The 11 Best Books on Mental Health


Research has shown Google searches for mental health-related terms like depression, anxiety, bipolar and OCD spike during the wintertime. From memoirs to research-backed guides, these 11 books cover all things mental health: 1. 33 Voices Start the Conversation about Mental Health.

Report: The State of Worker Mental Health 


2 out of every 5 American workers say that work has the worst impact on their mental health out of all of the potential relevant contributors to negative mental health. . Work plays a salient role in the state of our mental health. .


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How To Support The Mental Health Of Remote Workers


Although this arrangement aims to alleviate some of the obstacles that come with traveling to the workplace, business leaders must keep in mind the importance of supporting the mental health of remote workers. . Incorporating actual solutions to support mental health can also work wonders.

Online Mental Health Marketplaces Democratizing Therapy

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adults (56%) report that worry or stress related to the coronavirus outbreak has caused them to experience at least one negative effect on their mental health and wellbeing, such as problems with sleeping or eating, increased alcohol use, or worsening chronic conditions."

2020 197

Why It Pays To Promote Mental Health In The Workplace


Mental Health Awareness,? Employers need to maintain a continuous focus on the psychological health of their employees in order to thrive as business entities. . Allwork.Space spoke to psychologist and mental health advocate, Bill Howatt, Ph.D.,

Creating a Workplace Health Model

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Set Up a Company-Wide Health Priority. Even if you are a small business owner, keep your eye on the health and welfare of your employees. You don’t have to be a major company to offer health education classes, set up a workplace health model.…

An All-Encompassing View Of Workplace Health

All Work

Hybrid workforces have introduced new challenges, and the pandemic has pushed health and wellness to the forefront of design for the workplace. . Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness – Duda|Paine.

The Importance of Health and Safety at Work

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But one corner that is often underestimated by new business owners is that of health and safety – which is also one of the most important parts of any business’ operation. Why is Health and Safety an Important Consideration? Human Resources health and safety

Event Budget Health Check

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One of the most important tools to control any event is the event budget. It’s normally just a simple excel spreadsheet or perhaps its a page on your accounting software. Despite it being just a humble document the budget is what underpins every successful event. In this post, I want to help you give your […]. Core Skills Events Management admin administrators assistants EA Events Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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Stride Health's Study on Gig Workers and Health Insurance

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Stride Health's Stride Study: Health Coverage in the Gig Economy  covers how gig workers access and use health insurance.  Gig workers need specific guidance when it comes to subsidies : due to irregular income, gig workers struggle with subsidy qualification, they also still need help claiming appropriate tax deductions to increase subsidy eligibility — 85% of workers didn’t claim any tax deduction when applying for health plans.

Health 178

Climate change has far-reaching effects on your health — let us count the ways


Together, these climate extremes will affect human health through many pathways. From heat waves and pollution to vector-borne diseases and water contamination, here’s why climate change is a public health crisis that affects all of us. That’s a public health disaster. .

80% Of UK Workers Note Depleted Mental Health Due To Remote Work


Without it, they can face a slew of mental health issues. . In fact, research shows that 80% of UK workers reported a dip in their mental health due to working from home. . The post 80% Of UK Workers Note Depleted Mental Health Due To Remote Work appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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5 Brilliant Health and Beauty Business Ideas

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But how about the health and beauty field? … The post 5 Brilliant Health and Beauty Business Ideas appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Entrepreneurs business ideas health and beauty

The Positive Mental Health Effects of Self-Employment

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The study - The Effects of Self and Temporary Employment on Mental Health: The Role of the Gig Economy in the UK - found that gig workers are about 33 percent more likely to self-report positive traits in terms of mental health than those in traditional jobs.   Key quote from The Mental Health Benefits of Self-Employment , an article written by the study's researchers:  Our preliminary conclusions point to the importance of autonomy in the workplace.

2019 146

Small business owners continue to struggle with mental health

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Nine out of 10 (92 percent) small business owners experienced symptoms of poor mental health over the last two years, according to the study with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and Opinium.

2022 59

One Health Advantage of Work Autonomy and Control May be Less Risk of Dying

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According to a recent study published in the Journal of Psychology , limited work autonomy and control can lead to mental health problems and an increased risk of death. Independent workers (freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors, etc.)

