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That is… Admin Assistant Training Workplace Tools assistant learning programs conference for assistants free learning program for assistants free training for administrative assistants free webinar for executive assistants ODI 30th Anniversary workshops

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How assistants can learn to improve business processes

Practically Perfect PA

How Assistants can learn to improve business processes In this post, we will look at how Assistants can learn to improve business processes. Have you ever taken time to analyse your business processes, or do you just ‘do’ them without thinking?

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Learning How To Learn

Brilliantly Better

When I got into digital nomading, and later on, into the broader topics of location independence and financial resilience, a consistent part of my approach was to learn new skills. I still think learning. The post Learning How To Learn appeared first on Dragos Roua.

Learn to Say “No”

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Learn to Say “No” appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I had to learn to say no. There was also an issue of how to handle things … Continue reading Learn to Say “No” → You just finished reading Learn to Say "No" ! The post Learn to Say “No” appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. There was a time when I would say yes to everything.

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Why Continued Learning Is Important

Office Dynamics

Are you coming into your fullness through learning and growing? What has been your greatest stretch in terms of learning and development? In this issue, I want to talk about: Why BIG learning is important. The definition of BIG learning. Today, should not be a question of, “Do I need to learn?” It is a fact that you need to learn in aspects of life so you don’t make big mistakes, waste your time and money, get left behind, and become terribly stressed.

6 Ways To Feast On Learning

Office Dynamics

I have always been hungry to learn. Or I should say, once I finished high school I gained an appreciation of learning. Well, that continued as years passed and I am still hungry to learn. ” I learn from the savvy executive assistants who attend my training programs, the executives who hire me, and from anyone I come in contact with as I travel the country. I hope you will be an every-day student; don’t ever be so full of yourself that you stop learning.

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Learn How to Say "No" at Work

On The Job

When the job market is tough like it is now, it's very difficult to say "no." You don't want to say "no" to a request from a colleague for fear of not being seen as a team player. You don't want to say "no" to a boss for fear of being fired.

2020 218

It’s International Coworking Day — Learn About Its History, Plus Ways To Celebrate


The post It’s International Coworking Day — Learn About Its History, Plus Ways To Celebrate appeared first on Allwork.Space. Thanks to Brad Neuberg’s post, August 9 is recognized as the day that “coworking” was born, both as a term and a movement. .

2022 96

Learning To Rest

Brilliantly Better

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit. The post Learning To Rest appeared first on Dragos Roua. Banksy If you ever ran an ultra-marathon, this quote will hit you as common sense. But not many people ran ultra-marathons. So let me try to break it down for you.

Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team

Office Dynamics

This seems to be a hot trend, learning as a team. 6 Tips To Make Learning Fun & Ensure Your Team Will Remember What They Learned. Then build a calendar for future lunch and learn sessions where attendees can bring new information that supports that topic. How will you transfer what you learned to your workplace? Or, ask each person to create a fun learning activity to reinforce the information presented.

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Learning About Yourself with Jessica Baum


The post Learning About Yourself with Jessica Baum appeared first on SUCCESS.

2022 61

Anxiety And Learning

Brilliantly Better

And on the other side is learning – or what I. The post Anxiety And Learning appeared first on Dragos Roua. Every time I put myself in a new situation, context or physical place, I experience, at the same time, two different, and somehow complementary processes.

How to Learn if Your Resume is Memorable

On The Job

How memorable is your resume? It might take a stranger to truly reveal that answer. Ask someone you don't know to review your resume, either online or in a printed format. Let them review it for less than 10 seconds, then take the resume back and ask: "What do you know about me?"

2022 165

Learn How To Make Your Professional Work Support Your Personal Wellness


The post Learn How To Make Your Professional Work Support Your Personal Wellness appeared first on Allwork.Space.

2022 83

3 Things I Learned About Myself in 2021

Go Burrows

As I reflect on all that’s happened this year, I find it helpful to consider a more personal version of the question, “What have I learned this year?” So that’s a quick glance as what I’ve learned about myself in 2021.

2021 73

3 Tips for Learning to Sell Beyond Your Comfort Zone


Try to learn everything you can about them—how they live, work and play, what their core values are, what their needs and goals are —so that you can approach them in an educated manner with relevant ways to solve their problems.

