Best New Social Media Features to Boost Engagement!

Jennie Lyon

Do you seek out all of the latest news about social media? As a digital marketing expert and virtual assistant who focuses on social media, watching trends, new features, and announcements from social media networks is simply part of my job.

Facebook is Down! This is Why Your Business Should Never Rely On Social Media

Tips From T. Marie

Back in 2015 I wrote an article about using a social media page as your website. And although I didn’t specifically mention a social media platform worldwide outage in that original article, it’s definitely just one more reason you should never use a Facebook page as your website.


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Social Media Marketing: Tips On How To Grow Instagram Audience

Small Business CEO

… The post Social Media Marketing: Tips On How To Grow Instagram Audience appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Marketing Social Media Instagram

The Creator Economy Monetization Features of the Major Social Media Platforms

Small Business Labs

Axios' Tech giants have all become creator companies covers the various ways digital creators can earn money on a variety of tech platforms,  Their excellent summary chart is below (click to enlarge). The article also makes a good point about the diversity of digital creators.

3 Secrets to Selling with Social Media


Now, he came to us to go over the practicalities of leveraging his social media and turning his followers from his music business days into customers of his beef business. If you’ve ever felt stymied by social media, read on for my top three secrets to selling with social media.

Moment House and the Blending of Social Media and Digital Entertainment Experiences

Small Business Labs

Moment House is a live streaming, interactive social media platform for digital entertainment. Newly launched in 2020, Moment House has produced over 700 concerts, called “moments,” selling one million tickets through its platform.

The Art of Social Media Marketing: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid + Free Hashtag Calendar

Jennie Lyon

But the truth is, if you want to be successful in business, you’ll have to face one reality: social media is one of the most important tools in a modern entrepreneur’s marketing arsenal. There are undoubtedly a lot of opportunities for an entrepreneur.

Build Relationships First: How to Sell on Social Media


He’s podcasting, using social media and building his private coaching clients. He wants to know how to more effectively funnel all three elements—his podcast, social media and coaching—into each other. In our conversation, we focused on social media.

Frequent App Downloads Can Provide a Pathway for Regular Business Engagement Via Social Media

Small Business CEO

According to Gravitee’s worldwide app downloads widget , social networking apps are the most popular app downloads in the US., Social media is a significant factor in the success of today’s businesses. Information Technology Social Media social media engagement

Social media content ideas for October

Karen Vivarelli

Need help with your social media strategy? The post Social media content ideas for October appeared first on Karen Vivarelli. Content Calendar Instagram Social Media Virtual AssistantStuck in a content rut?

Hi, I’m Media. Social Media.

Brilliantly Better

The post Hi, I’m Media. Social Media. Traditionally, there are 3 recognized powers in a modern state: legislative, executive and judiciary.

Gigi Gorgeous: How to Stay Grounded When Social Media Is Your Full-Time Job


Staying grounded in social media is a constant challenge. Working on social media (professionally) takes everything up a notch. It helps to know your purpose before launching a social media career. But knowing what you want to do on social media isn’t enough.

Six reasons to Put Social Media Icons on Your Business Cards

Small Business CEO

The business model of a company birthed and growing in the contemporary world is incomplete without incorporating social media in some way or the other. In fact, several businesses have gained a lot more momentum than they would have without using social media to their advantage.

How Social Media can Help You Find an Affordable Moving Company?

Small Business CEO

Social media is used by all organizations to promote their businesses. Nowadays, social media has become a great platform for companies to market their businesses online and to attract customers towards it. Management Social Media moving company social media for business

5 Tips to Set Up Your Social Media for Success in 2022


Madison also manages all of the social assets for SUCCESS. million people is no small task, and Madison has learned a thing or two about how to excel in the overwhelming world of social media along the way. .

2022 67

You’re A Social Media Influencer? Expect To Be Deplatformed

Brilliantly Better

And so is the golden age of social media. The post You’re A Social Media Influencer? All good things come to an end. It has been a good 10 years, but now the landscape is barely resembling to what the whole phenomenon was in the beginning.

Top Tips for Business Blogging in 2021

Small Business CEO

Whether you are a new blogger or an experienced one, you might be wondering what changes 2021 will have in store. In this article, we’re going to break down some of the main tips you need to keep in mind when you’re starting a business blog or improving an established one in 2021.

2021 64

Poshmark and the Rise of Social Selling

Small Business Labs

Poshmark is a social e-commerce platform where people buy and sell secondhand goods, mostly used clothes.  Poshmark CEO Chandra said the company is riding three trends: the acceleration of e-commerce; consumers embracing social selling; and the growing market for second-hand goods.

2021 171

The “High Five”-ification Of Social Media, And How It Slowly Kills It

Brilliantly Better

The post The “High Five”-ification Of Social Media, And How It Slowly Kills It appeared first on Dragos Roua. I’m sure there aren’t many of my readers who remember High Five.

The 2021 Awesomely-Appropriate Holiday-Gift Guide for Colleagues and Clients

Virtual Moxie

. Welcome to the 2021 Gift Guide! For the person who needs to do social media and never has any idea what to post. The post The 2021 Awesomely-Appropriate Holiday-Gift Guide for Colleagues and Clients appeared first on AssistU. Oh, how I love this time of year.

2021 130

6 Best Business Strategy Books to Pull Ahead of the Competition [2021]


This 2021 best-seller doesn’t attempt to provide quick fixes. In a rapidly evolving world, this 2021 guide is recommended for any leader seeking to remain at the cutting edge. The post 6 Best Business Strategy Books to Pull Ahead of the Competition [2021] appeared first on SUCCESS.