2020 179

8 Ways To Improve Your Productivity And Mental Health

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During a pandemic, productivity and mental health may seem to function far apart from each other, but they actually work hand in hand. Although many are working from home, maintaining productivity may be even more difficult right now due to the state of our mental health.

2020 71

Sitting For Too Long Is Bad For Your Health And Here’s What You Can Do About It


Sitting all day can negatively affect health in various ways, including increasing your risk for colon, lung, and endometrial cancer. . Sitting all day can negatively affect health in various ways, including increasing your risk for colon, lung, and endometrial cancer.

2022 87

Checking a Contract’s Health

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Most of the world is morbidly preoccupied with health these days. Businesses too are worried about their own health in these uncertain times, and rightly so. But though people and businesses are being tested, I’ve not heard anyone recently speak about getting a contract health check.

70% Of Employees Say Four-Day Work Weeks Positively Impact Their Mental Health


For starters, 78% of UK employers said their workers were less stressed at work under these arrangements, while 70% of employees said that this policy has a positive impact on their quality of life and mental health. .

2022 77

Health Care and Education Inflation

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New Geography's The End of the Road for Eds and Meds argues that the health care and education industries are "at the end of their growth cycle." " I'm not as pessimistic about these industries - especially health care, where demographics favor continued growth. But what really caught my eye was the chart below highlighting the inflation rates for health care and tertiary education.

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Looking for accurate health information online? 6 tips to find it, from a doctor


Having quality information about any health condition should be a right, not a privilege. She has Brighten Brand supplements for a wide range of issues, from prenatal vitamins and balancing hormones to thyroid conditions and gastrointestinal health and more. Also, this is your health!

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Tips for Launching a Health E-Commerce Business in 2021

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Many people have concerns regarding how COVID-19 spreads, who’s more susceptible to contracting it, and measures they can take to protect themselves and improve their health. … The post Tips for Launching a Health E-Commerce Business in 2021 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

2020 69

In Retirement, Olympic Gold-Medalist Michael Phelps Is a Mental Health Advocate


He has been transparent about his mental health struggles , including describing a crippling bout with depression in which he didn’t leave his room for four days. Mental health is an extremely complicated issue, and optimism is not a simple cause and effect.

2021 94

4 Health and Safety Tips for Small Construction Companies

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Whether you have recently started your small construction company or have been well-established for some time, health and safety should always be a top priority. Not only can overlooking health and safety bring about disastrous consequences for you and your team, it could also get you into a lot of legal trouble, including fines that will quickly take a large chunk out of your profits. … Economy & Environment health and safety

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Social Isolation - Not Just Loneliness - a Health Risk Reduced by Coworking

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But according to researchers at BYU's Social Connections and Health Institute , both loneliness and social isolation lead to increased risk of health problems and early mortality.    And if you're both isolated and lonely, your health risks are even greater.  Also, while we knew social isolation is problematic, we didn't know it can be as big a problem - at least health-wise - as loneliness. 

2018 162

Good Health and Productivity Go Together


The post Good Health and Productivity Go Together appeared first on Productivityist. Productivity Routines being productive energy exercise good habits Health sleepThere is no doubt there are many great applications out there to help you boost your productivity. And, in most cases, less time in your email inbox is a good thing. But t he most productive thing I do each day has nothing to do with traditional productivity.

Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales

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The post Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. What does your career path look like? I left school without a clue as to what I wanted to do when I grew up. Lady Diana had just accepted a proposal from Prince Charles – Lady Diane was a nursery nurse, so I thought that was an excellent career path.

2015 149

Do your employees benefit from permanent health insurance? Is your business at risk?

The Small Business Blog

Many employers provide employees with the valuable benefits offered by permanent health insurance (PHI). However, a recent case tested the question of whether or not there is an implied term in a contract of employment that an employee would not have their employment terminated as a means to remove entitlement to payments under a PHI… Read the full article here: Do your employees benefit from permanent health insurance? Business Advice business insurance health legal

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Health Grows to 17.6% of U.S. Economy

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If like us you're worried about health care spending, there's some good news and some bad news.  health spending grew just 4% in 2009 , the lowest growth rate in the 50 years the government has tracked this data.    The bad news is, due to the recession, health spending hit an all time record of 17.6%   Health spending was 16.6% health care costs.  health care spending will grow to nearly 20% of U.S.

