13 Best Productivity Apps: Tools to Make 2022 Your Most Productive Year Yet


If wholesale removal of items from our to-do lists isn’t possible, we’re left with the next best solution: to be more productive. Here are 13 of the best productivity apps to help you make 2022 your most productive and enjoyable year yet. Growth Mindset featured productivity

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The productivity killers

Practically Perfect PA

How do we ensure we are, and here comes the dreaded word, productive. Today, I’m going to write about the productivity killers. Those annoying things we do that stop us being productive. This has got to be the number one productivity killer for assistants. Regular breaks are so necessary and you will find you are much more productive after a short break. From experience, I know I am much more productive when I have a list of tasks to work through.

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The Productive PA

Practically Perfect PA

This is a session that I did at the Summit called ‘The Productive PA’ During the 25 minute video I give the viewers […]. Today I thought I Would share another session with you from last year’s Virtual Summit to give you a flavour of what to expect at our next Virtual Summit on the 22nd June.

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How to Design Product Packaging

Small Business CEO

So, what is product packaging? Product packaging refers to the process of designing the exterior of a product. Traditionally, product packages are designed with the product in mind. Many products have attractive designs to win the customer.

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Productivity tools and tips for Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

During October’s Virtual Summit I will be showing our attendees 20 pieces of technology that can help with productivity for Assistants. As we have so much to do and the workload is never ending I thought I would share my productivity tools and tips for Assistants. Core Competencies Featured Time Management Virtual Summit admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Productivity Virtual Assistant

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How to Be Productive When You’re Tired


There will be periods when you’re drained and feeling unproductive, so it’s important to figure out how to be productive when you’re tired. The sweet spot for my productivity is the early afternoon, with a second wind coming in the later part of the evening.

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Productivity App

Clutter Coach

by A software engineer reached out to me last week to let me know about an app she and her partner developed to increase their own productivity as they worked on their start up. They are offering the app to 10,000 people for free, people who truly want to be more productive. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Productivity App appeared first on Clutter Coach. Cool Stuff Effectiveness Productivity

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Things a Video Production Company Should Have

Small Business CEO

The adoption of video marketing by businesses of varying sizes in their digital strategy has created a demand for video production companies. Hiring a video production company can revitalize your digital marketing efforts to brew new advertisements or titivate existing videos.

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5 free tools to help with your productivity

Practically Perfect PA

Before we dive into our list of productivity tools, I want to spend a few minutes talking to you about the importance of keeping up with the latest technology. Firstly it makes us more productive – can you imagine still using a typewriter for your minutes, carbon copy paper for anything that needs to be […].

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Beware of Toxic Productivity: Tips for Working While Under Stress

Eat Your Career

For most of us, “productivity” is something positive, desirable, even healthy —especially when it comes to work. But productivity also has a dark side, which I’ve been experiencing more and more recently. Toxic Productivity is so insidious, it often goes unchecked for long periods.

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Catering for super-productive meetings

Practically Perfect PA

As an Assistant, it’s your responsibility to arrange meetings that run without a hitch, and a key cog in the meeting machine is catering.

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Declutter to increase productivity

Practically Perfect PA

In this blog post she shares her top tips on how we can declutter to increase productivity. . Declutter to increase productivity. Declutter to increase productivity. The post Declutter to increase productivity appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. Today’s blog post is from Vicky Silverthorn, founder of You Need A Vicky. Prior to starting her personal organisation company Vicky was a PA to the likes of Lilly Allen and well known sports personalities.

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How Innovation Spurs Productivity

Productivity Bits

Innovation can result in breakthrough changes to new or fundamentally changed products and services that can radically alter what companies sell and generate major gains in revenue and profits. Examples of incremental change to products include Microsoft’s Windows 7, Apple’s second generation iPad, and niche food products (e.g., Form an innovation group Many mastermind groups meet on a weekly or monthly basis and brainstorm ways to launch new ideas or market new products.

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Moving past a perfectionist mindset to achieve increased productivity

Practically Perfect PA

Core Competencies Featured Writers admin administrators assistants Competencies EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant ProductivityAs assistants, managing details to ensure things run smoothly is a big part of what we do. We take pride in our detail-oriented nature as it relates to all that we produce, from professional email correspondence to travel arrangements to company-wide projects and initiatives.

