The 4 Things Hiring Managers Really Want to Know

On The Job

Whether you're seeking a remote or on-site position, be aware that many managers are being pushed to constantly monitor employee "health and well-being," as well as provide proof that employees are getting their jobs done.

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The Founder of Bite Toothpaste Is on a Zero-Waste Mission, But She Never Intended to Disrupt the Oral Care Industry


Soon Women’s Health asked her to make a video about the product. This article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 Issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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7 Ways to Save Money by Simplifying Your Life


Convenience should make life easier, but you regularly replace products, waste your money and end up damaging the environment and perhaps your own health. Life easily becomes overwhelming with commitments to friends and family, work demands and devices consuming your attention.

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Serving Is the New Selling, and Other Tips for Having Your Best Sales Year Ever


In a world where customers can buy anytime and in any way they like, sales professionals are moving faster, operating with more flexibility and putting significant emphasis on their mental health. Sleep is “the Swiss army knife of health,” says Matthew Walker, Ph.D.,

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6 Personal Factors That Impact Productivity


As well as your physical well-being, it’s important to focus on your mental health. If your mental health isn’t as on point as it could be, then your work will suffer. There are plenty of ways to improve your mental health.

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Time to Set Goals? How to Have a Successful Year


As whole human beings, it’s important that we take care of things like relationships, health and spiritual/emotional goals as well as our work lives. We’ve reached that time of year when people think about what they’d like to achieve.

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Venus Williams on What Tennis Taught Her About Life, Power and Business


In this episode of SUCCESS Stories , Williams tells SUCCESS’s Madison Pieper about not getting distracted by other people’s expectations, being vigilant about her mental health and why being honest is easier in the long run. Look after your mental health before it’s urgent.

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Happier Inc. Founder Nataly Kogan on the Importance of Refilling Your Emotional Reservoir


It was the result of what she describes as the complete neglect of her emotional, mental, and physical health. She also believes self-care should be an essential part of everyone’s mental health routine—and not just reserved for people who feel like they’ve got extra time on their hands. “I’m

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Can’t seem to meditate? 7 joyful activities for you to try instead


It is one of the most studied non-pharmacologic mental health interventions in the world, and most of the data is overwhelmingly positive. OK, parents of a child who recently acquired a drum set might not see this activity as calming, but research shows that the rhythmic quality of drumming can be a powerful aid for mental health. Though morning pages are billed as a creativity tool, for me they function as a mental health tool.

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Tech Literacy Is Crucial to Financial Security—Here’s How to Educate Loved Ones with Kindness


If they’re worried about cognitive decline or memory issues, consider using a program like AARP’s Staying Sharp that offers memory games and information on brain health.

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The Real Reasons People Are Quitting by Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Krayman

Further, I have determined that this great resignation – and certainly the desire to quit – began long before the pandemic, but the Covid health crisis simply accelerated the exodus because it was now easier to leave their manager.

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Modern Mentorship Is Changing, But It’s Still About Relationships


A mentor is almost like a career therapist,” says Parks, who works in health care marketing. This article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 Issue of SUCCESS magazine. ue Keever Watts has a simple story she likes to tell.

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Charting Your New Course: 4 Tips When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned


is scheduled for release in February 2022. He had to prioritize all aspects of his health. Over time, Dave started to build a new vision for his life, one that was actually an improvement, health-wise, on what he’d previously believed lay in store for him.

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This Digital Nomad Couple Sold Everything to Travel the World in a Sailboat—Here’s What They’ve Learned About Life, Goal Setting and Relationships


Whether launching a new business, leaving a toxic job for your mental health or, say, selling everything to live on a boat, the final moments are those most riddled with self-doubt. In the cabin of Polar Seal are written the couple’s values: adventure, health, faith and cool people.

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These 8 cities around the world are putting their focus on biking and walking — not cars


This reduces gridlock and commute times, frees up space for walking paths and parks, and improves air quality — all factors that boost people’s wellbeing and physical health. million more through 2022 to offset some of its emissions — Auckland hasn’t always been able to keep up with the pollution generated by its growing population.

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The SUCCESS Interview: Sarah Jakes Roberts on Life Balance, Equality and Finding Spirituality on Your Own Terms


You’re pastoring now about how we take care of our bodies, or things like financial health and just general success and happiness. This article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 Issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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6 relationship resolutions to make this year


One of my favorite phrases, which I’ll be recommitting to in 2022, is “They might just be right.”

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