Air Taxi Company Joby Went Public

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The urban air mobility (buzzword alert) company Joby made its public markets debut last week.  The company is developing a five-seat electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, pictured below in-flight (click to enlarge).

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Helping Companies Make Better Candy


The post Helping Companies Make Better Candy appeared first on SUCCESS. From luscious chocolate to rich caramel, whimsically shaped gummies and gooey nougat, candy is the delicious, joyous treat that people enjoy throughout the world.

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Select the best company with good reviews

Office Organization Success

The energy rate will be determined by the company that is working as the major energy provider. The energy-providing companies will do the best service to the users and their work is to satisfy the users with their service.

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HBR on Why Companies Need Digital Nomad Programs and Policies

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The Harvard Business Review's Your Company Needs a Digital Nomad Policy covers the reasons why companies should have formal digital nomad programs and policies.  

Questions You May Have About Closing a Limited Company

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Closing a company is a daunting task that requires sound discretion of all legal formalities and thorough precision. Regardless of why you want to close your limited company, there may be some questions on your mind about the process. Legal closing a business uk limited company

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Get Research Savvy: These 7 Sites Offer Better Company Data

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If your job or business or even mere curiosity relies on access to accurate, up-to-date information about private and public companies, you can’t rely on Internet searches alone. … The post Get Research Savvy: These 7 Sites Offer Better Company Data appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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ACME Hotel Company, Chicago

Practically Perfect PA

If you answer yes to either of these questions then the ACME Hotel Company is the place for your boss! Why book the ACME Hotel Company for your boss? ACME Hotel Company , 15 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at ACME Hotel Company Chicago. The post ACME Hotel Company, Chicago appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. So the first question to ask is… do you have a boss that is pretty cool?

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The Total Kitchen Company we are fulfilled to supply Norwich

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Put your trust in our inside fittings architects: They have different years’ experience behind them … The post The Total Kitchen Company we are fulfilled to supply Norwich appeared first on Tracey Lawton.

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Insect Farming Company Ynsect Raises $150 Million

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  The company is using the money to expand in the U.S. Ynsect , a Paris-based producer of insect protein used in fish farming and pet food, recently raised $125 million.  and build the world's largest insect farm in Northern France. They plan to grow mealworms, which are larvae of the beetle species Tenebrio molitor (not that you care) at the plant.

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5 tips on managing your company’s social media

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Many Assistants are being asked to look after their company’s online profiles and their organisation’s social media messaging. It can be a time-consuming task that requires some thought because social media platforms change so rapidly. There are so many different platforms and options that can pull your focus. If you have been given this task, […].

Lessons in Branding: Companies Who Do Logo Design Right

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… The post Lessons in Branding: Companies Who Do Logo Design Right appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Visuals are a big and important part of branding, and while many little pieces make up that brand identity, the first and most important thing is the logo.

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Should You Start Your Own Company? 

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… The post Should You Start Your Own Company? Perhaps you have reached a point in your professional career where you no longer feel interested in working for your large corporation for the next few years. In fact, you’re ready to resign despite being a senior manager.

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Dog Walking Company Wag Raises $300 Million

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Key quote from the article: "Data on the real-world comings and goings of internet users — and, evidently, their dogs — is a highly sought-after commodity among technology companies." Wag calls itself the "#1 dog walking and dog sitting app for busy dog owners"   And backing this claim up is their recent $300 million funding round. 

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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

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Implementing a positive company culture has a great many benefits to a business, but how can you do this? The reality is that any company owner who purely focuses on monetary goals will only fail. Management company culture

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The Rise of Solopreneur Manufacturing Companies

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  Growing numbers of solopreneur manufacturing companies is part of the broader trend towards more solopreneur businesses in general. The Wall Street Journal's Big Growth in Tiny Businesses nicely covers a trend we'e been following for years - the growth of solopreneur, non-employer manufacturing businesses. Key quote: "The number of businesses classified as manufacturers with no employees has been rising steadily since the depths of the recession.

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A Manager’s Guide to Dismantling a Fear-Based Company Culture from the Inside Out


But if you can gather the courage, you can make lasting change in your company by disrupting its fear-based culture from the inside out. One company I worked with, for example, had a fear-based culture perpetrated by its chairman.

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Joining instructions for company events

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Most of us will be involved in organising an event at some point in our career particularly if your company does not have a dedicated events department. Remember that social media is beneficial within an organisation as much as marketing outside of the company. The post Joining instructions for company events appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

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What is an Extruder and Does Your Company Need One?

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… The post What is an Extruder and Does Your Company Need One? Extrusion enables the changing of the shapes of materials. This process transforms plastics into pellets and tubes. Because of this, many industries use extruders because of the vast advantages they could provide.

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Sustainable Business Advice for Startup Companies

Eco-Office Gals

From there it’s just a matter of finding lenders or investors to give you the startup funds needed to launch your business so that you can follow through with your plans to get your company off the ground and earning a profit, possibly including leasing a building, hiring employees, and getting your products or services to the consumer public. But for the company looking to start out on a carbon-neutral foot, this is terribly undesirable.

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Reasons Your Company Should Have a Fraud Hotline

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… The post Reasons Your Company Should Have a Fraud Hotline appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Last year, total fraud for businesses and consumers reached an astounding $56 billion dollars.

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Green Gift Giving: Green Glass Company

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When I came across The Green Glass Company , I was intrigued. With origins dating back to 1992 in South Africa, The Green Glass Company has seen many incarnations and has grown into the largest producer of reclaimed glassware in the world.The Green Glass Company strives to satisfy not only its recycling heritage but also its eclectic and diverse clientele. The Glass Company’s product line creations doesn’t stop at glassware.

