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After going through all of our blog content from the last year and a half, we thought it would be a good idea to take some of our best posts and content and share them in a “best of” blog post… so here we go: General Assisting Blog Posts Wanna know what the number 1 rule of being an assistant is? You can find out here in this three part blog series.

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How to Make Money from a Blog


There are several ways to do this; one of the easiest is to quote other recognizable industry leaders in the context of your blog—it shows you’ve done your homework and aligns your brand under their name. The post How to Make Money from a Blog appeared first on SUCCESS.

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Esther Stanhope Blog Post Perfectionism! The biggest career blocker ever

Practically Perfect PA

Perfectionism! The biggest career blocker ever I was shocked. Perfectionism was completely crippling his daughter’s career! A very good friend of mine, a fellow expert, author and speaker (let’s call him Stew), recently asked me if I would meet his young daughter, Alice, who’s just graduated.

2022 164

6 Reasons Your Small Online Business Needs a Blog

The Small Business Blog

Every small business needs a blog. With their huge budgets and extensive brand awareness, it’s significantly easier for big companies to make a splash with their campaigns and tougher if… Read the full article here: 6 Reasons Your Small Online Business Needs a Blog on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog blog blog content bloggers Blogging blogs business blogging Here are 6 reasons.

2014 162

Blog-a-Thon Bonus Announcement

Office Dynamics

Get Bonus Entries In Our Blog-a-Thon For The Administrative Profession. For those of you who are participating in our blog-a-thon this April we want to give you even more ways to get entered to win. Be sure to share the blog-a-thon articles each day with your administrative peers and earn those extra entries. The post Blog-a-Thon Bonus Announcement appeared first on Office Dynamics. BONUS BONUS BONUS!!!

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How To Build A High-Converting 3 Blog Post Funnel + Blog Workbook

Jennie Lyon

Blogging is an exciting place to be right now. With the ability to reach a massive audience at no cost, it seems like everyone and their mom is starting up a blog. Most bloggers make money by displaying ads or affiliate products on their blogs.

2022 52

Is Your Business Blogging?

The Small Business Blog

Other Great Business Blogs Social Media for Business WinWeb Pitch of the Week – Martin Everard Benefits Of Building A Home Business Is There More Financial Hardship To Come? One I would add would be to blog as we. Webmasters feeds : THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG» Blog Archive » Top 5 Website Design Tips Indinero.com Blog : Your Business, Your Cash: More Small Business Resources Mark Rosemans Blog : Kudos for 20 years in the internet business!

2010 154

Top Tips for Business Blogging in 2021

Small Business CEO

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the main tips you need to keep in mind when you’re starting a business blog or improving an established one in 2021. … The post Top Tips for Business Blogging in 2021 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

2021 64

Organizing My Organizing Blog

Clutter Coach

I try to keep my blog layout organized and uncluttered, although everyday it seems like there's some new cool link or tool or information I can offer my readers. I went to a meeting about blogging, organized by my lovely Ladies Who Launch group , and was reminded that clarity and ease of use are important elements of a blog. Second, you can have my blog posts sent to you via email or via a reader.

2016 100

Organizing My Organizing Blog

Clutter Coach

I try to keep my blog layout organized and uncluttered, although everyday it seems like there's some new cool link or tool or information I can offer my readers. I went to a meeting about blogging, organized by my lovely Ladies Who Launch group , and was reminded that clarity and ease of use are important elements of a blog. Second, you can have my blog posts sent to you via email or via a reader.

2016 100

Are you struggling with content for your blog?

The Small Business Blog

I expect the vast majority of us know, by now, that blogging is good for business. We know that effective blogging is a vital element of our marketing strategy; it encourages customer engagement and attracts traffic to the website. Our blog can become a project that is relegated to the back burner – left to simmer until we have more time to indulge. Just occasionally, however, we hold back because we feel we have nothing to blog about.

2013 171

5 Things to Know Before you Start a Travel Blog

Small Business CEO

With the rise of travel influencers sharing their stories and photos from numerous adventures they’ve been on online, people have started to get more and more interested in travel blogging. Entrepreneurs blogging travel blogging

2020 77

Blog Every Day In 2020 – A 230 Days Challenge

Brilliantly Better

At the beginning of 2020, Steve Pavlina announced on his Facebook account he will do a 365 days blogging challenge. Read more Blog Every Day In 2020 – A 230 Days Challenge. The post Blog Every Day In 2020 – A 230 Days Challenge appeared first on Dragos Roua.

2020 83

So, you’ve been asked to start a blog for your business… Where do you start?

Practically Perfect PA

It would seem that most businesses these days have a blog on their website and it is becoming a key skill for office workers to have. It makes sense, blogs are an effective way to get messages, content and news out to customers. Core Skills Featured admin administrators assistants blogging Career EA Executive Assistant Key Skills Office manager PA Personal Assistant Tasks

2018 159

How Often Should You Give Your Blog a Facelift?

