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Yardi Acquires Planimetron


The company also launched, a suite of coworking and flex office tools, and acquired a news and information source, CoworkingMag. . The post Yardi Acquires Planimetron appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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Helpful Budgeting Tools to Keep You On Track


Both Google and Microsoft offer free budgeting templates as part of their suite of office tools. Since you have to input your transactions manually, spreadsheets are a very hands-on method. They are highly customizable but also require the most time to maintain.

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How to Use Microsoft Office and Google Workspace Apps to Document Your Procedures

All Things Admin

Integration : These apps seamlessly integrate with other office tools and cloud storage solutions, making for easier document management and sharing, which is vital for procedures storage and access. Now, let’s explore some of the built-in functionalities of these apps that make them indispensable for procedures documentation.

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Administrative/Clerical: 5 Ways to Make Your Workspace an Oasis

Office Dynamics

Optimize your desk with organizers that store letterhead, a stapler, business cards, and other common office tools for easy access. At the end of your shift, take a few minutes to organize loose papers and put objects back in their place, so your office will be ready for you the next day.

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Steps for Creating a Paperless Home Office

Productivity Bits

The first part is building your paperless system , while the second is all about how you maintain your paperless office. Putting in the time up front and investing in the right tools is absolutely essential to creating an efficient paperless home office. Tools To start, gather your paperless tools.

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Fabulous Drop Zone / Grab & Go Zone Tools for Your Office or Home

Stephanie LH Calahan

  This item also has a number of office tools that match for a coordinated look. Includes a small front drawer, a great place to keep leftover change and keys from your pockets, and a safe place to keep a wallet, sunglasses, reading glasses and much more.    Made from durable wood construction with white finish. 

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Productivity Multiplier: Google Cloud Connect Now a Reality

Productivity Bits

Google Cloud Connect lets you work right out of Microsoft Office software and still get all the benefits of Google Docs and a cloud-based office productivity suite. Here are my favorite reasons for making the switchless switch to Google Cloud Connect: Keep Your Favorite Microsoft Office Tools.

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