CEO Spotlight: Chad Price of Mako Medical

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The serial entrepreneur started Mako Medical back in 2014 with no understanding of the medical industry but a desire to fill a need. Working through a number of challenges, he has developed Mako Medical into one of the top US health care companies.

Eco-Friendly Medical Product Can Help You Gain New Patients

Eco-Office Gals

When it comes to medical products such as bandages and gauze, people don’t often think of going green. You wouldn’t believe it, but most medical products contain hazardous chemicals and other materials, which end up in landfills and are bad for the environment. The oddest part is that some of the chemicals that people are exposed to through medical products can actually cause them to become sick in other ways than they may already be.


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How Might PR and SEO Combine for Effective Results in the Medical Communications Industry?

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Health information is one of the most searched topics on the internet – with most traffic going to the top search pages and from hiring a medical communications agency , clients can reap the benefits from enhancing their brand awareness.

Looking for accurate health information online? 6 tips to find it, from a doctor


Many people want to do their own medical research online, and they should. Having quality information about any health condition should be a right, not a privilege. And this extends to all medical products. ACMG: American College Medical Genetics and Genomics.

2021 100

Health Care and Education Inflation

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New Geography's The End of the Road for Eds and Meds argues that the health care and education industries are "at the end of their growth cycle." " I'm not as pessimistic about these industries - especially health care, where demographics favor continued growth. But what really caught my eye was the chart below highlighting the inflation rates for health care and tertiary education.

Health 147

The Benefits of Simulation for Health Care Organisations

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Thus, in reference to the medical profession, simulation can be described as a kind of imitated medical practice, carried in a real-life environment, without any real-life risk. The term ‘simulation’ means the imitation of a situation or process in real life-like conditions.

2020 56

Customer service is not an option for medical and dental practices

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Medical and dental practices should provide their patients with positive customer experiences; after all aren’t we as patients still consumers who pay for services rendered either through our insurance companies or directly out of our debit accounts? From digital signs on busy highways showing shortened waiting times in local emergency medical facilities to expedient office staff, the new faces of medical care seek customer loyalty by creating positive experiences.

4 Reasons you Should Continue Providing your Employees Health Insurance

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As some of the Obama administration’s health care reform legislation goes into effect in 2014, many businesses are left wondering what they should do about their employee’s health insurance coverage. Having un- or under-insured employees means that your workforce will likely forego routine checkups and needed medical care for all but the most dire medical problems. Entrepreneurs Human Resources employees health insurance productivity

The science behind panic attacks — and what can you do to manage them


Panic attacks are surprisingly common; at least one-third of us will experience one at some point in our lives, according to Cindy Aaronson PhD, a clinical psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. Science brains cindy aaronson mental health neuroscience psychology science

2021 113

How to Create an Exercise Routine That Doesn’t Suck


Every health issue you can think of gets worse if you are physically inactive. That’s the advice from the experts at the Heart and Vascular Center at Penn’s medical school. The Good Life healthI couldn’t keep up.

2021 96

Infographic: Obamacare and Small Business

The Small Business Blog

Most employers in the US are now required to provide medical insurance for their employees or contribute towards… Read the full article here: Infographic: Obamacare and Small Business on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business Infographics health health insurance Infographic medical insurance Obamacare

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Five Surprising Health Insurance Tax Tips For Small Business Owners and The Self Employed

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And with Health Reform underway, there are new laws in effect that may translate into a bigger refund check. Here are five health insurance-related tax tips to consider before you file your taxes this year: 1. Take a one-time opportunity to reduce your self-employment taxes - In addition to the standard ‘above the line’ deduction described below, self-employed persons can also deduct the cost of their health insurance premiums from their self-employment taxes on Schedule SE.

2011 67

Don’t expect customer service from your health insurance company

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California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner called the report’s finding “atrocious&# and urged insurers to improve the quality of their health care services. Most people agree that when it comes to customer service and satisfaction, health insurance companies are indeed in a coma. So why is customer satisfaction so incidental to health insurance companies? So is privatizing medical insurance the answer?

An Important Note About COVID-19 Delta Variant

The Marq

This is a longer post only because the details are pertinent, with much of the information as anecdotal, but references to Reuters articles about the spread of the disease based on medical research. COVID-19 Public Health

2021 52

Top ten ways to stay healthy at your desk

Practically Perfect PA

Personal philosophy that she enthusiastically lives and shares: “If exercise came in a pill, we’d have the first real anti-aging, stress-relieving, energy-boosting, happiness-inducing medication!”. Featured Office Politics admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Health Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant MOVE: Active Sitting–sit on a Stability Ball instead of an office chair.

