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You Need To Stop Telling Women Where To Breastfeed

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Hardly a day goes by that you don’t see stories of women who get shamed in public for breastfeeding their babies. These stories often involve outrageous circumstances. For example, there are women who shop at lingerie stores who ask to feed their babies in the fitting rooms. Instead of being allowed, they are often redirected to an alley. There’s also a hashtag trending on social media: #IPumpedHere.

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18 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming Your Own Boss

Eat Your Career

Self-employment isn’t for everyone. As a career coach and a business owner myself, I’ve seen it go very, very wrong at times. It just doesn’t suit everyone’s career needs. While it might sound nice to “be your own boss,” it takes a certain person in a certain situation to make it work. If you are currently exploring entrepreneurial endeavors or plan to in the future, consider the following questions first.

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How to go from a PA to a VA

Practically Perfect PA

Are you currently a PA, dreaming of having your own VA business? Maybe you’re an Admin Professional, who craves having the control and freedom of running your own business? If you’re currently employed and looking to make a career change to VA, it’s a simpler process than you think. Whether you’re a PA, EA or Admin Professional, it’s relatively easy to make the transition from being employed to running your own successful VA business – if you take the following tips into consideration.

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Economic Uncertainty and the Trend of Decline

Small Business Labs

The New Strategist Press has an interesting list of the Top 10 Emerging Trends of the 2000s.    But even more interesting is their summary of the 10 trends:  "Most are stories of decline–which is a trend of significance in itself." " In fact, 7 of their 10 trends are about decline. These are: The Income Decline. The Wealth Decline. The Home Ownership Decline. The Marriage Decline. The Birth Decline. The Life Expectancy Decline. The Economic Mobility Decline.

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How to Start a Business on A Budget

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The cost of starting a business has never been lower, thanks to the internet. And with most startups not having enough budget, making it big in the industry can take a lot of work. Here’s our guide on how to start your business on a budget. Sell your skills. Set your business up around your own skill set. If you’ve worked for 20 years in a particular industry, utilize all that valuable knowledge and experience to establish your own business.

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Podcast 070: Chunking

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! Hi, gang, this is podcast 70 and it’s about chunking. This is a concept you should be familiar with if you’re a regular listener. I talk often about how to make an unmanageable project manageable by cutting it into small pieces or chunks. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play.

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Assistants as information managers

Practically Perfect PA

Back in 2013 HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland released the Management Assistant 2020 report , which detailed how the role of an Assistant will change by 2020. It is a fascinating document and many of the suggestions are coming into fruition four years on. One of the predictions centred around the idea that Assistants would become information managers in their organisations.

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The Secret To Packing The Perfect Travel Dopp Kit

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The worst thing about traveling is packing, especially for men. However, love it or hate it, every savvy male adventurer knows the importance of packing a perfectly assembled Dopp kit before hitting the road. Simply tossing items from your bathroom cabinet into a bag is clearly not the best long-term strategy for staying prepared and exuding style while on your travels. There is a fine art to packing the essentials you need for a weekend getaway and we are here to pass that knowledge onto you.

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Clothing Clutter

Clutter Coach

by Today I’m sharing with you a tip from my book, 5 Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom , about how to deal with clothing clutter. Clothing always causes clutter. Every day, you get clothes out of the closet or bureau to wear. And every day you take them off again. They spend a lot of time not being put away, so they can cause clutter, just like other things you use daily. .

The Skill You Must Have No Matter Your Job

On The Job

Many people believe that if they just get that college degree or industry certification, they will have no trouble finding a job. They also believe that once they get their foot in the door, then they will continue to climb the ladder if they work hard. If you believe the same, you are wrong. Today, employers are looking for more than someone to write code or deal with customers.

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The Number of STEM and Accounting Grads Rapidly Increasing.

Small Business Labs

Emsi's article  STEM Majors Are Accelerating in Every State, Just as Humanities Degrees Are Declining covers the rapid increase in the number of college student graduating with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) majors. Key quote from the article: Since the Great Recession, the number of STEM majors in bachelor’s degree-and-above programs has mushroomed, going from 388,000 graduates in 2009-10 to 550,000 in 2015-16—43% growth.

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Solar Panels For Home: Do They Make A Great Investment?

