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Using networks to get stuff done

Practically Perfect PA

Just last week I was reminded how brilliant PAs are at using networks to get stuff done. I’m lucky to be a member of a direct messaging group on Twitter made up of some very awesome and proactive assistants. I was on the website the other day and noticed that I had a load of new messages flashing away. When I took a quick peek I saw that one of the PAs had messaged the others to ask if they knew any courier services that could deliver to Germany over the weekend.

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How To Stand Up And Defend Your Path To Success

Dumb Little Man

You’ve made the decision to start a new venture. You’re excited, motivated and strongly fueled by your passion. You’re feeling positive about your future and this path you’ve laid out for your success. You shared your new found journey with a loved one, who immediately started pointing out all the reasons why this is risky and why you shouldn’t do it. Suddenly, you started questioning yourself. Before you knew it, you’ve come to a complete stop. How can you stop this from happening?

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The Rise of Coworking and the Variable Cost Economy

Small Business Labs

A key reason we started following coworking back in 2007 was it provided a flexible alternative to the traditional long term commercial office lease. Coworking turned a fixed cost (long term lease) into a variable cost (month to month membership).    We've long considered the shift to variable costs to be a key megatrend of the new economy.

2017 152

7 Must-Do Actions to be Successful in Your Career as an Administrative Assistant

Office Dynamics

So you already have achieved great success in your career and are a pretty savvy assistant. So what’s next for you within your career? Well here are 7 must-do actions of success-minded assistants. See which ones resonate with you; which ones you can do more often and with more consistency. See yourself in a new light, starting today! What are your secret dreams and visions for who you want to be or where you want to be a better person at work? Do you wish you were more confident? More assertive?

2017 174

How to make a bad first impression better

Practically Perfect PA

Last year I wrote a blog about how assistants should always try to make a really great first impression. You never know who you will end up working with, or for, so it is important that you take the time to make that first contact memorable for all the right reasons. Saying that, everyone has their off days and you can’t be ‘on’ 24/7. We’ve all made bad first impressions. But it is important, especially in business, to be able to make a bad first impression better!

2017 147

The Secret Mind Hacks That Can Change Your Life Today

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever wondered about that little voice in your head? What it actually does to you and your way of thinking? In reality, it’s possible that it mostly does you harm. It puts up invisible self-sabotaging barriers for you. What’s worse is that it creates habitual, unconsciously negative emotions in your body that can lead to real physical pain over time. Eckhart Tolle, author of “ Practicing The Power of Now ”, calls this “the pain body”. The good news? It’s just your mind, NOT YOU!

2017 153

The seductive organizing system

Clutter Coach

by Sometimes just making a to-do list makes you feel so productive that you give yourself a break from doing anything on the list. I’m a big fan of to do lists and I encourage people to acknowledge their progress in order to stay on track. But that’s not always fruitful. Sometimes looking at the progress we’ve make seduces us into believing we’re done. We look at all the tasks crossed off the to-do list and feel good about ourselves.

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Career Success A to Z: R is for Relationships

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. It’s been said that no man (or woman) is an island. This is especially true in the workplace. Business is about people. Anyone in any position in the workforce has to interact with people at some level. The relationships we build-–or fail to build—can follow us for a lifetime. They can help us grow and achieve great things, or they can hold us back.

2017 100

Importance Of Sleep: How It Can Put Your Health In Serious Jeopardy

Dumb Little Man

Although most people know the importance of sleep, a lot of them still miss the recommended sleeping hours. They would rather spend their time completing work-related tasks, running their home and connecting with other people. For some other individuals, lack of sleep is a result of insomnia, cocaine and meth addiction. Sleep is a crucial competent of achieving good health and well-being.

2017 150

Podcast 050: Stay focused on you

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! In this episode, I’ll talk about how the only good reasons to get and stay organized are the ones that matter to you, Staying focused on those in a positive way is what gets you there. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized, available on my website.

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Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed!

Office Dynamics

Welcome to April. Wow, where is the time going? April is one of my favorite months because, here at Office Dynamics, we get to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of those in the administrative profession! In case you are not aware, Administrative Professionals Week is April 24 – 28. But we celebrate the entire month of April. One of the major ways we do that is to host our annual blog-a-thon whereby we post a blog every work day in the month of April.

2017 168

BCG, Sodexo and Mercer on 2017 Global Trends

Small Business Labs

Somebody forgot to tell BCG, Sodexo and Mercer that trends season runs from November to January. These three large and influential firms all recently released 2017 global trends reports.    The "Big 3" strategy consulting giant BCG report is called Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organizations Work. It has the clever tagline "The  New  New Way of Working" BCG covers a lot of ground. Their 12 forces are comprised of 60 sub-trends.

2017 100

What To Do After A Break Up: A Handbook For Every Newly Single Guy

Dumb Little Man

Although men are perceived as strong individuals, a breakup can still wreck you from the inside. It can turn your world upside down. And if you are finding it hard to deal with one, read on as I have been through the same set of whirling emotions over the past few months. Last year, in December, I had a fallout with my girlfriend. A three-year relationship went down, almost abruptly. The reason was quite simple.