2022 89

5 Communications Lessons to Learn Today

On The Job

I've been covering the workplace for a long, long (long) time, and the one thing I have learned is that 99 percent of the problems in the workplace occur because of poor communication.

2021 135

I’m Learning That I Can Do Hard Things


From learning how to effectively communicate with a team of diverse personalities and backgrounds to understanding when collaboration becomes too focused on meetings and not on the work itself. The post I’m Learning That I Can Do Hard Things appeared first on SUCCESS.

2022 83

Grant Cardone: Embracing the Learned Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


You can either dive headfirst into a new business and see what happens, or you can learn the traits of successful entrepreneurs. The post Grant Cardone: Embracing the Learned Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs appeared first on SUCCESS. Are you ready for entrepreneurship ?

2021 113

Your Case for Training: Adult Learning Retention Statistics

Office Dynamics

I haven’t been able to find this information on adult learning retention rates until now and I’m sharing it with you! Basically throughout the workshop day, my participants are working in groups, brainstorming, practicing newly-learned skills, giving feedback to each other, writing scripts, role playing, doing creative activities and given feedback by me or our trainers. Adult Learning Retention Statistics: Lecture – 5%.

2015 101

How Managers Can Learn to Go With the Flow

On The Job

No one would argue with the statement that the last 18 months have been challenging for workers. But it's also been a very, very challenging time for managers.

2021 149

Learning To Agree To Disagree

Brilliantly Better

The post Learning To Agree To Disagree appeared first on Dragos Roua. We live in a time when it’s extremely easy to form and propagate opinions. Just 20-30 years ago, the speed at which we could form and dissipate opinions was an order of magnitude slower than what we have today. And by that I mean that now an opinion can be formed and spread to literally. Read more. Relationships & Society

2021 63

5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Father


You see, she was raised by a coach (me)—a dad who spent many professional hours working with CEOs and entrepreneurs learning how to be better leaders and how to make their businesses run more efficiently. Prepare for each moment to be a learning moment.

2021 104

9 Tough (and Necessary) Lessons Entrepreneurs Must Learn


I learned that you have to trust yourself , rely on your instincts, and believe in yourself, regardless of others’ resistance, doubts or negativity. The toughest lesson I’ve learned has been to handle this constant rejection and continue to have conviction in the things I believe in.

2021 94

Done Is Better Than Perfect and Other Lessons I’m Learning About Procrastination


What I’m learning (and learning, and learning), is that creativity doesn’t strike; it flows. The post Done Is Better Than Perfect and Other Lessons I’m Learning About Procrastination appeared first on SUCCESS.

2022 72

Learning Lessons, Cheetah Style!

Virtual Moxie

What I noted came at a part in the movie where young cheetahs were learning the things they needed to know to survive on the savanna. Learning On the savanna, the cheetah learns experientially—often from the school of hard knocks. She pays attention, noticing what she’s learned and incorporating it into future behavior. We humans, we have a lot of experiential learning, too. We learned, in fact, nothing. Learn now, or be doomed to repeat.

Solutions for Online Learning In a Collaborative Space

Office Dynamics

Before I even could give a response, the other assistants in the room began to chime in with their solutions to this problem of the collaborative work space harming the continued learning and development of the administrative professional. Solutions For Online Learning In A Collaborative Space From Other Assistants. Do you have any tips for watching webinars or online learning programs during the workday? Assistants, Don’t Let Collaborative Work Space Stop Your Education.

Learning to See Clutter

Clutter Coach

Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Learning to See Clutter appeared first on Clutter Coach. by Sometimes my clients have trouble identifying what their clutter is. Here's a case in point. The desk and counters of Dave's office are piled fairly densely, making it hard for him to work. I select a pile at random and here's what happened. Me: Dave, what's this pile? Dave: Those are binders from our spring conference. Me: Is there a reason you're keeping them?

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It’s A Learning Process

Brilliantly Better

The post It’s A Learning Process appeared first on Dragos Roua. About 5 years ago I found myself in a pretty bad financial situation. A combination of bad luck, big entrepreneurial risks and political changes (affecting the economical landscape) turned my life upside down.

2021 52

10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics

I’d love to share these ten consistent messages that I’ve learned over and over during my time here at Office Dynamics working with the legend that is Joan Burge. My lesson learned here is own your mistakes. The only way we’re going to learn from them is to realize and own our part in them. We’ve really learned how to practice resilience around here. For the lessons learned check out my TEDxTalk here. Own your past…celebrate it, heal and learn from it.

