How Keyboarding Improves my Efficiency

Virtual Moxie

As a followup to last week’s post on how I stay productive, Jane wrote to ask me if I would share more about how I keyboard more than I mouse, so here I am to do just that. Why I Keyboard. And the ones that made sense to me and that were easy to remember, I integrated into my work at the keyboard. It's true, though, that on some deep level, it makes far more sense in my own brain, efficiency-wise, to not take my hands off the keyboard wherever possible.

For Beginners: Keyboarding

Administrative Arts

For those just starting out in the clerical field, I cannot stress enough working on your keyboarding skills. Here’s a few sites on-line where you can get some keyboarding practice: Peter’s On-line Typing Course – this is the best one, in my opinion. Overall, though, this seems to be a very complete keyboarding tutorial. Keyboard Lessons – 10 lessons for keyboarding. Similar Posts: For Beginners: Keyboarding.


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Increase Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts

The Office Professionals Place

Friday, June 4, 2010 Increase Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts Try these keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity time, and decrease the time it takes to complete tasks. The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development. Lets grow together!

Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard shortcut keys

Laughing all the Way to Work

© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 10 August, 2010 Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard shortcut keys I am on vacation and on my home computer I do not have a mouse so rely on keyboard shortcut keys, which reminded me again how helpful they are and how they are a big timesaver rather than reaching for the mouse all the time. Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard sh.

Pen vs. Keyboard: Which helps you organize better?

Clutter Coach

Republished by Blog Post Promoter I have a hybrid organizing system that involves pens and keyboard. Better Related Posts Plugin The post Pen vs. Keyboard: Which helps you organize better? Originally posted 2008-08-20 15:19:36. I use a Palm for my datebook and address book and I write my to do lists by hand. I’ve tried to get the whole system on the Palm, but it just doesn’t work for me. Partly, it’s because of the thinking process that goes into writing my lists.

Review: NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad


Using the top row of the keyboard would be a painfully slow process, so I used the numeric keypad on the large keyboard I had. I use an Apple Wireless Keyboard in my workspace for ergonomic reasons (largely because of my propensity to use a standing desk), and the addition of this numeric keypad makes entering any sort of numerical data a breeze. Plus, it works seamless and looks great alongside my regular keyboard. Reviews Apple keyboard numeric keypad

2015 68

Two Desks in One: My New Minimal Workspace


I also recognized that the top of the desk was deep enough to hold my Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse, so I checked the height out to see if it was ideal for me to use them while placed on it. It stores my keyboard and mouse when I’m not using them. Information Instructables Apple Wireless Keyboard Desk Furniture IKEA Insider Living room MacBook Air standing desk workspace

2013 74

It’s How Time


That means you’ll also see at least one post from some of current series ( Journey to Keyboard Maestro , Goodbye Google and Decluttering iStuff ) to go along with some of my other “how” posts. Workflow apps Evernote hazel how i how to Keyboard Maestro Mac os x productivityI’m going to spend the bulk of this weekend doing some much-needed “rejigging” of my apps.

First Impressions Online: How PAs Virtually Greet Business 

Practically Perfect PA

I am a keyboard warrior. Not necessarily by choice, but rather by circumstance. I’ve worked as a PA and Office Manager across the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and now Foodservice industry since 2011. In recent years I’ve found myself in the online space where first impressions with clients happen over live chat, email or phone. A heart-warming […].

2018 159

The benefits of reading aloud | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

Now, when I say ‘don’t write’, I don’t mean you should take a break or get away from the keyboard for a day. I’m a pretty fast typist but it made me realise how unnatural it is to use a keyboard, or even a pen.

2010 62

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Personal shoppers now part of.

Service Untitled

Keyboard shoppers can also supply their home phone numbers, and a personal shopper can call them direct. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

2010 40

Social Media Content Ideas for August

Karen Vivarelli

Say goodbye to July and say hello to August! When you think of August, most people think of warm weather, beach trips, and vacations. But how can you enjoy your August escapade if you haven’t started planning your content yet? Worry no more! We’ve got you!

4 Ergonomic Office Tips to Remember

Small Business CEO

Choose the Right Keyboard. Are you looking to create an ergonomic office space but aren’t sure where to begin? Ergonomics in the office is essential. It can help reduce pain, particularly back, neck, and shoulder pain.

5 Time Saving Tips for Home Businesses

Tips From T. Marie

Productivity is more important than the time you spend at your keyboard. As the owner of a work from home business, it’s important to use your time wisely. Not only will you be providing product or services to others, you’ll be running your own business as well.

2021 202

Administrative/Clerical: Switching to a Tablet for Work

Office Dynamics

For years, desktops and laptops have dominated the work computer market because they have big screens, roomy keyboards, and large hard drives for storage. The slim profile and portability of tablets make them very attractive to people who travel a lot for work, but the lack of a physical keyboard can negate those advantages. Luckily, there are several types of portable keyboards on the market that are smaller than traditional keyboards, but with all of the same functions.

