The Legal and Tax Complications Faced by Digital Nomads and Their Employers

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But remote work is even more legally challenging for employers.    The report covers the various ways "wandering workers" - Littler's term for remote workers - can get their employers into legal trouble. 

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5 Types of Legal Forms of Business

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One of the things that every entrepreneur struggles with is choosing from the several legal forms of business. Each of these legal forms of business has its own set of advantages. The Five Legal Forms of Business That You Can Choose From.

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Are Employee Background Checks Legal?

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However, while these checks are necessary, are they legal? Outlined below are important things to know about the legality of employee background checks.… … The post Are Employee Background Checks Legal?

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How to Choose the Right Legal Structure for Your Business

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You can start choosing the best legal structure for your business by planning your goals for the company while keeping in mind the local, state, and federal regulations. When you can determine your goals, you can choose your business’s legal structure more easily.

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Semi-Truck Accidents: 3 Legal Options to Consider

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Therefore, the following are legal options you can consider if you ever found yourself in a semi-truck accident: 1. … The post Semi-Truck Accidents: 3 Legal Options to Consider appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Legal truck accidents

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How to use Stock Photos Legally for your Business Website

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… The post How to use Stock Photos Legally for your Business Website appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Do you know the one reason most business sites don’t perform well? It’s the absence of attractive visual content.

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5 Types of Tax Fraud Activities You Should Know About In 2021

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Here are five types of tax fraud activities that you should be aware of in 2021: Willfully underreporting taxable income. … The post 5 Types of Tax Fraud Activities You Should Know About In 2021 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Finance Legal tax filing tax fraud taxes

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Bitcoin Is Now Legal Tender In A Country On Planet Earth

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The post Bitcoin Is Now Legal Tender In A Country On Planet Earth appeared first on Dragos Roua. It took about 11 years until a project started on some mailing list after the big 2008 crisis stormed our planet.

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When Stealing Is Forced Into Legality

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The post When Stealing Is Forced Into Legality appeared first on Dragos Roua. I was thinking about writing something else this evening, when my attention was hijacked by a Twitter post.

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Case Study: Recruit CRM Is Helping A Legal Recruitment Agency Hire Talent Seamlessly

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Along with her long-term portfolio management skills and her expertise in recruiting legal and compliance professionals across verticals, she has been driving her company towards new heights every single day.

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Starting a Work From Home Micro-Business has Different Rules & Requirements

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On September 7 th , 2021 I will have run a work from home business for 14 years successfully. Other items like obtaining legal counsel or an accountant may or may not be something you want to do when starting a home-based business.

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What’s Stopping You From Starting a Work From Home Business?

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You need legal counsel to guide you when starting your business. While having legal counsel is a great thing to have access to when starting a business, it’s not a requirement. I often tell the story of how I started my business.

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Study by U.K. Think Tank Finds Gig Workers Satisfied With Their Work

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By a wide margin, they favour their current legal status as self-employed, recognising the trade-offs it entails. The Social Market Foundation is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank based in the U.K.  

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Legal Ramifications of Corona: A Lawyer’s Perspective

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It can potentially go even further down before 2021. There are certain legal consequences many people aren’t even aware of. … The post Legal Ramifications of Corona: A Lawyer’s Perspective appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Legal COVID-19 Legal Tips pandemic

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The Demographics of Nonemployer Business Owners

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The new data provides information by owner demographics such as sex, race, ethnicity and veteran status, geography, industry, receipt size class, and legal form of organization. The U.S. Census has released new demographic data on nonemployer businesses.  

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Uber Grants U.K. Drivers "Worker" - But Not Employee - Status

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which has two worker legal classifications - self-employed and employee - the U.K. legal battles are not over. After losing a U.K. Supreme Court case,  Uber this week announced it would be classifying its U.K. drivers as "workers."

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The Advantages of Retaining the Services of a Lemon Law Attorney

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Legal hiring attorney lemon lawIt is exhilarating to purchase your own vehicle; it does not matter whether it is a new one or a previously owned one. Sometimes, the car you bought might have been in and out of the dealership several times for the same or different other issues.

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Seven Facts You Need to Know About The Green Card Lottery

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Legal green card lotteryWorking, studying, starting your own business, buying real estate in the USA – all this may become possible thanks to the Green Card.

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Short-Term Disability Benefits Eligibility: A Detailed Breakdown

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Human Resources Legal disability benefitsMost people understand the term “disability” and what it means, especially as related to workplace injuries or illnesses. Essentially, something has happened to you that renders you unable to work at a particular job as you once could.

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HBR on Why Companies Need Digital Nomad Programs and Policies

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The second reason is that having digital nomads on the payroll can leave firms open to a variety of regulatory and legal risks. The Harvard Business Review's Your Company Needs a Digital Nomad Policy covers the reasons why companies should have formal digital nomad programs and policies.  

As you can see, commercial real estate leases are complicated agreements.

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Can emails and text messages constitute a legally binding agreement? A basic binding contract must comprise of four key elements: there must be an offer, acceptance of this offer, consideration and the intention by both parties to create legal relations. Despite the use of the words subject to contact a binding agreement had in fact [.]. Featured

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Business Lawyers – How Can You Benefit From Their Service?