The Small Business Blog

When you first put together your company’s blog, it’s normal to have to make small changes here and there as you get the design and functionality smoothed out. How often should you redesign your blog once it’s… Read the full article here: How Often Should You Give Your Blog a Facelift? on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Small Business / SOHO Blogging business blogging makeover

2013 150

The Business Blog Is Not Dead; Resurrect or Start Your Business Blog

Tips From T. Marie

Blog marketing. Blogging for Business. A few years ago every so-called business guru was pushing the business blog. Then video blogging (vlogging), Facebook Live, Snapchat and Insta-Stories arrived on the scene and the death sentence was given to blogging. More importantly, what about marketing with a blog? Is business blogging.

2018 116

Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals

Office Dynamics

Last week Office Dynamics sent an email to all of our subscribers saying, “Thank you,” and we also provided the Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals. We would like to make that message available to our social media and blog followers as well because you are part of this great family we have. And as a thank you, we decided to provide you with our Top 10 Most Read Blogs.

2018 162

New Blog

Complete Organizing Solutions

My business site will stay here but the blog is moving. I will keep this short and sweet. I am changing things up a bit around here. Well, it will still be floating around out there, kind of, but I will now be writing here… Please come check it out and subscribe so you don’t miss out

2011 107

Small Business Blogging Declines

Small Business Labs

500 companies blogging declined in 2011. 500 blogged.   While blogging is down, social media usage is up. So why are fewer small businesses blogging?  Based on our research the reasons are: Blogging is hard and takes a lot of time. Most small businesses fail to see a solid ROI from blogging.  Blogging takes time, and time is a precious commodity for small businesses. We're not negative on blogging.

2012 149

Outsourcing Blog: The Good and The Bad

Productivity Bits

I experimented with few things on this blog – I outsourced the blog to guest writers. With that, the blog’s Alexa Ranking and number of RSS subscribers have increased dramatically. My main goal when I started this blog was to be able to voice out my take on productivity topics that I am interested in. Losing blog’s focus. This is an obvious consequence of outsourcing this blog. Losing blog identity.

2012 138

Top 5 Tips for Small Business Blogging

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Don’t be afraid to display your credentials prominently. People need to know why they should pay attention to your business, so if they can easily see your history and accomplishments they will…

2012 171

Business Blogging: Why Should You Narrow Your Blog Niche

Small Business CEO

In business niche, most people when starting a blog write about lots of stuff. Moreover, it’s not bad to vary your business-related topics and to read about various things, but at the same time, it would be a very good idea to narrow your business blog niche. … Marketing business blog business blogging niche blogAnd it’s normal for this to happen if you have a great imagination and are inspired by many things around you.

2017 57

7 Ways to Boost Your Blog Post’s Reach

Small Business CEO

You might be wondering how you can increase your blog’s reach. While most of your competition may come from those in the same country, you also compete against any English-speaking blog out there, including ones from Canada, Australia and the UK.

2021 52

6 ways to better blog content

The Small Business Blog

I was talking with a colleague earlier today and we were discussing blogging, marketing and how to engage with your customers and with more customers. I’m a great believer in blogging being a really powerful marketing tool. (I’ve I’ve written about blogging and marketing here before in Inbound marketing – it’s new and it’s hard but…

2012 163

Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Small Business CEO

While blogging is an amazing way to express ourselves and make some extra earnings, it undeniably has its peculiarities and needs. So you can bring your blogging to the next level and make the most out of your efforts. Promote your blog with Social Media.

2021 52

Is It Still Worth Promoting Your Blog On Facebook Or Instagram? An Experiment

Brilliantly Better

The post Is It Still Worth Promoting Your Blog On Facebook Or Instagram? Blogging BusinessA few months ago I started a promotion experiment.

2021 83

Street Smart Blogging For The Office Worker

Productivity Bits

In my previous post, I said that blogging is one of the most effective ways, if not the most effective way, of establishing your online identity. A day after posting that, a couple of buddies in the office asked me how to build a blog. In order for me to not keep on repeating the whole thing every time somebody asks, I decided to write about the overview process of building a blog. Generally, companies are ok with employees having a blog not related to their job.

2010 149

Why Your Business Blog is a Ghost Town

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Blogging & Social Media. Business Websites and Blogs You listened to the experts who said the best way to keep your website fresh and get noticed by Google was with a business blog. You spent hours, maybe even days, reading and re-reading articles about blogging for business. You’ve carefully crafted blog posts that you were sure would be a hit. Blogging & Social Media Business Tips Business Websites and Blogs

2014 116

Blogging Tips for Company Blogs

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Blogging Tips for Company Blogs By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 Filed Under: Client Service , Productivity D o you blog for your company? If you read my recent article on blogging at work, read on. Make sure that the person who is blogging for your company (if this is not you), has outstanding credentials. A person with high authority would help the blog the most.

