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Census Household Pulse Survey Data Shows Self-Employment Recovering

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Census Pulse Survey of Households. over the 10 weeks the surveys have been conducted (they started the end of April) the number of self-employed Americans has increased from 13.5 According to the  U.S.

2020 175

U.S. Census Pulse Survey Finds Small Businesses Getting Slammed

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Census has created a Small Business Pulse survey to track and measure how small businesses are faring during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pulse survey is scheduled to run weekly through June, so the survey will be very useful in tracking how small businesses are doing over that time period.

2020 172

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U.S. Census Pulse Survey Shows Small Businesses Still Struggling

Small Business Labs

Census Small Business Pulse Survey for the week of June 14th to June 20th shows small businesses continue to struggle.      43% of the small businesses surveyed reported a decrease in revenue from the prior week while only 21% reported an increase. The U.S.

2020 158

The Census Bureau's Small Business Pulse Survey is Back and Shows the Pandemic is Still Taking A Toll on SMBs

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Census started a COVID-19 impact survey back in April to measure how the pandemic was impacting small businesses.    The weekly surveys ran until the end of June.   But after skipping 6 weeks, they're back  with what they are calling phase 2 of the surveys.

2020 189

Bankrate's Side Hustle Survey

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Interesting survey resluts from Bankrate on side hustles.    According to their findings: nearly half of working Americans (45 percent) surveyed reported having a side gig in addition to their primary job.    48% of millennials, 39% of Gen Xers and 28% of Baby Boomers reported having side gigs. side giggers worked an average of 12 hours per week. side giggers earned an average of $1,122 per month.

2019 116

The Pandemic Increased Interest in Self-Employment

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Forerunner Ventures' The universal holding pattern: a period of trial followed by an era of opportunity   covers survey work they've done on the impact of the pandemic on consumers. and this survey adds to the evidence.

2021 275

Survey: 29% of American Workers Have Side Jobs

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  So we're just getting to a survey on side gigs that CareerBuilder released in September. Key quote from the survey press release : According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 29 percent of workers have a side hustle, a trend that is especially strong among the millennial demographic. The CareerBuilder survey is simply yet another of many studies illustrating this.

2016 196

Survey: Almost 4 in 10 Americans Have a Side Hustle

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Bankrate recently released a survey showing that 37% of Americans have some sort of side job.    The survey was of adult Americans , of which there are about 250 million. This means the survey found about 92 million Americans have side hustles.    We don't have access to the survey questions, so we' don't know how they defined "side job" But it must have been a broad definition to get to 92 million. 

2018 140

Reviewing the BLS 2017 Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangements Survey

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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) caused quite a stir yesterday with the release of their 2017 Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangement (CWS) survey results.  workforce was slightly smaller than they reported the last time the survey was done, which was 13 years ago. This, of course, is much lower than what pretty much every other survey or study done on the gig economy over the past 5 years has found. The U.S.

2018 139

Interesting Study on Content Creators

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the Tilt , a content marketing site, recently released The Unconventionals , a survey and study of online content entrepreneurs. " The survey respondents split almost evenly between full-time content creators (52%) and part-time content creators (48%). 

2021 173

Key Findings from the BLS's Contingent and Alternative Work Survey

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Getting somewhat lost in the debates around the results from the BLS's 2017 Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangements survey (CWS) are several interesting findings about independent contractors.    The BLS defines independent contractors as someone who is self-employed and their primary job is as an independent contractor, independent consultant or freelance worker. Key findings for this segment include: 1. 79

2018 134

Coworking Showing Up on Small Business Surveys

Small Business Labs

of the respondents of our annual independent worker survey. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first time coworking blipped on a national, statistically significant survey of any kind.  This survey was conducted a few months after our survey.  But these surveys reflect populations of 17 million in the case of our independent worker survey and roughly 22 million in the case of the micro business survey.

2013 177

Why Traditional Employment Limits Flexibility

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Despite the negatives, survey after survey shows most gig workers (and most rideshare drivers) prefer being gig workers over being a traditional employee. And survey after survey also shows that a key reason for this is the flexibility gig work provides.

2021 159

Post Pandemic, the Hybrid In-Office, Remote Work Model is the Most Favored

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" The reason hybrid work is winning is surveys consistently show most workers and their bosses think hybrid is the best way to go.

