February, 2021

12 Tips To Organize Your Small Business For Success

Dumb Little Man

As a small business owner myself, it was quite a journey to get my business organized. Especially in the beginning stages when you’re a solopreneur who’s wearing all the hats and doing all the things, most of us hustle hard. And while that’s fine for a while, it’s definitely not a long-term strategy.

2021 242

New Business Applications Continue to Surge

Small Business Labs

Over the past 6 months new business applications have surged.    As the U.S. Census chart below shows (click to enlarge), the surge is continuing with 492,000 applications filed in January. This us up 73% compared with last January. 

2021 204

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Communicating your priorities better with the ‘rule of five’

Practically Perfect PA

Communicating your priorities better with the ‘rule of five’ One of my go-to tools for prioritising and managing my to-do list is Trello. I use the collaboration tool to manage all of my tasks and projects, and I love how easy it easy to collaborate on projects with the other members of the [.].

2021 176

The 3 Essential Functions of Time Management

Eat Your Career

“What is time? If nobody asks me, I know; but if I were desirous to explain it to one that should ask, plainly I know not.” ” St. Augustine. When it comes to professional development, time management is one of my most passionate areas of study (and most enjoyable topics to teach ).

2021 174

Personal Development Lessons from the Garden

Simple Productivity Blog

I am a terrible gardener. But I do try. Every year. And every year I have less than stellar results. I sat down and tried to pinpoint the causes of my many failures. I made a list, and realized that they apply to personal development as well.

2021 130

How To Confidently Talk About Your Experience as a Virtual Assistant When You Have None to Speak of.

Virtual Moxie

Even with our amazing training and mentoring , something our new VAs can struggle with is how to talk with potential clients about their “VA experience” when they have very little, or none at all.

2021 130

8 Leadership Skills Students Need For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Dumb Little Man

As a college student, the information you learn from textbooks will not be all that you need to find entrepreneurial success after graduation. The skills you acquire and develop just to make it to graduation will prove essential as you enter the post-graduation phase of life.

Skills 238

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Is your Executive a poor communicator?

Practically Perfect PA

Is your Executive a poor communicator? In a recent survey conducted in the UK, Hays recruitment found 43% of those surveyed said leaders needed to improve their communication skills.

2021 164

Is an Administrative Assistant Certification or Designation Worth It?

Office Dynamics

In the ever-evolving administrative profession, a topic of recent interest has been training, certification, and designations. Many top-notch organizations are looking to the future with an eye towards optimization and growth.

2021 173

4 Ways To Scale Back Your Task List

Simple Productivity Blog

There are days when I am overwhelmed. I still haven’t learned to only put on my task list what I can actually do. Today we will look at how to scale back your task list. I approach my task list from the standpoint that if it is on there, I have committed to do it…today.

2021 130

Ask Anastacia: Why Are Humans Lousy at Estimating the Time They Need to Do Things?

Virtual Moxie

In another post , I mentioned that we humans tend to fall down when we have to estimate the time it will take us to do something. Arnatte wrote to ask me why I think that is. That’s a great question. One I should have talked about!

2021 130

What Factors Affect Auto Insurance Givebacks?

Dumb Little Man

The world has looked very different since last year. With the closing of most places of business, the places one can drive to has been limited greatly. The amount of cars on the road has been drastically reduced since the start of the pandemic.

2021 234

Side Giggers and Independent Workers in Super Bowl Ads

Small Business Labs

We haven't seen all the Super Bowl ads yet, but we know independent workers will be featured in two of them. Squarespace's ad (below) features Dolly Parton singing 5-9, a take off on her hit song and movie 9-5.    It shows a variety of side giggers pursuing their passions.

2021 175

Why You Need a Letter of Recommendation Now

On The Job

Since the pandemic began, many people have been laid off, or taken positions that "underemploy" them. In other words, they haven't been in their "real" job for some time. As the job market starts to improve this year, many people will want to return to their "real" jobs.

2021 165

Communicating with Confidence

Eat Your Career

Communication is a complicated, multi-faceted skillset required for professional success. Unfortunately, it’s a tough one to master. More important than what you say is how you say it. All too often, messages are muddied because of insecurity, self-doubt and nerves. People don’t hear the words because the delivery is so distracting. Confidence has the power to enhance your communication in dramatic and surprising ways.

Podcast Episode 41: Backups for All Critical Systems

Simple Productivity Blog

Most of us consider backups as something someone else does to our computers. But it's important to have backups of things that are crucial to your productivity, whether they are computer-based or not. The post Podcast Episode 41: Backups for All Critical Systems appeared first on Laura Earnest.

2021 130

Planning Your Day When You Don’t Know How Much Time You Need To Do the Work

Virtual Moxie

When you have a cubic ton of things to handle, how do you plan your day when you have no idea how much time you need to do the work? It’s the bane of existence for maaaaany people, not just virtual assistants.

2021 130

Importance Of Virtual Support Staff To Your Business

Dumb Little Man

Gone are the days when virtual assistants (VAs) were thought of as some kind of internet-enabled secretaries. Known as multi-talented multitaskers, virtual assistants are now seen as highly-skilled, independent professionals who provide a variety of business services from a remote location.

