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10 Collaboration Tools to Bring Your Next Great Idea to Life


Google Docs. If you rolled your eyes when you saw Google Docs as the first collaboration tool on this list, good. If you’re unfamiliar, Google Docs is Google’s answer to the Microsoft Office suite, but because it’s all online and fully in the cloud, it’s perfectly collaborative.

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3 Tech Tools to Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency

Office Dynamics

Make your everyday operations more efficient: Google Docs. Part of the Google App suite, Google Docs is one of the best shared online document programs out there. Google Docs enables multiple users to view and edit the same document in real time as well as track edits in case someone is a little overzealous.


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Why Should You Buy SaaS Startups? Get an Overview

Small Business CEO

For example, Google docs where users don’t have to download the software in their system and can access it online, from any corner of the world by logging into their Google account.… SaaS stands for software as a service. … The post Why Should You Buy SaaS Startups?

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New in Google Docs: Spreadsheets Form Summary

Denise Aday

I love how Google quietly and consistently adds new tools – and new capabilities to existing ones. A favorite tool of mine is Google Docs – spreadsheets in particular. How do you use Google Docs? Image via CrunchBase. I use it for clients as well as myself. post conference/teleseminar feedback, etc.

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Meggin McIntosh on How to Back Up Google Docs

Denise Aday

Here at Aday VA we and most of our clients are heavy Google Docs users. How to Back Up Google Documents (Google Docs). Google Documents (GoogleDocs) is a great application to use, but just like files you have on your hard drive, the files you create in Google should be backed up. By Meggin McIntosh.

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How to create and send invoices

Karen Vivarelli

FREE – Word or Google Docs Invoice Template. If you’re not into Word you can do the same thing in Google Docs and use an invoice template from their template library. I’m a big fan of Google Docs! Canva is an essential tech tool – check it out HERE.

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12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Digital Nomads


Writing and communication is an essential aspect of any business, and digital nomads can enhance their writing skills with apps like Grammarly , which helps to correct grammar, improve tone of voice, and has browser extensions for sites like Google Docs, Gmail and LinkedIn. . Digital book subscription .

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