2014 169

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

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The costs of a workplace accident also include time lost, attorney fees, disruption to your daily operations and medical costs. … Finance Legal compensation costs health and safety work injuries workplace safetyWorkers’ compensation costs extend far beyond the cost of your insurance policy. Injuries – no matter how minor or severe – can be time-consuming and costly for any business. Here are four ways you can reduce workers’ compensation costs.

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Safety First: Ensuring Your Employees are First Aid Trained

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Even in seemingly the safest work environments, there’s always the chance that someone will need medical assistance. … Human Resources employee training first aid training health and safety training program Having at least one employee that has relevant first aid training is mandatory in many places, but highly recommended in all.

2014 62

Drones for High Value Deliveries

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Since 2016 they've been using drones (more properly referred to as  unmanned aircraft systems ) to deliver blood and medical supplies in the African nation of Rwanda. The drones are fixed winged unmanned aircraft systems, which the locals call "sky ambulances" They drop off medical supplies by parachute to remote hospitals and clinics located in hard to reach areas of the Rwandan countryside. We hear a lot about drones delivering pizza here in the U.S.

2017 130

Top Seven Open Enrollment Tips for Small Businesses

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With open enrollment season officially underway, many small businesses, as well as their employees, are wrestling with the rising cost of health insurance. According to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, there was a spike in health insurance premiums this year, with the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance increasing 9 percent for family coverage and 8 percent for single coverage. CEO Leadership Human Resources benefits employees health insurance

2011 60

Evaluating Benefits 101 – Comparing Premium Costs is Just Not Enough

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These hidden costs involve the recruiting, hiring and training of employees and can have a significant effect on the financial health and bottom line of a company. Different time-off options, medical benefits, educational opportunities, and other features can be chosen from a benefits menu, and unwanted options can simply be declined. For example, singles are more interested in investment options, families need the best health care plans, and seniors are probably looking for both.

2013 67

Aura Meditation App Review: Thousands of Guided Meditations at Your Fingertips


Major studies have documented the positive impact of meditation on overall well-being and even general health. In fact, the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges recently published an overview titled “ Meditation and Mental Wellness.”

2021 60

How to Create a Budget: 6 Steps to Get You on the Path to Financial Security


The cost of building a life isn’t. We all know expenses exist, but the numbers keep adding up—rent, water, trash, electricity, cable, Internet, car insurance, renter’s insurance, gas, cell phone. It all feels a bit much.

2021 64

Flexibility Outside of the Gym

The Marq

TheMarq A Human Perspective on Business and Life Flexibility Outside of the Gym I met with a senior executive at a local health science company this past week. I told him about my plans looking for employment in health care and my BHAG deadline of September 14. Ive decided to enter health care since I like developing solutions that better peoples quality of life. However, health care is not the ONLY industry where these variables are present.

2009 40

Further Your Business with These 4 Degrees

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Public Health. While it may seem unnecessary in some cases, consider a degree in public health if your business has anything to do with the medical field. This will help keep you up to date on what is happening in the public health field.… As an entrepreneur, you know that your business takes hard work and dedication. One of the best things you can do for your business is to get a degree that will help further your knowledge and skills.

2014 65

20 Surprising Facts About Healthcare Industry in United States

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Medical error could be the third most common reason of death here, and only severe heart ailments and most cancers kill several more US citizens, according to CNBC. Over two million sufferers pass away as a result of medical errors annually, a number that in percentage is around 10 per cent of all U.S. AAMC reports that the US could have a shortfall of health problems, owing primarily due to the growth of older people and the rise in the age of the general population.

2019 45

Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Likely Bad for the Independent Workerforce

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The number of independent workers and self-employed will likely decline due to problems getting health insurance as an independent worker. One of the best features of Obamacare is it detaches health insurance from jobs, making health insurance portable. This greatly reduces health insurance related job lock, allowing more people to become self-employed and start small businesses.

2017 139

Why we need to consider switching to a 4-day workweek — now 


Synergy Vision, a London-based medical and health care communications company, introduced a four-day week in late 2018. I spend extra time doing things for myself, like walking in Hampstead Health, getting through the pile of unread books and planning my wedding.”