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The days when solar panels used to be a rare and exotic source of energy are gone. Their popularity is growing and a lot of people are now choosing it as their main source of electricity. Before installing this system that is supposed to lower energy bills, people are usually curious about the average efficiency of solar panels and the price. If you are one of these people, you’re probably wondering if they are really profitable and how much you can save.

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Book Promotion and Marketing Testimonial Video

Andrea Kalli

Book Promotion and Marketing Testimonial Video. Designed and edited by Andrea Kalli – Video Design. Video Editing Services. Video Marketing. If you want to see more, check out my showcase videos: [link]. The post Book Promotion and Marketing Testimonial Video appeared first on Video Design, Editing, and Marketing Virtual Assistant. Video Marketing

The Biggest Mistake You're Making With Data

On The Job

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming. Deming died in 1993, but the oft-quoted statistician and quality management guru’s words still ring true in today’s competitive environment where data is gaining more importance in business dealings. Specifically, it’s estimated by IDC that worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will hit $203 billion in 2020, a significant jump from the $130.1 billion spent last year.

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Grammar Quiz #12: Verb Errors

Daily Writing Tips

Rewrite the following sentences so has to remove all verb errors. If I would have known you were going, I would have gone too. The college freshman had drank six beers before passing out. The driver didn’t see the dog laying in the road. When I was in Hollywood, I seen three celebrities walking on Sunset Boulevard. With only a slingshot, David slew the Philistine. Answers and Explanations. Original: If I would have known you were going, I would have gone too.

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How to Study Better – Tips and Tricks from Famous People

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Most young people dream of professional success and glorious careers. What they often neglect in that regard is the importance of good studying and self-development. Some of the biggest authorities in all fields of work emphasize that consistency in learning is what made them so productive and outstanding. One of the best football players in history, Brazil-born Pele, cleverly noted: “Success is no accident.

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Does the Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Brilliantly Better

This is a guest post by Matthew Snider (see bit at the end of article). You may have heard about the law of attraction as it relates to bringing positivity and good things into your life. You might wonder if it… The post Does the Law Of Attraction Really Work? appeared first on Dragos Roua. Guest Posts Personal Development

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Relative Productivity with Joanne Ling & Tracey Fry


I welcome Joanne Ling and Tracey Fry from Sister Mixin’ to the show this time around. I met these two sisters at Chris Drucker’s Tropical Think Tank in March 2017 and we had a great time learning and spending time with a ton of like-minded people over the course of the event.

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3 Examples of Mismatched Inflectional Endings

Daily Writing Tips

When verbs serve parallel functions within a sentence, they should be treated with the same inflectional ending (-s/-es, -ed, or -ing) or should both have no inflectional ending at all. In each of the following examples, discussions explain this point in greater detail, and revisions illustrate adherence to this rule. Below, we outline the main areas where the majority of companies are falling behind as well as highlighting insights and best practices from leading firms.

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Sleek and Sexy: Five Facts About Owning An Awesome Sports Car

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Most of us dream of owning a sleek, sexy and fast sports car. We see these amazing machines in movies, such as in Fast and the Furious, The Transporter and, most recently, Baby Driver. With movies like these that show how outstanding and powerful these cars are, it’s no wonder why a lot of people want to own one. The sight of even seeing one makes a lot of people have goosebumps. As the driver inside the car revs the engine, its roar makes people shudder and look in awe.

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How to Find Finance Without Calling Your Bank

Small Business CEO

Accessing finance at key moments is very often absolutely critical for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and for obvious reasons. Whether the aim is to get started, to pursue growth opportunities or simply to stay in business, getting your hands on the cash you need as an SMB is essential. The problem is that banks aren’t always ready to offer loans or financing facilities that SMBs need and in many cases they’re reluctant to lend money even to perfectly viable and successful companies.

Navigate Controversial Topics In The Workplace

Office Dynamics

Imagine this scenario: You wander into the break room at lunch time to heat up your leftovers and perhaps grab a few minutes with a book or on social media. And then you overhear two co-workers, their voices rising a bit, talking about a controversial subject of the day, or week, or year. It happens, right?

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12 Words Ending in -logue (or Is It -log?)