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If you are running a business, be it a small, medium, or big business, it is vital to have someone by your side who knows the legalities of running a business. Legal business lawyers

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Public Property Information Check: An Elementary Way to Learn Everything You Need

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Finance Legal public property information check real estate investingAre you thinking about buying a property? Then one of the most important things to do is run a property owner search! I’m sure you already know why. How To Carryout a Public Property Information Check.

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Resilience Stories: After Her Father Was Deported, She Bought and Expanded His New Jersey Restaurant


Morales was released after 17 days, given a second chance through the DACA policy ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ) as well as a green card petition filed by her mother, who gained legal status in 2004 after marrying a U.S.

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How Businesses Can Avoid Workplace Retaliation

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This punishment can be any action that may be construed as adverse and hinder an employee from pursuing legal action. Human Resources Legal Management workplace retaliationWhen an employer punishes an employee for exercising their rights, this is known as workplace retaliation.

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Does Every Small Business Need an LLC?

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Legal llcYou don’t need an LLC, but you might want one. An LLC is a limited liability company, a popular type of business structure that limits the liability of the business owner or owners, called members.

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What Employers Should Know About Negligent Hiring

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There’s a legal theory called respondeat superior. Human Resources Legal hiring negligent hiringAs an employer, you have a lot of responsibilities. You are, in some cases, even responsible for the actions of your employees.

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What CEOs Should Know About Tipping Laws

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Legal tipping lawsEmployees in the service industry, such as bars and restaurants, receive tips from customers. Tips are optional payments by customers to employees as gratuity or gifts to appreciate the employee’s services.

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Reasons Your Company Should Have a Fraud Hotline

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Finance Legal fraud preventionLast year, total fraud for businesses and consumers reached an astounding $56 billion dollars.

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10 Years After His Death, Steve Jobs Still Inspires Our Imaginations


In the early 2000s, at the height of Napster and music piracy, an entire industry of musicians and record executives—and millions of illicit consumers—failed to imagine a way to download songs safely, easily and legally.

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The EU is giving citizens the “right to repair” electronics — here’s what that could mean for the world


And a majority think that manufacturers should be legally obliged to facilitate the repair of digital devices. And a majority think that manufacturers should be legally obliged to facilitate the repair of digital devices or the replacement of their individual parts.

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Start-Up Needs A Business Attorney

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Legal business attorneyAre you going to start the business that you have always wanted to do? I know it is really exciting that you can hardly keep a thought in your head. Your mind is flooding with plans after plan. All you want is to hit the ground and make it happen.

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Questions to Ask Before Finalizing Your Lawyer

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Legal hiring a lawyerDo you have a judicial case pending against you? Do you want to create a small firm but aren’t sure how to format it? There’s a slew of factors why you could require the help of an expert lawyer, irrespective of your position.

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How to Spot a Business Opportunity


I joke that I’m a legalized drug dealer during crawfish season. This article originally appeared in the September/October 2021 issue of SUCCESS magazine. Everyone can solve problems. And at its core, entrepreneurship is simply problem-solving. Thus, everyone can be an entrepreneur.

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Questions You May Have About Closing a Limited Company

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Closing a company is a daunting task that requires sound discretion of all legal formalities and thorough precision. Legal closing a business uk limited companyThe COVID-19 crisis has led to many businesses having to shut down.

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International Criminal Lawyers and Small Business

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International criminal lawyers tend to specialise in cases where two legal jurisdictions operate. For example, criminal lawyers in Spain will be well-versed with Ecuadorian and Spanish law and able to fight cases involving two legal systems.…

Do Gig Workers Want to be Employees?

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We say potential because the companies said they would appeal, which means Prop 22 stays in place as the legal fight continues.  The quick answer to the title question is most gig workers don't want to be employed in a traditional job.    But some do.

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Three Communication Issues That Can Impact Your Small Medical Clinic

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Legal Management healthcare healthcare businessAs a healthcare provider, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time learning the specific lingo of your industry.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Tax Preparer For Your Business

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Legal business tax preparationIf you don’t have good knowledge of tax laws or recently started a business you should consider hiring a professional for calculating and filing your taxes.

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7 Questions To Ask Your Attorney During An Accident Consultation

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What Legal Action Do You Think Is Best for My Situation? You can take different forms of legal action, which will also vary depending on the area you live in.… Legal legal consultation

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4 Smart Money Moves to Plan for Financial Security


In 2021, that limit is $140,000 for individuals and $208,000 for married people who file their taxes jointly. Disclosure: This material has been prepared for informational purposes only and should not be used as investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice.

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Police Powers & Rights: The Legal Side of Law Enforcement

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… The post Police Powers & Rights: The Legal Side of Law Enforcement appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Legal law enforcement

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The Workforce is on the Move…and so is Compensation

Bonnie Low-Krayman

May 26, 2021. LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS. By Jeremy Spake and Bonnie Low-Kramen. Employees who work from home are choosing to take “remote” literally. They are moving to new cities and new qualities of life, as nature may become the new corner office.

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