How Legendary Companies Fix Failed Payments

Dumb Little Man

On top of that, 47% of companies lose auto-renewals due to changes in payment data. 65% of a company’s business comes from their existing customers, and 32% of people will stop doing business with a brand after just one bad experience.

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HBR on Why Companies Need Digital Nomad Programs and Policies

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The Harvard Business Review's Your Company Needs a Digital Nomad Policy covers the reasons why companies should have formal digital nomad programs and policies.  


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Select the best company with good reviews

Office Organization Success

The energy rate will be determined by the company that is working as the major energy provider. The energy-providing companies will do the best service to the users and their work is to satisfy the users with their service.

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Mystery Surrounds Florida Company Suspected In Assassination of Haiti's President

NPR Technology

Mystery has surrounded a Florida security company with suspected ties to the assassination of Haiti's president. Court records reviewed by NPR suggest financial trouble at the company in recent years.

2021 101

How Companies Should Handle Office Romance

Dumb Little Man

Office supply company Viking has conducted research to find out how common romance in the workplace is and what effect it has on those who have been involved with someone at their office. The post How Companies Should Handle Office Romance appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

2020 208

What Defines a Strong Company?

Nicole Walters, CEO and founder of Inherit Learning Company, chats with Georgene Huang and Romy Newman, co-founders of Fairygodboss, about the importance of having strong, cohesive leadership.

2021 63

Serious mistakes in Content Marketing that cost companies

Content marketing is a way of providing your potential customers with informative content to questions they seek, with the purpose of meeting a need. Content Marketing

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Get Research Savvy: These 7 Sites Offer Better Company Data

Small Business CEO

If your job or business or even mere curiosity relies on access to accurate, up-to-date information about private and public companies, you can’t rely on Internet searches alone. … The post Get Research Savvy: These 7 Sites Offer Better Company Data appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

This shipping company may become Amazon Prime's rival

Cainiao is an Alibaba subsidiary logistics company that plans to take any product anywhere in the world in 72 hours and for three dollars a month (approximately 60 Mexican pesos).

2021 56

Apple could buy Reese Witherspoon's production company

This would be in order to expand its Apple TV catalog. Entertainment

2021 56

GreenPower Motor Company Is An EV Stock Worth Buying

GreenPower Motor Company (NASDAQ: GP), as small as it is, has got something that most other EV startups don't have. The company has orders, production. Finance

2021 63

11 Ways Companies Can Excel Ethically At Every Level

Forbes Leadership

While most companies strive to build a culture of trust and transparency, it can be difficult to ensure people demonstrate ethical behavior at every level of a business, internally and externally.

2021 87

These Are The Ten Biggest Companies In Computers, Office Equipment

The computers and office equipment industry serves as the backbone of enterprises, including both service and manufacturing companies. This industry d. Finance

ACME Hotel Company, Chicago

Practically Perfect PA

If you answer yes to either of these questions then the ACME Hotel Company is the place for your boss! Why book the ACME Hotel Company for your boss? ACME Hotel Company , 15 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at ACME Hotel Company Chicago. The post ACME Hotel Company, Chicago appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. So the first question to ask is… do you have a boss that is pretty cool?

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Why Indie Brands Are At War With Shein And Other Fast Fashion Companies

NPR Technology

The fast-fashion giant is facing growing criticism from customers and independent designers, who say the brand has made it big by copying designs from small businesses. Image credit: Katja Knupper/Die Fotowerft/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

2021 99

Duolingo, Alphabet-Backed Language Company, Files Publicly Listed Document

The company did not disclose its valuation targets or share prices. applications

A Company's Biggest Competitive Edge in Attracting Young Talent

Offering flexibility to employees has been shown to raise morale and improve workplace satisfaction. Growth Strategies

2021 73

3 Reasons Why Some Companies Successfully Manage a Turnaround. and Why Many Don't

Which strategies can help you save your business? Turnaround Strategies

2021 113

Company designs an exclusive monitor for Xbox

The device is presumed to have larger size, speakers with much more power, a faster operating system and more surprises, Video game

2021 56

Building a Successful Company Culture, From the Inside Out

Why culture matters, and how to preserve it when you scale up. Entrepreneurs

2021 56

The Admin’s Impact on Employee Morale and Company Culture

Admin Awards

On June 22nd we hosted our first Admin Awards Roundtable Discussion on the Admin’s Impact on Employee Morale and Company Culture. – How Admins drive business outcomes by influencing teams around company values.

Companies that make people return to the office will lose employees

Vox Open Sourced

Most companies are asking that employees return on a hybrid basis, meaning they come into the office at least some of the time. When we start scrutinizing the tasks that people do and the work that they do, one option that many companies have been pursuing is, “Can we pool and rotate?”

2021 105

5 tips on managing your company’s social media

Practically Perfect PA

Many Assistants are being asked to look after their company’s online profiles and their organisation’s social media messaging. It can be a time-consuming task that requires some thought because social media platforms change so rapidly. There are so many different platforms and options that can pull your focus. If you have been given this task, […].

