Is Document Scanning Green?

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Most companies will look to document scanning as a way of managing their paper based information and with advances and maturing technology these solutions have started to become economically viable. So there are some real, tangible, business arguments for document scanning and managing these paper based systems electronically using document management and workflow. The Cost Of Storing Documents Long Term. The Cost of Scanning Documents and Storing them Electronically.

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Dealing with confidential electronic documents

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A few years ago I wrote a really detailed blog about dealing with confidential electronic documents and paperwork. Today, I thought I would write an update on my blog from a few years ago and concentrate on electronic documents. Here are my ten top tips on dealing with confidential electronic documents. A privacy screen is a good call if you handle a lot of confidential electronic documents.

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Document Management System

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Options for managing document filing and retrieval. By establishing a consistent system for filing and tracking documents, you will impose a sense of order on your records. There are lots of choices when it comes to filing documents. Documents are placed in order according to their assigned number. Organizations ranging from doctors’ offices to Fortune 500 companies use them for document tracking. Top 5 Document Control Software Solutions (

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Improve Workplace Productivity with Orange County Document Scanning

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Document management plays an important role in this. of losses in employee productivity are due to challenges in paper-based documentation that businesses encounter. Fortunately there are businesses that provide document scanning services like Orange County Document Scanning.

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How Can I Retrieve Corrupt Documents/Drawers? – Ask an Admin

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Rose asks: The accounting firm I work for converted to digital document management ten years ago. When a drawer goes corrupt there are only three resolutions – restore from backup, rebuild from paper documents, or a combination of both.

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It’s time to review (or create) your document retention policy

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Worried that your company might not have a particular document on hand if the IRS conducted an audit? They create a document retention policy that clarifies what needs to be saved, where, and for how long. Document retention requirements for common business records.

Best Document Tracking Tools and Methods

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Question: “We have so many people in my office creating and revising so many documents and swapping them around, I don’t know of the best way to ensure someone’s not grabbing the wrong one from the network—or from the person they’re teaming with. What is the best document tracking tool or method you use? The post Best Document Tracking Tools and Methods appeared first on Office Dynamics.

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4 Tips For Keeping Important Documents Safe

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We all have important documents that we need to keep safe. Whether it is for personal or business use, there are always some papers, invoices and key documents we just can’t afford to lose. Whilst you can never be 100% assured you’ll never lose those difficult to replace documents, there are some steps you can take to minimise the risk of losing them. It seems obvious, but whether you are storing your documents offline or online, you need to keep them in one place.

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An Admin’s Guide to Documenting Systems

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However, because systems are so automatic, many people don’t have them documented. So why should you document something you already know how to do? Documented systems: Allow someone else to fill in for you. Having documented systems is even better.

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Top Workflow Tips for Effective Document Management

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Effective document management has become an essential component to maximizing productivity for just about any organization and this includes small businesses too. As the paperwork mounts, so does the case for effective document management. To maximize productivity, many businesses are turning to document management applications. But, employing a document management application alone will not help. … Management dms document management document management system

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Build A Championship Team With Document Management

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Just as the coach looks to his playbook to ensure the team’s success, ECM provides the tools to drive your document-driven processes, while keeping the content safe and secure. Likewise, business managers use cloud-based ECM systems to prepare for and protect files/documents for any form of business interruption. Since ECM allows documents to be stored in the cloud rather than in filling cabinets, they’re automatically protected from any physical harm!

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"Going Green" With Your Documents

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Home About Me Advertise "Going Green" With Your Documents By The Professional Assistant on Monday, July 13, 2009 Filed Under: Productivity D o you recycle your unwanted papers at work? Do you try to "go green" by not printing e-mails or other documents that you could be e-mailing to others that you want to share this information with? You keep printing document after document, not realizing how many trees you are using and how much waste you are creating.

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What to Look for in a Document Management Company

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When you are partnering with a document management service provider, you need to be sure that your data is well taken care of. Firstly, document management itself is crucial. When you need to manage gigabytes of documents, you can’t afford to blink; if you mis-manage your documents, you can be sure that you can fall well behind schedule. … Information Technology dms document management

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Proofreading a document

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It has been my experience that using Spell Check never replaces proofreading a document. I have proofed documents where the person has relied only on Spell Check and the outcome has been comical. I remember reading a document and instead of its they had written tits. Be sure you always proofread your documents and then Spell Check it as an extra step to your proofreading.

