Should You Do Internal Recruitment for Your Recruitment Agency?

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When a position in your own recruitment agency opens up it can be a real challenge to fill it with the right person. There are a few reasons why a recruitment agency may choose internal recruitment over external recruitment.

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What is Candidate Experience? An Exclusive Guide for Agency Recruiters

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Today, these aspects are extremely significant when it comes to recruitment agencies. How good or bad a candidate feels about your recruiting agency can influence their decision to apply for a job or accept an offer. Read more: 7 free email templates for agency recruiters.

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Best Recruiting Email Templates: A Complete List for Use by Recruiters in 2022

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To keep attracting the best candidates and clients for your recruitment agency, you need to have a good hang of writing exceptional recruiting emails. Hi [Candidate_first_name], I am [Your_name] and I work as an agency recruiter at [Your_company_name].

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Digital Marketing for Recruiters: Take a Look at These 5 Innovative Ideas

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Or, if you're looking for the next Harvey Spector at your client's law firm, why not liaise with these ideas mentioned or a digital marketing agency, to see what channels you can use to find that perfect candidate?

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How To Build a Recruitment Tech Stack for Your Talent Acquisition Needs?

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Consult fellow agency recruiters who have built a tech stack and use their experience to construct your own. Technology is woven into everything we do today and recruitment is no different. Recruitment tools can help to attract, source, and employ better qualified and high-quality candidates.

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5 Tools That'll Help Recruiters Provide the Best Candidate Experience

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With proper usage of an ATS, agency recruiters can leverage this technology for providing the best candidate experience. For instance– Recruit CRM provides the highest-rated ATS + CRM software for recruitment agencies in the global market.

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5 Resolutions Recruiters Need To Make This 2022

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It’s just a week until 2022 and it’s time to make plans and set goals for the new year. We all want better results in 2022 and that requires loads of planning. Data is going to be a really crucial factor when it comes to making important recruitment decisions in 2022.

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An Ideal Christmas Checklist for Agency Recruiters

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You’ll not just end up starting 2022 on a non-aligned route and ruining your Holidays but also working during one while all of your colleagues will be grooving to their favourite Christmas tracks. Make a list of all the areas where your recruitment agency could improve.

The Dramatic Growth of the Internet's Share of Ad Spending

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in 2006 to over 50% in 2020 and is forecast to reach 60% in 2022.    For example, Accenture, PWC, Deloitte, and IBM are all on the list of the world's 10 biggest marketing agencies (they're 6th through 9th).  

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The 2021 Recruitment Year in Review

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Agency recruiters have already wrapped up recruiting and it’s time to look back at all that the industry has attained so far. Similar to the previous year, 2022 will also see major investments in this sector. We have neared the end of 2021 and oh what a year it has been!

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How to Scale and Predict Results in Influencer Marketing

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Because of this, many brands and marketing agencies are looking forward to ramping up their influencer marketing efforts exponentially. Business Insider Intelligence estimates that by 2022, influencer marketing ad spend will reach $15 billion.

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Modern Mentorship Is Changing, But It’s Still About Relationships


Yet like a legendary football coach, the founder of the public relations and marketing agency, Juice Consulting, has a “tree” of mentees that spans cities, generations and even industries. This article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 Issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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Overwhelmed By Your Side Hustle To-Do List? We Asked the Experts to Weigh In


That gave her agency. This article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 Issue of SUCCESS magazine. My head is about to explode. In the past few weeks of my work as a freelance writer , I’ve penned a feature story about retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.,

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