It’s time to review (or create) your document retention policy

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They create a document retention policy that clarifies what needs to be saved, where, and for how long. Sticking to a set record retention policy eliminates guesswork and promotes efficiency. Businesses and nonprofits of all sizes should possess a written-out document retention policy.

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Recruiters For Your Search Agency

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Recruiters are often known as the "source of hiring", but as a recruitment agency, your search for the perfect candidate can only go as far as how well trained your recruiters are. 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Recruiters In Your Agency 1.

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10 Things to Keep in Mind While Training Recruiters for Your Search Agency

Recruit CRM

Recruiters are often known as the "source of hiring", but as a recruitment agency, your search for the perfect candidate can only go as far as how well trained your recruiters are. 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Recruiters In Your Agency 1.

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Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency

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I will need a step by step guide or a travel agency that will assist me. Will any of the travel agencies assist me in making travel arrangements. First of all, yes, most travel agencies and agents charge fees. Once upon a time travel agents were paid by the airlines and hotels, but that stopped quite some time ago, so you need to understand your company’s policy about their use. Similar Posts: Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency.

COVID-19's Huge Financial Impact on Cities

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  Examples include advertising agencies and marketing firms, professional services providers and cities, which rely in part on sales tax and consumer use fees for much of their budgets. Government Policy

2020 219

Brookings 2019 Trends to Watch

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The Brookings Institute is a large and influential DC public policy think tank. The report is targeted at government policy makers and lists the issues Brookings experts "expect will shape the world this year and the solutions to address them." " Although targeted at policy makers, many of the trends are on technology, trade and other issues related to business. The trend is listed first in the Biggest Policy Trends in 2019 section of the report.

2019 127

The Stimulus Programs Gig Workers and Freelancers Qualify For

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  However, the final rules and details on how the various programs will work are still being worked out by the state and federal agencies tasked with administering them.    Government PolicyCongress passed and the president signed the massive Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) economic stimulus package last week. 

2020 135

The Need for More and Better Future of Work Data

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There's long been a need for our government agencies to collect more timely and better data on the the forces impacting jobs and work.   We're glad that government agencies are catching up.   Government agencies and regulatory bodies at all levels aren't moving nearly as fast as changes in the economy are happening.   gig economy Government Policy

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Encouraging U.S. Commerce Report on "Digital Matching Firms"

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Second, it provides an overview of the sector and how at least one government agency views the good and bad of these firms.  In the past, government agencies have mostly been quite negative on independent work and digital matching firms.    I was also recently on a panel with a senior policy person from the Department of Labor.   1099 Economy Contingent Workforce Freelance gig economy Government Policy on-demand economyThe U.S.

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The Empire Strikes Back at the Sharing Economy

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Industry incumbents and government agencies often respond to innovative newcomers by using regulatory processes to constrain the new entrants.   Government Policy trends Sharing economy poster child Airbnb is under attack in New York and other cities for potentially breaking local laws related to the renting of properties.

2013 133

Instagram Uses AI System To Identify And Verify Users’ Age


Yoti has been used across various agencies, including the UK government and German digital regulators. . Previously, Instagram did very little to validate the age of its users despite its minimum age policy.

2022 205

The Hidden Costs of Unlimited PTO


However, it appears that organizations with unlimited paid time off policies actually see their employees taking less time off than they did before the policies were introduced. So is unlimited paid time off a policy best avoided? Chambers believes the policy is working well.

2022 151

Here’s How to Establish Your Remote Startup


For example, if your business is a remote recruiting agency, you’d have articles and information on how to find work. Remote Working Guidelines and Policies. It is critical to personalize policies to your company and iterate on them to create policies that genuinely work.

2022 219

Young Men In The UK Are Being Failed By The System — What Needs To Happen To Reverse This Worrying Unemployment Trend?


