Top 15 Small Business Ideas for 2020 You Should Consider

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There’s a long list of small business ideas for 2020. Here you will learn about some of the best small business ideas for 2020. The demand for digital marketing is so high today that it can be one of the cheapest yet most profitable small business ideas for 2020.

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2020 Annual Reader Survey

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The post 2020 Annual Reader Survey appeared first on Laura Earnest. Every year I take some time to ask my readers and followers what they would like to see over the next year. This year I've included questions about how COVID is affecting you.

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Ipsos Global Trends 2020

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The large, global market research firm Ipsos recently released its Global Trends 2020 study.    It's based on extensive surveys and interviews across 33 countries and updates similar efforts conducted in 2013 and 2016. 

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Fully Integrating & Onboarding an Executive Assistant into Your World

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There comes a time in every successful executive’s career where they transition from having to do everything for themselves to having an executive assistant. remote executive assistant Assistant-Principal Partnership Onboarding

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What You Can Accomplish in One Week with a Remote Executive Assistant

ProAssisting Blog

Business partner, chief of staff, project manager, scheduler, personal assistant. These are just a few of the roles a great executive assistant can fill for you. remote executive assistant Assistant-Principal Partnership

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Do You Need To Hire An Executive Assistant? Top 10 Questions To Ask

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There comes a time when business leaders recognize that balancing their growing workload is causing them to drop the ball professionally and personally.

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Completing your Assistant performance review in 2020

Practically Perfect PA

Completing your Assistant performance review in 2020 It is that time of year again, performance review season. Completing your Assistant performance review in 2020 is going to be different. Accept the world has completely changed this year. Many of you are working from home juggling work and the challenges of [.].

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CEOs Are Moving To Remote Teams and It’s a Win for All of Us

ProAssisting Blog

Grit Daily recently sat down with Ethan Bull to discuss the rise in demand of the remote executive assistant and how ProAssisting is reshaping the industry. Insider

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Go Remote: How CEOs Can Work in the Digital World

ProAssisting Blog

Ethan Bull shares his insights with Nasdaq on the trend of CEO's hiring remote executive assistants and how they can best utilize this rising position. Insider

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Tips To Make 2020 Your Happiest Year Ever

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Even if that precious first payday after Christmas still feels like it’s weeks away, even if the weather is harsh and your New Year’s Resolutions have failed just as quickly as every other year, there are still ways for you to salvage things and turn 2020 into a great year.

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2020 In Review

Brilliantly Better

The post 2020 In Review appeared first on Dragos Roua. This was a good year. Different, for sure, but it was a good one. In fact, it was so good that I felt compelled to write a review of it, something that I didn’t do in other recent years.

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2020 Training Opportunities for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Here’s what we have in store for administrative professionals in 2020: Joan’s 30 Year Anniversary Tour – Timeless Skills for Assistants. Orlando: April 22, 2020 (Admin. Professionals Day) Chicago: June 3, 2020 Denver: June 24, 2020 Nashville: October 8, 2020. .

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4 Steps to get your email inbox under control once and for all

ProAssisting Blog

You're not alone. Does the 10,000+ “Unread” notification that sits next to your email inbox catch your eye every time you open your inbox? Insider Productivity Best Practices

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JWT Intelligence's 100 Trends for 2020

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And the JWt Intelligence Future 100 Report: 2020 takes 226 pages to cover them.  Each of the past 6 years the trends group at the global advertising giant Wunderman Thompson has released an annual trends report covering 100 trends to follow in the coming year.

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The four things you need to do to impress your boss in 2020

Practically Perfect PA

Here are some top tips on how to make a positive impression in 2020 when planning a meeting. A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. So this year, why not make your resolution to impress your boss – and reap the rewards that follow!

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Report: Tech in 2020: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

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Benedict Evans , who is a well-known VC and tech industry pundit, recently released Tech in 2020: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. 

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International Women’s Day 2020 – A Message From Julie Reed

Office Dynamics

In their March 2 article, Forbes has recommended four easy and effective steps to support the International Women’s Day 2020 “Each for Equal” Theme: . Sunday, March 8. In a recent interview, I was asked, “What motivates you to be an Administrative Professional Trainer and Coach”?

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Top Articles of 2020

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So today I present the top 5 articles from for 2020. The post Top Articles of 2020 appeared first on Laura Earnest. One of the things I constantly remind myself of is that it's not enough to look forward.

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Features of Resume Writing in 2020 for Graduates

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The post Features of Resume Writing in 2020 for Graduates appeared first on Dumb Little Man. It’s not easy to get your dream job without making a good impression on recruiters, HR managers, and potential employers with the help of a resume.

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Blog Every Day In 2020 – A 230 Days Challenge

Brilliantly Better

At the beginning of 2020, Steve Pavlina announced on his Facebook account he will do a 365 days blogging challenge. Read more Blog Every Day In 2020 – A 230 Days Challenge. The post Blog Every Day In 2020 – A 230 Days Challenge appeared first on Dragos Roua.