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Create a PDF document

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Convert a word document or screen shot into a PDF document using CutePDF. I am (as mentioned in many. Software Applications

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Proofreading a document

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It has been my experience that using Spell Check never replaces proofreading a document. I have proofed documents where the person has relied only on Spell Check and the outcome has been comical. I remember reading a document and instead of its they had written tits. Be sure you always proofread your documents and then Spell Check it as an extra step to your proofreading.

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Digital Document Management Systems (DMS)

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With flexible working and Bring your own Device (BOYD) policies becoming the norm, it is increasingly difficult for business owners to keep track of one of their most valuable company assets, i.e. their business-related documentation. The thought of implementing a document management system can be daunting or perceived to be a waste of time but rest assured it is neither. Entrepreneurs documents management

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Want Confidential Documents to Stay Confidential?

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Home About Me Advertise Want Confidential Documents to Stay Confidential? If you would like more information on keeping your documents safe, take a look at the "How Safe Are Your Documents?" By The Professional Assistant on Friday, November 30, 2007 Filed Under: A re you looking for a way to make sure that others don’t open your letters or packages?

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The Risks of Physical Documents: Why Your Business Should Consider Going Paperless

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Even in 2018, many businesses still retain the use of physical documents — otherwise known as paper — as a method of record keeping. Paper documentation, however, carries risks. There are numerous reasons why businesses still do this: it might be for ease of access, they believe it legally necessary or simply because they’ve been operating for decades and this is how they’ve always managed their files.

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Too bad they’re only historical documents now and no.

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Too bad they’re only historical documents now and no longer living. Joining the Bill of Rights , which had been in the Archives’ care since 1938, they became collectively known as the Charters of Freedom , the most precious documents in our heritage. todaysdocument : 60 years ago today: On December 13, 1952 , the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were transferred to the National Archives.

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Eight Ways to Keep Your Office Clutter-Free

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When the HVAC system was installed, someone thought we might want the user manual for the system: a 400 page PDF document. Instead of filing the PDF on the network, the document was printed and placed in a filing cabinet , where it will sit until doomsday. Despite the improvements in document handling technology, despite the the convenience of a PDF, we still produce a lot of paper. Working at an organizations’ head office, we see a lot of paper.

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Documents Show Dallas and Trinity East Partnership Extends to Previously Undisclosed Irving Well That Had Casing Failure — Downwinders at Risk

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Documents Show Dallas and Trinity East Partnership Extends to Previously Undisclosed Irving Well That Had Casing Failure — Downwinders at Risk : People need to lose their jobs and go to jail over this, starting with Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm. The house of cards is falling. Dallas fracking gas fracking gas drilling government corruption Texas Texas Railroad Commission conflict of interest conspiracy

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A Starter Guide to I-9 Compliance & New Hires

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… Legal employment documents hiring documents i-9 compliance i-9 formsGetting a new hire onboard is more than introducing him to coworkers. You need to comply with all the regulations involved with the I-9 form. It is only one page, but the rules that go with it fill 69 pages. Here is an overview showing how important is it to comply with the regulations, the difference between the W-9 and the I-9 forms, and what identification is acceptable to meet the I-9 rules.

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Proof of Income: How to Use a Paystub and More to Buy A Home

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Finance Legal legal documents proof of income property purchaseBuying a house is a big step. It puts you on the property ladder, grants you rights you didn’t have as a tenant, and gives you a place to call home. In 2019, the median house price in the U.S. was $279,600.

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4 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Workplace Safety

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Use the Camera as a Documentation Tool. The smartphone camera is a terrific tool to use during inspections or investigations or anything that requires documentation. Admin Assistant Training Executive Blog Productivity Technology Trending Workplace Tools communication communication tools documentation Facebook increase safety productivity smartphones social media technology twitter workplace safety workplace technology

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10 Lotus Notes Tips

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You can move to Notes documents while you’re still in another document without going to the view. All you have to do is click the Next icon in the SmartIcon bar or press Enter when you have the first document in read mode. You immediately go to the next document in the view. The previous tip explained how to move to the next document in a view without going to the view. You can also do this to get to the next unread document in the view.

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Guest Post: Green Benefits of Virtual Events

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In addition, the average number of pieces of paper saved by the use of digital documents at virtual events is 36,000 per show. Tags: Green Business autoweek Cisco digital documents environmental benefits Green green car GSX guest post on24 Tricia Heinrich virtual environments virtual events by: Tricia Heinrich, ON24 ’s Senior Director of Strategic Communications.