Daily Writing Tips

What is the correct spelling for words ending with an element derived from the Greek suffix logos, meaning “to speak”? For example, should one refer to an analog, or to an analogue? This post lists and defines words ending in – logue or – log (with prefixes defined and various inflections provided) and provides more detail below the list about which form to use.

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5 Steps to A Happy Beard

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A happy, healthy and attractive beard is not just for the rich and famous. All men can have well-groomed facial hair with a little bit of effort and the right beard grooming tips. If you’ve always wanted to grow beard that is free of beard dandruff, itching and other issues, here are five fast and cost-effective steps to implement. Realistic Expectations. The first thing to realize is that your beard will not necessarily look like another man’s beard.

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Cashing Out on Your Business 101

Small Business CEO

This write-up is a personal memoir of my business startup to sale. Hold my hand and walk with me through my incredible 5-year business journey, right from the birth of my business idea , through the process of starting out, building the brand and to its final climax: selling out! My entrepreneurial eureka moment came during a brainstorming session that birthed the idea; of starting a new business to launch a cosmetic manufacturing start-up firm.

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How Auto Toys Can Keep Your Man Busy Outdoors

Dumb Little Man

Ladies, are you looking for a creative way to get your man out of the house on weekends? Are you sick of watching him sit on the couch, watching TV all day long? Regardless of your reasons, you need to find an activity that will get him outside, playing and having fun. Sometimes, adult men and children are not that different. Nowadays, both seem to prefer staying indoors where technology is readily available and no extra effort is necessary.

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Memory and Memorials

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists and defines the words derived from the Latin term memor , which means “mindful of.”. Memory means “the power or process of retaining things experienced or learned” or refers to something, or all the things, so retained. It also pertains to information stored in a device or the capacity for doing so.

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Loan Consolidation Can Save Your Business

Small Business CEO

Measures To Control Costs. Business is cutthroat today. You’ve got to deal with taxes, you’ve got to deal with economic booms and busts, and you’ve got to deal with technological development silhouetting your competition. Additionally, you’ll have to continually expand operations to remain competitively viable. If you don’t, your business will implode.

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3 Absolute Do’s For a Start Up

Small Business CEO

Every day, there is someone with a new and fresh idea. Start up businesses litter the internet. Some make it and others just don’t. But what’s the difference? What helps those that succeed to reach the heights they do? How do they turn nothing into a booming, profitable business? Below are three things that you must do to solidify the foundation of a new start up company. Do Watch Your Finances.

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5 Accounting Tips for New Restaurant Owners

Small Business CEO

One thing’s for sure: you’re getting into the restaurant business because you love it. For many people just like you, opening a restaurant the ultimate dream — combining a love of food, hospitality, people and entrepreneurship. It will be a lot of work but it will be worth it. But while passion is the glue that will hold it all together, we’ve already mentioned the most important ingredient: hard work.

How to Streamline Your Accounts Payable Department

Small Business CEO

Accounts payable are not always a priority for small businesses. Instead, they are more concerned with chasing up customers who have fallen into arrears. This is perfectly understandable, but forgetting to pay your bills is not the best way to build trust with suppliers. It could also lead to credit problems if you are consistently late paying bills.

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What You Need to Know about Magento vs. Shopify

Small Business CEO

Magento and Shopify are undoubtedly among the most popular ecommerce platforms for medium and large enterprises alike. Small businesses are also present on both platforms , although they usually operate with smaller budgets and thus have different requirements from an ecommerce solution. We’ll start with some market fundamentals to show you the broader picture and will then compare those Magento and Shopify properties that matter most for both large and small business users.

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Do I Need a Dedicated Server for My Startup?

Small Business CEO

The UK has been blessed with an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit. According to Companies House data , 2016 saw a record number of new businesses formed. That figure – 657,790 – continued the progress of record years in 2015 (608,110) and 2014 (581,173). That means a lot of people are taking those tough first steps into the world of business right now. From reaching out to new customers to finding the funds needed to get you up and running, there’s a lot on your plate as a start-up.

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It Works! Increase Engagement and Sales With Educational Content

Small Business CEO

If we dig into the psychology of consumers, we will find out that a big part of them is looking for answers to particular questions about the product or service. When the consumer is planning to buy a certain product or try specific service, he or she tries to find answers to wide range of questions that they are interested in before the purchase. In this case, educational content plays a major role in your content plan.

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