Value Signaling And Other Modern Monsters

Brilliantly Better

The post Value Signaling And Other Modern Monsters appeared first on Dragos Roua. Yesterday I wrote about a weird, twisted way in which, we, humans, are complicating our lives, by giving prevalence to signals over facts.

Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Taming the Email Monster. Check out More Tips for Taming the Email Monster for the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ to help you understand how to develop your own system for preventing email overwhelm. I would like to introduce a new guest blogger to the Office Dynamics family! Alita Marlowe Bluford is an expert in efficiency and she plans to share some of her greatest tips with you here at The Joan Burge Blog! By Alita Marlowe Bluford, CPO®, PTAC®.


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Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

Office Dynamics

It has a way of becoming a “monster” if you let it fester because the more you think about the thing you fear doing, the worse it seems. The post Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It appeared first on Office Dynamics. Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays.

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Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Taming the Email Monster. Check out More Tips for Taming the Email Monster for the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ to help you understand how to develop your own system for preventing email overwhelm. I would like to introduce a new guest blogger to the Office Dynamics family! Alita Marlowe Bluford is an expert in efficiency and she plans to share some of her greatest tips with you here at The Joan Burge Blog! By Alita Marlowe Bluford, CPO®, PTAC®.

Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

Office Dynamics

The FEAR Monster. Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays. The stores, boutique shops, and online businesses sell everything to decorate your home, prepare for parties, and offer all kinds of paraphernalia. For decades October has been the month of scary movies and costumes. People love to decorate their yard like graveyards and display spooky creatures and goblins.

More Tips for Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Guest blogger, Alita Marlow Bluford continues her tips on taming the email monster. Taming the Email Monster (Continued). Focus and discipline is necessary to conquer the email monster. By Alita Marlowe Bluford, CPO®, PTAC®. Marlowe & Associates, Inc Efficiency Consultants. Farmington Hills MI 48333. 800-852-9050. to order The Ultimate Guide to being Efficient@email click here: [link].

Is the Green-Eyed Monster in Your Cubicle?

On The Job

The green-eyed monster now rears itself not on the playground, but in the cubicle. When I was in grade school, every year I had to put up with someone I'll call "Mary" in my classes. I never liked her, because her hair was longer than mine, she dressed better than I did and she was much prettier. Yet, every year -- from kindergarten until sixth grade -- I had her in every class. Some day the jealousy I felt when she showed up in a new hair bow with a pretty dress made me seethe.

Five Ways to Battle the Little Green Monster

On The Job

I try to keep that in mind every time I feel that little green monster try to sit on my shoulder. What kind of car do you drive? What does your lawn look like? How much did that suit cost you? If you're a typical American, at least one of these things brings out your competitive side. Go on, admit it. Your car was chosen because it was something you could show off to your friends. Your lawn could qualify for the PGA, and any weed that dares show up is considered an enemy of the state.

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A Staggering 98% Of Workers Support Wage Transparency Laws


Now, change is finally underway, with a study from Monster finding that a whopping 98% of workers support these types of laws. . New laws could alter the job application process forever. .

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10 Best Tools to Help You Land Your Dream Job [2021]


Monster. One of the oldest web search tools, Monster remains one of the largest and one of the best. A favorite among recruiters, Monster provides one of the sleekest interfaces on both its mobile application and website.

2021 251

70% Of CEOs and Managers Want to Quit — Why It’s Happening & How To Stop It


A recent Monster Intelligence survey found that 91% of Gen Z workers want to be able to talk about their mental health with their boss.

2022 264

Toxic! How to End Workplace Bullying Now by Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Krayman

Targets and witnesses to workplace bullying call them unhinged psychopaths, monsters, and devils wearing designer clothes. During an interview that the candidate felt was going very well, she said to the executive, “So, I heard you are a yeller. If you offer me this job and I accept it, you cannot yell at me. No yelling at me alone or in a meeting.” Then, she watched his shocked reaction, at first. After a moment, the executive said, “I can agree to that. When can you start?”.

2022 40

Millennial Myths

Small Business Labs

Good article on Monster's blog called Millennial Myths and the Truth About Gen Y Workers.  It covers 5 of the bigger misconceptions about the Millennial generation (born 1980 to 2000).   The 5 Myths are: Gen Y is lazy. Gen Y is apathetic. Gen Y lacks morals. Gen Y has trouble finding jobs. Gen Y thinks they are smarter than you were at their age. I will refer you to the article for the Gen Y "truths", which I agree with.

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The Pandemic Sabotaged Our Decision-Making Abilities—Here’s How to Start Regaining That Self-Confidence


The green monster, when leveraged strategically , can sometimes be your greatest guide. My parents had booked a cruise to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. It was scheduled to depart in April 2020. You won’t be surprised to learn that this particular love boat was rebooked for 2021.