A report ( Not Working ) by one of the UK’s leading policy think tanks, The Resolution Foundation, indicates that since 1995, the number of economically inactive young people has declined from 1.1 What are the implications for policy makers? .

2022 219

Don’t Be Adidas: Making Better Decisions Fast Is Important For Business Leadership


Even Ye’s own talent agency dropped him before Adidas. Just like Adidas, GM failed to anticipate the backlash and damage to its reputation from this misguided policy. .

2022 242

Different Types of Insurances You May Need

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An insurance policy is a contract that indemnifies organizations and individuals if they suffer any losses. So, it is highly advised that you must reach out to the best insurance consultant agencies if you plan to buy insurance of any kind.…

2021 60

Could Neurodivergent Job Seekers Fill The Gaps Left By The Great Resignation?


Employers may need to redesign workspaces, overhaul their recruitment practices and redefine DE&I policies to attract and retain neurodivergent job seekers. . In the US, intermediary agencies with the primary mission of supporting a neurodiverse workforce are starting to make an impact.

2022 229

Hostile Work Environments Are Pushing 52% Of Black Women Out Of The UK’s Workforce


multi-agency report, the pandemic disproportionately affected BME people in terms of poverty and debt, employment security, domestic and care work and health and mental wellbeing. . Employers must commit to a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, discrimination and harassment.

2022 284

Legislation Is Falling Behind Workplace Technological Advancements


While great for efficiency, policy has made little movement to keep up with the modern workplace. . But without policies in place to regulate how corporations use this technology, the privacy of employees could be in jeopardy. .

2022 207

Stay organized and secure with electronic records management

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Many serve as supporting evidence when the company files taxes or gives reports to other federal agencies. The need for company policies. Effective management of electronic records requires an organization to develop specific policies.

2022 52

The planet clearly needs help. So what can you do? Demand change


Last month, a draft of the latest UN IPCC report — the gold standard summation of modern climate science — was leaked to Agence France-Presse in hopes it might serve as a wake-up call before the next round of international climate talks in November.

2021 108

Academic Studies Show Gig Economy Larger Than Government Data Suggests

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  But despite a preponderance of studies showing that the gig economy is large and growing, this has not been accepted as true by many in the academic and policy making communities. The very good news is this issue is (finally) being recognized by the academic community - and, hopefully, the BLS and other government agencies responsible for collecting labor data.

2019 171

What Does the New U.S. Administration Mean for the Tech Industry?

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With a new President-elect already shaking up the political sphere with Cabinet and agency picks, many are wondering what the new U.S. Markets have swung in both directions since the election, and calling a close forecast of what to expect from the new administration’s financial or policy positions has been deemed an impossible endeavor from many major publications.

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Why "Total Talent Management" is Important to Freelancers

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  A relatively new HR buzzword - " Total Talent Management " - is being used to describe systems and policies that  integrate all aspects of workforce management, from temporary agency workers and traditionally hired permanent employees to independent contractors and some types of outsourced services.  One of key trends we follow is the growing awareness of the importance of contingent talent by corporate HR departments. 

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Inappropriate Interview Questions for an Employer to Avoid

C-Suite Assistants

Rather than ask directly, it is better to state what your company’s vaccination policy is. We are a professional recruitment agency with a deep understanding of the entire hiring process, including local and federal regulations regarding appropriate questions in interviews.

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Can Recruiters Avoid Gender Bias In Workplace With These 4 Steps?

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Always stay away from discriminatory questions that may ruin or spread negative word-of-mouth about your recruitment agency or company. The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly states that about 1/3rd of a person's life is spent at work.

2021 74

Government Surveillance May Be Privacy Game Changer

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The big news last week was that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting the communications records of millions of US citizens indiscriminately and in bulk – regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing. Companies will increasingly need to develop comprehensive and clearly communicated privacy policies and practices.

