Facebook Announces Facebook Shops

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This week Facebook announced Facebook Shops , which it describes as "a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online store on Facebook and Instagram."

How to Grow an Audience on Facebook

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If you’ve scrolled through Facebook, chances are you’ve seen a few business pages on your feed. You’ve made your Facebook profile and are getting crickets, although it appears to be straightforward. Building your audience on Facebook doesn’t happen overnight.


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Every Entrepreneur Should Know How to Use Facebook Ads


Learn how Facebook Ads can help your business grow. Facebook Ads

5 Tips for Winning Facebook Ads

Small Business CEO

When it comes to online advertising, few platforms offer as much value to advertisers as Facebook. Secondly, Facebook has the best targeting features of any platform (and it’s not even close). Finally, Facebook advertising is cost-effective.

How To Engage Your Community Via Facebook Groups

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Facebook groups are one marketing strategy that everyone underestimates when they’re trying to think of ways to generate leads and engagement. The following Facebook group tips can help you do so for free. They also translate well in Facebook.

Working from Home Q & A: Facebook Live Replay

Tips From T. Marie

That’s why I finally decided to take the plunge into Facebook Live. Be sure to Like my Facebook Page for more working from home q & a’s. Dealing with a pandemic can make you feel pretty helpless.

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Outrage As A Business Model: How Ben Shapiro Is Using Facebook To Build An Empire

NPR Technology

In May, Ben Shapiro's website The Daily Wire had more Facebook engagement on its articles than The New York Times , CNN, The Washington Post and NBC News combined.

Reporters Reveal 'Ugly Truth' Of How Facebook Enables Hate Groups And Disinformation

NPR Technology

In a new book, Cecilia Kang and Sheera Frenkel say Facebook failed in its effort to combat disinformation. Facebook knew the potential for explosive violence was very real [on Jan 6]," Kang says.

Facebook becomes the youngest company to reach the trillion dollar milestone


FacebookAfter winning an antitrust lawsuit, shares in "the social network" rose 4.2 percent.

Facebook Stock Dips After Biden’s Vaccine Misinformation Accusations


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock dipped 0.4% premarket on Monday after U.S. President Joe Biden’s fierce attack on the company for ––he says–– spreading. Finance

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

The Small Business Blog

As Facebook has grown, so have the opportunities and challenges for businesses to get in front of their ideal consumers. Undoubtedly, businesses around the world are clamoring to make the most of Facebook’s ever-increasing popularity, but the very fact… Read the full article here: How to Use Facebook for Your Business on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog Facebook Facebook for Small Business Facebook Marketing

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Advertising

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Marketers can’t simply ignore the full potential of Facebook. Facebook advertising provides every business with a higher opportunity compared with traditional advertising like TV, radio, and newspaper. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should use Facebook advertising.

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Facebook Announces Libra, a New Cryptocurrency

Small Business Labs

Last week Facebook announced Libra , a new cryptocurrency.   While Facebook is the driving force behind Libra, it’s created a foundation that other organizations can join. The foundation will be responsible for managing Libra and Facebook will have no more control than any of the other full members. Facebook also announced a new digital wallet called Calibra, which will provide users a way to store and spend Libra.

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How One Facebook Post Brought This Entrepreneur $160K In Sales

Forbes Leadership

Everyone knows that Facebook ads can bring a lifeblood of customers into their business. But some entrepreneurs know a simple post on your personal page can bring you as much as an ad—maybe even more.

Facebook launches Bulletin, a platform for freelance writers to get paid


This tool will allow you to publish paid or free newsletters that will be managed through Facebook Pay. Facebook

Facebook Releases Marketplace to Compete with Craigslist

Small Business Labs

  Today Facebook released their Craigslist competitor, called Marketplace. Like Craigslist, Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items listed or sold in Marketplace. Facebook's Messenger product recently acquired the ability to process payments natively, so expect this feature to be incorporated into Marketplace likely fairly soon. Facebook first launched a Marketplace type product in 2007, but it wasn't successful.