2021 225

American Express on The Rise of the Digital Nomad

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   In our work, we've learned surveys asking aspiration questions or questions on hot topics or things that sound like fun result in a large number of false positives.    And survey questions about becoming a digital nomad are a good example.  

2021 223

How the Pandemic Changed the Way Americans Spent Their Time

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The New York Times article More phone calls, less shopping: how the pandemic changed American lives, down to the minute examines data from the American Time Use survey to show the changes in how Americans spent their time last year.  

2021 159

The World Economic Forum's 2021 Global Risk Report

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   This the 16th year WEF has issued a global risk report and the results come from an extensive risk survey of a wide range of risk related professionals.

2021 228

The Wannabe Digital Nomads

Small Business Labs

In our work we've learned survey questions asking aspiration questions or questions on hot topics often result in a large number of false positives. 

2020 229

Survey: 1 in 3 Americans are Freelancers

Small Business Labs

The Freelancers Union and Elance - oDesk released a study showing that 34% of the American workforce freelances in some form. According to the study, 53 million Americans said they engaged in some form of freelance work in the past year. The study breaks these folks into 5 segments: "Independent Contractors" (40%, or 21.1 million) don’t have a traditional employer and do freelance, temporary or supplemental work on a project-to-project basis. Moonlighters” (27 percent, or 14.3

2014 154

Who are "Geriatric Millennials"

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Over the past 3-4 years we've found that older millennials are increasingly responding to survey and interview questions in similar ways as their Gen X brothers and sisters.  

2021 180

The RideShare Guy's 2017 Driver Survey

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The RideShare Guy released their  2017 Survey Results: Driver Earnings, Satisfaction and Demographics.  This confirms something we see across all our survey work on the gig economy.   It has lots of interesting data on those who drive for services like Uber and Lyft.    One of the most interesting findings is Lyft drivers are much more satisfied than Uber drivers. More

2017 100

Barlow Research on Small Business Exporters

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Their article Five Truths about International Business in the Middle Market covers survey research on the exporting and importing by U.S. Barlow Research is one of our go-to sources on all things related to small business use of financial services.

2021 203

Take the Freelancers Union Live and Work Survey

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The Freelancers Union is conducting a survey on how freelancers work and live. The goals of the survey are to better understand how freelancers are changing the definition of success and how they are working with one another to improve their business outcomes. If you are a freelancer - which for the purposes of this survey is most everyone who doesn't have a traditional job - please click here to take the survey

2014 149

Academic Study Measures the Pandemic's Impact on Small Businesses

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This study is another example of cloud-based, digital data being used instead of traditional survey methods - something we are doing with increasing frequency. We're not suggesting that traditional methods (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.)

2020 240

The Surge in New Small Business Applications

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Our research on small business formation shows about 9% of those who say in surveys they plan to start a small/solopreneur business over the next 2-3 years in our surveys end up doing so. 

2020 223

Key Findings from 10 Years of Studying the Gig Economy

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The research was based on surveys of over 23,000 independent workers, gig workers, and micro-business owners and was augmented by 1,500 in-person interviews throughout the decade. 

2020 223

The Problems Fashion Freelancers Face

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Most gig economy and freelance studies cover a broad range of independent workers, so it's interesting when someone does a segmented, vertical market study on a freelancers.  

2021 162

Survey - How Small Businesses View Big Data

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As part of the broader Big Data for the Little Guy project, Intuit surveyed 500 small business owners to learn more about how they view big data and its potential. The survey asked for their top reason, but I'm sure if they had been asked to list all the potential barriers most of these would be listed by most of the respondents.

2012 153

Please Take the 3rd Annual Coworking Survey

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Our friends at Deskmag have released the 3rd annual global coworking survey. Last year over 1500 people from 20+ countries filled out the survey. So if you work or have worked at coworking space please take 5-10 minutes and fill out the survey.   Click here to take the survey.  We'd like even more this year.  The data is extremely useful for everyone associated with coworking.  And, of course, Deskmag will be making the results public.

2012 138

It's Looking Like a "Swoosh" Recovery for the U.S.