2021 225

Professional Services Business Applications from Freelancers Continued their 2020 Surge in January.

Small Business Labs

In 2020 professional services applications from independent workers (freelancers, independent contractors, etc.) increased by 21% over 2019.

2020 169

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Career Thrives While Working from Home

On The Job

Working for home has become the norm for many workers since the pandemic began, but would you like to continue to do so once it's safe to return to the office? For some employees, the question is moot since their companies will require them to return to the office.

2021 159

Proofreading and Its Pitfalls

Daily Writing Tips

Every writer has had the experience of submitting a piece of writing in the certainty that it is free of error, only to find at least one embarrassing typo or other fault in it as soon as it has been published.

2021 105

Luxafor Flags: A Traffic Light For Your Desk

Simple Productivity Blog

Did you ever wish that you could have a visual indicator to tell people when you were busy at work? It's worse now that we're all working from home. Enter Luxafor flags. The post Luxafor Flags: A Traffic Light For Your Desk appeared first on Laura Earnest. Productivity aff

2021 130

The world dosen’t have exit without a plan

Office Organization Success

Solve the secrecy of a wrong exhibition or save a girl in grief by comrade up with your befriend. Subscription Benefits Include Today’s Paper Find excitable-friendlily conversion of distinct from the Time’s rag in one quiet-to-peruse. But if you are situated in part office or house, you would emergency to logon to the computers apart and have something to tell helter-skelter the plucky to each other with – such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

2021 100

The Top 4 First Date Mistakes To Avoid To Establish A Real, Meaningful Connection

Dumb Little Man

So, you’ve successfully moved past the friendly introductions phase and wooed her with your witty banter well enough to secure a first date. Well done! Now what? How will you prepare? And are there any rules you ought to abide by? You bet.

2021 215

Creative Boom on What They Never Tell You About Becoming a Freelance Creative

Small Business Labs

There's lots of articles these days covering how to become an full or part-time independent worker (freelancer, independent contractor, gig worker. etc.).      One of our recent favorites is What they never tell you about becoming a freelance creative from Creative Boom.

2021 169

3 Tips for Writing an Appreciation Letter

On The Job

When you're in a job search -- or land a new job -- one of the key ingredients for your career is to make sure you write letters of appreciation.

2021 152

Sarcastic vs. Sardonic vs. Facetious

Daily Writing Tips

Reader ApK has asked for a discussion of the words sarcastic, sardonic , and facetious —. all examples of verbal irony. verbal irony : the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

2021 92

What To Do When You’re Overwhelmed

Simple Productivity Blog

It's one thing to make deliberate choices when the choices are easy. But what can you do when there are too many to choose from and they all need to be done yesterday? What do you do when you're overwhelmed? Overwhelm is a common problem and can stop people from doing anything.

2021 130

Ep 104: Dayne Shuda on Written Communication, Working Remotely, and Fighting Burnout

Go Burrows

Dayne Shuda has worked with executive assistants for about 7-8 years and has had a full-time remote assistant since 2015. His assistant happens to be in Australia, but he’s in Wisconsin. Over the years, he’s learned a few things about organization, burnout, and working with a remote team.

2021 82

How You Can Cultivate A Habit Of Writing In Children

Dumb Little Man

Writing is an important skill not all individuals are able to master in their lives. By cultivating this productive habit in the formative years, children can develop effective writing skills and eventually become proficient in all kinds of communication.

2021 210

Book Review: Building the Business of You

Small Business Labs

Building the Business of You aims to help people "navigate the uncertain, post-pandemic world of work, while aligning personal purpose and professional advancement." 

2021 166

This is Why Meetings are Such a Hot Mess -- and What You Can Do About It

On The Job

It often seems that many meetings go off the rails right away. Someone shows up late. Another person won't stop texting. Still another participant stares into space and seems to be in another world entirely.

2021 141

Elon Musk, The Entrepreneurial Hustle, And Some Tax Nuances

Brilliantly Better

There is a very popular short story about Elon Musk that goes (more or less) like this: Elon Musk made $180M when PayPal was acquired in 2002. He put $100M in SpaceX, $70M in Tesla, and $10M in Solar City. He borrowed money for rent. Depending on what social media platform your read it on, Read more.

2002 79

Podcast Episode 40: The Way to Pick What to Do Next

Simple Productivity Blog

In Chapter 2 of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity , David Allen spells out the four criteria model for choosing the next thing to do. He says that you choose what to do next based on (in this order) context, time available, energy and priority.

2021 130

5 Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Instagram Recruiting Strategy

Recruit CRM

With a continually changing work environment, employers are placing more emphasis on creating a sustainable business culture. Hiring employees with the appropriate skills that fit into this environment is of the utmost importance.

2021 78

The Best Way To Name A Business

Dumb Little Man

When it comes to business, what does the company name mean? Everything! For companies of all sizes, a good business step is a vital step towards attracting clients and growing brand awareness. Good business names are memorable.

2021 196

Nonprofit Sector Has Lost Close to Million Jobs During the Pandemic

Small Business Labs

The nonprofit segment is quite large, employing more than 10% of all U.S. private sector workers.    This is more workers than in the manufacturing, construction, or finance sectors. So it's a problem that nonprofits have been hit hard by the pandemic.

2021 166