Understanding the Productivity Cycle

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In today’s ultra-busy workplace, many professionals harbor the unhealthy and unrealistic belief that they’re supposed to be ultra-productive 100% of the time. Human beings were not made to be productive 100% of the time. No one can sustain this kind of productivity forever.

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Are Productivity Tools & Tech Wasting Your Time?

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And ultimately, we want that to help us to be more productive. We can ultimately get to a place of negative returns , where the more time we spend dealing with our time management tools and technology, the less productive we actually become. Productivity Technology Time Management

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How to Start Pacing Your Productivity


When contemplating your level of productivity, it’s easy to get caught up in how much you’re able to do in a given day, week, and so on. Quantified productivity is something anyone can calculate. That’s where the nuance of qualitative productivity comes into play.

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Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

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Whether you work at home or in a large company building, office design can impact your mood, your ability to concentrate and stay focused, and your ability to be productive. Office Concept According to a study on workspace performance , the most significant input employees gave, when asked how they could improve their own productivity, was directed at office design. So, to answer the question “Does office design really affect productivity?” – Yes, it does!

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How Innovation Spurs Productivity

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Innovation can result in breakthrough changes to new or fundamentally changed products and services that can radically alter what companies sell and generate major gains in revenue and profits. Examples of incremental change to products include Microsoft’s Windows 7, Apple’s second generation iPad, and niche food products (e.g., Form an innovation group Many mastermind groups meet on a weekly or monthly basis and brainstorm ways to launch new ideas or market new products.

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7 Ways to Create A Productive Workplace

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A company should always secure the productivity of their business. Because a loss in productivity can be a major problem. In order to achieve an efficient workplace for your company, you should build the morale and productivity of your employees. Here are some guidelines on creating a productive workplace environment. Please grab my free productivity ebook! A message from the Productivity Bits Blog Team.

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Beware of Toxic Productivity: Tips for Working While Under Stress

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For most of us, “productivity” is something positive, desirable, even healthy —especially when it comes to work. But productivity also has a dark side, which I’ve been experiencing more and more recently. Toxic Productivity is so insidious, it often goes unchecked for long periods.

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How to Design Product Packaging

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So, what is product packaging? Product packaging refers to the process of designing the exterior of a product. Traditionally, product packages are designed with the product in mind. Many products have attractive designs to win the customer.

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The productivity killers

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How do we ensure we are, and here comes the dreaded word, productive. Today, I’m going to write about the productivity killers. Those annoying things we do that stop us being productive. This has got to be the number one productivity killer for assistants. Regular breaks are so necessary and you will find you are much more productive after a short break. From experience, I know I am much more productive when I have a list of tasks to work through.

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The Productive PA

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This is a session that I did at the Summit called ‘The Productive PA’ During the 25 minute video I give the viewers […]. Today I thought I Would share another session with you from last year’s Virtual Summit to give you a flavour of what to expect at our next Virtual Summit on the 22nd June.

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10 Productivity Tips for Around the Office

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But between the people milling around, the allure of the internet to distract us and the general din that occurs when you stick hundreds of people in a big room together, sometimes it can be hard to be productive. Please grab my free productivity ebook! If you're not reading this from Productivity Bits - Smart Productivity and GTD Hacks , please read the original post here 10 Productivity Tips for Around the Office.

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Bookending Your Days: A Productivity Hack

Jen Lawrence

Whether looking to boost your productivity or find a new way to rescue yourself from overwhelm, there’s one piece of advice I give everyone – bookend your days. The post Bookending Your Days: A Productivity Hack appeared first on Jenerosity Partners.

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Habits That Limit Your Productivity

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In a peculiar way it can have a pronounced on our productivity too. Please grab my free productivity ebook! Productivity GTD habits procrastination productivity hacksWe all have our little habits; the routines and rituals that we adhere to on a daily basis, or the day itself just doesn't feel right.

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6 Personal Factors That Impact Productivity


Most of the things that impact productivity exist in the office. Your personal life can also have an influence on your productivity. Here are 6 key things that impact productivity… and some tips on how to overcome them.

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7 Ways to Make Your Mornings a Productive Start

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Here are seven productive ways to start your morning right and make it a good one: 1. These small ways can ensure you of a productive start in the morning. Please grab my free productivity ebook! GTD Hacks Productivity focus productivity gtd morning kickstart productivity in the morning morning hacks productive morning Photo courtesy of mtwomenslifestyle.com Mornings aren’t that easy for most people.