2017 147

Learning To Play The Guitar – Part One

Brilliantly Better

Read more Learning To Play The Guitar – Part One. The post Learning To Play The Guitar – Part One appeared first on Dragos Roua. Shortly after the beginning of the lockdown, I bought myself a guitar.

2020 80

Anyone Can Learn Sales—Here’s Where to Start


You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn just by observation. What matters is that selling skills are there to be learned. While it’s true that you must not be afraid to talk with people, it’s even more important that you learn to listen. Learning to Sell.

2022 67

Career Success A to Z: L is for Lifelong Learning

Eat Your Career

Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. It’s no exaggeration to say that I truly believe one of the core reasons we are all here on this planet is to learn. As a corporate trainer , I’ve built my career on this love of learning, and I’m fortunate enough to contribute to the learning of others each and every day. In truth, I don’t believe many people (if any) actually disdain the idea of learning itself.

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What learning method do you prefer? Webinar or Podcast

Office Dynamics

We’re curious, do you prefer learning via a webinar or podcast? The post What learning method do you prefer? Admin Assistant Training Admin Tips Workplace Tools learning resources for assistants podcast webinarWe’ve been having a great time with you this year as we introduced free monthly webinars. Don’t worry, we aren’t doing away with the webinars but we wonder if adding a podcast in the future would be something that you would use?

2015 123

Do You Learn From Your Mistakes?

The Small Business Blog

There are a number of old adages that relate to learning from our mistakes. Don’t make the same mistake twice Fool me once: your fault, fool me twice: my fault James Dyson said: Enjoy your failures because you never learn from your success So why is it so hard to learn from our mistakes and… Read the full article here: Do You Learn From Your Mistakes?

2014 169

Learn more about your customers

The Small Business Blog

Read the full… Read the full article here: Learn more about your customers on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. It’s natural for you to want to know more about your customer base so that you are able to provide them with an even better service than before. The best way to do it is via customer surveys. Find out about a low-cost and effective way of providing surveys to your audience.

Get More From Your Learning! Strategies to Make Professional Development More Effective

Eat Your Career

Learning opportunities are prevalent, and you want to take advantage of them all! More importantly, how do you actually implement the learning? The post Get More From Your Learning! As a career-minded professional, you probably participate in a lot of development activities.

2021 130

The Advantages of Using LMS Platforms For E-Learning

Small Business CEO

A learning management system is basically a software program for the management, instruction, documentation, scheduling, tracking, assessment, automation, and distribution of online learning courses, educational applications, or training and development programs.

2021 81

Recruiting for Financial Services: Learn How to Get Started

Recruit CRM

Accounting and finance recruiting is a term utilized for finding and enlisting the correct candidates in the accounting and finance industry. The accounting and finance division has been experiencing some significant changes recently, and one major drawback they've been facing is in recruiting.

2022 70

BIG Self-Improvement…Commit to One Learning Event

Office Dynamics

Here’s a message about giving yourself permission to continue your learning journey for your BIG life. Obviously, these are individuals who have committed to a learning event. They will learn valuable information from our speakers and their peers. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I have been in the adult education/learning/training business for 24 years, mostly working with administrative professionals of all walks of life.

2014 100

Concurrent Learning Sessions

Office Dynamics

Their concurrent sessions are hand-selected with an eye toward their highly crafted expertise; the trainers are top-notch successes in their own right; they present information and resources that are hot off the press, “just Tweeted” experiential learning that matters and makes sense Step by step they build and show specifics, so you leave knowing just want to do. I learned so much!

Coworking Members Learning New Skills, Becoming More Successful

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting findings from our recent survey of coworking members is how many reported they had learned new skills - or improved their existing skills - due to their coworking space membership: 69% of the respondents reported they learned new skills. The learning generally comes two ways. First, most coworking members reported learning new skills and improving existing skills from events and educational programs hosted at their coworking space.

2015 187

Apple’s Strict Return-To-Office Strategy Leads Chief Of Machine Learning To Resign


Ian Goodfellow, director of machine learning at Apple, has revealed that he would be resigning from his position. The post Apple’s Strict Return-To-Office Strategy Leads Chief Of Machine Learning To Resign appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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