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5 Remote Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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To have a better look into the matter, let’s talk about the team collaboration challenges SaaS environments have to face: Top 5 Remote Collaboration Challenges. NetSpeed Learning Solutions conducted a survey amongst virtual team leaders and their teams.

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Are you a networked PA?

Practically Perfect PA

The word networking can strike fear, horror and / or joy into the best of us. Networking is without a doubt a valuable skill set and resource tool but for many it can involve going outside our comfort zone when confronted with the notion of chatting to a complete stranger. I won’t lie – I was feeling slightly daunted when faced with the prospect of attending the Gala Dinner Networking Event at Executive Secretary LIVE on my own. So why should you network as a PA?


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The Collaborative Opportunities Dashboard Tool


The Collaborative Opportunities Dashboard Tool allows companies to quickly explore a dozen practical ways to work together with the goal of meaningful results in 12 weeks or less. Click to run The Collaborative Opportunities Dashboard Tool (requires Flash). My powerpoint was converted to flash using the excellent (and free) ispring tool. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks.

Social Learning as a Way to Foster Productivity in the Workplace

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In one way or another, social learning has been part of our lives for a long time. During this time, we are bound to learn from our colleagues and get a chance to talk on mutual topics of interest. What is Social Learning? are involved in some sort of social learning.

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Using Augmented Reality Tech To Save Collaboration

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There are plenty of ways to collaborate if you aren’t in the same physical space. The art of in-person collaboration is slowly being lost, and there’s a chance that augmented reality tech can save it. Collaboration Is Important For Any Business. It’s the collaboration between different people with different skills sets that give us new and innovative ideas. Otherwise, collaboration becomes somewhat mechanical and much less effective.

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52 Templates and Tools for Every Successful EA


What does every successful EA need among their tools? Process management tools. Executive assistants are masters of process management and that requires some quality tools to keep track! Here are some essentials we think you’ll need: Mind mapping tools.

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Online collaborative whiteboard (OWB) review


Online whiteboards (OWB) aka Collaborative Whiteboards are a new class of web tool, which let remote users interact over the web in real-time using a shared virtual whiteboard. I have reviewed 5 of them and believe that whilst they are not yet fully mature OWBs could become valuable support tools for virtual brainstorming or open innovation activities. Very nice cute tool. The most fun tool by a long way. My favourite tool out of the 5!

Four rules for collaborating well in meetings


A lot of my work involves facilitating large meetings where groups need to collaborate to resolve difficult issues or develop future plans for working together. From a collaboration point of view this is much more productive than making the people you work with earn your trust first. Collaboration works best when everybody focuses on the other participants needs first. Guess what - nobody was able to collaborate. All you ever learned about meetings is wrong.


Office Dynamics

After a continental networking breakfast on the resort veranda, Peggy Vasquez kicked off the general sessions of the day with her workshop on “Creating Authentic Business Relationships.” She helped us understand how creating and developing a lasting business connection takes time and skill, and delivered unique tools for surmounting awkward moments, starting conversations effortlessly, and the art of follow up. OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART II: PEAK EXPERIENCE.

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Office Dynamics

Ultimately, our progress hinges on the quality relationships and authentic connections we make together, and whether we can implement what we learn. Next, she dove into an illustration of how we can more gracefully learn to roll with the constant interruptions, schedule changes, and frustrations of being an administrative professional, and ultimately reminded us, “You have two jobs. Ideation is going to be rewarded over mere production, and collaboration is a new norm.

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Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership for Administrative Professionals

Office Dynamics

Only a rare few administrative professionals have learned to tap into the power of the most advanced leadership skill. Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you will learn…. Plus helpful resources for continued learning!). How to approach your work, career, and LIFE with intention and a sense of mission.Simple strategies to boldly embrace your inner leader—and enhance your productivity, collaboration, and creativity at the same time!

C3: a new approach to Collaborative Project Management


The C3 approach addresses the hidden side of project management – the people-collaboration-end-result perspective and is also a powerful tool for conducting a quick project healthcheck. C3: a new approach to Collaborative Project Management.

Web-based Virtual Enterprise Network Simulation


A few years back I developed a simulation to expose key dilemmas in the incubation stage of Virtual Enterprise Networks. I used a powerful simulation-building tool called ithink from Isee , the newest version of which now allows deployment of simulations over the web. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. Tags: Virtual Collaboration Networks

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6 Tools to Help You Manage Large Projects with Local & Virtual.

Stephanie LH Calahan

Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Listen to Stephanie on Solace Wealth Management on Blog Talk Radio | Main | My first Twitterview with @marciahoeck - Decisive Productive Action Taken » 6 Tools to Help You Manage Large Projects with Local & Virtual Teams I created this super secret (he he - not so secret now) group on Facebook of productivity and organization consultants and it has been a great source of networking for us. 

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A free Leadership Development Benefits Estimator Tool


Leadership, Change Management, Learning or Behaviour Change), such as a business simulation game , in a straightforward but credible way"? Here is a simple Excel-based tool which will get you started and which you can easily enhance if you need more. At Dashboard Simulations we have developed a simple Excel-based (Excel) tool which guides you through 3 simple steps to estimate the financial benefits resulting from a specific leadership intervention with an individual Leader.

