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Do You Need an MBA to be Successful in Business?

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Having a successful business does not have a sure shot recipe. What it does have is a consistent set of ingredients. All you need is to eyeball the quantity based on your requirements. Some must-haves to start a business are: Powerful idea. Market demand or the demand for the idea or product you plan to sell. Passion to persist. Finance or capital or investment (potential investors). However, to successfully run a business, you need the following: Domain knowledge. Market understanding. Sales.

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"The Venture Capitalizaton of Belonging"

Small Business Labs

Fast Company's Social clubs died out in America. Now, venture capital is bringing them back provides an interesting look at the changing landscape of American social clubs. The article starts by pointing out the long decline in the membership of traditional clubs. Key quote: "Over the last few decades, sociologists and political scientists have found that American clubs of all stripes–from youth service clubs to bowling leagues–have experienced steep declines in their memberships.

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5 free tools to help with your productivity

Practically Perfect PA

Before we dive into our list of productivity tools, I want to spend a few minutes talking to you about the importance of keeping up with the latest technology. Firstly it makes us more productive – can you imagine still using a typewriter for your minutes, carbon copy paper for anything that needs to be […].

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How to Position Yourself for Management (Free Webinar)

Eat Your Career

Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of “How to Position Yourself for Management.”. Let’s be honest: Management isn’t for everyone. It takes a specific set of skills to be a great manager, and some people just don’t have what it takes. Others certainly can do it, but they’d rather not. Sadly, some folks don’t figure that out until after they’ve made the shift. Then, they realize that being a manager is a lot harder than it looks from the outside.

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Simple Health Tips: Become The Programmer of Your Reality

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“Your mind is like the operating system of a super computer which gets programmed over time by your own environment and experiences… You can, however, learn to reprogram the mind… you can become the programmer of your own reality.”. Niraj Naik, author. With all the negativity we see in the world, it can be easy to fall into a state of victimhood. It feels as though we’re simply victims of all the vagaries of life — war, disease, tragedy, fear, crime, poverty, and the list goes on.

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A Guide to Public Speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

The post A Guide to Public Speaking appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Delivering an effective presentation is difficult. With the Internet, listeners have access to more information that ever before and have higher expectations for content from speakers today. In addition, because most people are saturated with entertainment, audiences want a presentation that is entertaining.

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20 tools to help manage your Exec’s travel plans

Practically Perfect PA

Just think how much time you spend organising travel for your Executive or your team? It’s a lot, right? Maybe 20% of your week? Maybe more? That time will be taken up by meticulously planning trips with the hope that nothing will go wrong while their Executive is away from the office. But from missed […]. Core Skills Featured Travel admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Key Skills Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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8 Ways Gaming Can Make You Happy

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Everybody knows gaming is a fun hobby. It keeps us occupied, engaged, and the vast array of free and paid games you can get into in so many different platforms is nothing short of exciting. Still, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a place wherein you have to defend how you spend your time in front of a console. The next time you need to justify how it’s actually good for you, just tell them all the below real-life benefits of gaming. Gaming Relieves Stress.

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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

On The Job

When you're job searching, the advice is to "clean up your social media presence." But what does that mean, exactly? For example, when you were told to clean up your room as a kid, my hunch is that your version of "clean" was a lot different than your mom's. So, what you consider offensive online today may be a whole lot different than what will raise a red flag with a hiring manager. To make sure that you really scrub out the questionable stuff from your online activities: 1.

Online Technology Recommendations from a Geek Girl

Tips From T. Marie

Even though I’ve rolled my Girly Girl Geek WordPress Website services back underneath the Clerical Advantage banner, it doesn’t mean I’ve lost my geek girl status. On the contrary, my own name is probably as easily recognized as synonymous for geek as the girly girl geek moniker was. Lots of times, when someone realizes what I do for a living, they tell me how cool it is that I started my own business based on being the office geek. Then they shyly start asking me for technology recommendations.