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Upping your A(ssisting) game when you work with a Board of Trustees

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By: Jacqueline M. Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Board of Trustees, Lake Forest Academy. Many of us not only work with the CEOs of our companies, we also have the luxury of working for the company’s Board of Trustees. Now some of you might say LUXURY??? And I would say yes!, luxury.

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PA Confidential

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Confidential electronic documents (anything that is visible on your computer screen). In addition to this you also see all of the attachments that have been sent to your manager and all of the documents they are working on as well. I would suggest the following: Confidential electronic documents. Depending on the sensitivity of the document I will often phone the individual and give the password to them personally.

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How to Set Up Your Personal File System

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Productivity better file computer file Document management system Evernote filing filing cabinet folders how to set office equipment office work paper paperless paperless office paperless processing personal file personal filing system sets system toyouWhether we like it or not, paperless systems are slow reaching mass acceptance. Unless you work for a company that has invested in paperless processes, you likely see loads of paper coming across your desk. How do you deal with it?

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File Sharing

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They are: A company-wide online file sharing programme for all important documents that can be accessed by other members of staff (for me this is just my Directors). I think most companies have some sort of online file sharing programme in place, if not the alternative is a network drive that all of the staff save their documents into. I always save my documents in the following format Type of document / / Employee surname, Employee first name.

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6 quick tips for managing paper

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Productivity Business desk document filing cabinet furniture notebook office equipment office work paper paper deals paper flow paper recycling paperless office quick tips scrap paper some tips the paper tip your paperClose your eyes and picture the Zen-like state of your desk in a paperless world. When you need data from the last quarter, you speak to your computer and a soothing voice responds with the information.

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Keeping a Journal

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You may want to keep one as a historical document for future generations; as a prewriting activity for longer works you plan to publish; as a private means of expressing emotions and ideas; or much more. 10 Reasons to Keep a Journal. Keeping a journal gives outlet to your feelings in a way nothing else can. It is a place to record your deepest thoughts without fear of judgment. Journals allow you to be who you are; to examine your emotions in your way and time.

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What electronic record-keeping software best fits your needs?

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Keeping track of paperwork can be a challenge, It’s easy to misplace a file or even spill coffee on a document on your desk. If you don’t have that document backed up in an electronic format, you may have just lost important company or employee data. Document Locator.

Tackling the 20 Percent of Revenue You are Losing to Inefficiency

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If that’s news to you, you probably haven’t prioritized the best strategy for increasing efficiency: Documenting your processes. … CEO Leadership efficiency process documentation You already know that inefficiencies are bad for business, but do you understand how bad? Every year, many organizations lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue due to inefficiencies. That’s some serious cash that could be going back into developing your business.

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5 Reasons To Migrate To A Paperless Office

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Yes, it does cost money to store documents digitally, but these costs are often far lower than the ongoing cost of buying paper, ink or toner, garbage disposal, and the extra space you need to store reams. Document Security Is Enhanced. With digital documents, you can implement document-level security with strong passwords. With a digital document management service, or a hard drive connected to your business network, you can take your documents anywhere you go.

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Announcing.The Paper Tiger Online!

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Mac Users Will Have Easier Access for their Document Management While the desktop version of Paper Tiger could be used on a Mac, sometimes people had challenges making the Windows version work well.  Mac Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « No Space for a Home Office? Try These Creative Solutions. Main | Get Organized and Lose Weight! » Announcing.The Paper Tiger Online!

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Don’t Waste your Money Hiring Consultants: There are Better Alternatives

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… CEO Leadership business frameworks business models hiring consultant premium business documents Hiring a consultant is expensive, and not all small business owners have the privilege to hire one due to budgetary constraint. Before you decide on hiring one, you need to ask yourself this question: Do you really need to hire a consultant? Please be clear early on: I personally think that small business owners need to find as much help as possible in order to improve their businesses.

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Does Your Business Need To Use A Transcription Company?

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For most people, documenting and paperwork are some of their least favorite tasks, even though they might be vital for the company to remain compliant. Unfortunately, taking the time to document everything often can be at the bottom of a long to-do list… even when you know that by not having it in place you could be risking a penalty (or worse!). Using a transcription service means that you don’t have to painstakingly type out each document and report.

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Different spellings: British, Canadian and American

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© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 27 February, 2009 Different spellings: British, Canadian and American I was proofing a document the other day, but since Ive been reading documents from the United States and Canada, I couldnt remember if behaviorial was the American or the Canadian spelling. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too!

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