The jaw-droppingly high, out-of-this-world carbon footprint of space tourism


In order for international regulators to keep up with this nascent industry and control its carbon pollution, scientists need a better understanding of the effect space tourism will have on our planet’s atmosphere.

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. Post from: Eco-Office Gals Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint. The post Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint appeared first on Eco-Office Gals. From offsetting to telecommuting, we give you several ways to make this goal a reality: Computers.


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Even More Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Office

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Not only does reducing their carbon footprint helps the environment, but it also helps business. To reduce your carbon footprint and cut the cost of copy paper, copier maintenance, and ink, try going paperless. You can reduce your carbon footprint and help to save the environment without having to invest thousands of dollars. The post Even More Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Office appeared first on Eco-Office Gals.

Five Carbon Footprint Saving iPhone Apps for Business

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Have you ever wondered what you can do to help your company or business reduce its carbon footprint? Post from: Eco-Office Gals Five Carbon Footprint Saving iPhone Apps for Business. Here are some great apps available for your smartphone, which can also help the environment. Conference Calls – PowWowNow. The first app applies to conference calls.

Online Side Gigs: Earn Well and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Versus A Traditional Side Job

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When pitching ecofriendly companies letting them know that you do virtual meetings and pitches to help reduce your footprint on the environment could be the detail that closes the deal. Combine that with the fact that working online helps reduce carbon emissions when compared to working at a retail store or restaurant makes this a great decision! The post Online Side Gigs: Earn Well and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Versus A Traditional Side Job appeared first on Eco-Office Gals.

Reducing Your Company Carbon Footprint On The Road

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By avoiding these routes you can ensure that your carbon emissions are kept to a minimum and you also reduce the amount of wasted fuel. This in turn not only helps you save money, but also helps prevent unnecessary carbon emissions. Yes, villages are lovely to look at, but to drive through them is a nightmare when you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint. Post from: Eco-Office Gals Reducing Your Company Carbon Footprint On The Road.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your small business

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More and more small businesses appear to be placing a greater emphasis on taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing a series of significant changes, ranging from teleconferencing to cycle-to-work schemes. Post from: Eco-Office Gals Reduce the carbon footprint of your small business.

How Small Businesses can ease their Carbon Footprint (and Exceed in their Industry)

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Post from: Eco-Office Gals How Small Businesses can ease their Carbon Footprint (and Exceed in their Industry). The post How Small Businesses can ease their Carbon Footprint (and Exceed in their Industry) appeared first on Eco-Office Gals. The idea of “going green” has now become very commonplace in the vernacular of your average individual but one area of our modern society which seems to be lacking is that of the small business environment.

How to Cut your Business’ Carbon Footprint by 30% in 60 Days.

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Your business has a responsibility to tackle carbon emissions. … Economy & Environment carbon footprint eco friendly business go green sustainabilityA consensus by NASA concluded that over 97% of climate scientists agreed that the Earth’s climate has increased and that urgent action is needed.

Use Online Calculators to Reduce Emissions and Save Energy

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Sure we can make the switch to CFLs, carpool three days out of the week, and properly insulate our homes, but in many cases the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint are ignored in favor of these more apparent and easier issue to tackle. In order to get the right idea about your own carbon footprint and ways to lessen its size, take advantage of resources available to you online. Going green isn’t exactly easy to do by your lonesome.

5 Ways Small Businesses Save Money by Going Green

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Did you know businesses alone contribute to 40% of carbon emissions in the U.S.? Adopting greener efforts is a straightforward way to reduce your carbon footprint and business costs. Green Tips alternative energy carbon footprint green businessGoing green is no longer just a personal decision. Today, many leaders are eager to make eco-conscious decisions in their entire business, too.

2019 100

How to Improve your Homes Energy Efficiency Rating

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However, there are lots of small changes that you can make to everyday living that will can lead to a big difference on your carbon footprint. We’ve put together a shortlist of seven changes you can make around the house to lower your carbon emissions. So follow these tips and not only reduce your carbon footprint but you may even make your home more attractive to buyers and tenants in the process!