2007 100

Blog for Action on 15th October 2010

The Small Business Blog

On 15th October 2010 bloggers from around the world will blog to make change, spark debate and drive collective action. Held each year, Blog Action Day holds a different focus each year, and this year bloggers in over 100 countries will all blog the necessity for clean accessible water. If you have a blog make the most of it, and join me for Blog Action Day. You can sign up and register your blog here. Tags: Announcements Blog Action Day 2010

2010 146

The Benefits of Guest Blogging for Businesses

Small Business CEO

Most of the time, more effective strategies end up costing additional time and/or money, but there’s at least one tactic with a ridiculously impressive cost-to-benefit ratio: guest blogging. What exactly is guest blogging, and how can it benefit your business? What Is Guest Blogging? Let’s start with a basic explanation of guest blogging. Blogging, of course, is the act of writing “blog” posts regularly—in other words, written articles on the internet.…

2020 44

The Blog-a-Thon Begins Today!

Office Dynamics

April 1 – 30, 2015 Office Dynamics International will be posting a new blog each day (weekdays, that is.). Every time you share you comments on a blog post during the blog-a-thon, you’re entered to win the prizes. The post The Blog-a-Thon Begins Today! Admin Assistant Training Just For Fun Workplace Tools #administrativeprofessionalsday #adminweek admin professionals apd april apw blog-a-thon celebrating 25 years

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The Small Business Blog on Google+

The Small Business Blog

So with this in mind we felt the time was right… Read the full article here: The Small Business Blog on Google+ on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Initially many people were not convinced by Google Plus, but time has shown that it has become a very valuable social tool. It’s now the second largest social network in the world, having surpassed Twitter in active monthly users at the end of 2012.

Google 141

Why This Blog-a-Thon Will Change Your Career

Office Dynamics

It’s time to kick-off a special event we’ve been hosting for years here on our blog that we hope you will enjoy! Not only will we be sharing our expertise, we’ve rallied together a whole bunch of experts we’ll be introducing as we journey through this April Blog-a-Thon. . Kemetia Foley, Admin Renegade Blog & 2016 Conference for Administrative Excellence Speaker. Hint: Never miss a post by subscribing to our blog on the upper right of this screen.

2016 104

Quick Biz Tip To Organize Your Blog

Office Organization Success

By assigning each one of your blog posts a category, you will make it really easy for your blog visitors to find the information that they’re most interested in. Quick Biz Tip blogCreate Categories: These are a great way to organize your articles and group relevant information together. You can create several main categories for your articles, and even create sub-categories if you’re so inclined.

2012 126

10 Things I Learned In 10 Years Of Blogging

Brilliantly Better

I started this blog more than 10 years ago, but I write more or less “intently” on it for exactly 10 years. In 2009 I decided to try out this hype thing – yes, I’m that old, since when blogging… The post 10 Things I Learned In 10 Years Of Blogging appeared first on Dragos Roua. Blogging Personal Development

2019 60

The Small Business Blog Is Changing.

The Small Business Blog

After five and a half years writing articles about small business issues on this blog, I am going to follow many of my fellow bloggers and open my blog permanently up to a select group of interesting and relevant authors for my readership. In the next few weeks I will start introducing new authors with…

2011 151

Blogging to Connect with Customers

Make or Break Moments

Connecting Moments social media blogging communicating with customers connecting with customers Lisa BaroneThose that have begun the process of using social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. start by being driven by a desire to get their name out on the web. They understand the value of being visible and being found but still use the tools as one way – push your message out there, vehicles. The [.].

2011 159

Comparing 19 Blog Designs to Mine

The Small Business Blog

blog. I can’t help but compare other blogs to mine. Contrasting the colors, fonts, images, and backgrounds of 19 random blogs of which I’m familiar, I created a video to compare Danny Brown , Chris Brogan , Kristi Hines , Kim Woodbridge , C.C. January 2011 will see an improved design of my blog, I’m sure of it. Ideas? -- Thank you for reading Comparing 19 Blog Designs to Mine at AriWriter. Related posts: Looking Back at AriWriter Blog Designs.

2010 126

The First Rule of Business Blogging

Tips From T. Marie

Girly Girl Geek So you’ve read all about how great blogging is for business. The problem is, you’re website is old school html, so adding new content, never mind a blog, is a pain in the butt. Categories: Business Tips. It can help with things like SEO, customer/client communication and building a community that trusts your brand. Somewhere you […] ( Read more. ). Business Tips Girly Girl Geek

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