 6 things you can do to release your stress


Here are 6 evidence-based strategies to help you complete your stress cycle: 1. Deep, slow breaths down-regulate the stress response, especially when the exhalation is long and slow and goes all the way to the end of the breath so your belly contracts.

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How to Overcome Stress in the Workplace

Productivity Bits

We encounter stress on a daily basis especially in our workplace. It is important to learn how to deal with stress and how to overcome it. If we just let stress rule our lives, it can cause serious damage to our health and to our overall well-being. Some people deal with stress in different ways. One of the simplest ways that I have learned on how to deal with stress and its effects is through writing.

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Could the ways you cope with stress be undermining you? Here are healthier ways to respond


Below, she explains how to evaluate the ways you cope with stress and change them for the better. But when these coping mechanisms stop working to manage stress, they tend to make matters worse, exacerbating our anxiety and undermining our belief that we are in control of our lives.

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How to Reduce Stress in Your Life

Ian's Messy Desk

Reduce Stress. Although stress can sometimes be a good thing, too much stress can actually harm your health and increase your risk of disease. Learning to manage stress and relax is not easy with today’s busy lifestyle. Many life events such as moving, leaving school, changing jobs, and experiencing losses can cause stress. Daily hassles, such as being stuck in traffic, deadlines or conflicts can also be stress-provoking. Symptoms of excess stress.

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Stress free annual leave

Practically Perfect PA

10 tips for stress free annual leave - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires. Although I do travel quite a bit, for work and for pleasure, I always find the build up to my trip quite stressful. Here are my top tips for stress free annual leave. For a truly stress free and relaxed holiday put down your laptop and phone and pick up a book instead! The post Stress free annual leave appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

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Stress Management Techniques

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Stress Management Techniques Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on August 23, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Living is inherently stressful, but how we manage it will determine the number and severity of the stress related symptoms we experience. Stress related symptoms can be broken down into four major categories. Laugh – Laughter is considered one of the best medicines for stress.

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Money Remains a Top Stressor for U.S. Adults—Here Are Some Tips to Better Manage Stress (and Finances)


Money and Stress in America. For years money has been a leading cause of stress for most Americans. Since 2007 the American Psychological Association has conducted an annual survey called “ Stress in America.” Debt plays an overwhelming role in this stress.

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10 tips for busting stress

Ian's Messy Desk

All of these can be symptoms of stress. A certain amount of stress is good –or. Here are a few simple tips that can help you deal with stress. Change the things that cause you stress. A fit body responds better to stress. Go somewhere that takes you away from the things that cause your stress. Stress Management (drsuneelsethi.wordpress.com). Much Ado About Stress (menopausemaniac.com). Ways to Cope With Stress (iamalexia.wordpress.com).

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How Valorant Games can Help You to Get Rid of Your Stress?

Small Business CEO

In the modern era, the individuals are struggling a lot to earn a livelihood, as they work for the whole day, so that they can earn a good amount of money to survive in this cutthroat competition, which results in plenty of stress and depression on their head.

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How Delegation Saves You Time, Money, & Stress


Here are a few ways delegation saves you time, money, and stress. RELATED: 5 Positive Practices to Reduce Stress in a Team It shares the load so you don’t do it all As a solopreneur, you won’t be able to do everything in a day.

7 Tips to Managing Holiday and Work Stress

Office Dynamics

I imagine you are starting to feel a little stressed and you are racing against the clock—December 25. The post 7 Tips to Managing Holiday and Work Stress appeared first on Office Dynamics - Executive And Administrative Assistant Training

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Ep 172: Minimizing Stress and Preventing Burnout with Al-Husein Madhany and Meagan Strout

Go Burrows

Meagan and Al-Husein (Founding partner of Tack Advisors and co-founder of The Leader Assistant Premium Membership ) discuss strategies for balancing your work and personal commitments and how to navigate stress across all areas of your life.

