5 Dangers of Social Media


Social media can provide incredible opportunities, but it can be dangerous if abused. Social Media

Best New Social Media Features to Boost Engagement!

Jennie Lyon

Do you seek out all of the latest news about social media? As a digital marketing expert and virtual assistant who focuses on social media, watching trends, new features, and announcements from social media networks is simply part of my job.


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How to Succeed on Social Media By Using Your Competitors


Benchmarking is an essential practice for staying ahead of the competition on social media. Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Get Clients for Your Coaching Business


Tap into the power of social media for unlimited visibility opportunities. Social Media

Danny Devito, Discord and the Future of Social Media


How Discord is making a push to go mainstream and become the future of social media. Social Media

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Social Media Manager


Social media managers offer many benefits, but hiring the right one is essential. Social Media

25 tools for managing social media accounts

Practically Perfect PA

Many Assistants are being asked to look after their Executive’s online profiles and their organisation’s social media messaging. It can be a time-consuming task that requires some thought because social media platforms change so rapidly. During next month’s Virtual Summit we will look at the structure that you can put in place to manage social […].

3 Secrets to Selling with Social Media


Now, he came to us to go over the practicalities of leveraging his social media and turning his followers from his music business days into customers of his beef business. If you’ve ever felt stymied by social media, read on for my top three secrets to selling with social media.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales


Social media, when optimised properly, continues to be the biggest way for brands to build social proof, get more customers and make more sales. Social Media

Why Social Media is Not the Key to Your Personal Brand


Social MediaIt's only one tool in your box.

Moment House and the Blending of Social Media and Digital Entertainment Experiences

Small Business Labs

Moment House is a live streaming, interactive social media platform for digital entertainment. Newly launched in 2020, Moment House has produced over 700 concerts, called “moments,” selling one million tickets through its platform.

Build Relationships First: How to Sell on Social Media


He’s podcasting, using social media and building his private coaching clients. He wants to know how to more effectively funnel all three elements—his podcast, social media and coaching—into each other. In our conversation, we focused on social media.

Social-Media Managers Are the Next Generation of CMOs


Modern social-media management requires a deep generalist, with charisma and negotiating capabilities, fantastic copywriting and community-building skills, and the availability and drive to be nearly always on. . Social Media

Managing your social media content

Practically Perfect PA

These days most of us will have some sort of social media account. If you have accounts set up on every social media channel (as I do) it can be a little overwhelming dealing with all of the stuff coming at you. I am constantly trying to figure out the best way to organise my social media so that I don’t miss out on that interesting article, great picture or funny update. It can be tricky to work out who to actually follow on social media.

Do you remember MySpace and Friendster? This is the history of social media


Believe it or not, we are experiencing the second boom of social media. Social Media

Social Media Marketing: Tips On How To Grow Instagram Audience

Small Business CEO

… The post Social Media Marketing: Tips On How To Grow Instagram Audience appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Marketing Social Media Instagram

5 Steps to Achieve Millions of Impressions On Social Media


Social MediaFacebook ads can get costly, so here are some tips on how you can multiply your returns at a fraction of the price.

Using social media to empower Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Despite my passion for social media I haven’t always been adept at it and was a twitter virgin until The Assist Conference 2015. It is never too late to add a new string to your bow and social media seems to be the way forward for the future Assistant. If you are nervous of engaging on social media – my advice is to simply look, listen and learn. Did you know that 2 billion people are on social media in some shape or form?

Social Media: Use It or Lose It

Tips From T. Marie

At this point, you should know that using social media to grow your business and/or brand is a smart move. Too often I see misguided businesses and organizations create a social media profile, page or account that might as well be collecting dust. I’m here to tell you that if you are a business, freelancer or organization on social media, use it or lose it. There is no value in creating a social media account that you don’t use.

A Social Media Side Hustle Starts with These 9 Products


Here's how to launch a social media side hustle. Side Hustle

The Creator Economy Monetization Features of the Major Social Media Platforms

Small Business Labs

Axios' Tech giants have all become creator companies covers the various ways digital creators can earn money on a variety of tech platforms,  Their excellent summary chart is below (click to enlarge). The article also makes a good point about the diversity of digital creators.

The 6 Simple Steps of Running a Successful Social Media Contest


How to boost engagement, gain new followers and jumpstart marketing efforts with this tested social media outreach strategy. Social Media

Using social media to empower assistants

Practically Perfect PA

If you are reading this post it is more than likely that you are involved in some sort of social media platform be it LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook (I´m not sure how else you would have found this blog!). That is brilliant and I am probably talking to the converted however I think it is worth saying (or saying again in this case) that social media really can empower assistants. There are many many benefits for assistants to be involved in social media activities.

Becoming a Social Media Specialist

Practically Perfect PA

‘We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it?’ One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is how social media now plays a crucial part in the role of an admin professional. Social media has completely evolved from the early days of Facebook being solely used by students. So how do admin professionals become social media experts?

4 Ways to Build a Stronger Brand-Consumer Relationship Using Social Media


The way brands and customers communicate and interact with each other has been changed significantly by social media. Social Media MarketingIt's become the preferred way to ask questions, relay information and receive feedback.