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Get Familiar with EXPO 2020 in Dubai

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In simple words, the celebration of human brilliance, as well as achievements, is shown by Expo 2020 Dubai. photo credit: Expo 2020. What is EXPO 2020? … The post Get Familiar with EXPO 2020 in Dubai appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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Bonnie’s Life Lessons from 2020

Bonnie Low-Krayman

By Bonnie Low-Kramen | December 29, 2020. We will all re member 2020 as the year that got put on “hold.” I have spent the better part of 2020 in front of a camera in my home TV studio speaking with executive assistants and business leaders in the world.

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Best SaaS Affiliate Programs 2020

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… The post Best SaaS Affiliate Programs 2020 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. It’s the 21st century. The world has morphed from a global village to one global marketplace. These days, we are constantly buying and selling goods and services outside of physical stalls.

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How To Dispose Face Masks in an Eco-Friendly Way

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Since early 2020, the pandemic continues to rage throughout the world. We thought it couldn’t happen in our lifetimes, but it did.

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Opinion: 2020's Other Medical Crisis

NPR Technology

Scott Simon notes the 30 percent increase of drug overdose deaths in the U.S. during the first year of the pandemic. Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Why has Social Media Marketing Become Popular to Grow Your Business

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Google is the undisputed master of the web markets and being indexed in a more favorable position than a competitor is essential to have a return in popularity (and therefore, also economic) and to make your website productive.

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Digital Nomad Numbers Skyrocket Thanks to Work From Anywhere

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million in 2020, a 49% increase.   As the report chart below shows, the number of digital nomads with traditional jobs roughly doubled from 2019 to 2020. The number of U.S. digital nomads grew from 7.3 million in 2019 to 10.9

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How to Set Up Your Digital Productivity Space – Top 10 Tips

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When you work from home, it is important to set up your workstation properly to have the same convenient space that you would have at the office. But what about the digital space?

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When Reality Threatens To Kill Your Dream, Turn Reality Into Your Dream

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Margarete Heese, August 2020. “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”. Lawrence.

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8 Logical Reasons Why Failure is the Pillar of Success

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We all have experienced failures, either big or small. They are life events that, admittedly, are not great experiences and can bring us a lot of negative thoughts. When we fail at something, we generally have two choices to consider.

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The Benefits of Solitude

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We live in a world that is always connected. Our daily lives are filled with work, school, family obligations, house chores, or caring for the elderly. When we are not busy carrying out our daily commitments, we fill our remaining time with social media, extra activities, or community work.

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How to Achieve Self-Mastery

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Life is comparable to chess. There’s a limitless number of viable moves. You’re free to choose, but every move generates all future moves. Consequences, after all, are unavoidable. There’s never an escape from even the smallest of actions. You are the Architect of Your Life.

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Why Minimalism?

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Many people are seeking to live a life with less. But what exactly is minimalism? Put simply, minimalism is a way of living that’s focused on experiences while purging life of unnecessary possessions and commitments.

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6 Organizations You Can Join Remotely to Make a Difference

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Unless you’ve been at a meditation retreat , you may have noticed that 2020 has been a disaster. I’d summarize what happened, but I don’t think anyone really needs—or wants—a reminder.

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Tips to Improve Customer Service in 2020

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… The post Tips to Improve Customer Service in 2020 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. The world is chaotic, to say the least right now.

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Why You Need To Grieve The Old Normal

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The many changes 2020 has brought about mean that most of us have had to make some abrupt alterations to the way we do things. There is no denying that things have changed a great deal lately, and most will agree it’s not been for the better.

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The Hidden Cost of Social Distancing

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I’ll admit it, when COVID-19 came to town this past March I was secretly excited that we were ordered to quarantine. Finally, I thought, a legitimate excuse to hunker down at home and stop the hustle! Work slowed down. I embraced my role as chief laundry-doer-dinner-maker-house keeper.

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How To Prepare Your Data For Industry 4.0

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A new industrial revolution is coming, and no, it won’t look the way it did 100 years ago. Industry 4.0 is on the way, and at breakneck speed. Industry 4.0 is set to completely remake the way that products and inventory are created.

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety Before Going to Sleep

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Having a lot of stress and anxiety is harmful for anyone during the day. Having a whirlwind of negative thoughts when you lay down to sleep is even worse! These anxious thoughts make it so difficult to get the sleep that your body and mind desperately need.

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The Top Internet Marketing Trends in 2020

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… The post The Top Internet Marketing Trends in 2020 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. You have a growing business to run. Things might be crazy now, but the truth is you never really had time for marketing before either.

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6 Tips to Stay Sane During Quarantine

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An unprecedented global health crisis has forced many countries to implement quarantine and lockdown protocols to contain its spread. Because of this, people are left to stay at home for longer periods of time than they could ever imagine.

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8 Skin Care Tips for the Cold Weather

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Seasonal changes, especially when transitioning from warmer to cooler months, can be a cause for skin worries. Decreasing temperatures mean a drop in humidity, taking much-needed moisture away from your skin.

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Key Findings from 10 Years of Studying the Gig Economy: The Rise of Microbusiness Exporters

Small Business Labs

For example, according to eBay's 2020 United States Small Online Business Report : " 96 percent of small businesses on eBay in the United States export internationally, sending goods to an average of 17 foreign countries.

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