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8 Strategies to Quickly Assess Prior Knowledge

Productivity Bits

Assessing students’ prior knowledge allows you to customize your teaching by anticipating their needs. Consultant Barbara Blackburn provides 8 simple strategies to help you gain an understanding of what your students do and do not know before launching into a lesson. Articles Prior Knowledge " red herring "write the room" Barbara Blackburn if-then statements KWL chart LINK strategy prior knowledge questionnaires strategies word sorts

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7 Secrets To Help You Make 2018 Super Successful

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There are many ways to be successful. As we move into the new year, you are starting to think about how you can make this your most successful year ever. Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’re going to learn seven practical tips for reaching your goals and improving your life in 2018. Each of these tips will focus on the following aspects of your life: Mind. Relationships. Business and career. Personal finances. Personal limits.

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The New Tax Law: Freelancers Win on Taxes, Lose on Healthcare

Small Business Labs

The new tax law contains a major benefit for many freelancers. It allows them to deduct 20% of their revenue from their taxable income. This is the "pass-through" provision. It provides this deduction to sole proprietors, LLCs and and other entities that pass-through their business income to their personal taxes. There are some caveats. There are limits to who can take this deduction and who can and can't will be unclear until the final IRS regulations are issued.

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‘Icarus Six Sixty Six’ VR Music Video Is A Heavy Metal Masterpiece

On The Job

Take a thrilling journey through a dangerous cosmos in an adventure set to a soundtrack from the musical mastermind behind Adult Swim’s Dethklok. Titmouse is one of those companies that seems genuinely committed to breaking the status quo in every project they produce. Whether it be television, film or games, the popular animation studio injects a unique flair into everything they touch, resulting in some of the most creative and memorable pieces of animated content in recent years.

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What have we got planned for 2018?

Practically Perfect PA

Well, firstly, happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first blog post of 2018. I hope that you all had a fantastic festive break and you were able to get some much needed R&R. I spent most of December in Australia visiting some amazing places (more on that later this month) and spending time with […]. Editor's notes Featured admin administrators assistants Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Customer Base

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So, you’ve been in business for some time now. Do you know how to increase your customer base? When you started out, you’re probably not so bothered about having little or no customer. After all, it’s normal for new businesses. But now, you’re probably thinking why you can’t keep your business on a steady ride. What will be the fate of a business without customers? I’m no prophet of doom but it’s quite obvious that it’ll be a disaster.

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CB Insights on the Trends Shaping Tech in 2018

Small Business Labs

The technology information site CB Insights recently published their list of 15 Trends Shaping Tech in 2018. CB Insights is widely followed in the tech community, especially among investors and tech deal makers. So their list of tech trends is well worth taking a look at.   We found several of the trends particularly interesting. These include (the trends and descriptions are from their report): Cars become a subscription good : Pay a monthly fee and drive a car for as long as you’d like.

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How to Turn Your Career Goals Into Reality (Free Webinar)

Eat Your Career

I often tell people I’m a firm believer in the power of goal setting. But I’ve come to realize that this statement oversimplifies the matter. Goal setting, in and of itself, is certainly powerful. After all, if you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll probably end up somewhere …but whether or not that’s a place you want to be is anyone’s guess. I’m not willing to take that risk, so I set goals. However, it goes far beyond that. It’s what I do with my goals that really matters.

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Live Chat for Business: The Best Investment?

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If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably aiming to increase engagement, conversion, sales, and traffic to your site. That’s actually not a problem. Getting traffic has become relatively easy these days with the plethora of advertising opportunities available. Using Google or Facebook and spending a few bucks on targeted ads, for example, can instantly deliver traffic to your website. Conversion and engagement, however, are a completely different thing.

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Would you feel comfortable taking a ‘well day’?

Office Dynamics

Each month we feature a question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s Admin Pro Forum. Please enjoy engaging in a conversation over this month’s question. Question: “Once or twice a year, I wake up and just really, really don’t feel like going to work. But it feels like the system is set up to make us lie about our absences if they’re not illness-related or scheduled well in advance.

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Real Estate Agent Team Marketing Video to showcase company and statistics

Andrea Kalli

Real Estate Agent Team Marketing Video to showcase company and statistics. When real estate agents and real estate companies want to showcase more than just properties. You’ve worked hard to become the expert real estate company in your area. Top of the line. The go-to team for a premium client base. This type of video is a perfect way to let your audience learn more about you and your team. Designed and edited by Andrea Kalli – Video Design. Video Editing Services. Video Marketing.

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Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2017

Daily Writing Tips

The Oxford Dictionaries recently publicized its Word of the Year for 2017 and the runner-up shortlist, and the selections, and a comparison of them with those of Merriam-Webster, are intriguing.

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Why You Should Include Nuts In Your Weight Loss Regimen

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Nuts are healthy as they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. However, a majority of people on a weight loss regimen avoid including them in their diet because they fear their fats and calories. That is a mere misconception. In reality, nuts can help you lose weight. We’ll share with you the best nuts for weight loss but first, let’s unravel the truth first. Studies on How Nuts Aid in Weight Loss. Nuts are rich in calories.