2011 204

The Increasing Popularity of Net-Zero Energy Buildings

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In an ideal world of eco-thusiasts, all buildings would run on totally green power, creating no carbon footprint whatsoever. But the greenies out there will be happy to hear that the concept of net-zero energy buildings that consume no fossil fuels and produce no carbon emissions is becoming more widely accepted. Guest Post carbon footprint eco-thusiasts electrical needs net-zero energy buildings

2013 167

Green Ways to Heat Your Office

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But if you’re trying to find ways to cut your carbon footprint and develop a greener brand image for your business, it’s never too soon to start examining your company from top to bottom in search of areas that you can work on. But replacing an inefficient unit with one that is eco-friendly can definitely save you some money down the line on utility bills, as well as help to reduce your carbon footprint while you heat your office.

2013 160

The World’s Greenest Office Building to Open in Downtown Seattle

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Luckily, it seems as though we are entering a new era, one in which businesses are not only concerned about sustainability, but they’ve discovered that they can often save money even as they cut their carbon footprint. Guest Post business carbon footprint green efforts green office Seattle

2013 174

The Most Eco-Friendly Lighting Options for Your Office

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This is an especially glaring point (no pun intended) for any business that is attempting to cut its carbon footprint and operate more efficiently. By this method you could significantly reduce your energy draw, at least during the day, making for a well-lit office that creates a much smaller carbon footprint. Green Your Business carbon footprint eco-friendly lighting fluorescent lights LED well-lit office

2013 156

The 411 on Zero Energy Neighborhoods

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If someone were to tell you that you could move into not just a home, but a whole neighborhood that creates zero carbon footprint in terms of energy use, you might not believe it. Guest Post Boulder Colorado carbon footprint green construction net zero energy zero energy neighborhood

2013 139

Business Gone Green: Simple Ways to Go Eco-Friendly

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Every company that operates publicly should make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint within the community that supports them. Eco-Office Gals Green Business Guest Post business carbon footprint conserving energy E-Waste eco-friendly Eco-Office Green recycling solar panels sustainable waste assessment

2011 184

Guest Post: Six Ways You Can Green Your Gym and Workout Routines

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There are several ways to reduce our carbon footprint while sweating through a cardio session or pumping iron at home or in a gym. Laundry machines use a significant amount of energy and can really increase a gym’s carbon footprint. If everyone started using their own towels, it would mean a huge carbon footprint reduction for the gym and less energy costs as well.

2010 149

Guest Post: Simple Green Office Practices

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Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also save a bundle on gas money as well. You don’t have to necessarily ride your bike every day, but once or twice a week can substantially reduce the amount of carbon released into the air. As recent headlines suggest, going green in the workplace is a steadily growing trend. There are even awards for companies that can do it the best.

2010 169

Little Green Footsteps

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However, we cannot operate a business today without IT and suspect in most cases the incremental service cost and carbon footprint required to make these changes are significantly less the storing and shipping around unnecessary paper based files. I am not sure what the carbon cost is for these kinds of figures, but I bet it’s substantial. Eco-Office Gals business business processes carbon footprint environment going green Green paperless office

2010 158

Eco Mobile and Broadband

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Motorola, the Renew’s manufacturer, claims this is the world’ first carbon neutral phone. A wide range of green apps are available that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet. Tags: Green Tips Guest Post carbon footprint eco-friendly electronic devices electronic waste environmental degradation old cell phones

2010 158

How You Can Help The Environment When Planning Your Next Holiday

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but rest assured, there are some easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint over summer. Limiting international trips is a great way to lower our overall carbon footprint. If you can, try to choose eco-friendly alternatives to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

2020 226

The energy Africa needs to develop -- and fight climate change | Rose M. Mutiso

TED Talks

Mutiso makes the case for prioritizing Africa's needs with what's left of the world's carbon budget, to foster growth and equitably achieve a smaller global carbon footprint. In this perspective-shifting talk, energy researcher Rose M.

The Green Blog

Laughing all the Way to Work

The most recent blog post is called "Oh my Aching Footprint". Tags: being green in the office carbon footprint going green Check out The Green Blog and participate and let them know how you are going green in your office. It's something we all can do, one person at a time, to make a big global impact.

2008 100

Banks Increasingly See Climate Risk As Top Priority

Forbes Leadership

banks have made progress in managing climate risk and their own carbon footprints, but critical execution challenges remain, including around the accessibility and scalability of relevant ESG data.

The Paperless Society: A dream or a necessity?

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What kind of global footprint are you leaving? The new buzz words when it comes to the environment are environmental sustainability and on a more personal level our ability to leave minimal carbon footprints. A carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of green house gases that I produce in my own little space by the choices I make in what products and services I use or the form of transportation I take and many other areas.