Why the Entertainment and Social Media Industries are Converging


Social media consolidation and a ramp-up of entertainment-tech companies are creating a new entertainment experience for consumers. Entertainment

7 Steps to Launch an Expert Social-Media Marketing Campaign


Social media offers new brands an incredible opportunity to launch a new product to a highly targeted, engaged, wallet-out audience. Marketing Strategies

Positive Social Media Interaction

The Small Business Blog

If you have an irate customer bad mouthing your business on social media, how would you respond? This article on The Guardian Small Business Network has some sensible advice for anyone unsure about how to handle negative feedback on social media, including the importance of listening carefully… Read the full article here: Positive Social Media Interaction on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Some businesses have trouble dealing with criticism online.

Hi, I’m Media. Social Media.

Brilliantly Better

The post Hi, I’m Media. Social Media. Traditionally, there are 3 recognized powers in a modern state: legislative, executive and judiciary.

How to Efficiently Market Your Business Through Social Media

Small Business CEO

Social media advertising is becoming a trend in the business world today. Further, business owners can enjoy a real-time connection to their customers through social media advertising. Here are various strategies you can use to promote your business through social media.…

15 social media and technology trends for 2015

Practically Perfect PA

Be fun but be professional when using Social Media. But it is still worth reiterating every year that social media should be used responsibly, especially as more and more people are using the various platforms. If you do look after your organisation’s social media it is important that you think of new ways to express your messages visually. This is an oldie but a goldie and it is still going to be the top tip for all social media users in 2015.

Using social media when organising an event

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few years the events industry have wholeheartedly embraced social media and assistants should also be doing this when they organise internal events for their businesses. Here are 6 examples of how social media can help you with the events you organise: 1. Social media can be used really effectively when it comes to researching different aspects of your event. Keeping them up to date via social media is easy to do and adds value.

Gigi Gorgeous: How to Stay Grounded When Social Media Is Your Full-Time Job


Staying grounded in social media is a constant challenge. Working on social media (professionally) takes everything up a notch. It helps to know your purpose before launching a social media career. But knowing what you want to do on social media isn’t enough.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Do you think assistants should use social media for professional purposes? If you answered positively then yes you would be correct I think using social media for your professional development and networking is an absolute must! Here are ten do ‘s and ten don’ts for using social media professionally…. Do use social media for different aspects of your career. Don’t go full steam ahead on all social media platforms if you are new to this.

Which companies use social media the best?

Office Dynamics

Who’s using social media the most effectively? This month’s question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s AdminPro Forum asks which companies use social media the best. Question: “My company is gearing up to get into social media. For more comments on this question, “which companies use social media the best,” visit, Business Management Daily’s AdminPro Forum.

IZEA Worldwide Stock is a Social Media Influencer Play


Social media influencer marketing platform IZEA Worldwide (NASDAQ: IZEA) stock surged to peak out at $7.45 on Jan. 25, 2021 and has since fallen over. Finance

Using your social media skills at work

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing about social media and how best assistants can use it for their professional lives. I know a lot of business are still banning certain websites and it can be difficult to change the executive management’s mind when it comes to using social media at work but if your company is embracing all of the positive aspects of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Corporate Social Media.

Social Media Wows!

Loosely Speaking

Everybody is using one or more of the social networks these days. Virtual Assistant Resources best uses of twitter creative uses of social media great uses for linkedin how to use facebook creatively most effective uses you've seen for social networkingIt’s crazy how much information exists on how to use them, why, where, etc. What are the most creatively brilliant uses of these networks, either that you yourself have experienced, or that you have observed?

REAL TALK about social media

Loosely Speaking

In fact our recent monthly REAL TALK chat explored social media successes and challenges, and Tara couldn’t join me since she was attending a local presentation by our area Chamber of Commerce on social networking! Here’s a segment of my “REAL TALK&# conversation with Carla Wilson (owner Wilson Virtual Assistance and co-owner of Wilson Media Services ) and Mary Motz (owner of ProVirtual Solutions ). Social media WOWS!

10 Strategies to help you Tweet like a Social Media Rockstar

Practically Perfect PA

Becoming a social media Rockstar doesn’t just “happen”; you need to really work at it. But if you fancy a bit of a shortcut, there are some simple things you can do to accelerate your rise to social media rock stardom. If you want to create your own images check out canva.com – I mention this site a lot and that’s because it’s invaluable for social media!

Social Media, Experiences and the Fear of Missing Out

Small Business Labs

" While the experience economy gained some traction in the late 90s and early 2000s, the advent and success of social media has driven "experiences" into the mainstream.  The reason is simple - social media allows people to record their experiences and share them with the world.  But they also need experiences worthy of sharing - which is driving the growth of experiences that are shareable via social media.

Top 5 Tips for Social Media #Hashtags

The Small Business Blog

Hashtags are widely used on social media, especially on Twitter, but have now been adopted by many other social media platforms too. If you plan on using hashtags as part of a social media campaign for your business, make sure you understand why you are using them and what you hope to accomplish by using them. Nothing makes it easier to spot a business that doesn’t get social media than one which fails spectacularly at hashtagging!

Six reasons to Put Social Media Icons on Your Business Cards

Small Business CEO

The business model of a company birthed and growing in the contemporary world is incomplete without incorporating social media in some way or the other. In fact, several businesses have gained a lot more momentum than they would have without using social media to their advantage.