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According to the Wall Street Journal's Economic Forecasting Survey, 70% of economists think the recovery will be swoosh shaped. It's looking much less likely the U.S. will experience a sharp, V-shaped recovery.

2020 229

More Small Businesses Plan to Increase Their Use of Nonemployee Labor than Large Businesses

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" They also found about 1/3rd (34%) of the firms surveyed plan to increase their use of external nonemployee labor (freelancers, etc.) Deloitte and the MIT Sloan Management Review recently released Workforce Ecosystems: A New Strategic Approach to the Future of Work. 

2021 153

Study Shows Most Want to Go Back to Offices, at Least Part-Time

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Work From Home Survey 2020 report. The survey was done between April 16th to May 4th and the respondents "were required to be working full time for a company of 100 or more people, to have worked in an office environment prior to COVID-19, and to be currently working from home." 

2020 207

COVID-19's Huge Financial Impact on Cities

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The NLC survey shows that 74% of cities have started to cut their budgets, with 20% reporting across-the-board reductions. According to the National League of Cities (NLC) , 65% of cities are being forced to delay or cancel capital spending and infrastructure projects due to COVID-19.  

2020 223

Armchair Digital Nomads Hitting the Road

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"Armchair digital nomads" is the term we use to describe the millions of Americans who aren’t currently digital nomads but tell us in surveys they plan on becoming one.  

2020 224

Do Gig Workers Want to be Employees?

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   But surveys and studies have pretty much universally shown that most independent workers (self-employed, independent contractors, freelancers, etc.) - including most rideshare drivers - are satisfied with gig work and prefer being gig workers instead of traditional employees. The quick answer to the title question is most gig workers don't want to be employed in a traditional job.    But some do.

2021 116

Creative Boom on What They Never Tell You About Becoming a Freelance Creative

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The reasons we like it so much is the article's 8 insights for freelancers are all things we regularly hear in our interviews and survey research.

2021 169

Media Bias and Pew's On-Demand Economy Survey

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Despite the impressive numbers, the press has been reporting that the Pew survey found few Americans are participating in the on-demand economy. Most of the media is not positive about the on-demand economy. A good example is the coverage of Pew Internet's Shared, Collaborative and On Demand: The New Digital Economy report.   The study findings show the on-demand economy has extensively penetrated the U.S. economy in a relatively short time.

2016 116

Survey Finds 1 in 8 Office Workers Moonlight as Freelancers

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The Fiscal Times article This Is Why Freelancing Is the Hot Work Trend  covers a Staples survey showing that 12 percent of office workers do freelance work on the side in addition to their regular job. Key quote on why they freelance: Top drivers for freelancers include the flexibility to make their own hours (cited by 37 percent of those surveyed) and work-life balance (32 percent). A total of 1,528 employees were surveyed in the U.S.,

2016 100

Work is Going Hybrid and it Will Have Major Economic and Societal Impacts

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According to a survey by the HR consulting firm Mercer , 73% of the firms surveyed plan to implement a hybrid work environment that includes both in-office and remote work. And a Gartner study found that 82% of executives surveyed plan on allowing employees to work remotely at least some of the time. 

2020 179

The K-Shaped Recovery

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According to an NPR survey and covered in their article Nearly Half Of U.S. There's much talk these days about a K-shaped recovery.

2020 192

The U.S. Has 1.7 Million VanLifers

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  Although 2020 was the 3rd year of MBO Partners' ongoing digital nomad study, it was the first year specific survey questions on VanLifers were included.  VanLifers are people who travel, work and live on the road in vans, RVs, and other vehicles. 

2020 163

Study Finds Most Rideshare Drivers Want to be Independent Contractors

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A recent survey shows that most rideshare drivers prefer being independent contractors instead of employees, including a slight majority of full-time drivers.   We did this and found that overall the study and survey questions were well constructed and methodologically sound. 

2020 159

InboxQ's Excellent Twitter Q&A User Survey

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I wasn't familiar with InboxQ until I saw a reference to a survey they'd done in Entrepreneur's Why Savvy Businesses Field Customer Questions on Twitter.  " Because of our blog, we get sent a lot of surveys to review.    But the big problem is not survey methodology, it's how the results are presented.    It was a non-scientific online survey, which I think is fine given their goals, objectives and market.