2022 187

How to Use Job Boards to Get a Job

On The Job

It can be frustrating to use the big job boards such as Monster, Indeed or LinkedIn if you feel like your resume is being dumped into a black hole, never to be seen by a human recruiter.

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This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You Try Something New


A few years ago, I saw a weakness in my outdoor skills that needed to be rectified: I had not camped alone. I knew I would eventually have to do that for a story, and I needed to be comfortable with it or I’d risk losing and/or blowing the assignment. The first time I camped alone was in Maine.

2021 235

5 Marketing Ideas for Food Trucks

Small Business CEO

Marketing can be a difficult monster to tame no matter what industry you are in. But in the fast paced lifestyle of food trucks, strong marketing is more important than ever. Owning a mobile eatery removes the ability for customers to associate your brand with a location. That’s the mobile part. Because of this, many people are only able to get information about the business through previous customers word of mouth or seeing the truck on the street.

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13 Ideas for How to use Halloween in Marketing

Andrea Kalli

— Unleash your inner monster. Using holidays as inspiration for marketing campaigns is a great idea. For Halloween, there is no shortage of marketing concepts that can be conjured up (see what I did there?) that play off of each other quite well. Here are 13 Marketing Concept Starter Ideas – How to use Halloween in your business content marketing: — Don’t be scared by xxx. — Cleaning out cobwebs. — It’s frightening how xxx.

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Susan Cain’s New Book Explores the Question: What Is Sadness Good For?


At that point in his career, Docter had enjoyed two mega-successes— Up and Monsters, Inc. In 2010, celebrated Pixar director Pete Docter decided to make an animated film about the wild and woolly emotions of an 11-year-old girl named Riley.

2022 130

8 Best E-Commerce Books for the New Entrepreneur [2021]


Subtitled “Transform Your E-commerce Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine,” Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers provides the tools to grow your e-commerce profits. Starting and growing an e-commerce can seem daunting.

2021 199

Happy (belated) New Year!

ProAssisting Blog

ProAssisting came into being last year and this year our goal is to expand upon the great successes we’ve had so far… Just to re-cap, in addition to becoming a featured writer for Monster’s AdminSecret , we had a very robust beta testing period thanks to their community of assistants who put our training through its paces. Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts.

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Defining the Human Cloud

Small Business Labs

Job boards (like Monster) and social networks (like LinkedIn) do not fall within our definition of human cloud; while those two types of talent exchange platforms may support the sourcing and recruiting part of work arrangements being established, such platforms do not further enable or support work arrangements through to their completion (including payment of workers, tax filings, etc.).

2015 160

Genspace - A Biotech Coworking Community

Small Business Labs

As this video from PSFK shows , the lab looks very cool and there's no sign of monsters. Genspace is a community biotech laboratory in Brooklyn, New York.  According to their website, they. " " offer hands-on courses to the public, provide extracurricular experiences for students, and encourage scientific entrepreneurship, particularly in the fields of molecular and synthetic biology."

2012 129

Clean Your Home Office, Not Your Bank Account

Small Business CEO

I don’t want to hurt my dog; I’m not some kind of monster. Home office cleaning is no one’s idea of a fun weekend. There are so many ways to procrastinate and just avoid it entirely. Hey, the vacuum cleaner is making funny noises! Guess I better not use it; I”ll just have to save up to buy another one. Should I really mop the floor today? Last time I did that, the dog kept slipping on it. And so on and so forth.

Retained Search vs Contingency Recruiting: Which One Should You Choose?

Recruit CRM

For instance, if Coca Cola wants to hire a new CMO, it'll not advertise for the same on job boards like— Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster etc. It goes without saying that hiring is the first and the most crucial step towards any organisation's success.

2021 73

4 Ways to Handle Your Workplace Jealousies

On The Job

We become more emotionally sensitive, and find ourselves battling the green-eyed monster in our cubicle. Most of us have had feelings of jealousy or envy in our lives, but nowhere may it be more difficult to deal with than in the workplace. Of course you’re supposed to wish Jim well on his new promotion – even though you worked hard for it and you believe Jim is a slacker.

2012 181

“Please don’t think me a fool, uncaring or cruel but.

Denise Aday

Oh but the hypocrisy SCREAMS when I think of these monsters pretending to care. “Please don’t think me a fool, uncaring or cruel but I have to ask questions where questions have grown. Who are these ones with their official big guns and how dare the complain about the violence they have sown? My heart is undone for these friends and relations whose lives have gone hollow and may never repair. And the silence will roar in this country of war, the silence will roar.