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Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Productivity

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These are the 3 main areas that you need to maintain to remain healthy and productive at work: Body Fitness Your body is prone to injury if you are not healthy. I’d like to mention a product that I personally use. I am glad that I received one of the first issues of the product for free. Would I recommend the product? I felt an instant relief when I first used the product. Please grab my free productivity ebook!

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Great apps to boost home-office productivity

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Fortunately, there is a wide variety of tools you can use to help supercharge your productivity in your home-office. Pocket allows you to organize your day more productively, allocating specific times for reading articles and websites you have seen throughout the day, This will help you stay focused on your important tasks without distractions. This is the ultimate tool for helping you avoid distractions and enhance your productivity in the home office.

How to Use Downtime at Work Productively

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They’re hardly able to enjoy the slower pace, for fear that they’re not being as productive as they could or should be. If you’re currently experiencing some downtime at work, or if you’re likely to have some in the near future, here are a few ways you can use this rare period of peace productively. The post How to Use Downtime at Work Productively appeared first on Eat Your Career. productivity downtime organization

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Productivity App

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by A software engineer reached out to me last week to let me know about an app she and her partner developed to increase their own productivity as they worked on their start up. They are offering the app to 10,000 people for free, people who truly want to be more productive. The post Productivity App appeared first on Clutter Coach. Cool Stuff Effectiveness Productivity

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13 Best Productivity Apps: Tools to Make 2022 Your Most Productive Year Yet


If wholesale removal of items from our to-do lists isn’t possible, we’re left with the next best solution: to be more productive. Here are 13 of the best productivity apps to help you make 2022 your most productive and enjoyable year yet. Growth Mindset featured productivity

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Productivity tools and tips for Assistants

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During October’s Virtual Summit I will be showing our attendees 20 pieces of technology that can help with productivity for Assistants. As we have so much to do and the workload is never ending I thought I would share my productivity tools and tips for Assistants. Core Competencies Featured Time Management Virtual Summit admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Productivity Virtual Assistant

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Conquering The Open Loops Of Productivity

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Author's Note: This is the Fourth Part of the Series " The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity "]. They can also bring chaos to your productivity system if you don’t address them when they need to be addressed. This is the reason why we need a dependable tool that will keep our sanity and productivity system glued together. We will take a quick look at some productivity tools that could help us push our productivity objectives to the next level.

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Productivity App

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by A software engineer reached out to me last week to let me know about an app she and her partner developed to increase their own productivity as they worked on their start up. They are offering the app to 10,000 people for free, people who truly want to be more productive. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Productivity App appeared first on Clutter Coach. Cool Stuff Effectiveness Productivity

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The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity

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Author's Note: This is a series on " The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity "]. T here are ways to establish or improve the culture of productivity in your workplace or home-office. On the personal level, one thing you can do is build and practice your own trusted productivity system. Isn’t more output in lesser time the primary goal of why we are in the pursuit of productivity? We will start this endeavor with the very source of productivity: You.

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Professional Product Packaging: Fundamental Tips For Startups

Small Business CEO

” Both these statements must be at the core of your product marketing strategy as a startup. As a startup, you have to find ways to get the consumer to pick your product based on its looks. Management Marketing product packaging

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Building Upon Your Productivity Momentum

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Productivity is never an accident. The state of being productive doesn’t just happen overnight. Productivity is an attitude toward work – a way of life. Once you are already in the state of being productive, you have to grasp that moment with both of your hands because it is easy to let it loose; and getting yourself out of the productivity pit – the unproductive state – can be a daunting task. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

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Forget GTD, Focus On Productivity

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GTD is a system that helps you achieve stress-free productivity. Please grab my free productivity ebook! GTD Hacks Productivity gtd does not work GTD failGTD is a means to an end; not the end itself. We all should remember that. Thank you for subscribing!

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Internet Monitoring Software: A Productivity Booster

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All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. Employers fully understand that the internet allows their staff to communicate and conduct research; yet they also know that allowing their employees to use the internet for personal use during office hours makes employees happy and, in most cases, maintain strong productivity levels. The result is that the employer will see an increase in productivity, both directly and indirectly.

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How Worker’s Productivity Determines Incentives

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Workers productivity is both important to the firm and the employee himself. A workers productivity is determined by various aspects which influence the efficiency and quality of work. Companies are investing heavily on their workforce because they are well aware that without them, there would be no production. Workers are the company''s assets and failure to maintain a good relationship with them may lead to low productivity thus leading to a drop in profits.