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Our Totally Free Thank You Gift

Office Dynamics

It was a culmination of the thoughts of many assistants who came together through a collaborative process around the idea “how assistants can add value every day.” ” The book was finalized through an additional collaboration of the books three authors, all with experience and background in the administrative profession. Learn more about this special experience and what makes Who Took My Pen … Again?

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Bioteams: Learning from Nature to improve Project Management


Taking this discipline as the basis, the research exposed on this paper intends to answer the following question: May projects management be benefited from application of new theories and tools of software and communications based on animal behavior? Keywords: Biomimicry, Bioteams, Management, Organizational change, work teams, Virtual enterprise networks.

5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

Learn simplification techniques from each other. Sometimes, it is just learning the basics about peers. I learned a great shortcut in Outlook. While it is easier to collaborate with assistants who are just like you, that is boring and not the most effective use of peer synergy. Coming together is better than fighting for your own agenda.

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Office Dynamics

Joan’s keynote was dramatic and emotionally touching as she shared with everyone present her very personal struggles and victories of recent weeks, where real life underscored the critical importance of collaboration, creativity, and authentic connection. She also gave us a preview of what we’d be experiencing in the coming days, with every session of the conference supporting and elaborating on the official conference theme: “Collaborate, Create, Connect: Expand Your Influence.”.

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Should I Homeschool My Kids?

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Some parents conduct all of the education at home while others "meet" via online homeschooling networks or as part of local groups to facilitate children''s meeting for playdates, participation in joint extra-curricular art and music programs, joint field trips and, sometimes, collaborative study together in each other''s homes. Online learning offers many benefits for homeschooled students. an ILP (Individual Learning Plan) for each individual student 3.

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Discover Bioteams via Experiential Learning


What is the best way to introduce bioteaming into any organization or network? I recommend an Experiential Learning approach which allows you to evolve your own unique take on bioteaming which takes full advantage of the hidden learning and experiences you and your organization already have about 'natural teams'. I have developed a web-based bioteams implementation roadmap you can use to get you started based on Kolb's well respected learning cycle.

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Nurturing And Motivating Virtual Teams In Uncertain Environments


Companies are being forced to look at ways to support their workers through virtual technologies that foster remote working and collaborative project engagements in distributed, non physical environments. Max collaborates on Bioteams with Ken Thompson (The Bumble Bee).

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Business simulation without programming opportunity - partner search


Why cant we have an Excel-like tool for business simulation? Just imagine a tool which let a user, who understands a business area but has no technical skills, build and deploy sophisticated graphical management simulations in under an hour! My Eureka moment was 12 months ago - since then I have developed a fully working prototype of a tool to automate simulation building into just 3 steps: STEP 1 - Define the "Life History" of the main business objects in the simulation.

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Double profits from revenue processes with Process Physics


Online Collaboration ToolsA serial bank robber was once asked why he robbed banks? He replied "because that's where the money is!" Why have I developed a new discipline called Process Physics ? Same answer - because that's where the money is (in a process). Process Physics " is the discipline of using mathematical process models in conjunction with simulation technology to spot the "money left on the table" in any business processes.

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10 Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter

Office Dynamics

With more assistants and professionals advocating for and teaching others how to use this valuable communication tool, assistants are seeing the value and deciding to jump on board. Finalist – PPA Independent Publisher’s Business Magazine of the Year 2013 – Lucy has been a supreme collaborator and provider of quality content for administrative professionals. Founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips network. Coursera Learning without limits.

Aday VA Announcement: Saying Yes Means Saying No (An Entrepreneurial Evolution & Grieving Process)

Denise Aday

Virtual assistance is an incredibly collaborative and supportive industry and I love my VA colleagues. In “Grief–Your Surprising Tool for Momentum&# he explains that: No matter how great the “Yes” is, the “No” still registers in your heart as a loss. I learned that I’m an evolutionary entrepreneur – and what that means – from Alexis Neely. This is a difficult announcement following a tough decision, involving quite the identity crisis.

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Teambuilding 2.0


GCO was developed by students at Yale University as a "next-generation teambuilding tool" and differs from traditional teambuilding exercises by bundling training with a fun game that spans the virtual and real worlds. Teams meet in the real world to collaborate and discuss strategy around a game that takes place virtually. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. Tags: Online Collaboration Tools

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Building 3D Objects in Second Life: A short video tutorial


I believe that products like Second Life could provide powerful immersive platforms to link together web applications (eg via web services) in much more engaging ways for various collaborative group applications such as team games and business simulations. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. Volunteering, Environmental, Public Health) to form unique collaborations with their fans/supporters for mutual benefit.

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From Possibility to Reality

Office Dynamics

Shortly after my initial conversation with Joan, I started enlisting a support network on how we might pull off a 450-person think tank. By connecting with and expanding my support network and staying open-minded to feedback and changes, we moved from possibility to reality and ultimately pulled off a cool and successful 450-person think-tank teambuilding event.