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Virtual Companies Becoming More Common

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Companies in all industries are increasingly using technology, automation, partnering, outsourcing and contingent workers instead of investing in fixed assets and traditional employees.  The Wall Street Journal's Virtual Biotechs: No Lab Space, Few Employees  focuses on how biotech startups are outsourcing lab work and hiring consultants and other contingent workers instead of traditional employees.

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5 Years Running: Thryv Ranks on Selling Power’s Top “50 Best Companies to Sell For” in 2021

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Every year, Selling Power magazine comes out with its list of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For , and Dallas-based SaaS company Thryv, Inc. Information Technology Sales software company

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Restate and restore your company vision


It’s important how you craft your vision statement as a company. Consider your company’s own statement and whether it is helping to move your business in a healthy direction towards success for you and your team.

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How to Draft Your New Company’s Marketing Plans

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They will also tell you how your company can go against established competitors.… … The post How to Draft Your New Company’s Marketing Plans appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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How to Stay True to Your Company’s Mission Amid Fads and Trends


Understand how they can positively and negatively impact the growth, longevity and mission of your company. . When we started our company, we embarked on our business with a set of guiding principles and beliefs. My company’s core values are written in stone. Refocus.

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Selling to Big Companies: 8 Sales Tips to Land Your White Whale


Do you ever dream of the day when your customer roster includes companies like General Electric, Target or IBM? Those companies are so huge you don’t know where to start. Big companies can be virtual gold mines for savvy entrepreneurs.

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Which companies use social media the best?

Office Dynamics

This month’s question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s AdminPro Forum asks which companies use social media the best. Question: “My company is gearing up to get into social media. They seem pretty open to creativity, so I’d like to know if anyone’s noticed any companies out there that really seem to know how to get people’s attention on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The post Which companies use social media the best?

The Admin’s Impact on Employee Morale and Company Culture

Admin Awards

On June 22nd we hosted our first Admin Awards Roundtable Discussion on the Admin’s Impact on Employee Morale and Company Culture. – How Admins drive business outcomes by influencing teams around company values.

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Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Eco-Office Gals

Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. To do this you’ll want a good Remote Desktop Protocol solution – you can find an RDP client for Mac or Windows, and browser-based solutions from industry-leading companies like Ericom. There are plenty of ways to offset your emissions – an especially good tactic for those large companies where reducing greenhouse gas is difficult.

Big Versus Small Companies - Who's Winning?

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There's an active debate going on in academia, think tanks and businesses around who is better positioned to win in the new economy, big companies or small companies. Big Companies disagrees, saying: Most sectors of the economy are dominated by larger and older firms, who use their competitive advantages to stifle innovation by smaller and younger rivals.

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Top Video Production Companies in Asia

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… The post Top Video Production Companies in Asia appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. It’s an understatement to say that video is “increasing in demand” in Asia. It’s gone way past being in demand.

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Wisconsin, Illinois Companies Feeling the Recovery

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « Yahoo CEO on Local Content | Main | Non-Mortgage Debt and Working in Retirement » June 30, 2010 Wisconsin, Illinois Companies Feeling the Recovery The QPS Employment Group is a staffing and recruiting firm operating in Wisconsin and Illinois.    They recently surveyed  400 local companies in these two states. 

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Tell Me About Your Company Culture

Virtual Moxie

A great question to ask a potential client is, “Describe your company culture to me.” Most people who run micro businesses don’t know that they have a company culture, but they do. Culture includes the values, vision, shared language (and jargon), work ethic, symbols, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that inform how people within an organization perceive, think, and feel about the company, and how they communicate and engage each other, and the clients of the company.

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The Growth of Private Company Stock Exchanges

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» August 23, 2010 The Growth of Private Company Stock Exchanges Investing in venture-backed private companies used to be by invitation only.    You had to be a founder, employee, a "friends or family" investor, or a venture capital or private equity firm to buy stock in high growth private companies. But this has changed over the last few years as private company stock exchanges have emerged. 

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Company

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How Does Hiring An SEO Company Help? … The post 5 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Company appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial tools that you should be leveraging when it comes to boosting your website.

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Investing in Natural Resource Companies

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Why exactly would you want to invest in natural resource companies as an investor? Before putting your money into any natural resource companies, you’ll need to do some research. Natural Resource Companies. How exactly can you invest in natural resource companies? The nice thing about investing in natural resource companies is that you can keep your money in stocks without relying on traditional business models.

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Flexibility is Why Companies Hire Contingent Workers

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But I most liked the chart below, which shows the reasons companies use contingent talent. Staffing firm Allegis and the Human Capital Institute teamed up on a study on how corporate procurement and HR departments view the growing contingent workforce.   It's a broad based study looking at a number of issues related to the contingent workforce. As is clear from the data, flexibility is one of the key reasons firms use contingent workers.

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Why Companies Ditch QuickBooks for Cloud Financial Services?

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There used to be a time when companies refused to look beyond QuickBooks. Companies are now looking at cloud financial services as an option and are ready to ditch QuickBooks. Why is it that companies are willing to ditch an accounting tool that was used to be their prime choice?

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Should I Hire an SEO Company or Do It Myself?

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This article is for you if you find yourself asking any of the following questions: Should I hire an SEO company? … The post Should I Hire an SEO Company or Do It Myself? Growing a small to mid-sized business is no easy task.

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