U.S. Companies Shifted To Make N95 Respirators During COVID. Now, They're Struggling

NPR Technology

Now, those companies are facing bankruptcies and layoffs as Chinese-made masks flood the market again. When an N95 respirator shortage left hospitals scrambling in 2020, U.S. manufacturers stepped in.

2020 94

Google Workspace Helps Every Company Thrive

Help make sure your business is ready for anything. Prepare to Succeed

This Entrepreneur's Travel Company Actually Grew During The Pandemic – Here's What That Says About Buyer Psychology

Customer acquisition plummeted 90%, but the business bounced back. Entrepreneurs

2021 83

5 Lessons From a Startup Founder Who Bootstrapped His Way to Acquiring a $55 Million Company

As a startup founder, are you obsessed with securing fresh investor capital? It might not be as important as you think. Fundraising

2021 106

A 'Colossal' Ransomware Attack Hits Hundreds Of U.S. Companies, A Security Firm Says

NPR Technology

The attack paralyzed the networks of at least 200 firms, according to a cybersecurity researcher responding to the incident. A major Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate may be behind the attack. Image credit: Jenny Kane/AP

2021 107

Insect Farming Company Ynsect Raises $150 Million

Small Business Labs

  The company is using the money to expand in the U.S. Ynsect , a Paris-based producer of insect protein used in fish farming and pet food, recently raised $125 million.  and build the world's largest insect farm in Northern France. They plan to grow mealworms, which are larvae of the beetle species Tenebrio molitor (not that you care) at the plant.

2019 121

Elon Musk's Boring Company May Build Its First Tunnel on the East Coast

A Florida city could be the site of its next project. News and Trends

2021 102

Dog Walking Company Wag Raises $300 Million

Small Business Labs

Key quote from the article: "Data on the real-world comings and goings of internet users — and, evidently, their dogs — is a highly sought-after commodity among technology companies." Wag calls itself the "#1 dog walking and dog sitting app for busy dog owners"   And backing this claim up is their recent $300 million funding round. 

2018 137

How to Keep Your Company Safe From Cyber Attacks

Learn today's cybersecurity skills for tomorrow's challenges. Cybersecurity

The Rise of Solopreneur Manufacturing Companies

Small Business Labs

  Growing numbers of solopreneur manufacturing companies is part of the broader trend towards more solopreneur businesses in general. The Wall Street Journal's Big Growth in Tiny Businesses nicely covers a trend we'e been following for years - the growth of solopreneur, non-employer manufacturing businesses. Key quote: "The number of businesses classified as manufacturers with no employees has been rising steadily since the depths of the recession.

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Sustainable Business Advice for Startup Companies

Eco-Office Gals

From there it’s just a matter of finding lenders or investors to give you the startup funds needed to launch your business so that you can follow through with your plans to get your company off the ground and earning a profit, possibly including leasing a building, hiring employees, and getting your products or services to the consumer public. But for the company looking to start out on a carbon-neutral foot, this is terribly undesirable.

2013 146

3 Ways Purpose-Driven Companies Drive Success

Forbes Leadership

An unforeseen pandemic shook the global economy and disrupted the status quo of how we work and lead others. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership

2021 56

Meet The Company That’s Proving Two Big EdTech Trends

Forbes Leadership

This company perfectly captures two trends in education technology. Education /education Leadership /leadership Education /education leadership

2021 52

Should You Start Your Own Company? 

Small Business CEO

… The post Should You Start Your Own Company? Perhaps you have reached a point in your professional career where you no longer feel interested in working for your large corporation for the next few years. In fact, you’re ready to resign despite being a senior manager.

Joining instructions for company events

Practically Perfect PA

Most of us will be involved in organising an event at some point in our career particularly if your company does not have a dedicated events department. Remember that social media is beneficial within an organisation as much as marketing outside of the company. The post Joining instructions for company events appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

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Green Gift Giving: Green Glass Company

Eco-Office Gals

When I came across The Green Glass Company , I was intrigued. With origins dating back to 1992 in South Africa, The Green Glass Company has seen many incarnations and has grown into the largest producer of reclaimed glassware in the world.The Green Glass Company strives to satisfy not only its recycling heritage but also its eclectic and diverse clientele. The Glass Company’s product line creations doesn’t stop at glassware.

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Democrats Want To Hold Social Media Companies Responsible For Health Misinformation

NPR Technology

Democratic senators have introduced a bill that would hold Facebook, YouTube and other social media companies responsible if they promote harmful health claims on their platforms.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Small Business CEO

Implementing a positive company culture has a great many benefits to a business, but how can you do this? The reality is that any company owner who purely focuses on monetary goals will only fail. Management company culture

2020 68

These Are The Ten Most Profitable Companies In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the sixth biggest economy in the U.S., but on a per-capita basis, it ranks much lower. In terms of area, it is the 33rd biggest state. Finance

2021 52

An Energy Company Behind A Major Bribery Scandal In Ohio Will Pay A $230 Million Fine

NPR Technology

FirstEnergy Corp. agreed to pay the $230 million fine as part of a deferred prosecution agreement. Acting U.S. Attorney Vipal Patel calls it the "largest criminal penalty ever collected" by his office (Image credit: Ron Schwane/AP

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