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5 Positive Practices to Reduce Stress in a Team


All these – in themselves – may not be stressful, but collectively, they can be hard on executives – and tough on their teams. Want to help alleviate stress among your team? Executives juggle many things when running a business.

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5 Tips For Staying Stress-Free As a Busy Entrepreneur

Small Business CEO

There’s just one problem: the stress has become so great that it’s starting to affect your mental and physical health. The entrepreneur lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone, but those who do pursue it find that stress management becomes a key tool in their success.

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Repurposing = Easy and Stress-Free

Office Organization Success

I got two big jobs done this week that I’d really been putting off: Get my taxes to my accountant. Fill in the FAFSA (College) form. Both are checked off my list … and I’m so glad! I had an interesting phone call with a client this week (well actually I had several great phone calls with clients!) , but this particular call resulted in one of those a-ha moments. We were talking about her upcoming free teleclass and she was stuck on writing the copy for the call.

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Top tips for hosting a stress-free conference

The Small Business Blog

Naturally enough, this means organising a conference can be a very stressful process – but with… Read the full article here: Top tips for hosting a stress-free conference on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog Small Business / SOHO business conference conference facilities planning stress

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Research: Twitter Reveals Workplace Stress

On The Job

Chances are, your stress level has gone up simply because it's Monday. A new study by Dr. Wei Wang at the University of Central Florida finds that tweets mentioning work stress were highest on Mondays, and start to slowly decline throughout the week. Researchers say there is a "Friday dip" for work stress and negative emotion. While you might think that work stress disappears over the weekend,it turns out we're fretting even when we're away from work.

Stress and Slushies

On The Job

The news that Pfizer's 55-year-old CEO has decided to retire because he is burned out and over-stressed by the job probably struck a chord with many people. Who among us has not gone through a lot of stress in the last couple of years? Let's just hope that employers start to figure out that the stress and overwork is taking a toll on all of us. CEO stress pfizer kindler executive stress

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How to Get Your Work Done, With Less Stress

Productivity Bits

These distractions also cause stress, which makes work even more unbearable. The key to getting work done is to decrease your stress, which can develop from a variety of situations — from issues in your personal life to your workload at the office. No matter where it comes from, though, stress hurts your productivity. While eliminating stress is often easier said than done, especially in the workplace, it is possible. Getting work done is no easy feat for anyone.

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Being Compassionate During Stressful Times

Office Dynamics

And so maybe you are having difficulty on certain days not letting the stress get to you. Each person handles stress differently. So, what creates stress for someone else, may not bother you; be understanding of the other person''s feelings and perspectives. Hello Monday Motivators! I hope you did something relaxing or fun this weekend. With all that is going on in our world, government shutdown, and our challenging economy, you may find people’s patience faltering.

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Accountants Save Small Businesses Time, Money and Stress at Tax Time

Small Business Labs

  And as the study chart below shows, this saves the vast majority of them time, money and stress. After all, we could use a bit less stress. According to a recent Intuit survey , about 60% of small businesses with fewer than 20 employees use outside accountants to help them with their taxes.  This raises the question why don't the other 40% use outside accountants?    The study chart below shows the answers given by the survey respondents.

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6 Secrets of Stress Management

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 6 Secrets of Stress Management Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on May 31, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. As I’m sitting here, enjoying a coffee and taking it easy, I’m thinking about stress. We all have stress; there’s no way to avoid it. In fact, some degree of stress is a good thing. Stress becomes a problem when it controls us. Trying to be someone or something you’re not is stressful.

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4 Stress-Free Networking Opportunities for Women

Office Dynamics

Few things in life are as stressful as making a career change. While networking is often a very successful way to find a job, it can be quite stressful, especially for introverts. But there are more ways to network these days than simply going to a mixer hosted by a professional group, and even better, many of them can actually help you reduce stress. You don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy the stress-reducing benefits of yoga. Photo via Flickr by Eugene Kim.

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