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Is Earned Wage Access A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?


Thankfully, with the influx of digital courses and seminars, financial literacy has never been easier to attain. With budgeting and financial planning courses, online presentations, or virtual seminars, employees can get a feel for what their monthly budget needs to look like.

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Workbox Takes Startup Support Beyond Providing Flexible Office Space


Workbox’s Plus membership also features digital marketing classes, bookkeeping services, seminars, exclusive events, and access to capital so startups get a leg up when kickstarting their operations. . “We “We started the business to be a toolbox for early and growth-stage companies to be successful.” .

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Seminars for Professional Assistants

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Seminars for Professional Assistants By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 Filed Under: Networking , Productivity A re you looking to improve your skills and catch up with the latest office trends ? There are quite a lot of seminars that are being offered all around the world.

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Furthering Your Education on a Budget


If all that’s required is giving up a weekend or two to an online conference or seminar, then the effort may be worth it for the payoff. Course catalogs and seminar sites are full of interesting topics that can distract you from your primary goal. How will taking this class/seminar/program help me get to my ultimate goal?

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All Good Work Partners with JLL To Support Nonprofit Organizations


And on top of that layer, other community resources, workshops, seminars, meeting space…all those things that organizations need.” “Both JLL and the owner of the building are very supportive of this idea,” All Good Work Executive Director Nate Heasley told Allwork.Space of the center’s mission.

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Gain Support from Your Executive for Training & Seminars

Office Dynamics

You read about a great seminar, workshop, or conference for administrative office professionals. For 20 years I was an assistant and I often had to persuade my executives to invest in administrative assistant seminars and conferences. Use the guidelines below to help you sell the seminar or conference to your executive.

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3 Keys to Developing a Successful Career

On The Job

Every year, put aside some money for career development, whether it's to take an class, attend a seminar or attain a certification. Let's look at some ways you can develop your own career: 1. Make investments. With so much moving online, this can be less expensive than ever before, so don't miss your chance to add to your skills.

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