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The United Nation Reports There are 4.9 Billion Internet Users

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report estimates : " across the U.N.’s The ITU report chart shows the growth in Internet users since 2005 (click to enlarge). The UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that 4.9

2021 249

Wunderman Thompson's 2021 Future 100 Trends Report

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The 2021 edition of the annual Wunderman Thompson Future 100 report was released last year.    It's one of our favorite trend reports.  This year’s report also includes 21 exclusive predictions from leading experts across industries to mark 2021.

2021 220

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The World Economic Forum's 2021 Global Risk Report

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The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Risk Report identifies the top risks faced by businesses and society over the next decade.   COVID-19 has obviously changed the view of infectious disease risk, which came in 10th in the pre-COVID 2020 report.

2021 224

Uber's Safety Report

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safety report that provides details on the number of sexual assaults, murders and fatal crashes that occurred through its platform in 2017 and 2018. The New York Times article headline on the report - Uber Says 3,045 Sexual Assaults Were Reported in U.S.

2019 130

Report: Tech in 2020: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

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  Similar in style to Mary Meeker's well known annual Internet Trends Report , Evans' report covers similar ground and is full of charts and data.    And like Meeker's report, it's long at 128 pages.

2020 142

Intuit Future of Small Business Report

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These trends - and others that will be explored in future reports - are resulting in growing numbers of successful small businesses. The report chart below highlights the forecast that the number of U.S. The Forbes article Why Small Business Will Skyrocket in 10 Years - Especially for Solopreneurs  provides more detail on this report and also covers several other reports related to this topic. Disclosure: Emergent Research partnered with Intuit on this report

2016 175

CIPD Reports 1 in 7 UK Self-Employed

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UK self-employment continues to rise , a new report in their megatrends series. So we won't bother covering the report in any detail, except to point out 3 of its charts. Regular readers knowwe've been reporting on data like this for over a decade. We've  We've also long reported on the downsides of being self-employed, including the people exploited by  the dark side of self-employment.  So we'll keep reporting on it.

2018 146

Wasp Barcode's Excellent Small Business Accounting Report

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Kudos to Wasp Barcode Technologies for their excellent Small Business Accounting report. According to their blog post on the report , the key findings include: 52% of respondents report that they pay too much on taxes are they are not sure. It contains survey results from companies with 11-100 employees on issues related to their accounting and finance functions.

2015 172

MBO Partners’ 8th Annual State of Independence Report

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MBO Partners released their 2018 State of Independence report this week. This is the 8th annual report in this series, making it the longest running look at independent work. This is especially true for what the report calls Reluctant Independents.   Despite the overall decline in Full-Time Independents, the number of independent workers reporting making $100,000 or more continued to increase.

2018 136

Samaschool's "The Future of Work is Independent" Report Series

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  The first report, A Primer on Independent Work , provides an excellent overview of the gig economy and independent work, including a comprehensive review of recent gig economy studies. The second report, How Low Income Job Seekers Use Independent Work , looks at the financial impact of their program and provides data from a survey of program alumni.

2018 130

HOK's Coworking Report: A Corporate Real Estate Perspective

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The global design and architecture firm HOK recently released a new report looking at the coworking industry from the corporate real estate perspective.  " The report covers a lot of ground and we found all the chapters interesting. Below is a report chart showing the things corporations should consider if they are thinking about opening a corporate coworking space. The report is well worth reading.

2016 143

The Global Survey on Platform Based Freelancers

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   Key report quote on the satisfaction index data: Most freelancers understand and accept the trade-off they make by trading traditional professional employment for a solopreneurial life and career. The report covers a lot of ground - way too much to cover here. 

2021 216

Digital Nomad Numbers Skyrocket Thanks to Work From Anywhere

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This data comes from COVID-19 and the Rise of the Digital Nomad , which is the report on the third year of an ongoing research series on digital nomads conducted by MBO Partners. Relatedly, 41 percent report they are spending less time traveling. The number of U.S.

2020 261

Mary Meeker's Annual Internet Trends Report

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Venture Capital firm Kleiner-Perkins released the 2016 edition of Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends report last week (Meeker is a partner at KPCB).    Meeker's annual report is hugely popular, well worth reading and full of interesting data. As the report points out, the global economy slowing and the growth of the Internet is slowing. Or, as the report says, the "easy growth is behind us" 2.

2016 109

Pew Research on The State of the Gig Economy in 2021

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think tank, recently released The State of Gig Work in 2021 report.      The report covers the results of an in-depth survey of Americans who earn money from the gig economy, which Pew defined somewhat narrowly. 

2021 199

The Number of Digital Nomads Surged Again in 2021

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See the report for more details. The pandemic-driven seismic shift to remote led to continued strong growth in the number of American digital nomads in 2021. The MBO Partners 2021 State of Independence research study found that 15.5

2021 216

The Anti-Work Movement and the Surge in Self-Employment

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And as we reported in September,  the number of independent workers (freelancers, gig workers, self-employed, etc.) The antiwork movement (also referred to as the post-work movement) is getting much attention these days.  

2021 215

JungleScout's State of the Amazon Seller

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  They recently released their 2021 State of the Amazon Seller Report. This report covers who Amazon's small business sellers are, what and how they’re selling, how they are responding to the pandemic induced increase in ecommerce and their future plans.

2021 214

CNN's Positive Report on Freelancing

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CNN did a very positive report on freelancing recently. See the MBO Partners State of Independent report - which is mentioned in the CNN piece and we helped produce - for more details. The 2013 MBO Partners State of Independence report will be released early this fall.