Health 137

How to Ensure Your Retail Store is Health and Safety Compliant

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Health and safety law extends to all enterprises, no matter how small they are. You are responsible for the health and safety of your retail store. … The post How to Ensure Your Retail Store is Health and Safety Compliant appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

2020 52

Staying Healthy Whilst Studying Health Law

Brilliantly Better

If you’re soon to start a degree program in health law… The post Staying Healthy Whilst Studying Health Law appeared first on Dragos Roua. Health and FitnessYou might think that studying for a college degree related to healthcare will motivate you to stay fit and healthy, however, for many students, this isn’t always the case.

The Shift to Defined Contribution Health Care Plans

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Like the defined benefit pension plan before it, the defined benefit health plan seems likely to be replaced by most employers with defined contribution plans.   A similar shift is happening with health care plans. Firms are increasingly dropping their traditional health insurance plans and replacing them with fixed payments to employees. These firms are providing their employees a health care stipend and access to private health care exchanges.

Health 131

The Benefits of Simulation for Health Care Organisations

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As more and more health care industries are embracing simulation as a part of their research, education, or refining of professional medical skills, many factors in this concern are eliciting various views regarding it.

2020 56

Supporting Workplace Mental Health as an Executive Assistant


Mental health is a topic that has come into the spotlight in workplaces. It’s a positive step to acknowledge that mental health is like any other health condition and should be treated with care. What is mental health awareness at work?

2021 52

5 Benefits of Starting a Green Health and Wellness Program in the Workplace

Eco-Office Gals

After seeing so many people bring in fast food bags at lunch time and drinking Cokes all throughout the day, are you a manager who is wondering if you should start a green health and wellness program at your workplace? Honestly, most people in this world do not have a masters in health administration ; therefore, they tend to make the choices that they do simply because they do not know any better. Guest Post education exercise health healthcare cost productivity

Health 144

My Health Care Risk Shift Mistake

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  Companies have shifted responsibility for retirement, career planning and health care to employees and government at all levels have reduced social support services.    Health care is a great example of this shift.    Consumer-driven health care  - where the consumer plays a key decision-making role regarding the health care they receive - has greatly expanded over the last decade and is widely forecast to continue to grow in importance. 

Health 124

Key Differences between Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance

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In exchange for a premium, your insurance can provide you and your loved ones’ health, hospitalization, and even death benefits. … The post Key Differences between Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Finance health insurance insurances Personal Accident Insurance personal financeThe idea of getting into an accident is frightening, as well as the idea of having to leave your family behind in a worst-case scenario.

2018 44

How Can Technologies Prepare the World for the Next Health Crisis?

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The current health crisis took the world by surprise. The level of disaster preparedness had been shallow, and, naturally, a public health system collapsed. Exoft has successfully completed a number of health-tech projects.…

2021 57

Get Ready to Show Proof of Health Coverage in 2015

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By now, you should know the law: As of last year, all Americans – both individuals and businesses – are required to carry health insurance coverage under the terms of the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. If you don’t have at least the minimum amount of health coverage, you could face penalties on your 2014 tax bill. … Finance Legal aca affordable care act health coverage obamacare

2015 64

Do You Dream of Having a Lousy Business, Poor Health, and a Crappy Life?

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What I know for sure is that you''ll never get where you need to be by ruining your health or your relationships trying to make it happen. Jessica set up an appointment with me for some on-the-spot coaching to discuss how she manages her time. Among other things, we found that Jessica runs her practice on adrenaline (a post for another time).

2014 176

Marketing and Selling Your Own Health-Conscious eBook

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This is great news if you are interested marketing and selling your own health-conscious ebooks or merchandise online. Consumers of all ages regularly purchase diet plans, health books and gym memberships to keep themselves fit. … Entrepreneurs Marketing ebook business ebook marketing ebooks health industryNo matter what anyone tells you, looking good and feeling good are always in vogue.

Ep 119: Ruth Kilah on Prioritizing Your Health and Maximizing Productivity

Go Burrows

In this episode, Ruth and I discuss recognizing burnout, setting up and communicating boundaries with our executives, and how productivity improves when we slow down and prioritize our health and wellbeing.

2021 52