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Here's What I Learned at the Facebook Good Ideas Festival


With its global reach, there is no doubt that the social media giant -- and others like it -- is socially and culturally influential. But can it be a useful tool in making businesses competitive? Social Media

A Facebook for Dogs

Small Business Labs

The quantified dog startup Whistle  is expanding its product line to include a Facebook-like social network offering for dogs. OK, the dogs won't be doing the networking. Their owners will.   Whistle's main product is a doggy version of Nike Fuel or Fitbit - a small device that attaches to a dog's collar and tracks the dog's activity and health.  The broader category is called the quantified self, or in this case the quantified dog.

Zuckerberg announces that the next step for Facebook is to create a "metaverse", an augmented reality world


FacebookThe idea is to build an augmented reality universe through which people can interact, work, and even exercise.

Facebook Hits $1 Trillion Cap Record After FTC Lawsuit Dismissed


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)’s market capitalization surpassed $1 trillion on Monday after a Washington judge dismissed monopoly charges against the company, Finance

Google and Facebook lead the way with Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Will corporate America follow?

Vox Open Sourced

Google and Facebook — two of the largest tech companies in the world — announced on Wednesday that they will be requiring that all employees returning to their US offices get vaccinated. John Smith/VIEWpress via Getty Images.

Yes, Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Tips From T. Marie

And although I myself sort of dragged my heels at first, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to social media for business, a Facebook Page is a necessity. The problem is, many small businesses are overwhelmed by social media and find the Facebook Page a bit confusing. Facebook is the devil.” Below are a few simple tips and hints to help you utilize the power of Facebook for your biz. First, your profile is what you get when you sign up for Facebook.

Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

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“Do I friend my boss on Facebook or not?” – that is the question that many working people ask themselves today. You may drink coffee together in the mornings, go to lunch, exchange presents on birthday and ask each other for advice, but you still don’t hurry to send a friend request on Facebook. The post Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

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Criticism of Facebook rains after launching advertising in virtual reality video game


A few days ago it was announced that Facebook had given the green light to show ads through Oculus Quest, a virtual reality headset developed by Oculus. Facebook

Three Reasons I Hate My Facebook ‘Friends’

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I hate Facebook – that seems like the best way to start a discussion about my friends. This post is about Facebook ‘friends’; and the loss of common manners when it comes to sharing content on social media. The post Three Reasons I Hate My Facebook ‘Friends’ appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Oh, I use it of course, otherwise how would I know I hate it; but I use it begrudgingly.

Facebook wants creators, but YouTube is paying creators much, much more

Vox Open Sourced

Facebook — despite a $1 billion pledge — doesn’t want to do that. Facebook has nearly 2.9 billion users, so lots of people use Facebook to reach that giant audience. The first pool is the one that Facebook’s creators can access. The same goes for your Facebook News Feed.

Facebook Gets Reprieve As Court Throws Out Major Antitrust Complaints

NPR Technology

The decision is a blow to the Federal Trade Commission and 48 state attorneys general, who were pushing for the court to break up the social media giant. Image credit: Pool/Getty Images

Are Facebook And The Other Tech Giants Now Beyond The Law?

Forbes Leadership

A US federal court has ruled that the antitrust lawsuits that the Federal Trade Commission and 40 states had filed against Facebook failed to prove conclusively that the company is a de facto monopoly, rejecting the state lawsuits and giving the FTC 30 days to substantiate its arguments.

Facebook, here comes SPB!

Simple Productivity Blog

I finally bit the bullet and decided to add a Facebook page for the blog. It can be found at SimpleProductivityBlog on Facebook. Feel free to share articles, comment, etc. there. Don’t be afraid to friend the blog! Thanks for subscribing to the RSS feed for SimpleProductivityBlog. More great content can be found on the site at SimpleProductivityBlog.com. Blog Business

Facebook Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap After Antitrust Claims are Dismissed


A federal judge says lawsuits against Facebook lacked support or came too late. News and Trends

The Revolutionary Assistant Facebook Live Recap with Joan and Jasmine

Office Dynamics

The post The Revolutionary Assistant Facebook Live Recap with Joan and Jasmine appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Motivators Self Development #adminconf #therevolutionhasbegun Facebook Live Jasmine Freeman Joan Burge Monday Motivators The Revolutionary AssistantOur 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, The Revolutionary Assistant. This is a video recap from Joan Burge & Jasmine Freeman.