Eco-friendly green ideas to staying cool this summer

Eco-Office Gals

everyone got a bug up their rear about air conditioning, and soon enough, our house, too, was playing host to a giant, refrigerated monster of a thing. Staying cool in the 80’s summers of my childhood was a pretty simple affair. Mountains of frozen Primas, a hose, and a makeshift bed in the laundry. Naturally, we all thought it was the bees knees. Instead of destroying our milky skin in the blistering Aussie sun, we would settle in front of the television, crank the air.

2013 131

Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

Office Dynamics

I told her, “You created the monster.” An important component to self-management versus stress-management is to set healthy boundaries in the workplace. In this article what kind of boundaries and with whom. As administrative assistants and executive assistants, you can often feel like setting boundaries might get you fired or your leader will think you are not a team player. Some people think when I’m talking about setting boundaries, it has to do with sexual harassment in the workplace.

2019 134

Room Mate Hotel, Barcelona

Practically Perfect PA

From its day-glow assortment of complementary sweets to its toiletries – which include a “Showcap for Brilliant Minds” and “Dental Kit for Monster’s Teeth!” The invite to stay and review a Room Mate hotel in the centre of Barcelona really did arrive at the most fortuitous of times. Never was a private, outdoor sunken mini pool and vista of a wonderful city scape so welcome!

2014 140

L'Oreal Encourages Employees to Embrace Entrepreneurial Spirit

On The Job

A recent Monster survey finds that 81% of workers who have used their Monster account in the past three years plan actively to seek another job this year and 79% report they''re confident they''re going to land another position A desire for more money is a motivating factor for many workers, according to the online survey of nearly 6,000 job seekers. I consider myself really lucky because if I have a good idea, I run with it.

2013 121

Digital Marketing for Recruiters: Take a Look at These 5 Innovative Ideas

Recruit CRM

Provide job listings on major online boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder while building out digital assets specifically targeted at potential employees (like LinkedIn company pages).

2022 62

Episode 246: How to Be Great at Your Job with Justin Kerr


Justin is a self-described efficiency monster, He is the author of the rogue corporate playbooks How to Write an Email and How to Be a Boss. On the term “efficiency monster” (4:50). On today’s episode, I spent time with Justin Kerr.

2019 50

BIG Change Takes Courage

Office Dynamics

Fear can become a monster that grows. Well, it’s official—the year is half over! What kinds of changes have you experienced so far this year? Have you experienced personal changes? Career changes? Did changes occur that you did not expect? Were they pleasant changes or not-so-pleasant? Can you forecast changes coming up the next few months? What about big changes? I love speaking on and writing about change because it is something everyone can relate to personally or professionally.

2014 122

Setting Healthy Boundaries Today

Office Dynamics

I told her, “She created the monster.” Setting Healthy Boundaries. I was teaching a class two weeks ago from the Star Achievement Series®. Our theme for that day was the attitude component of Star Achievement. Under that umbrella, we addressed topics such as self-management vs. stress management, learning specific difficult people types and how to handle each of them, the benefits of conflict and much more.

2018 108

Retained Search: The Ultimate 6-Stage Guide For Agency Recruiters

Recruit CRM

It's impossible for in-house recruiters and contingency search firms to look out for such niche candidates on LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Monster.

How to Wrestle Deadlines and Win (Even When You Think You Can’t)

Men With Pens

By the time you realise that you have a monster in your world, it often seems like it’s too late to hit that deadline. Step 1: Spot Your Monster Early. So when you realise that your deadline’s becoming a monster, do something. How can you spot a monster deadline creeping up on you? You just need to deal with the situation now and make sure you stay well away from more monsters in future. Step 5: Avoid Monster Deadlines – Forever.

2011 58

Worried About Your Online Resume?

Professional Assistant Blog

You can post up to 80 different job sites, such as Workopolis , Monster , CareerBuilder and many more, just with one submission. Home About Me Advertise Worried About Your Online Resume? By The Professional Assistant on Monday, November 26, 2007 Filed Under: Job Seeking A re you worried about online identity theft online? Do you worry about your current employer finding out that you are looking for a new job? Resume Rabbit will make all of this disappear.

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10 Things to Keep in Mind While Training Recruiters for Your Search Agency

Recruit CRM

Recruiters are often known as the "source of hiring", but as a recruitment agency, your search for the perfect candidate can only go as far as how well trained your recruiters are.

2021 52

Monarch Migration Maps Yield Clues About Declines. A.

Denise Aday

She’s taking on the climate change controversy, which is writ large in these times of drought, wildfires and monster storms." Monarch Migration Maps Yield Clues About Declines. A comprehensive mapping of the the North American migration patterns of the iconic monarch butterfly could help preserve a species threatened by loss of habitat and food sources , a team of international researchers says.

2013 40