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Fiverr Going Public

Small Business Labs

Despite choppy equity markets, gig economy companies continue to go public.    Next up is the online talent marketplace Fiverr , which filed their IPO prospectus a few weeks ago. Launched in 2010, Fiverr got it's name from its original business model, which was connecting services buyers with sellers would do a wide variety of tasks for just $5 dollars. 

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Top Reasons Why You Should Find A Virtual Assistant Today For Your Business

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Running a business can take a significant toll on you, especially when you are doing all the tasks alone. It will make it hard to focus on growing your business and generating more profits if you’re too busy doing everything yourself. Maybe it’s about time you get yourself support and experience the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. What Are Virtual Assistants? Virtual assistants are experts who remotely work for their clients.

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Positive Career Affirmation #15

Eat Your Career

I offer support to others when I can and generously accept it when offered. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #15 appeared first on Eat Your Career. Positive Career Affirmations help support

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6 Things You Should Know About A WordPress Website

Tips From T. Marie

As many of you know, creating, maintaining and working with WordPress websites is one part of my online technology services. I’m often contacted to fix issues on websites that other web designers have built. Sometimes clients need things added, like sign up forms. Usually they contact me because things aren’t working the way they are supposed to, and they no longer are getting a response from the person who built it for them.

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Attending an Assistant industry event? Best to be prepared!

Practically Perfect PA

If you are going to attend an Assistant industry conference, you will get much more value if you spend a little bit of time preparing correctly for the event. We all know this, and yet all too often an event pops up on our calendar for the next day, and we think, is this tomorrow […]. Career Development Featured Training admin administrators assistants Career EA Education and Training Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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Watch Out for These Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Many people often joke about forgetting the names of their loved ones or where they put their things. That forgetfulness may not be that alarming if it’s because of a lack of focus. However, forgetfulness caused by the effects of Alzheimer’s disease should be a cause of concern. Alzheimer’s is a deadly neurodegenerative disease that results in a gradual decline in memory, thinking, reasoning, and communication skills.

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Podcast 121: The pop out effect

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! ?. This is the podcast 121 and it’s about the pop out effect. The pop out effect occurs when you look at a screen of green circles and can easily identify the one red circle. It’s the only one that’s not green so visually it pops out at you. You don’t have to think about it. It’s immediate. The effect is also seen in criminal lineups.

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Advisor vs. Adviser, Advice vs. Advise

Daily Writing Tips

When you advise someone, you give advice. One is a verb, the other is a noun. And where does advice come from? Good advice is offered by advisers/advisors. The spelling is the only difference between those two words, and usually adviser and advisor mean the same thing. Spelling it with an e is more common, but either spelling is correct. The spellchecker in my computer marks advisor as incorrect. The words advice and advise can be confused. As I just said, one is a verb, the other is a noun.

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Research: Why Workplace Competitions Often Backfire

On The Job

How many times have you visited a business and seen a list of employee names, followed by a series of check marks or numbers? I've seen it many times, usually signifying some sort of "competition" between employees, such as upselling to customers. I've even been a part of such competition when I was working retail while in high school. The competition was to get the most customers to fill out credit-card applications. The prize? An electric blanket.

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The Most Common Fears in America and How You Can Overcome Them

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The word “fear” often bears a very negative connotation. It’s seen as an emotional response that holds us back, puts us on edge, and breeds discomfort. At its core, though, fear is actually a force of good. It’s a biological response that keeps us safe whenever we perceive danger. So, while fear gets a bad wrap, it’s more of a misnomer than anything. A true frivolous fright is called a “phobia”.

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Episode 247: The Power of Virtual Accountability with Jeff McMahon


On today’s episode, I spent time with Jeff McMahon. Jeff is a virtual trainer turned online entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and many more. Jeff work to help business owners feel more confident, strong, and healthy so they can dominate in their business and have more energy throughout their day. His degree is pre-med/pre-pharm with dual certifications in injury rehab and sports medicine.