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The Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin


On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Gretchen Rubin , the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, and The Happiness Project. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have sold almost three million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages.

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4 Benefits of Exchanging Old Office Furniture With The New Ones

Small Business CEO

Buying new furniture is always a thing of interest for all of us. Be it in the office or your personal space, there will be times that you will need to buy new furniture. We may buy new ones when the space you are working or living is changed. Or, you may think that it’s time to redesign your space. Here are a few benefits while selling used furniture and buying new ones. Office remodeling.

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Punctuating Subordinate Clauses

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the following sentences, omission of a comma between a main clause and a subordinate clause muddles the meaning. Discussion after each example describes the complication, and a revision demonstrates how to eliminate ambiguity. The candidate’s supporters and protesters championing his rival violently confronted each other in the city’s downtown district leading to multiple arrests. The district did not lead to multiple arrests; the confrontation did.

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Your New Year’s Resolution: Better Recycling Practices

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s an old classic saying, but is it true? How about garbage? Is garbage beautiful? Maybe, if you know how to make it “un-garbage” Take this year as an opportunity to do the planet a great favor by avoiding the landfill in favor of recycling. Science Weighs In.

2018 159

The Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin


On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Gretchen Rubin , the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, and The Happiness Project. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have sold almost three million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages.

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What is the Best Email Marketing Strategy for 2018?

Small Business CEO

You’ve finally done it. Made a list, checked it twice, and now you want to start sending emails to your (hopefully) loyal subscribers. Ah, life is great and your business is surely set to explode with increased sales. As they say “It’s all in the list!” ” But, do you really know what you’re doing? Are you armed with the knowledge needed to successfully send out useful emails to your list without getting spam-boxed and/or unsubscribed?

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Boxes and Boxing

Daily Writing Tips

Is there any connection between the word for a usually square or rectangular container and the name of the contact sport called “the sweet science”? The pugilistic sense of box may be related to the botanical one and therefore to the general sense of an object in which something is situated or enclosed, but no direct relationship has been traced. However, this post explains the etymological origin of the word in both senses and provides some definitions and usage examples.

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Meet The 2017 HRWins Top HR Companies To Watch: Beekeeper, Non-desk Worker Communications Innovator

Daily Writing Tips

Beekeeper develops an internal communications platform focused on businesses with non-desk workers that they say is “all the workplace tools you need in one intuitive platform.” ” Managing a large workforce that is not in front of a screen all day comes with its own unique challenges. It’s also where most of the world works. Healthcare, professional […].

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When do You Need to Hire a Virtual Receptionist?

Small Business CEO

Call handling is an important factor in the success of pretty much every business out there. When calls get missed, or a busy employee rushes a client off the phone, your reputation and revenues always suffer. Handling menial calls when you should be focusing on other aspects of the business also inhibits growth, making the need for a receptionist to handle calls essential to success.

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Why Virtual Phone Number is a Must-Have for an Online Business

Small Business CEO

The idea of a business phone number without any physical lines attached to it is a relative new one. In days gone by, a business would have to pay their local landline provider a premium for access to unlimited long distance, and shell out thousands in initial costs for multi-line phones, IVR equipment and software, and other physical infrastructure needed to answer incoming calls.

5 Small Businesses Hit Hard by Hacking

Small Business CEO

When you think of hacking, you never think it’s something that can happen to you. Hacking sounds too much like a distant headline or a plot line from a show like “Robot.” However, contrary to what you might think, small businesses and startups are actually the ideal target for hackers. According to the United States National Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses that fall victim to an online attack are out of business within six months.

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Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: Reduce Chargeback and Stop Fraud Using FraudLabs Pro

Small Business CEO

One of the single most crushing problems facing ecommerce entrepreneurs today is fraudulent transactions. Out of control fraud in the shopping cart will inevitably lead to the termination of a business’s merchant account, in addition to untold financial loss including: costly chargebacks, fraud investigation costs, court fees, and the cost of lost (stolen) goods shipped out to fraudsters.

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Bad Internet Leads are a Myth. Here’s Why.

Small Business CEO

The bad lead: It’s like a big piece of gunk gumming up the works in your sales funnel. Not only does it stop the flow of better prospects, but it does so seemingly out of nowhere. So would it surprise anyone to learn that these leads are completely in the company’s control? It’s a hard truth to swallow, but no one can produce a “bad” lead except you. The internet doesn’t make a lead bad. Nor do social media platforms. The problem lies squarely in what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

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5 Reasons Outsourcing Your Call Center Needs is a Good Idea

Small Business CEO

Are you thinking about outsourcing your call center related tasks to a provider instead of doing things internally? An experienced call center service provider can offer several benefits including significantly reducing capital costs, improving efficiency and service, and lessening your involvement in the entire process, so you can focus more on growth oriented tasks that will take your business to the next level and beyond.

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