5 things you should do now to prepare for year-end payroll reporting

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However, Payroll teams are busy preparing for a different season — year-end reporting. Even though time is ticking down, it would be prudent to act as if the IRS will issue these regs in time for 2023 filing. Office Administration Payroll

What’s the deal with on-demand pay?

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There were at least 11 on-demand pay vendors at the American Payroll Association’s Annual Congress last month, not including the national third-party payroll providers. Nothing wrong with vendors highlighting their products at a convention of Payroll professionals.


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Early direct deposit may be an alternative to on-demand pay

Business Management Daily

Regardless of the sales pitch, on-demand pay is a boondoggle for Payroll. Every vendor will tell you why their on-demand pay program is worry-free for Payroll—it’s OK because employers are cut out of the process, or it’s OK because employers are part of the process.

AT&T Extended Its Remote Work Policy, But Some Employees Are Still Being Forced Back


The deal with Communications Workers of America (CWA) stated that workers would be able to work remotely during crises until March of 2023. AT&T’s union recently came to an agreement with the company to extend the company’s remote work policy until next year.

AT&T 207

2-D barcoding may be coming to paper 1040s

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The Taxpayer Advocate Services’ (TAS) solution is to issue a Taxpayer Advocate Directive giving the IRS 45 days to work with the tax software industry to develop a plan to implement 2-D barcodes on self-prepared 1040s for the 2023 filing season. Office Administration Payroll

HR Leaders Share How New Salary Transparency Laws Have Changed Everything


As of November 1, a law in New York City now requires employers with four or more people on the payroll to provide a salary pay range in all job advertisements. . Starting January 1, 2023, a similar law will go into effect in California for employers with at least 15 employees.

Salary 208