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Stop Micromanaging and Trust Your Team. The 29-Hour Work Day

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The 11 Best Books on Mental Health


From memoirs to research-backed guides, these 11 books cover all things mental health: 1. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety or a panic disorder for as long as you can remember, this book’s for you: Stern’s recounting primarily takes place during her childhood and teenage years.


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Book Review: Building the Business of You

Small Business Labs

The central concept of the book is what the author calls the "career mashup"   This is a career where workers merge their skills, interests, passions, and experiences in a way that fits a person's whole self.

2021 205

Book Review: Gig Mindset

Small Business Labs

Gig Mindset is a different kind of book on the gig economy.    Almost all gig economy books focus on how to become a freelancer or some form of independent worker.   And it also inspired him to write this book.

2020 150

5 Books for Executive Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Career Development Featured admin administrators assistants Books Business Career EA Executive Assistant PA Personal AssistantIf you have been reading the Practically Perfect PA blog for a while, you will know that I often tell Assistants that they have to read EVERYTHING, which includes emails, reports, the intranet, the internet, business guides, your Executive’s magazines and newspapers. Really anything else that you can get your hands on that will develop […].

2018 165

Five great books about verbal communication

Practically Perfect PA

Core Competencies admin administrators assistants Books Communication EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal AssistantIf you look at any job application for an Assistant role, you will find something about communication skills. It is a must-have in our profession. Well, we have to communicate efficiently with our Executives, we have to interact with loads of different people from all walks of life and different levels within the business. […].

2018 169

Book Review: The Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

The book provides a wealth of excellent "how to" advice on succeeding at independent work. Mulcahy packages up the information from her MBA course in this book, and at only $16 ($11 if you buy the Kindle version), it's a a whole lot cheaper than taking her class at Babson.    The book covers a range of topics, including: How to stop looking for a job and start looking for work. See the book for details.  Book Reviews gig economy

2017 156

A New Book Explores How Embracing Uncertainty Helps You Develop a Growth Mindset


The post A New Book Explores How Embracing Uncertainty Helps You Develop a Growth Mindset appeared first on SUCCESS. Books Business

2022 75

Lisa Bilyeu’s New Book Helps You Escape the Purgatory of the Mundane


The post Lisa Bilyeu’s New Book Helps You Escape the Purgatory of the Mundane appeared first on SUCCESS. Books LifestyleIf anyone had ever sat me down and told me, “You’ll spend eight years of your life as a housewife.

2022 82

New Book Announcement: The Invisibility Cure

Eat Your Career

I am so excited to announce that my new book is now available for purchase ! For those of you who attend my monthly free webinars and Q&A sessions , you’ve no doubt heard me talk about this book. When I truly set my intention to finish and publish this book by the middle of this year, things just fell into place. So, what’s this new book all about? I’m so excited to share the stories and strategies in this book!

2019 100

Book Review: Thriving in the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

"How to capitalize and compete in the new world of work" is the tagline for the book Thriving in the Gig Economy.   The book starts with an excellent overview of the gig economy. After the overview, the book turns to the nuts and bolts of becoming and building an independent worker business.   Given this background, it's not surprising the book is targeted at skilled professionals considering or already working independently. 

2017 136

Book Review: Baby Bust

Small Business Labs

  The book is based on several studies of students from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. There's also good news in the book, especially in the area of gender equality.   Book Reviews Demographics Baby Bust: New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family is a short (88 pages), easy read.

2014 134

10 books to read to improve your public speaking

Practically Perfect PA

Core Competencies Featured admin administrators assistants books for Assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant public speaking Virtual AssistantI write a lot on Practically Perfect PA about how Assistants should speak-up, have confidence and represent themselves and their Executives in meetings. This is often easier said than done, because, as we all know, speaking in public (whether that is in a session or a larger public setting) is hard.

2019 142

How to Organize Books

Clutter Coach

by I like an organic approach to organizing books. By that I mean that I suggest paying attention to how you use your books and what works well with your current set up before rearranging them. You may find that books you use a lot are already on the most convenient shelf. It doesn't matter if those books are on different subjects and are different sizes, keeping them as handy as possible is a good idea. your books on the shelves horizontally.

2016 100

3 Books to Help You Grow As a Leader


Lim’s book breaks down Delivering Happiness’s model for how companies can improve their culture and help employees connect to their purpose, all while still remaining profitable in the process. This book is about understanding the authentic self in our work-life journeys,” Lim writes. “It

2021 114

How to Dog-Ear a Book


When someone dog-ears a book, they fold the corner of a page so that they can keep track of their progress. I actually use a bookmark to mark my place in a book. It involves dog-earing the book in two different ways. Books Routines How to reading research

2022 52

Book Review: The Manufacturer's Book of Lists

Small Business Labs

Because there are so many new and small manufacturing firms, I was very excited to read the  The Manufacturer's Book of Lists  by small business expert Gene Marks.   Also, because the book is organized in lists by functional area you can go directly to issues you are struggling with.   I found Chapter 3 on human resource issues to be one of the most important in the book.  Chapter 3 of this book nicely summarizes this very important area.

