Case Study: 747 New Subscribers in 30 Days

Office Organization Success

One person (in this case, me!) … Over a 30-day period I was able to add 747 new subscribers to my list. … I collaborated with 14 other business owners and helped them build their lists in the process. … One business owner added 354 new subscribers to her list from this event alone. What was this amazing list building event? A Joint Venture Giveaway! What is it?

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3 Famous Case Studies That Prove the Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship


The post 3 Famous Case Studies That Prove the Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship appeared first on SUCCESS. What does it take to create an innovative breakthrough product?

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Productivity Experimention: A Case Study for Writing


In this case, the problem was bad timing. In Adler’s case, he spent his Y Combinator money and time iterating, failing, and experimenting with a bunch of ideas. The post Productivity Experimention: A Case Study for Writing appeared first on Productivityist. Trip Adler is a Harvard graduate who was accepted to Y Combinator with the idea for a ridesharing app. But Trip Adler isn’t the founder of Uber.

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A Case Study in Customer Service: The Name Badge Industry

Small Business CEO

… Customer Service case study customer care name badge business Great customer service in the name badges industry? It may not sound too exciting at first, but at Meluba Badges we deal with a huge variety of customers, from the sole trader to the largest organisations who all work differently, are looking for a bespoke product supplied quickly and at a competitive price.

Case Study: Recruit CRM Is Helping A Legal Recruitment Agency Hire Talent Seamlessly

Recruit CRM

Whilst at Hughes Castell, she worked with an extensive range of international law firms in Singapore such as Clifford Chance, Shearman & Sterling, Withers Worldwide, Holman Fenwick, Sidley Austin, Linklaters, King & Spalding, White & Case and more.

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Case Study: Recruit CRM Helped South Africa Based RPO Firm Slay The Recruiting Game

Recruit CRM

Let us know in the comments below if you would love to read more such case studies on how we are helping recruitment firms globally.

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Case Study: Recruit CRM Is Helping Sagesa Healthcare Hire Medical Professionals All Over Ireland

Recruit CRM

A study conducted by SHRM stated that 46% of HR professionals reported it was tough to fill full-time roles for high-skilled clinical positions such as nurses, doctors, and specialists.

New Case Studies published on Bioteams Business Games


ISEE Systems , a leading developer of business simulation tools, have published reviews of two of the new Bioteams online/offline collaboration games developed using the ithink platform. The first game is a "company war game" where the HR teams become the senior executive team in their own business.

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Mobile Health Team: Bioteams Case Study


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Market America, Showing That Supporting Everyday People Is How Businesses Should Function

Small Business CEO

Entrepreneurs business model case studyMore than ever, people are being given the opportunity to try their hand at entrepreneurship through tools like the ones Market America gives to their UnFranchise Owners all over the United States and throughout the world.

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John Needs YOU!

The Small Business Blog

John needs business owners to use as case studies and some ‘from the trenches’ advice on starting a business like yours. Everyone who responds (and wants to be mentioned) will get an acknowledgment on the book’s website, all the case studies will be published on the his Business Opportunities and Ideas blog and the best ones will be included in the book – Giving you free publicity! E-Mail me or follow me.

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Small Business World News Round-up – 209/11/24

The Small Business Blog

Small-Business Case Study: Can Crispy Green Go National? E-Mail me or follow me. Build your own network! Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Small Business Bootstrapping How to start your own small business with no or little money. Outsourcing Options For Small Business Focus on your business, timeshare professionals. What is Small Business Infrastructure? How to be successful by focusing on your core business. How to be successful and eco-friendly.

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Fast-track business collaboration programme helps UK companies


Tags: Case Studies in Collaboration

Wanted: Experienced Authors For The Small Business Blog

The Small Business Blog

To expand on educational content in all areas of small business, case studies, reviews, previews and news stories… Are you an experienced writer with a passion for small business? Do you want to use your skills to contribute to one of the world’s leading small business blogs? If so, we want to hear from you.

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Five Ways Flexible Working Can Boost Productivity

The Small Business Blog

Research and case studies show that flexible working can increase people’s productivity. Flexible working ensures people are on top form and have the scope to put in the best work, when it matters most. General improvements in mood and health also means less days lost to absenteeism. Flexible working is increasingly popular, especially for smaller…

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The Ultimate Guide To Customer Feedback For 2021

Small Business CEO

In the end, a case study has shown that it can cost you around 5 to 25 times more to gain new customers than it costs to keep existing ones. If you run a business that offers products or services to customers, it’s normal that customers will talk about your brand and company.

