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The Power of Documentation in the Workplace

Eat Your Career

As a passionate writer, a naturally forgetful person, and a self-confessed control freak, I have always believed in the power of documentation, especially in the workplace. Documentation is a vital tool for enhancing productivity, accountability, transparency, and (most importantly) peace of mind.

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How Can I Retrieve Corrupt Documents/Drawers? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Rose asks: The accounting firm I work for converted to digital document management ten years ago. When a drawer goes corrupt there are only three resolutions – restore from backup, rebuild from paper documents, or a combination of both. What procedures do you have in place to ensure you can retrieve corrupt documents/drawers? .


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Dealing with confidential electronic documents

Practically Perfect PA

A few years ago I wrote a really detailed blog about dealing with confidential electronic documents and paperwork. Today, I thought I would write an update on my blog from a few years ago and concentrate on electronic documents. Here are my ten top tips on dealing with confidential electronic documents.

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7 Steps to Documenting Complex Office Procedures and Systems

All Things Admin

A procedure is a documented, step-by-step list of instructions that guides a person through a specific task from start to finish. Documenting complex office systems and procedures is crucial for ensuring consistency, efficiency, and continuity within an organization. Document the step-by-step details for each section.

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It’s time to review (or create) your document retention policy

BMT Office Administration

Worried that your company might not have a particular document on hand if the IRS conducted an audit? They create a document retention policy that clarifies what needs to be saved, where, and for how long. Courts and government agencies frown upon individual employees selectively keeping or tossing important documents.

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How to Use Microsoft Office and Google Workspace Apps to Document Your Procedures

All Things Admin

Whether you’re a seasoned admin or just starting your career, documenting procedures are essential for maintaining consistency, efficiency, and clarity in your work. Now, let’s explore some of the built-in functionalities of these apps that make them indispensable for procedures documentation.

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Improve Workplace Productivity with Orange County Document Scanning

Small Business CEO

Document management plays an important role in this. of losses in employee productivity are due to challenges in paper-based documentation that businesses encounter. Fortunately there are businesses that provide document scanning services like Orange County Document Scanning. A 2012 survey revealed how 21.3%

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