2013 155

Book Review: The Million-Dollar One-Person Business

Small Business Labs

We really like the tagline for the book The Million-Dollar One-Person Business.   But this book is not just about being self-employed. The book is written by the well-known and highly respected small business expert Elaine Pofeldt.  The book is based on hundreds of interviews Elaine has conducted with successful solopreneurs. We liked the entire book, but our favorite part is Chapter 4 - Making It Happen.

2018 152

Review of Gretchen Rubin’s new book

Clutter Coach

Gretchen’s new book is called Outer Order, Inner Calm and it came out last Friday. In fact, a lot of the ideas in this book are ones I use with my clients and ones I put in my own book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized. My book is available in paperback here. BooksI’m excited to announce that I got to interview Gretchen Rubin for my podcast! I’ll be publishing that episode on March 14.

2019 100

Declutter your book shelves

Clutter Coach

by Books are sacred. The first line of attack is: don’t buy a book until you’re ready to read it. I recently talked to a client about the books on his shelf, most of which he hasn’t read, and he no longer remembers when or why he acquired them. Now he’s face with hundreds of books he feels he should read, someday. Even a budget scanning service would cost hundreds of dollars given how many books he had. They’re emblems of culture.

2017 109

Coworkies Founders To Host London Book Launch


In late June, coworkies cofounders Pauline Roussel and Dimitar Inchev will host a London book launch for their coworking-focused coffee table book. . The post Coworkies Founders To Host London Book Launch appeared first on Allwork.Space.

2022 75

4 Books to Help You Reflect, Replenish and Grow this Month


The post 4 Books to Help You Reflect, Replenish and Grow this Month appeared first on SUCCESS. Books BusinessThe Restart Roadmap: Rewire and Restart Your Career. By Jason Tartick.

2022 71

Gabby Bernstein’s New Book Explores Addiction, Healing and Building Self-Worth


I sit here in my office surrounded by a stack of spiritual books I’ve authored. Each time you read a page of this book, you’re taking a small action toward honoring your feelings, dismantling your coping mechanisms and transforming your history so that you can be free. Books Lifestyle

2022 67

18 Books Every Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant Should Read

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics has put together a list of books for administrative assistants and executive assistants that will help you with your professional development and personal life. In Joan’s 5 th book for administrative assistants and executive assistants, the red-lipstick-wearing Rock Star, and pioneer of administrative excellence exposes the game-changing truths and unwritten rules you need to know in order to maximize your potential. Word Trippers E-Book by Barbara McNichol.

2019 191

Eight great business books for strategic Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

The trait that I admire most in exceptional leaders (think Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown) is the time they dedicate to learning new things. I love that they read, take on new ideas and concepts and never stop growing. This is something that I always try to find time for, and I think it is […]. Career Development Core Competencies Featured admin administrators assistants Competencies EA Executive Assistant Key Skills Office manager PA Personal Assistant Strategy Virtual Assistant

2019 139

Book Review: Sharing is Good

Small Business Labs

  The book also makes a strong case why we should share more - think sustainability and money savings - and provides the information needed to get started in the sharing economy.   My favorite part of the book is chapter 6, What to Share. It has about 80 pages (almost half the book!)   For anyone trying to figure out what to share, this chapter alone is more than worth the cost of the book (which is a modest $9.99

2014 131

6 Books on Failure to Build Your Resilience


With that in mind, here are 6 useful, practical books to help you learn resilience as a process. Rather, the book guides you step by step from seeming failure toward real success. Although this list aims to offer useful books for a range of tastes, Go for No!

2021 105

Book Review: The Future of Work

Small Business Labs

I'm more than a bit behind on my book reviews, which is why it's taken me so long to get to Jacob Morgan's excellent book, The Future of Work. The book begins by covering "The Five Trends Shaping the World of Work", which are major megatrends impacting business, society and, of course, work.    The strength of this book is how well it synthesizes the wide range of trends driving the future of work. Book Reviews trends

2015 136

Pic of the Day: Read a Book

The Small Business Blog

Reading a book is likely to be a lot more valuable use of your time than spending the equivalent amount of hours on social media or watching television. The concepts and ideas that we pick up from books tend to stay with us far longer than conversations we have online or things that we watch,… Read the full article here: Pic of the Day: Read a Book on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Picture of the Day Business Books Facebook picture of the day

2013 159

5 Decision-Making Books to Help You Combat Analysis Paralysis


That is why we have assembled a list of 5 excellent books to guide you in becoming more confident and decisive. Published in June 2021, Fear Less is a followup to Grange’s 2020 book, Fear Less: How to Win at Life Without Losing Yourself. Decision-making holds an inherent trap.