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The Path to Chief of Staff Whitepaper

Admin Awards

That’s also the case for Nev Dooley, Chief of Staff at NTT Application Security, who says adding an additional EA to her executive’s team would likely create more problems than it would solve. In some cases, the Chief of Staff role may already exist within your company.

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Do you want to speak at Assist Travel 2016?

Practically Perfect PA

The session is called Proactive PAs: Business Travel Case studies and Panel Session and the second session is called Top 5 business destinations uncovered. Proactive PAs: Business Travel Case Studies and Panel Session. These are the kind of case studies we are after – I’m sure you all have a load of examples you can share! The basic premise is that the speaker has 20 images playing each for 20 second while they present the case study.

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The Admin’s Impact on Employee Morale & Culture Whitepaper

Admin Awards

CASE STUDY. The following roundtable discussion covered the Admin’s Impact on Employee Morale and Company Culture. This lively discussion covered the following topics: – How Administrative Professionals lead by being brave, especially when leadership is the source of bad culture. – How Admins drive and influence culture rituals that create connection in any work environment, including remote. – How Admins can inspire culture by being their authentic selves. –

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Work & Place Journal

Small Business Labs

 It comes from the Occupiers Journal, which according to their website is: a global learning and development organization serving real estate and facilities management (FM) “end users” with whom OJL engages and cross-shares data, knowledge, experience, and case studies with other occupiers in a confidential environment. Work & Place is a new online journal on, well, work and place.

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The Best Resource for Your Newsletter Content

Office Organization Success

You can very easily turn what your clients are asking you into an article, quick tip, or case study. A couple of weeks ago I headed out to Orlando for a 3-day fashion event. I attend this event twice a year, and I love that I get to unplug for a few days and focus on something completely different—it’s all about balance, right? For me, this is when I get the best ideas for my business.

2015 156

…and then what happened?

Practically Perfect PA

Using real life stories and worst case scenarios this session is going to be a lot of fun and we will also come up with a load of practical advice that the attendees can take back to the office and use next time they have a travel disaster on their hands! I have put a little contact box below and would love, love, love if you could share your worst case scenarios with me and of course how you fixed the problems you were faced with.

2015 159

Diagnosis of SEO Needs: Getting Consultants To Fulfill Company Needs

Small Business CEO

You can look at full case studies that consultants showcase.… It’s hard to be an expert at everything. You have a good handle on the primary focus of your company. But you don’t necessarily know the best course of action when it comes to marketing and promotions. That’s why it’s so vital to recognize your search engine optimization needs.

2019 49

How an MBA in Marketing Can Help Your Entrepreneurship Efforts

Small Business CEO

These you gain through a series of academic events that include case studies on the most effective strategies in your niche, all-round marketing that involves social media and online marketing, teamwork and leadership skills that work, and management of funds.… In an era where almost every person has a basic education degree, it is mandatory to improve your marketing skills if you intend to succeed in entrepreneurship.

2018 54

Retrofit is essential for the UK’s stock of poor performing commercial property

Workplace Insight

It then outlines ten fundamental considerations for low carbon focused retrofits as well as real-world case studies which exemplify these considerations, and the benefits low carbon retrofits have in the advancement towards net zero goals.

2022 74

Early Access To Goal Setting 101 – My Course On Udemy

Brilliantly Better

I still have to upload a few lectures, and to add a few case studies, but, other than that, I’m pretty much [.]. I’ve been secretly working on an online course during the past couple of months (hence my rather scarce activity on the blog lately). As a matter of fact, I’m still working on it. Personal Development course early access goal setting udemy

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Not that social with your social media?

Loosely Speaking

Tech Crunch’s “ How Social Media Drives New Business: Six case studies &#. If you haven’t explored social networking yet (and from what I hear you’re not alone if you haven’t), there are plenty of classes to help you get up to speed. What if you have tried it but can’t figure out what exactly to do with your new Twitter or FB accounts once you open them? Maybe you just need a little inspiration.

Emotional Intelligence for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

In our World Class Assistant course, we cover this topic and participants work on real work world case studies. I have grown to love speaking on and teaching assistants about emotional intelligence. This definitely is a skill every assistant needs to know. This is a skill you can use every single day! They are scenarios that assistants can relate to. I reference Daniel Goleman for my classes and want to share this with you.

2019 154

10 Business Development Strategies For Agency Recruiters To Land The Finest Clients

Recruit CRM

Share Case Studies Before a client trusts you and decides to outsource their hiring needs, there's a possibility that they'll be asking for testimonials or case studies or might even look it up on their own.