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Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

Productivity Bits

Whether you work at home or in a large company building, office design can impact your mood, your ability to concentrate and stay focused, and your ability to be productive. Office Concept According to a study on workspace performance , the most significant input employees gave, when asked how they could improve their own productivity, was directed at office design. So, to answer the question “Does office design really affect productivity?” – Yes, it does!

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Why focus for productivity?

Clutter Coach

What does that mean for productivity? The post Why focus for productivity? Productivityby Did you know that sticking to your task makes you happier? When you let your mind wander, even to a pleasant memory, studies show you’ll be unhappy. I remember reading about this in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s terrific book Flow. In it, he writes about being in the flow, where you are totally engaged with your task, whatever it is. Being in the flow feels great.

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Info Product Creation: How To Create Your FIRST Info Product in 7 Easy Steps

Office Organization Success

You can create your first info product in as little as two hours when you follow these steps below. But first, let’s look at why having an info product as part of your business model is so important. This is where you start to look at your Product & Marketing Funnel and see where the gaps are and where new products can fit. Or turn your notes into a special report and sell the report as the paid product and offer the teleclass recording as a bonus.

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12 Productivity Tools and Strategies to Help You Seize the Day


Make a decision today to stop wasting time—or just spending time—and, instead, invest some time in learning how you can be more productive in the areas of your life that really matter. As SUCCESS reader Jim McMonagle says, “My journal is my productivity tool.

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7 Ways to Create A Productive Workplace

Productivity Bits

A company should always secure the productivity of their business. Because a loss in productivity can be a major problem. In order to achieve an efficient workplace for your company, you should build the morale and productivity of your employees. Here are some guidelines on creating a productive workplace environment. Please grab my free productivity ebook! A message from the Productivity Bits Blog Team.

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Real world productivity

Clutter Coach

by Sometimes I come across a description of what productive people are like and I think, that’s not me. If productivity seems effortless, it’s because you’re not seeing what’s behind the scenes. How do productive people get things done? Basically, productive people use tools and strategies to help them. The post Real world productivity appeared first on Clutter Coach. Productivity

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How to Use Downtime at Work Productively

Eat Your Career

They’re hardly able to enjoy the slower pace, for fear that they’re not being as productive as they could or should be. If you’re currently experiencing some downtime at work, or if you’re likely to have some in the near future, here are a few ways you can use this rare period of peace productively. The post How to Use Downtime at Work Productively appeared first on Eat Your Career. productivity downtime organization

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Almost free productivity coaching!

Clutter Coach

The post Almost free productivity coaching! Podcast Productivityby I’m going to write about the different perks you can get when you support my business on Patreon. First up is the Level 3 perk. My members-only Twitter chat is probably the most valuable perk I’m offering. Group chats are great because you can get your personal questions answered and you can benefit from reading the advice I give to others.

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10 Productivity Tips for Around the Office

Productivity Bits

But between the people milling around, the allure of the internet to distract us and the general din that occurs when you stick hundreds of people in a big room together, sometimes it can be hard to be productive. Please grab my free productivity ebook! If you're not reading this from Productivity Bits - Smart Productivity and GTD Hacks , please read the original post here 10 Productivity Tips for Around the Office.

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Habits That Limit Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

In a peculiar way it can have a pronounced on our productivity too. Please grab my free productivity ebook! Productivity GTD habits procrastination productivity hacksWe all have our little habits; the routines and rituals that we adhere to on a daily basis, or the day itself just doesn't feel right.

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Ready to Launch Your Product? Read These 3 Tips First


In order to launch anything—a book, product or service—you need to tell the world that you are there, and you need to sell. It is not enough for people to simply hear about your book or product—you need to make sure actual financial transactions take place.

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Working Remotely – How to Keep Balance and Productivity

Practically Perfect PA

Working Remotely – How to Keep Balance and Productivity Working from home [.]. Many of you are reading this from the comfort of your home office. At first, this may sound like heaven on earth (a lot of people think they want to work from home).

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Yes, Toxic Productivity Is a Thing. Here’s How to Unlearn It and Make Peace with Time


That’s what Oliver Burkeman, a self-proclaimed productivity geek, says about the state of the world today. But he offers a different perspective, one that views productivity as a function of well-being. “We Most of Burkeman’s advice is about toxic productivity and how to avoid it.