2021 101

10 websites to help book great hotels

Practically Perfect PA

There are so many hotel websites available for Assistants to use when booking business travel for their Executive. Here are ten websites to help book great hotels. If you don’t work with a travel management company, where do you even start? This list covers everything you need to search and compare prices. When you are […]. Core Skills Featured Travel admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

2019 101

9 Problem-Solving Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read


We recommend each of these books to hone your problem-solving skills and level up in business and life. Filled with great examples and plenty of humor, this book serves as a great tool toward overcoming our biases and making better decisions.

2021 94

Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens – Book Review

Brilliantly Better

In a culture dominated by Instagram celebrities and teenage Youtubers, he stands out as a solid professional, astute thinker and prolific writer, with best-sellers like “Sapiens” or… The post Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens – Book Review appeared first on Dragos Roua. Book ReviewsYuval Noah Harari is an interesting phenomenon. For a historian, he’s extremely popular.

2019 63

Group booking… every travel manager’s nightmare!

Practically Perfect PA

Your boss comes to you and tells you that you need to book the travel for 100 people for a Winter getaway, and it needs to be done by next week… eek! Book it yourself. Where do you even start? Well, there are two options: 1. You could always waste several hours searching multiple websites […]. Core Skills Featured Sponsored posts Travel admin administrators assistants business travel EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

2018 111

How to Write a Book: Advice for New Writers


I’d love to give you a secret formula for how to write a book. Having written two books now, I can tell you it is as hard as people say it is. In this week’s SUCCESS Stories , I explain my personal approach to writing books. Writing a book is like running a marathon.

2021 97

Book Review: With Charity for All

Small Business Labs

Charity for All: Why Charities are Failing and a Better Way to Give is a fascinating book. According to the book, there are about 1.4 million The book chronicles a number of high profile examples of failed charities. You may ask why I'm reviewing this book.  Key quote from the book: “The public must begin to see donations as investments. Small Business Book Reviews trends

2014 137

Book Review: Essentialism


Mike offers up book reviews here at Productivityist , and he writes about other things he''s learned at People Smarter Than Me. This doesn’t sound easy (and it’s not) so McKeown organizes the book around four big areas with specific tips for each one. I found that McKeown leaned too heavily on reporting from the Harvard Business Review (where he is a contributor) in this book. thinking from Do Cool Sh-t or Switch by the Heath brothers, then you may like this book.

2014 81

4 New Books to Help You Deepen Connections, Battle Burnout and Embrace Growth


The post 4 New Books to Help You Deepen Connections, Battle Burnout and Embrace Growth appeared first on SUCCESS. Arrive and Thrive: 7 Impactful Practices for Women Navigating Leadership. By Janet Foutty, Lynn Wooten, and Susan Mackenty Brady.

2022 114

Joshua Becker’s New Book Explores Everyday Distractions Becoming a Lifestyle—And How to Refocus on the ‘Things That Matter’


This isn’t a book about blaming external circumstances; this is a book about looking inward. The post Joshua Becker’s New Book Explores Everyday Distractions Becoming a Lifestyle—And How to Refocus on the ‘Things That Matter’ appeared first on SUCCESS.

Book Review: Get Smarter


It might not seem like it considering the number of book reviews I do, but sometimes I get in a reading rut. Days will go by when I haven’t read a book and despite my best attempts to try tactics that have worked in the past I can’t seem to start a new book. The book is full of great anecdotes, quotes from others, and real business lessons. This book reminded me that no one gets everything right. Get Smarter is a good book, but not a great one.

2015 69

8 Best E-Commerce Books for the New Entrepreneur [2021]


Here, we’ve compiled the 10 best e-commerce books for the entrepreneur to get you headed toward success in your e-commerce enterprise. No matter what other books you choose to read from this list, be sure to include Launch. This may not be the book you want to read first.

2021 81

Book Review: Switch


Their books are good. This helpful analogy in the book is a nice triad for us to frame how to change and where we may miss a switch. Luckily the book gives ample examples of ways to get the rider going in the right direction, one of which is called “script the critical moves” Our rider wants to be right and when he’s not tugging at the elephant’s reins can fall into paralysis by analysis limbo. One suggestion from the book is to “shrink the change.”

2015 70

Matt Richtel’s New Book Explores the Emotional Balance Between Creativity and Stability


Adapted from the book INSPIRED: Understanding Creativity: A Journey Through Art, Science, and the So ul by Matt Richtel. From Mariner Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. So you want to be a creator? You have ideas. You think of them before you go to sleep.

2022 77