2008 100

5 Eco-friendly Business Ideas

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A green business uses sustainable resources that reduce its carbon footprint on the earth. Green businesses offer many benefits not just for its consumers but also its consumers as it uses very little water, energy, and raw materials that reduce their carbon footprint.

Amazon's climate pledge to be net-zero by 2040 | Dave Clark and Kara Hurst

TED Talks

In 2019, Amazon signed the Climate Pledge, a commitment to become a net-zero carbon business by 2040. In 2019, Amazon signed the Climate Pledge, a commitment to become a net-zero carbon business by 2040.

A concrete idea to reduce carbon emissions | Karen Scrivener

TED Talks

Concrete is the second most-used substance on Earth (behind water), and it's responsible for eight percent of the world's carbon footprint. Concrete is the second most-used substance on Earth (behind water), and it's responsible for eight percent of the world's carbon footprint.

Running a More Efficient and Greener Business

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Cut down your carbon footprint. Cutting down your carbon footprint encompasses several things like lowering your energy usage, water usage, waste output etc. If you are not aware of your business carbon footprint , begin by working out how much is spent on utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Your business activities are closely linked to your carbon footprints as a business. can help your business cut down its carbon footprint.

2015 158

GobiSOFT Webinar on Reducing Carbon Emissions

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GobiSOFT, from Gobi Carbon Management Solutions is a web-based tool that enables small-to medium-sized businesses to easily and affordably measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint.   The webinar will provide an introduction to measuring greenhouse gas emissions and what steps to take to begin saving money by tracking and reducing your organization's carbon footprint.

7 Eco-Friendly Changes to Make to Your Business

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Implement these seven simple changes to greatly reduce your carbon footprint and that of your business. If you find a dental practice that is trying to lessen the carbon footprint they create, then that is even better.

2020 130

Quick Tips for Businesses Installing Solar Panels

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Business owners are always looking for new ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. Installing solar panels on your business is one of the best steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and monthly energy costs.

2019 141

10 Ways to Enjoy a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

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One quite popular New Year’s resolution that is shared among the masses is the reduction of one’s carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon footprint by living a zero waste waste lifestyle, is a great way to do your part in conserving this precious place we call home. The meat industry in particular is responsible for 15 percent of all carbon emissions worldwide, according to conservative calculations. Do you want to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle ?

A Look At Recommerce: The Second-Hand Economy

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In the industries of apparel and electronics alone, recommerce on eBay conserved 720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. That’s one way to shrink a carbon footprint ! In 1995, eBay launched their online shopping platform for the masses.

2021 156

Why Your Business Should Embrace the Cloud

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We’ve long hailed the benefits of going paperless as a way to decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Still, on-site servers don’t actually help your company reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, you find yourself with a bigger carbon footprint than the one you started with. Cloud computing allows your company to reduce its carbon footprint by quite a lot.

2013 149

Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Ruella Crouch

Recruit CRM

In an effort to limit their carbon footprint, not only have they been working remotely for the past 15 years but have also started a new tree-planting initiative called The Ruella James Grove.

5 Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Business Energy Costs

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Saving energy in your business is not only good for reducing the costs of your business, but it is also a great way to help create a more energy-efficient world and lower the carbon footprint that your company contributes to the planet.

2020 70

Can AI Be the Solution to the Much-Debated Climate Change Issue

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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Data Centres. No matter how powerful we consider the company Google to be, it could seldom do anything to reduce its carbon footprint. Among the world’s top carbon emission contributors are commercial and industrial buildings.

2020 185

Why we need to consider switching to a 4-day workweek — now 


A report published by UK’s 4 Day Week Campaign shows that shifting to this work pattern could reduce the entire country’s carbon footprint by 21.3 Shorter working hours also translate into lower energy consumption, less carbon emissions and less commuting time.

2021 102

These Upgrades Will Make Your Home Eco-Friendly Instantly

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This green change will help lower your carbon footprint while also saving you big bucks. Your home is where you feel the safest and most comfortable. It’s your very own sanctuary.

2021 179

Why Minimalism?

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Every physical item has some form of carbon footprint to it, in addition to plastic packaging. Many people are seeking to live a life with less. But what exactly is minimalism?

2020 237