2013 127

Retirees and the Gig Economy

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  Key quote: Ninety-six percent of over-65 workers reported that an enjoyable job is essential or important to living a fulfilling life.

2021 220

America's Growing Diversity

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Census bureau reported that more whites were dying than being born.  million people reported being more than one race , more than a threefold increase from 2010, when 9 million people did.

2021 210

"Hotel on Wheels" #VanLife Firm Cabana Raises $10 Million

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" Cabana isn't the only van rental business reporting raising money.  Cabana rents custom-built Ford Transit vans that include beds, storage, bathrooms, and Internet access. 

2021 220

The Long Term Shift in Business Applications to Solopreneurs

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  Because EINs are needed for tax reporting, almost all employer businesses and most solopreneurs have them.   In the early 2000s, about 60% of all new business applications were from businesses planning on having employees. 

2021 231

Study by U.K. Think Tank Finds Gig Workers Satisfied With Their Work

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  Key quote from the study summary: The headline findings of this report are broadly positive.    Below is the report's summary chart showing the study's key findings, which are inline with the vast majority of other gig worker studies.

2021 181

Key Findings from 10 Years of Studying the Gig Economy: Freelancers Happier and Healthier

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One of the clearest findings of the decade-long MBO Partners State of Independence study is full-time Independent workers (freelancers, independent contractors, the self-employed) consistently report that they believe they're happier and healthier because they are independent workers.

2020 229

2014 MBO Partners State of Independence Report Released

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Key findings from this year's study include: The majority (82%) of independent workers report being highly satisfied (63%) or satisfied (19%) and plan on remaining independent in the future (76%). As with past years a substantial majority, roughly 30%, of the respondents report being unhappy with independent work. This group - we call them "reluctant independents" - report lacking control over their career, work assignments, work place and work schedules. 

2014 145

American Express on The Rise of the Digital Nomad

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American Express recently released its annual Global Travel Trends report.     Key quote from the report: " 54% of respondents (U.S.)    And not surprisingly, one of their trends was on digital nomads. 

2021 220

Mary Meeker's 2014 Internet Trends Report

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Her annual Internet Trends Report is a mere 164 pages of data intensive charts and graphs covering pretty much everything worth knowing about the Internet. The report is so big I won't try to summarize it here. The second is the stunning growth of tablets, which is nicely shown in the chart below from Meeker's report. Mary Meeker is a partner at the top shelf venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins.

2014 124

Solid Jobs Report

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  But overall a solid jobs report that shows the economy is on a solid, if modest, growth path The January Employment Situation Summary from the BLS was quite positive.  Total non-farm employment increased 234,000 and the unemployment rate fell to 8.3%.   More importantly, private employment increased by 257,000, more than off-setting a small decline in government employment.  This continues a trend towards stronger private sector hiring.

2012 119

Encouraging U.S. Commerce Report on "Digital Matching Firms"

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Commerce's department report  Digital Matching Firms: A New Definition in the “Sharing Economy” Space  is, in our opinion, a pretty balanced view of sharing/digital matching firms and their growing economic role. The report attempts to accomplish two goals.  I was encouraged by this report and the way it presented both benefits and problems. The U.S.

2016 116

We're Nearing Peak Fossil Fuel Demand

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   As McKinsey's report chart below shows (click to enlarge), global coal demand peaked in 2014 and they are projecting oil demand to peak in 2029, and natural gas demand peaking in 2037.

2021 203

7.1 Million Americans Work in the Creator Economy

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Almost 4 in 10 (38%) said it's hard to be successful and a third of content creators (34%) report struggling with burnout.   See the report for more information and details on the study methodology. 

2021 179

Which Colleges Will Survive the Coronavirus

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   Galloway backs up his chart with a detailed analysis of the 438 US universities and colleges ranked by US News & World Report's top National University and National College rankings.

2020 246

What is Good Information Hygiene?

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But we were particularly struck by Edelman's concept of "information hygiene" in this year's report.   Edelman released their 2021 Trust Barometer , which is an annual global study on the level of trust citizens have in institutions.

2021 225

Key Findings from 10 Years of Studying the Gig Economy

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Last week, MBO Partners released its 10th annual report in the MBO Partners State of Independence research series. Emergent Research (that's us) worked with MBO Partners on this ongoing study across all 10 years.

2020 220

LA's Creator Townhouse Community

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The Hollywood Reporter's New Studio City Townhouses Draw Digital Creators Thanks to Hybrid Zoning covers a new townhouse community designed for artists and creative professionals.  

2021 189

Key Findings from 10 Years of Studying the Gig Economy: The Rise of Microbusiness Exporters

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For example, according to eBay's 2020 United States Small Online Business Report : " 96 percent of small businesses on eBay in the United States export internationally, sending goods to an average of 17 foreign countries.

2020 214

The Legal and Tax Complications Faced by Digital Nomads and Their Employers

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The large corporate labor and employment law firm Littler recently released its first Global Transformation Initiative report (warning - it's long and written by lawyers for lawyers).  

2021 191

Barlow Research on Small Business Exporters

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What's so interesting to us is microbusinesses report fewer challenges than midmarket firms do.     But none of the other challenges reported by midmarket companies even blip with microbusinesses.

2021 198

The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence Report - 30.2 Million U.S. Independent Workers

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The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence Report was released today. million Full-Time Independents reported that they earned more than $100,000, up 45% from 2 million in 2011. In 2015, 43% of those currently working full-time as Independents report that they feel more secure working independently, up from 33% in 2011. 79% of independent workers reported they are happier due to being independent.

2015 137