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There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management

Ian's Messy Desk

The post There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. What does it mean to be productive? That’s the question Dustin Wax asks in his Lifehack.org post, There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management – Lifehack.org.He The post There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Productivity

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Saying No to More: Why Giving Your Brain Space to Wander Improves Your Productivity


Thankfully, productivity expert Juliet Funt is giving us all permission to make time every day to sit and think, which she calls white space. But if you think of ‘productive’ as meaning ‘to have made something of value,’ it doesn’t mean, ‘I sweated my way through lots of motion.’”.

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The killer app for productivity

Clutter Coach

by One of my clients sent me a list of focus and productivity apps. The post The killer app for productivity appeared first on Clutter Coach. Productivity Tools UncategorizedSome of them sound pretty intriguing. . Forest gets you to focus on your project for 30 minutes. At the beginning of your work time, you plant a tree. As you continue working, it grows. If you stop, all the leaves fall off and it dies. You’ve selfishly killed off an innocent digital tree!

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10 ways assistants can improve their productivity

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last year I have been testing a few more techniques to help improve my productivity that I want to share with you today! This has really helped improve my productivity and it has also improved the quality of my work because I am concentrating solely on the task at hand. These little breaks make a huge difference to my overall productivity particular on those annoying days when I’m lacking energy. Figure out when you are most productive.

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Increase Productivity

Office Organization Success

When you have a dedicated space it will lead to higher productivity in your business. The first step in creating your organized office is to define your space. You need a dedicated space for your working environment, i.e. not the dining room table, or a corner of the living room. Quick Biz Tip

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Self-Care and Productivity


I refer to external over-observation as the “Disastrous Should Mentality,” and this approach breeds unhealthy comparison, insecurity, and distraction (none of which are friends of productivity). Productivity is about building effective systems to move you forward, and self-care is one of those systems. Spend a few minutes answering the following questions, and you can boost your productivity through practicing self-care. You know you’re a go-getter.

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Podcast 081: Low energy productivity

Clutter Coach

This is Podcast 81 and it’s about how you can be productive even if you’re sick, or tired or just feeling those low energy winter blues. The post Podcast 081: Low energy productivity appeared first on Clutter Coach. Podcast Productivityby Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here!

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Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

These are the 3 main areas that you need to maintain to remain healthy and productive at work: Body Fitness Your body is prone to injury if you are not healthy. I’d like to mention a product that I personally use. I am glad that I received one of the first issues of the product for free. Would I recommend the product? I felt an instant relief when I first used the product. Please grab my free productivity ebook!

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A Simple Tool for Leading Productive Meetings

Practically Perfect PA

I hate meetings. Long or short, large or small, food or no food, outside or inside, morning or afternoon — it doesn’t matter. Meetings drain the life out me, and I’m guessing most of you feel the same. There’s even a book called, Meetings Suck by Cameron Herold. Unfortunately, meetings often resort to nothing more […]. Core Skills Featured Meeting Management Writers admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Meeting Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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Conquering The Open Loops Of Productivity

Productivity Bits

Author's Note: This is the Fourth Part of the Series " The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity "]. They can also bring chaos to your productivity system if you don’t address them when they need to be addressed. This is the reason why we need a dependable tool that will keep our sanity and productivity system glued together. We will take a quick look at some productivity tools that could help us push our productivity objectives to the next level.

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7 Ways to Make Your Mornings a Productive Start

Productivity Bits

Here are seven productive ways to start your morning right and make it a good one: 1. These small ways can ensure you of a productive start in the morning. Please grab my free productivity ebook! GTD Hacks Productivity focus productivity gtd morning kickstart productivity in the morning morning hacks productive morning Photo courtesy of mtwomenslifestyle.com Mornings aren’t that easy for most people.

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Maximising your productivity and dealing with interruptions

Practically Perfect PA

Dealing with all the interruptions is a task in its own right and it can have a real effect on your productivity. The post Maximising your productivity and dealing with interruptions appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. Featured Office Politics admin administrators assistants Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Productivity Virtual Assistant

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8 productivity traps to avoid

Clutter Coach

by What is productivity, really? Obviously, productivity involves producing. So, productivity must be tied to a worthwhile goal. It’s easy to be fooled into thinking you’re productive when you answer emails and phone calls and get paper off your desk. So, here are the eight productivity traps you need to avoid: The “I can do it all” Trap. The payoff is having clarity about what you are doing, which makes you more productive and efficient.

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