2021 113

Pet Humanization and the Quantified Dog

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Medical and food spending are the biggest segments. 90% of the spending in the non-food/non medical segment is dog related.   For those not familiar with the quantified self trend, it's the use of tools and gadgets to self-track and analyze data on your health and life.     Whistle tracks a dog's activity and health, relaying data to owners via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

2013 135

Is Depression Affecting Your Career Success?

On The Job

are on disability for mental health reasons, and that includes depression. The World Health Organization states that major depressive disorder is responsible for almost half of the lost workplace productivity in the U.S., At the same time, I think that many workers are unaware that they are suffering from depression and that it's a real medical condition that can be treated. I remember the first time I wrote about depression in the workplace.

2016 158

Obamacare's Impact on Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

Small Business Labs

As the chart below shows, the percentage of full-time independent workers with health insurance has increased from 64% in 2013 to 83% in 2016. million more independent workers have health insurance than in 2013.  In particular rising co-pays and deductibles are resulting in many not getting medical treatment due to high out of pocket costs.

2017 149

How to Say "No" to a New Position? Very Carefully

On The Job

I had been hired to run a medical magazine, but within the week my new boss took me out to lunch. "I It was the reason why I jumped at the chance to run a medical magazine. I liked health issues, and figured covering them could never be as dull as listening to Congress debate tax shelters. "Uh," I really want this medical magazine job. Is it ever OK to turn down your boss when he or she offers you a new position? I was in this situation once.

2018 125

Headspace Meditation App Review: Is It Right for You?


Mindful meditation provides medically proven health and wellness benefits. It emphasizes anxiety reduction not only through better sleep and meditation, but through physical health and a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

2021 78

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Patient satisfaction and customer.

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Many times the disability or the illness itself can leave patients anxious, demanding and angry, but health care professionals owe it to every patient and their family to provide the best of customer service no matter how difficult the challenge. Some health care providers react to anger from a patient by becoming angry themselves or by just leaving. In order to defuse patient’s anger, the health provider must remain professional, empathetic and clearly communicate.

The Expanding High Skill Gig Economy

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Doctor on Demand , for example, provides video medical consultation service.    Nomad Health  is another example.   As Nomad Health points out, there are a number of reasons doctors go freelance: "Many doctors work locum tenens in addition to their full time position. More and more professions that require advanced degrees or highly specialized skills are joining the gig and/or on-demand economy. A good example is law. 

2017 140

4 Smart Money Moves to Plan for Financial Security


A survey by Insider and Morning Consult from 2019 showed that millennials were more likely to put off buying houses, making career moves, undergoing medical procedures and even getting hitched—all because of cash-related reasons.

2021 103

How to Handle Going Back to Work After COVID-19

On The Job

Luan Phan, head of psychiatry and behavioral health at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. If you're still working from home, you need to start preparing to return to your workplace. The thought may fill you with dread. Maybe you love working from home.

2020 141

Fear of Success | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

I’m willing to put my health at risk, my reputation, and my financial security. Yes, I’d get my regular paycheck, yes I’d get health insurance paid by someone else, yes I’d get paid vacations and 401K and chit chat at the water cooler, but that image is scarier to me than being faced with a month of no clients while on my own.

2009 60

CB Insights on the Trends Shaping Tech in 2018

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  The global race for AI chip dominance heats up : We’re seeing a Cambrian explosion of applications for artificial intelligence, from recognizing faces in videos for security purposes to detecting diseases in medical images at scale. Smart pills are obviously still in the early stages of use, but digital health will continue to be a big trend in 2018. The technology information site CB Insights recently published their list of 15 Trends Shaping Tech in 2018.

2018 152

3 Ways Office Employees Can Get Better Insurance

Small Business CEO

While the Department of Labour’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) offers various compensation programs (that provide wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, and other benefits) your employer’s health insurance programs may not fully take care of you or your family. Especially if you’re an employee who doesn’t know what you rightfully deserve in terms of benefits and health plans.

2018 41

Fidelity on Leading Sectors for Innovation

Small Business Labs

  Leading Sectors for Innovation from Fidelity Investments looks at innovations in health care/medical devices, media and entertainment and information technology.    The medical innovation areas covered include genomics, biotech pharmaceuticals and digital health records.  I like to follow research from investment companies because they put their money (actually, other people's money) where their mouth is. 

2011 111