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Parallel Structure Exercises

Daily Writing Tips

Previous posts on this website have discussed syntactical errors that result in a lack of grammatical balance between equivalent words and phrases; this post lists the various types of mistakes that lead to flawed parallel structure. You are invited to fix each sentence before reading the explanation. Absence of One Word. Most sentences with faulty parallel structure merely lack one word that, once added, repairs the damaged equivalence.

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How to Drive Repeat Customers—And Why It Matters

Small Business CEO

As a business owner, you likely spend most of your time and money finding different ways to drive new business. But how much focus do you place on driving repeat business? Repeat customers are just as valuable—if not more—as new customers and play an important role in your business. Think about it; repeat customers are easier to sell to because they are already familiar with your product or service.

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5 Really Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About the Bed You Sleep In

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You spend more of your life sleeping than you do any other single activity. Based on eight hours of sleep a night for 75 years, that’s 25 years of sleep or 9,125 days. That’s a lot of time spent in the same spot. If you are not changing your bed sheets as often as needed, you’re putting yourself at risk of different health problems. Read on to find out more. Many of Us Take a Month to Wash Our Sheets. How often should you change your bed sheets?

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7 Tips to Cancel with Diplomacy & Grace

Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant

Hello, new and returning readers! In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the issue of being on time. The sheer number of increasingly flaky, unreliable, and blatantly rude behavior I’ve encountered in the last few years is quite astonishing. I’m not talking about the run of the mill stuff like being a few minutes late and letting people know you’ll be late on the rare occasion. That’s understandable. A bit eyebrow raising is the time when an executive was 30 min late to meet with my boss.

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Incredible Little-Known Canva Hacks That Will Surely Surprise You

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If you are a startup struggling to establish your brand’s identity, visual communication skills might just be your greatest asset for success. But for the person not necessarily seeking the services of a professional graphic designer, we always prepare pro design tips to set you off just like an expert. Secret Canva Pro Hacks. In this digital age, there is no denying the importance of well-structured, thoughtful designs.

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How Employers Can Help Fight The Opioid Crisis

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The opioid crisis is raging on. The news of pharmaceutical companies being sued by consumer groups and state governments grows more frequent every day. Lots of people are pointing the finger at various causes of this epidemic — prescription advertising being deregulated in the 90s, the increase in opioid prescriptions, the availability of opioids streaming in from China. Proven methods of reducing harm and ending the epidemic are often, unfortunately, swept under the rug.

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Understanding the Role of a CFO and Its Importance in a Company

Small Business CEO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays an essential role in a company. It’s the CFOs responsibility to ensure that the company’s finances are utilised properly and report this information to all of the major stakeholders. The business advisory services that a CFO offers to their company are invaluable in terms of keeping everything financially stable as well as growing the business.

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Proven Social Media Marketing Approaches to Skyrocket Your SaaS Business

Small Business CEO

Social media marketing is important for the growth of any SaaS business. The marketing will majorly involve the emphasis of the value of service that is provided to the users. There are some helpful tips that can be applied to grow any SaaS business through social media. The Pre-Launch Stage? At this stage it will be necessary to find the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the business. The questions that should be asked at this point include: What is the aim of this business launch?

The Types of Manufacturing Environments and Processes Used Today

Small Business CEO

Most businesses that manufacture products use more than one type of manufacturing environment to get a single product out the door. For business owners who are considering making manufacturing a part of their business model, getting to know the environment options is a must. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular manufacturing environments and processes used today. Increasing Efficiency and Productivity.

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Simple and Quick Ways to Create Short Videos

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Videos exist and grow more and more. That’s not really surprising, considering how videos can increase engagement, capture attention, attract reach, and increase traffic. However, for some of us, the idea of being in front of a video camera drives us crazy. If you fall into this group of people, here are some easy ways to break the ice and start creating short videos! What is a short video?

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