2013 114

100 words that will making minute taking a breeze

Practically Perfect PA

I printed these off and had them next to my keyboard whenever I was working through another set of meeting notes. So as we all know minute taking can sometimes be a little tedious (Friday morning job anyone!!) I used to write hundreds of minutes every year and I really did find some amazing hacks that would make the task easier, quicker and less boring! You can find more of my tips here.

2016 176

10 Tips to Help Manage ADHD at the Office

All Things Admin

It stays in front of me throughout the day on a bright notepad sitting on the right hand side of my keyboard. What do Woody Harrelson, Simone Biles, and Sir Richard Branson have in common?

2022 91

40 Excel hacks for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Click CTRL + any arrow button on the keyboard to jump to the edge of the sheet in different directions. Then use use the keyboard shortcut Alt + F1. Then use use the keyboard shortcut F11. To format numbers as currency, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+4. If I had to make a list of all of my favourite office technology and software Microsoft Excel would most certainly be missing from the top ten (urm… it probably wouldn’t make the top 100).

2015 182

3 Tips for Including Links in Your Small Business Blogs

Small Business CEO

However, blogging is a lot more than typing words out on your keyboard. Blogging for business is a great way to bring more visitors to your website, build fodder for your social media posts, create a network with your customers, and ultimately get yourself a larger revenue stream. In order to create a blog that is actually beneficial to your business, you have to understand how business blogging works. One big area of business blogging revolves around links.

2016 64

Why Multitasking Makes You Less Productive

On The Job

I recently had to get rid of my computer keyboard because the Super Glue I spilled on it made it difficult to use. I destroyed the keyboard because I was multitasking. The keyboard before this one was also a mess. So did the red fingernail polish that covered the letters “L” “I” and “9.” (OK, OK, I don’t use the 9 very much, but still.)

2013 174

Social media content ideas for October

Karen Vivarelli

Like the ideas pour out of your head and onto the keyboard without a moment’s rest. Stuck in a content rut? Here’s some content ideas to give you inspiration! Have you finally written that killer content strategy plan but just need a little inspiration and kick-start your creativity?

10 Great Gift Ideas for Coworkers

On The Job

Keyboard stickers. If you know someone who is tired of a boring keyboard, try these Van Gogh Starry Night or comic book decals. While it seems like everyone should be in a jolly mood around the office because it's the holiday season, there is also a lot of stress. And here's some reasons why: Do you buy the boss a gift? What should you get your "work spouse"? Should you get something goofy or something nice for the office gift exchange?

2018 138

The Sound of Sixty Seconds


I’ll demonstrate here by sharing what I hear in that time period in bullet points below: Running water in the bathroom Voices coming from the tv on the living room The barely audible tapping of my thumbs on my iPhone keyboard The tiny crackling sounds of bones on my neck My breathing Music from the television. During the workshops and talks I deliver I’ll often ask the attendees (or audience) to do absolutely nothing for an entire minute.

2019 69

7 great organizing gifts for Christmas!

Clutter Coach

It has a QWERTY keyboard which I find way easier to use than others with an ABC keyboard. Here’s my gift round up for the year. All items are available through my Amazon store. Click on the photo of each to learn more and purchase. I love drawer organizers! They are particularly helpful in the bathroom to keep small items contained and separated. If a tube comes open, you’ll only have to clean the icky stuff out of one organizer.

2016 109

Win an award-winning Brother office labeller

Practically Perfect PA

It also features a wider keyboard, to make typing at a desk more comfortable, and has a stylish black and grey design. We’ve teamed up with technology specialist Brother to give you the chance to win a state-of-the-art office labeller. Earlier this year Brother’s flagship next generation labelling machine, the PT-D600VP, received an iF Design Award for outstanding design quality, functionality, safety credentials and environmental performance.

2016 145

DeClutter Your Desk And Your Mind

Productivity Bits

Stacked up beside your keyboard is never the right answer. The argument over whether a clear desk or a messy one is a truer sign of productivity has gone on for decades and it’s unlikely to ever be resolved objectively. Why not give the “clear desk = clear mind” side of the debate a try in your own workspace? You may be surprised at the way a little decluttering makes you feel like a more productive and organized person.

2016 155

Mike Song – Zip Tips! Amazing Productivity Tips!

Office Dynamics

We received tips to help us in Outlook, take notes, keyboard short cuts & it was really wonderful. Mike Song, best selling author of The Hamster Revolution, zipped to the stage and showed us the FASTEST way to get more done with Zip! Tips for Outlook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Google and more. Mike told us that energy is contagious. He said we should analyze where we spend our time.

2013 158

Sitting comfortably? Good posture at work

Practically Perfect PA

RollerMouse is an ergonomic alternative to the traditional mouse that sits directly in front of your keyboard. The keyboard risers were height and angle adjustable so I was able to set-it up in the bests possible position. I absolutely loved the copy & paste functionality which was far quicker than using the keyboard (i.e.

2014 179

Must Have Gadgets for the Modern Entrepreneur

The Small Business Blog

If you’re leading the meeting you can take your notes in with you and if you need to make notes during the proceedings you won’t need to annoy your colleagues by tapping on a laptop keyboard. As useful as a smartphone and tablet are for day to day business productivity, nothing quite compares to the screen real estate, physical keyboard and power of a laptop.