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5 Tech Tips That Help You Get Things Done Faster

Productivity Bits

Sometimes there is so much going on, that you may even fail to take advantage of widespread tools that would surely make your life easier. You will now learn of five ideas that can really boost your working rhythms and help you get the most of your valuable time. Your computer is probably the main tool you work with, so you need to keep it brisk and responsive. Do you know what the difference is between a toy and a tool? Copyright © 2011 Productivity Bits.

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The Genre of Productivity: The Next Big Thing On The Web


You can learn more about Dan at his website or follow Dan on Twitter here. It started when my pal Michael Schechter’s blog started posting consistently more information on these types of apps and tools. And I starting learning. Then I thought how not too long ago everyone seemed to be talking about (and using) 37Signals’s Basecamp for collaborative project management. Same places, just with better tools.

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How to Respond to Workplace Conflict

Office Dynamics

As more companies embrace collaboration, you must learn to work with other people and truly become a team player to get the work done and help your organization be more competitive. Build a wider networking circle and remain balanced in your at-work relationships and interactions. You might think talking about conflict is not very motivating, especially to kick off the week.

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Video Marketing Techniques to Convert Viewers Into Buyers

Andrea Kalli

Take a look at some of these tips to learn how to transform idle viewers into actively engaged buyers. Using Videos to Develop the Perception of a Personal Relationship With Target Audiences When pursued correctly, video marketing can be an extremely effective tool to promote your small business.

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Can AI Be the Solution to the Much-Debated Climate Change Issue

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Titled ‘ Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning ’ , the paper is written by some of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It highlights the utility of machine learning and AI for battling the climate change crisis. Machine Learning.

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The Web2.0 Business Development System


Based on hard-won experience I have pulled together a comprehensive model to help enterprises exploit the full power of all the great tools available (mostly free) to turbo-charge ALL their outbound, inbound and two-way sales and marketing communications. Tags: Social Networking

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Lessons from Indigenous firefighters on the front lines of Western wildfires

Vox Open Sourced

In those days, you learned the trade by actually doing the work. It’s not that First Nations are trying to take over wildfire management, but we should be collaborating when the stakes are so high. Our goal is to give some of these guardians the tools to fight fires.

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The Rise of Employee Free Businesses

Small Business Labs

  Key quote: With the emergence of workflow automation, machine learning (or artificial intelligence), talent marketplaces, collaboration tools, and a curated network of independent operators, you can be one person, sitting at home in your pyjamas, doing the work of a hundred people and making more than just decent money each year, legitimately and efficiently. It used to be hiring employees was the goal of almost all small business owners.

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Simplify Daily Tasks with Technology

Office Dynamics

One of my favorite aspects of attending a professional development conference is the opportunity to connect with other administrative professionals to share processes, tips, best practices and learn how they simplify daily tasks with technology. During the open discussion, small groups shared programs and apps they use to better coordinate their time, organize files, collaborate with their team, and even track personal projects. It is an impressive team project management tool.

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Conference for Administrative Excellence – Gala Event

Office Dynamics

Since administrative professionals are usually the ones planning events, managing catering, speakers, binders, and AV/tech, it was wonderful to celebrate their learning achievements through a great event celebrating each of them as a stellar assistant! We had a grand time networking and bonding, which enabled us to enjoy the new friends we’d made at the conference. Friday morning began with a networking breakfast.

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Belated WordCamp Dallas Gratitude, Part 1: The Sponsors

Denise Aday

Two full-days of fantastic speakers , learning, inspiration, networking, giveaways – and food (!) – for only $30. ServerBeach (Bronze) – A leading Dedicated Hosting provider that delivers powerful dedicated servers, convenient server management tools, and 24x7x365 support. Tags: uncategorized Akismet Automattic Cali Lewis collaboration gratitude John Pozadzides preferred partners University of Texas at Dallas WordPress

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27 Ways to Re-Energize Your Career Without Changing Jobs

Eat Your Career

Volunteer to take on a new project that forces you to do something different, learn something new, work with new people, or simply explore a new side of your professional abilities. Join a networking group. Attending networking events will help you expand your horizons and open your mind to what’s possible in the working world. Associations within your field and industry are great resources for education and networking. Create a lunch and learn group.

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Who's Advocating For You and Sharing Your Buzz?

Virtual Moxie

don't understand internet marketing, won't learn social media, and don't have a clue about search engine optimization. What I've learned from Kat and Laura is that there's a missing link: third party endorsements. Building up your Facebook pages and Twitter followings is a good thing, but building a tribe of people who want to share what you put out in the world is an amazingly powerful way to stand out on the social networking sites.

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Episode 280: All You Have to Do is Ask with Dr. Wayne Baker


Focusing on social capital, social networks, generosity, and positive organizations, Dr. Baker has published six books and contributed to such outlets as Harvard Business Review, Chief Executive Magazine, and Sloan Management Review. To learn more, visit

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