2021 112

The 2021 Recruitment Year in Review

Recruit CRM

We have neared the end of 2021 and oh what a year it has been! While you were still reeling from the challenging events of 2020, 2021 looked better in terms of getting back to normalcy. Social recruiting efforts didn’t go to waste either.

2021 62

10 Best Tools to Help You Land Your Dream Job [2021]


From portfolio building tools to resources for your career search, we’ve provided the 10 best apps and tools to land your dream job in 2021. Where LinkedIn really shines is in its social media engine for networking.

2021 100

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business with Facebook

Jennie Lyon

Digital Marketing Free Downloads Marketing Social Media Checklist Social Media Marketing digital marketing facebook marketing small business small business tips social media marketing virtual assistant virtual assistant services

The Independent Worker Surge

Small Business Labs

million in 2021, an unprecedented 34% increase. This is the key finding from MBO Partners 2021 State of Independence research study. million in 2021, a 51% increase. Online platforms, marketplaces, and social media have made it cheaper and easier to become an independent worker. 

2021 230

6 Ways to Encourage More User-Generated Content

Small Business CEO

Instagram and other social media platforms can be powerful tools to promote your small business. But that power lies not so much in what you post, but in what you can encourage others to post about you as part of these social communities.

2021 91

Unmasking Imposter Syndrome on the Let’s Get Social Show

Stephanie LH Calahan

I had the pleasure of talking with Eimer Duffy and Phillip Twyford on the Let's Get Social Show, and we talked about this common phenomenon and what you can do about it. Media Type: Podcast Audio Length: 52 minutes. “Comparisonitis” social media, and who you follow.

2021 207

5 Popular Recruitment Trends For 2021

Recruit CRM

Social Recruiting For recruiters, social media is a gold mine of passive candidates. This means, you clearly have a higher chance of finding talent on social media more than ever, and these numbers are going up every year. This is 2021!

2021 53

How to Handle the Natural Slowdown of Your Business

Jennie Lyon

Calendar Management Free Downloads Social Media Marketing Social Media Workbook Optin Virtual Assistant business business tips digital marketing small business tips successful business virtual assistant services

2021 52

How to Handle the Natural Slowdown of Your Business

Jennie Lyon

Calendar Management Free Downloads Social Media Marketing Social Media Workbook Optin Virtual AssistantIt’s inevitable: at some point, every business experiences a slower period. I have it happen myself, and to be honest, every single time it happens, I’m shocked!

2021 52

7 Holiday Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue + Workbook

Jennie Lyon

Free Downloads Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Media Workbook Optin advertising holiday marketing tips small business tips virtual assistant virtual assistant servicesIs your business ready for the holiday season? It’s here!

7 Tried And Tested Ways To Boost Instagram Likes

Small Business CEO

Marketing Social Media InstagramIf you’re looking for a little Instagram like boost, it may not be as difficult to achieve as you’re anticipating.

2021 87

The Machine Learning Strategy That Makes Facebook Ads More Profitable

Jennie Lyon

Digital Marketing Facebook Ad Optin Free Downloads Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant digital marketing digital marketing services facebook ads small business social media marketing virtual assistance virtual assistant virtual assistant servicesFacebook is king.

The Benefits of LinkedIn for Melbourne-Based Business

Small Business CEO

Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics. However, social media marketing is a challenging task to accomplish, especially if you lack the experience and expertise. Marketing Social Media linkedin for business

2021 59

A Guide to Saving Videos and Stories from Instagram

Small Business CEO

Instagram has a separate fanbase out of all social media. Information Technology Social Media Instagram Instagram Stories Instagram videosA lot of people are making money through it. People come here like strangers and become celebrities in a flash of an eye.

2021 65

3 Tiny Habits That Can Shift Your Home Business Into a Growth Mindset

Tips From T. Marie

I use a small, journal to do this in, but you could do it in an electronic document or even by posting those three things every day on social media. In the worlds of psychology and business, you’ll often hear the terms ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’.

2021 232

Social Networks to Maximize Your Business Success: The Main Do’s & Appropriate Don’ts

Small Business CEO

Social media has always been one of the most effective business tools used by entrepreneurs. Billions of users spend time on social media every day. Management Social Media social networking

2021 61

9 LinkedIn Tools and Capabilities You Should Start Using

Small Business CEO

Social Media linkedin toolsYou have a LinkedIn profile. Most everyone does these days. The question is, are you making your LinkedIn profile work for you? This isn’t a rhetorical question. LinkedIn is one of the world’s most powerful marketing tools for businesses and professionals.

2021 78

5 Facebook Ad Strategies to Grow Your Business + Free Template

Jennie Lyon

Sometimes it’s baffling to think that Facebook was ever a social networking site for Harvard students when you look at the beast it has become now. As of 2021, it boasts 2.85

American Express on The Rise of the Digital Nomad

Small Business Labs

   Instead of becoming nomadic, most of the 54% who said they are interested will follow digital nomads on social media and treat the trend almost as a spectator sport. American Express recently released its annual Global Travel Trends report.  

2021 220

Top 5 Ways to Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN

Small Business CEO

The most common places for advertisements are social networks; among them, popular ones are Facebook and Instagram. Marketing Social Media facebook advertising

2021 67

What’s Stopping You From Starting a Work From Home Business?

Tips From T. Marie

With social media and apps like Zoom that allow you to meet face to face via computer, you can connect with others without the need for traditional style networking. I often tell the story of how I started my business.

2021 210

2022 Marketing Audit: 6 Things to do NOW to be Ready for the Future

Jennie Lyon

The scope of a business audit varies depending on what you’re looking for, from a social media audit to a more detailed operational audit. Running a business means taking on a lot of hard work, and one way to stay aware and optimize poorly performing areas is with an audit.

2022 52