2013 177

The Federal Reserve Recognizes the Gig Economy

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Recognition by the Fed that he gig economy is real and growing will push other agencies and policy makers to also see this. The Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Enterprising and Informal Work Activities (EIWA) provides a detailed look at those working in the online and offline gig economy. Like other recently released gig economy studies , the Fed's EIWA shows the gig economy is large. Key data from the study includes: more than a third--36 percent--U.S.

2016 115

Stay on track with this payroll compliance checklist

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This information is used by state and federal agencies to locate parents who owe child support payments and are subject to income withholding. If federal or state tax agencies ask to see these forms, you may have a problem if you’ve lost or misplaced them.

Presidential Environmental Track Record and Positions 2012

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Obama also formed the Partnership for Sustainable Communities to bring together federal agencies to help communities nationwide improve access to affordable housing and increase low cost transportation options while protecting the environment. Greens also worry about Obama’s enthusiasm for an “all-of-the-above” energy policy that includes the practice of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) to access natural gas in shale beds under wide swaths of the northeast and western U.S.

2012 143

11 Tips On Writing The Best Recruiting Cold Emails & 20+ New Templates

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Most recruitment agencies see an average response rate of 15-20% with cold emails. Don't Add Too Much About Your Recruiting Agency Via Lemlist It's important to understand that you shouldn't add too many details about what your recruitment agency does in the email body.

2021 57

Obamacare, Job Lock and Freelancers

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General Accounting Agency reviewed the research on job lock and reported: Empirical research generally indicates that certain types of workers are more likely to remain in jobs they would otherwise leave in order to keep their employer sponsored health care coverage, although research does not allow for a definitive answer on the prevalence or implications of this phenomenon for the overall labor market. This means young freelancers can piggy back on their parental policies.

2013 127

5 Steps to Increasing Your Cash Flow

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Have clear payment policies in place. Talking of declines and other ‘uncomfortable’ payment issues, make sure you have a clear policy in place for how you’re going to collect on non-payers. Are you willing to go as far as handing things over to a collections agency? You’ve done it! You’re generating consistent cash flow month after month — you can predict exactly what’s coming in and exactly what’s going out.

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How to Create Strategic Partnerships


Create policy for the event that a new innovation stems from the partnership. I could do all this work, but I found that my focus and time management suffered since each government agency worked in a different way, and each kind of consulting required different skills.

2022 153

Breaking The Employee Burnout Cycle With Workplace Strategy

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When done right, with proper tools, policies, design and change management, giving people the flexibility and control to choose which days they come into the office can make a huge difference to employee mental health.

2022 70

How to Leverage Hybrid Recruiting Strategies for Greater Success?

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In addition, it will expand your hiring horizons, clarify your policies, and build an organization that welcomes everyone Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of things have changed over the last couple of years, particularly in the business sector.

2022 67

"Gig" - The Word of the Year

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We also regularly call for increased protections for gig workers and new laws and policies to make gig work more secure.    But our research and the research of others (including government agencies) consistently shows the majority of gig workers chose to be gig workers, are satisfied with gig work and plan to continue as gig workers.

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10 Positive Ways How Recruit CRM Has Been Changing The Recruiting World

Recruit CRM

Today, Recruit CRM has customers in more than 60 countries in every continent across the world, and we don't even remotely recognise the value we have generated for most of these staffing agencies. Recruitment agencies are no exception when it comes to working with data.

2021 52

10 Signs That Your Company Is In Urgent Need Of An ATS Right Now!

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For instance, there are recruitment agency softwares in the market that help recruiters in really great ways like-managing and visualizing the candidates, has a powerful resume parser, lets you hotlist candidates in order to save time and for future reference, help in job management and so much more.

2020 68

The Take Over of Green Marketing

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Environmental conservation has played a major role in reshaping the corporate landscape of America since the late 1960’s onward as environmental policy reform began gaining popularity. In the wake of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico along with increasing social awareness about environmental problems, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started the environmental Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. Consumers love products that in one way or another help the environment.

2018 100