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20+ Candidate Experience Statistics That Recruiters Need to Look into ASAP

Recruit CRM

In some of our previous blogs, we've talked enough about providing a positive candidate experience and how it has become a crucial strategy to win the war of talent in today’s competitive job market. Job seekers nowadays are more aware than ever before.

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From “Rockstar” to “Let’s Circle Back”: Cringe Office Terms To Avoid


Close/end of play On the same page ASAP Low-hanging fruit Ducks in a row Outside the box Heads up Circle back Back burner Rain-check Business jargon to avoid: “Rockstar” might sound cool, but when 53% of job applicants see this as a red flag, it might be a term to avoid. Here are 10 popular examples of business jargon, according to Preply.

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If You Want to Change Your Life, Change What You Think


If you find yourself stuck in hopelessness, lock your car doors and call someone you trust to come give you a jump, ASAP. Hopelessness is dangerous because when you concede all hope, you actually seal your fate and finalize your destiny. Without hope, there is no room to even consider other options, let alone a miracle.

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8 Things Good Leaders Never Say


If you are in the middle of something, schedule a definitive time to address their question ASAP. If an employee is constantly told “Now is not a good time” or “Come back later,” they will stop asking questions. Always have time for your employees. Jonathan Long, INFLUENCERZ 2. Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

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8 Annoying Conversation Habits You’re Probably Guilty Of


Bad conversation habits to stop ASAP 1. We asked the Young Entrepreneur Council for their opinions on the most off-putting things entrepreneurs and self-starters do in conversations. See if you’re guilty of any of these bad conversation habits. And if you are? Stop, stat. Only answer the questions that people ask of you.

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How to Track Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to Maintain Professional Certifications

Eat Your Career

For example, PACE is a certification for administrative professionals provided by ASAP. These requirements may change, so please verify this information on the ASAP website. In full disclosure, I am deeply involved in the PACE program as its lead trainer.

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7 Quick Tricks to Sleep Better Tonight


Here are seven fresh tips you can try ASAP: 1. Try these sleep hacks if you can’t fall asleep A new generation of sleep hacks—some unconventional, others counterintuitive—could maybe, just maybe, solve your sleepy-time problems. So kick the jumping sheep to the curb (unless they’re working for you, then keep on counting!).

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