2017 148

Science Shows Why Trust in the Workplace is Critical

On The Job

A decade ago, Paul Zak began measuring brain activity from people while they worked and he soon made an important discovery: There are scientific reasons why some organizations perform at high levels while others flounder. He discovered from his tests that people work more effectively – and deliver better results for their companies – when they are working in trusted cultures, such as an environment where workers are not reprimanded or fired if they make a mistake.

2017 130

Want to be More Proactive? Avoid These 3 Common Enemies

Office Dynamics

Most administrative professionals understand that being proactive is an absolute must. As an assistant, your executive looks to you to anticipate needs and do everything in your power today to make sure tomorrow is successful. That’s what being proactive is all about. But it’s not as easy as it sounds! Those who have tried to enhance their proactivity prowess know how tough it can be. All too often, we’re so consumed by today that we don’t have the time (or energy) to think about tomorrow.

2017 158

Business Event Promo Video Demo 1

Andrea Kalli

Here is an example of a really nice colorful and professional business event promo video. This is the basic version. Then there is another version coming with additional segments for multiple pricing, discount information, location/map, partner page, and optional text segments. I love the colors of this, but I can also adjust the colors to client needs. Andrea Kalli – Video Editing & Marketing Services.

2017 109

5 Ways To Tell If Your Mobile Strategy Is Effective

Dumb Little Man

“Adopting a mobile strategy is no longer an option for any enterprise, it has become a need.”. According to a mobility trends report , on an average, an employee uses more than 3 devices to help him with his work and tasks. Enterprises, in general, experienced an increase of 72% in their number of managed devices between the years 2014 and 2015. These numbers aren’t that surprising, especially with how beneficial the strategy is.

2017 148

4 Ways to Stop Being the Office Doormat

On The Job

One complaint I hear fairly often is from those who feel they are not appreciated at work. These workers often feel that they've become human doormats, with colleagues and bosses treating them as if what they do doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Baloney. Everyone's job matters. If you put together boxes, that's important. Without those boxes, products could not be delivered and people might miss out on getting important medicines or critical parts for a project.

2017 116

Administrative Professionals Day 2017 Blog-A-Thon Celebration

Office Dynamics

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, Office Dynamics loves to hold our annual Blog-A-Thon for the entire month of April. April is a month that can change your career if you’re an administrative professional. We love this time of year and it’s time to shine the spotlight on our favorite office professional, you, the administrative professional.

2017 157

Mankind vs. Humankind

Daily Writing Tips

The issue of gender-neutral language reemerged recently in the form of a publicized incident involving a college student who was (mildly) penalized for the use of the term mankind in a paper she wrote for a class. Why was the score on her assignment lowered by one point out of fifty? The course’s professor had explicitly admonished students to use gender-neutral language such as humankind in place of the gender-specific mankind in their papers.

2017 60

How To Succeed In Business: 4 Things You Can Learn From Disney

Dumb Little Man

Disney has achieved success and fame through its original creations and their film adaptations. In addition to that, it also became famous for its perseverance. Despite the ups and downs it experienced, Disney was able to succeed and become popular across countries. Disney took on a couple of approaches to get to where it is now. In case you are curious about these approaches, the list below can give you a clearer idea on how to succeed in business based on Disney’s strategies.

2017 139

The Difference Between Comfort, Cockiness, And Confidence


As I laid down on a rock using my legs as a brace to keep me from falling into the cold rushing water, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I made it here.”. Here” was the Hapao Hot Spring. It also features some cool rapids adjacent to the spring so you can go from a warm bath to frigid water (or vice versa) in just a few steps. My wife and I had hired a local guide to take us through the Hapao and Hungduan Rice Terraces with a stop at this waterway two-thirds of the way through our journey.

Solution for Major Travel Planning Pain Points

Office Dynamics

Travel planning is infamous for being a huge time, patience, and sanity suck for administrative professionals. What seems like a simple there-and-back trip to a traveler is a whirlwind of coordination and research for the admin. Hey, can you book me a trip to San Francisco next week?” Inevitably leads to, “Hey, can you book me a trip to San Francisco on my preferred airline, in an aisle seat, that gets me in on time to meet with John?

2017 153

75 Terms Pertaining to Color

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists numerous nouns and adjectives that describe or pertain to qualities of color, plus brief definitions. ablaze : bright and full of light or color. bleached : washed out as a result of exposure to chemicals or sunlight. bold : very bright, clear, or strong in color. brash : contrasting vividly. bright : filled with light, or having a light but strong color. brilliant : very bright. chatoyant : having a changeable color. chroma : purity of color.

2017 55

The Truth Behind Your Zodiac Sign And Your Desires

Dumb Little Man

Believe it or not, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality and temperament. It can show your hidden desires and secret thoughts that drive your behaviors every day. And it’s not just your sign. In fact, each of the twelve signs in the zodiac chart has its own unique characteristics, both positive and negative qualities. If you are curious to know, here is what astrology can say about the most hidden desires of each zodiac sign. Aries.