2013 157

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Eco-Office Gals

Think about implementing a thin-client setup where employees use low-end terminals (often a monitor, keyboard and mouse) connected to a server which runs the operating systems and applications they need. Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. From offsetting to telecommuting, we give you several ways to make this goal a reality: Computers.

6 Ways to Alleviate Ergonomic-Related Strain

Ian's Messy Desk

The keyboard should usually be at a low height, near the height of your elbows and the mouse should be right next to the keyboard. Try different keyboards and mice – there are many designs on the market. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day. Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 6 Ways to Alleviate Ergonomic-Related Strain Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on November 15, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

First Look - The Amazon Kindle Fire

Small Business Labs

 It supports almost all the applications I use, has an excellent keyboard, yet is small and light enough to easily carry.  The screen size and keyboard make it impractical for me to do real work on it. I've had the Amazon Kindle Fire long enough for a first look review.  Despite a sometimes confusing user interface and a few other problems (for example, it's hard to plug in), I like it and already use it more than my iPad (which I also like).

2011 124

5 Scientifically Proven Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

Learn to Touch Type Although millennials who have grown up with keyboards as an extension of their fingers may feel that they are competent typists, there is a correct way to do it. Learning to touch type is an invaluable tool , when we have to look down at our fingers to see where we are placing them on the keyboard then we cannot simultaneously read the report we are trying to type. So much to do and so little time!

2016 116

The Lie You Were Told When You Were Young That's Hurting Your Business

Stephanie LH Calahan

    He tells us that, “ from the moment you were born, every single message you got, everything that was said to you, everything you heard, everything you saw, everything you did, everything you thought about, every message you got was 'typed' into your personal computer keyboard - also known as our 5 senses.    And then, those messages that were typed into your computer keyboard were recorded on your hard drive your brain."

2013 172

Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

Productivity Bits

Also, you should use a separate keyboard to maintain the ideal 90-degree angle of your hands. As an active employee, you spend a significant part of your day at the office. During that time, you need to carry out tasks, meet deadlines, interact with co-workers, and still have complete insight into the impact of your work. However, what you are unaware of (most of the time) is how your office affects the way you work.

2016 179

How to create a vision board in Canva

Karen Vivarelli

Once you find the image you want to save you can copy the image by selecting the “control” button on your keyboard and selecting the photo with your mouse to select “copy image”, or right-clicking the image and selecting “copy image” 4. What is a vision board?

2021 52

WordPress 3.5 is here and the happy dance holiday sale!

Eco-Office Gals

Better accessibility for screenreaders, touch devices, and keyboard users. Just in time for the holidays WordPress has rolled out a shiny new version to unwrap. Named “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones , who played with John Coltrane in addition to many others, this version has some exciting features including: New Media Manager. Beautiful interface: A streamlined, all-new experience.

2012 157

How to Know if You're a Workaholic and What to Do About It

On The Job

There is never enough busyness for us workaholics, who feel so alive as we tap our busy little fingers across the keyboard, as steady as a too-rapid heartbeat. We all put in more time at work these days, complaining that we feel we must check in with the office when we’re on vacation or find it impossible not to look at emails on the weekends. But when has that commitment to our jobs crossed the line into something unhealthy?

2014 159

7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Slack


Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to increase productivity and quickly navigate and interact with any application. Slack has a great set of keyboard shortcuts for navigation, messages and more. Here are a list of shortcuts I use everyday: Cmd / – Display all of Slack’s keyboard shortcuts. You can also switch using keyboard shortcuts displayed between each of your team icons (ex: ⌘+1).

2015 77

Staying Healthy At The Office – 5 Interesting Tips

Eco-Office Gals

You wouldn’t even imagine the type of bacteria that lies around on your keyboard, your mouse and your phone. With just a little bit of effort and little bit of interest, your health levels can seriously improve if only you consider some interesting ideas regarding your daily life at the office.

2013 190

PhatWare releases Retina-optimized version of PhatPad for the iPad

Ian's Messy Desk

The included handwriting recognition engine allows PhatPad users to convert previously recorded handwritten notes into digital text, and edit text using either the handwriting input panel or the keyboard. Yesterday, PhatWare Corporation announced the immediate availability of a Retina-optimized version of its PhatPad note-taking and collaboration app for iPad.

2012 122

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Paperless

Eco-Office Gals

If you’re a PC user, all you have to do is press the “Start” menu button—the one with the Microsoft logo—on your keyboard, type in the file name, and click the file you’re looking for. Did you know that it takes around 24 trees to produce one ton of paper? That’s nothing to sneeze at, considering the rate at which we use and dispose of paper every day.

2014 156

More Than a Feeling: How ASMR and Meditation Work in Tandem


There are five types of ASMR triggers: Sounds : Blowing, scratching, whispering, crinkling dry leaves and the clacking sound of fingers on a keyboard are just some of the kinetic sounds associated with ASMR. Does the crunch of a chip make you happy?

2022 74