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How To Make Traditional Business Cards Work For You In The Digital Age.

Tips From T. Marie

Purchasing traditional business cards used to be one of the first official things you did when you started your own business. Today, with everything from file storage to forms being offered electronically, many business startups are abandoning the traditional business card altogether. But should they?

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Six reasons to Put Social Media Icons on Your Business Cards

Small Business CEO

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are filled with entrepreneurs and influencers who promote businesses online.… … The post Six reasons to Put Social Media Icons on Your Business Cards appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.


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How To Practice Good Business Card Etiquette

Office Dynamics

We will be exchanging quite a few business cards at this upcoming event. Did you know there are etiquette rules for giving and receiving cards? Here are a few pointers that can be helpful when you are networking and meeting people: Treat your business card as a representation of you. Store it carefully. Joan Burge.

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Organizing Business Cards: Scan 'em

Clutter Coach

I've recommended the Fujitsu ScanSnap in the past as a good all-around scanner, but apparently it doesn't do that well with business cards. It's annoying to have to buy a tool that only does one thing, but for business card scanning, the CardScan is the one to have. Originally posted 2009-02-06 16:49:22.

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Do you have a business card?

Practically Perfect PA

Do you have a a business card? I always felt I should have a business card. I would go so far as to say I felt a bit resentful when colleagues were pulling out business cards in meetings or during networking events and I wouldn’t have anything to hand over to my new contact.

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10 Business Card Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Office Dynamics

What business card mistakes are you making? Like it or not, business cards are still widely used among entrepreneurs and their prospective clients. But if you’ve recently handed out several business cards and never heard back, it may be a sign that you’ve gone wrong somewhere along the way.

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Pic of the Day: Business Cards

The Small Business Blog

Today’s picture demonstrates that not even a bad business card has to be a barrier to your success. This is apparently the original business card of Bill Gates himself and it would certainly have stood out if you received it at a networking event.