2017 137

The Productivityist Podcast: The Staying Power of Sketchnotes with Deborah LeFrank


A landscape architect, entrepreneur, graphic journalist and memory collector, Deborah LeFrank uses pens and paper to capture stories from daily life by creating sketch-notes or visual stories which help her remember things and memories. I’ve known her for quite some time and I’m a big fan of her work, and she’s my guest for this episode. She uses bullet journaling and incorporates visuals to it as a key tool for productivity in all aspects of her life.

2017 54

Writing Tips: Replace Long Noun Phrases with Short Verbs

Office Dynamics

This is part of a series by editor Barbara McNichol to provide tips for writing like a pro. Ever wonder how to make your sentences less verbose and more direct? This works like magic: Change long nouns to short verbs. Consider the differences in these examples from a manual: “They remain in contradiction with themselves” vs. “They contradict themselves.”. “He He made an acknowledgment of her success ” vs. “He acknowledged her success.”. “We

2017 147

Punctuating Complex Sentences

Daily Writing Tips

Writers often overpunctuate long, involved sentences by fortifying them with the “supercomma” variety of semicolons in place of commas. Sometimes, a better solution is to break the sentence into shorter, more easily digestible servings, but often, the sentence is navigable when mere commas set off the statement’s elements—and sometimes the syntax requires commas and prohibits semicolons.

2017 51

Top Five Misconceptions About Home Remedies

Dumb Little Man

Home remedies were once considered to be a normal way to treat illnesses and injuries. Since doctors and hospitals weren’t always available back then, people had to find a way to get better without them. But as time went by, it became taboo to continue using home remedies. Prescription medications, invasive tests, and surgeries replaced plant medicine and natural remedies.

2017 131

How I Screwed Up My Monthly Theme (And Why I’m Glad It Happened)


For the first time in years, I screwed up my monthly theme. But the outcome is going to be worth it. Let me explain. I recently went on a three-week journey in the Philippines. I saw some amazing scenery, took in as much of the beautiful country as I could, and spent time with incredible people. This trip took up 23 days of the month.

2017 52

Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day

Office Dynamics

Finding the perfect gift for your administrative assistant can be a daunting task since flowers and lunch no longer cut it. Today’s executive or administrative assistant wants a gift that is long-lasting. You might be thinking… what about a cool coffee mug? Or what about a travel business tote or beautiful Levenger notepad and pen? Maybe you were considering a gift certificate to your assistant’s favorite restaurant or spa.

Punctuation Quiz #15: Parenthetical Words and Phrases

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the following sentences, commas are missing or are misplaced, misrepresenting exactly which word or phrase is parenthetical to the sentence. Revise the sentences as necessary to clarify the parenthesis. One of the team’s all-time greats, John Smith took over after Robert Jones was injured. There were a bunch of policies, local ones mostly, that I found well intentioned but ineffective. The dust covers allowed the grease to leak out, and worse, allowed dirt and water to get in.

2017 49

Get To The Grind: Hop on, Hop off Treadmill Sprinting

Dumb Little Man

The federal government encourages 150 minutes or five, 30-minute sessions, of moderate-intensity exercise each week. If you live somewhere with great year-round weather, such as California, walking might be a viable option. However, other locations do not have weather that allows you to take your workout outside. If this is your concern, try incorporating a good treadmill workout to your routine.

Sprint 131

Chat Bots 101: Background and Key Issues to Consider Before Incorporating Them Into Your SMB eCommerce Strategy

Small Business CEO

Thanks to artificial intelligence, chat bots essentially have all the answers. Just ask one for a recommendation on a customer service tool that would allow your business to easily and cost-effectively improve the customer experience by providing instant, automated and personalized interaction at every touchpoint, and it would probably tell you to invest in a chat bot.

2017 50

Bring out your to-do list! What form does yours take?

Office Dynamics

Each month we feature a question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s Admin Pro Forum. Please enjoy engaging in a conversation over this month’s question. Question: “Everyone seems to have a different way of creating their to-do lists. I’ve always been interested in how they go about it, and what their lists actually look like. Am I the only one who just scrawls things in a big notebook and messily crosses them out?

2017 115

Providence and Provision

Daily Writing Tips

Providence and provision , and their forebear provide , all ultimately pertain to the notion of foresight. This post discusses these words and others with the same origin. That ancestor word is videre , the Latin verb meaning “see,” which gave birth to providere (“see ahead”). Provide ’s literal sense extended to the figurative meanings of “act with foresight” and “prepare.”

2017 46

The Real Deal With Health Myths And Facts

Dumb Little Man

Growing up, you might have probably heard tons of health myths already. Avoiding the pool when you just ate lunch and sleeping while your hair is still wet are just some of them. These claims seem so real that even though there aren’t enough studies to back them up, we still continue to believe them. To help set the record straight on the most popular health myths and facts, we’ve done the hard work of doing the research for you. Read on. Being cold gives you a cold . False.

2017 128