The surgeon general wants Facebook to do more to stop Covid-19 lies

Vox Open Sourced

Murthy also went on some of those very platforms to spread the message, including Twitter and Facebook. Vivek Murthy, United States Surgeon General, is taking a stand against health misinformation. Samuel Corum/CNP/Bloomberg via Getty Images.

10 Innovative Ways Brands Can Leverage Facebook And Instagram Stories

Forbes Leadership

Stories often offer more interactive options than regular social posts, and companies can use this to their advantage by creating unique content that captures the attention of consumers as they scroll through their feed. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership business

Organize Facebook with Lists

Office Organization Success

One of the features I love about Facebook is the ability to be able to group your friends by lists; so instead of wading through hundreds of status updates, you can quickly scan what’s going on by going through one of your lists. I have separate lists for friends, family, clients etc. And one of my favourite lists is to group my Page Likes together – so I have a list for business pages and a separate list for personal pages. Quick Biz Tip

Dear Facebook, this is how you're breaking democracy | Yaël Eisenstat

TED Talks

"Lies are more engaging online than truth," says former CIA analyst, diplomat and Facebook employee Yaël Eisenstat. "As Lies are more engaging online than truth," says former CIA analyst, diplomat and Facebook employee Yaël Eisenstat. "As

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Will Facebook Replace Traditional Websites?

Small Business Labs

  Last year we wondered if social media in general and Facebook in particular could replace traditional websites.    But despite the feedback, many small businesses are using Facebook for their firm's primary website.    We're also seeing a growing number of new small businesses choosing Facebook over a traditional website for their web presence. 

Facebook Live Interview with Mentors & Masterminds, Tara Browne

Office Dynamics

The post Facebook Live Interview with Mentors & Masterminds, Tara Browne appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Leadership Self Development Technology Trending Workplace Tools #adminconf Audacious Admin career advancement conference for assistants creativity Facebook Live interview masterminds Mentors & Masterminds mentorship professional development revolutionary assistant

4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook

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Have you ever thought of marketing with Facebook ? If you’re not sure where to get started on your online marketing strategy, why not start where everyone already is: Facebook! Here are four good reasons why Facebook is the best place to start marketing your business, and why-— with all its ingenious features — it might be the one that will deliver the most returns. Facebook gives your business a personality. Facebook makes you accessible to your customers.

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How to Create Facebook Video Ads in Minutes: Tips For Beginners

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Facebook video ads are an essential part of any business’ social media toolkit. Here how to create Facebook video ads in minutes: Take advantage of stock footage and audio. If you want to create videos very quickly, you can also try using a Facebook video ad template.

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Is It Still Worth Promoting Your Blog On Facebook Or Instagram? An Experiment

Brilliantly Better

I wanted to see if Facebook / Instagram are still worthy of that, or – as my hunches were telling me – these outlets are already so opaque that they don’t even serve their initial purpose, which is connecting people. A few months ago I started a promotion experiment.

Facebook the new AOL?

The Small Business Blog

In an excellent article about “What Facebook Really Wants“, Nicholas Thompson of The New Yorker Magazine, writes about how Facebook is trying to create a sub-internet, an all encompassing online world for its users. Nicholas is clearly worried about a future where one organization controls your online life, tells you what to think and read …

Facebook Changes Got You Down?

Andrea Kalli

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Are you keeping your kids safe on Facebook?

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And you can also join in the conversation about Moxie posts happening over on my Facebook page Recent Comments Stephanie on Speed is the enemy of many good things. » July 13, 2010 Are you keeping your kids safe on Facebook? I interviewed my friend, Kathryn Rose, who recently released the book, Facebook Guide for Parents, and we talked about this very topic. With the rate that Facebook changes things, that’s a genuine value! Facebook Guide for Parents can help!