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2 Quotes That Will Help You Be (Truly) Productive


Do that and you’ll be in a far better position to stop doing productive and start being productive. The post 2 Quotes That Will Help You Be (Truly) Productive appeared first on Productivityist. It’s an ugly title.

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5 free tools to help with your productivity

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Before we dive into our list of productivity tools, I want to spend a few minutes talking to you about the importance of keeping up with the latest technology. Firstly it makes us more productive – can you imagine still using a typewriter for your minutes, carbon copy paper for anything that needs to be […].

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Catering for super-productive meetings

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As an Assistant, it’s your responsibility to arrange meetings that run without a hitch, and a key cog in the meeting machine is catering.

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How to Be Productive When You’re Tired


There will be periods when you’re drained and feeling unproductive, so it’s important to figure out how to be productive when you’re tired. The sweet spot for my productivity is the early afternoon, with a second wind coming in the later part of the evening.

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Things a Video Production Company Should Have

Small Business CEO

The adoption of video marketing by businesses of varying sizes in their digital strategy has created a demand for video production companies. Hiring a video production company can revitalize your digital marketing efforts to brew new advertisements or titivate existing videos.

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Putting The Importance Of Productivity Back On Top

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Author's Note: This is the Fifth and Final Part of the Series " The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity "]. W e’ve come to the conclusion of our series dealing about The 3 Fundamental Principles of Productivity. We see that between productivity and slacking off is a thin line – much like genius and insanity. Let’s make clear, though, that the system and the tool have nothing to do with your productivity. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

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Info Product Creation: How To Create Your FIRST Info Product in 7 Easy Steps

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You can create your first info product in as little as two hours when you follow these steps below. But first, let’s look at why having an info product as part of your business model is so important. This is where you start to look at your Product & Marketing Funnel and see where the gaps are and where new products can fit. Or turn your notes into a special report and sell the report as the paid product and offer the teleclass recording as a bonus.

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Why focus for productivity?

Clutter Coach

What does that mean for productivity? The post Why focus for productivity? Productivityby Did you know that sticking to your task makes you happier? When you let your mind wander, even to a pleasant memory, studies show you’ll be unhappy. I remember reading about this in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s terrific book Flow. In it, he writes about being in the flow, where you are totally engaged with your task, whatever it is. Being in the flow feels great.

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How to Be Productive First Thing In the Morning

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Copyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. Being productive early in the morning can be tricky because productivity usually requires energy and focus; which is what people tend to lack when they first get out of bed. So why is it so hard for us to be productive when we wake up? One of the reasons is because most people haven’t made a habit of getting out of bed and being productive. The same technique can be done with your early morning productivity.

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Identifying The Key Elements Of Your Productivity System

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Author's Note: This is the Third Part of the Series " The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity "]. You may not be practicing a mainstream productivity system right now but, whether you agree or not, you are in fact already following a certain kind of a “system&# in the guise of your working patterns or arrangements. In other words, any self-invented productivity system tends to fail for the simple reason that we are humans. Mode Of Production.

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5 Awesome Productivity Apps for Android Phones

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Smartphones can even help increase productivity through work and person life by offering Android apps that function solely to help you become more organized. Here are 5 Android apps that are a must have to increase your productivity. You can upload the PDF to other productivity apps in your phone as well. The best Android productivity apps save you time and money. Brought To You By: Productivity and GTD Hacks - Productivity and GTD Hacks Blog.

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Best 5 Tips for Inspiring Office Productivity

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Today’s guest blog post was written by James Adams who works as a writer and a product reviewer at CartridgeSave , an online shop delivering cheap ink cartridges. One good way to increase office productivity is to prioritize any and all projects. Brought To You By: Productivity and GTD Hacks - Productivity and GTD Hacks Blog. Please signup to my email list to receive free updates from Productivity Bits. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

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How Your Daily Rituals Can Set The Tone Of Productivity

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Author's Note: This is the Second Part of the Series " The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Productivity "]. O ur daily rituals directly affect our performance, and, therefore, our productivity. Because they are so much injected to our behavior, these rituals can either make or break us in terms of our productivity. How you handle you daily rituals can really set the tone of your productivity. In the next post, we will discuss about productivity systems.

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Real world productivity

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by Sometimes I come across a description of what productive people are like and I think, that’s not me. If productivity seems effortless, it’s because you’re not seeing what’s behind the scenes. How do productive people get things done? Basically, productive people use tools and strategies to help them. The post Real world productivity appeared first on Clutter Coach. Productivity

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