2021 56

3 Ways Bosses Can Boost Productivity of a Team

On The Job

Kathryn Shaw of the Stanford Graduate School of Business found in a study of technology-based workers that that bosses have a "big effect" on productivity and the good ones keep workers more engaged and productive. Specifically, a case study of the Royal Bank of Canada found that traits of good bosses include: 1.

2016 122

3 Tips for Responding to the Inevitable ‘Your Price Is Too High’ Rejection


They need to see references from satisfied customers as well as case studies and whitepapers attesting that your outcome will be better and worth the added expense. You dread these responses to your pitch in all of their varied forms. Your price is too high,” the prospect says.

2022 63

Tips to Ensure you are Getting the Most Out of your Employees

Small Business CEO

Case studies done on highly successful companies such as Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, and Google point to certain similarities.… Most successful companies recognize two basic facts. Firstly, employees are the company’s most valuable resource, and secondly, for the company to be efficient, it needs to get the most out of all its employees. By and large, even the most successful companies struggle with achieving a balance.

2015 65

Despite low productivity, UK firms still don’t look for ways to improve on past performance

Workplace Insight

Only a quarter said that they completed statements of work, case studies and reviews. Despite the UK’s persistent low productivity, less than a fifth of business owners are actively looking back at projects to identify areas for improvement.

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The world’s very first virtual summit for PAs

Practically Perfect PA

PA perspective – panel sessions and real life case studies from proactive PAs. I am so incredibly excited to announce that this week we reached the target for our crowdfunding of the world’s very first virtual summit for PAs! You clever bunch! What does that mean? Well, it means that we are definitely going to organise the summit for you. We are now working on the programme, contacting speakers and looking at the technology we need to support the summit. It is very exciting!

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2 Things I Do Everyday to Stay Focused on My Goals

Jen Lawrence

It’s a rapid-fire bullet-pointed list that includes things like “went to Pilates,” “read HBR case study,” and “rewrote mailing list Welcome Email.” We constantly hear advice about how to stay focused on our goals. Write them down. Keep them visible. Break them down into smaller parts.

2022 52

What 3 Creative Masters Can Teach You About Success


People are passionate about music, so the opportunity to be a spoke on the (RED) wheel—dedicated to a curated music service as another means of raising awareness and funds for this cause—presented a solid business case based on passion and creativity for me.

2021 101

GM's Restructuring Illustrates Multiple Trends

Small Business Labs

This is no longer the case.  It's an interesting case study. GM recently announced a restructuring plan that includes laying off about 14,000 employees and halting production at five of its North American auto plants. The announcement got a lot of attention, most of it rightly focused on the impact on workers and what it might mean for the broader economy. 

2018 129

9 Problem-Solving Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read


With 30 detailed case studies, you’ll learn how to effectively solve problems from the micro all the way to global leadership. You need problem-solving skills to succeed in work and in life.

2021 94

In Retirement, Olympic Gold-Medalist Michael Phelps Is a Mental Health Advocate


Michael Phelps is a fascinating case study in optimism. The American Dream lies to us in all kinds of ways.

2021 94

Our Event Management Training course is two weeks away!

Practically Perfect PA

Best practice, braining storming and loads of case studies. I just wanted to remind you that our Event Management Training course is two weeks away! The first course is for assistants who organise events for their organisations. There are still a few places left if you are interested in attending. Here are all the details: . Events Management for Assistants. One of the main challenges for PAs when organising events is demonstrating that there is a process to organising the event.

2016 107

Is That an Accountant in Your Pocket?

Small Business Labs

You don't often see a paraphrased Mae West quote as part of a study on the future of accounting , but with the rise of mobile and cloud computing it makes sense (sort of). We co-authored this report with Intuit and it's an update of The Future of the Accounting Profession study we did with them in 2011. The accounting profession continues to be an excellent case study on the broader future of knowledge work.

2013 148

Outsourcing and the Future of Accounting

Small Business Labs

The session was part of a broader research project we're conducting with Intuit updating the Future of the Accounting Profession study that was released in early 2011. As we reported when we released the Future of the Accounting Profession study in 2011, the future of accounting = the future of work.  Because of this, the accounting industry provides an excellent case study on the future of knowledge work.

2013 150

The Strategic Executive Assistant

Practically Perfect PA

Case Studies of assistants who have transitioned from administrative assistant to the senior executive assistant. Jan Jones is the author of “The CEO’s Secret Weapon” and keynote speaker at the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit in October. In November she will be the special guest speaker at Adam Fidler’s groundbreaking one-day program “ The Strategic Executive Assistant ” in Milan and Paris. As many of you will know, Adam is a world-renowned EA educator.

2017 120