5 Phrases To Help You Raise Your Salary

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If you haven’t received a salary increase for a long time, then it’s time to remind your superiors about it yourself. Scott Butcher explains how to properly ask for a salary and what arguments to give in favor of increasing it.

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6 College Courses That Can Get You High Salaries

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Thus, on the portal for finding jobs and employees, they have studied for five years the dynamics of the demand for professions and the growth of salaries, creating a rating of the most paid professions in 2020. The average annual salary is $143,000. Customer Success Management.

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Hitting the salary cap

Practically Perfect PA

A few years ago I was working as a PA to a senior board director in an organisation full of project managers, engineers and specialist technicians. Everyone was placed in a salary band depending on their experience and their skills. Except support staff who were placed in lower salary bands or slotted in somewhere that sort of fitted what they did. I was placed in a low (not rock bottom but not particularly high) salary band with other assistants and admin type people.

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Salary Negotiation 101

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Yesterday, my managing partner/mom Tara LeFevre and I went on a trip about an hour and a half down the road to visit two of our clients. The post Salary Negotiation 101 appeared first on JTL Services Inc. Millennial Corner Career Tips JTL Services Salary salary and negotiation tips Tara LeFevreAs you can see in the picture below, we had to put on this awesome getup in order to tour a 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and what […].

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Salary Negotiation 101

Job Advice Blog

Yesterday, my managing partner/mom Tara LeFevre and I went on a trip about an hour and a half down the road to visit two of our clients. As you can see in the picture below, we had to put on this awesome getup in order to tour a 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and what … Continue reading Salary Negotiation 101 → Millennial Corner Career Tips JTL Services Salary Tara LeFevre

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5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. An increase in your salary will not come overnight. To negotiate your salary successfully, Open Colleges recommends knowing when your next performance review is and use that period to demonstrate you are a great asset to the team.

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Why you need to use tech to help you with your business travel management

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And that in most companies, travel spend is often the second largest expenditure after salaries? Core Skills Featured Sponsored posts Travel admin administrators assistants business travel EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant TravelPerkDid you know that business travel is a $1.3 trillion dollar market? Business travel spend in general is massive, but it doesn’t stop there; the amount of time spent organising business travel is substantial too.

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Why Your Organization Should Invest In An HR Management System

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When your team grows, managing them turns into a major task. This is one good reason why businesses need to integrate an effective human resource management system. A centralized computing system streamlines operations and helps managers spend more time on core business objectives, instead of hectic administrative tasks. Here is a list of the importance of human management system: Training and Development of Employees. Managing Regulations Effectively.

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Answering Reader Mail on Salary, Finding Great Talent

Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant

Top EAs that work for a famous CEO (think Google, Fortune 100 companies) make as much as low level executives in middle management and have titles like Chief of Staff sometimes. The most popular question on this column is about salary and this is the answer I wrote: How much can the best executive assistants earn in a year? The salary of an EA depends on what city you work in, how big your company is, and a zillion other factors that come into play just like any other job.

Answering Reader Mail: Can an EA salary support a family?

Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant

I believe you can raise a family on an EA salary whether alone or with a significant other. Here are some money management tips I've learned over the years that may help you. Do a great job and learn to negotiate to a better salary or when you job hunt after you've gained a lot of experience. Take note on any outstanding kudos you got from your bosses and know your salary worth compared to the rest of the industry.

After 22 excellent years, I’ve reached the salary cap–so, now what?

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Question: “I have been with my firm as a legal secretary, purchaser, database manager, etc. This information is proudly provided by Business Management Daily.com: [link by ALICE BUMGARNER, MODERATOR on MARCH 14, 2012 2:47PM. in ADMIN PRO FORUM. for 22 years. I have always received excellent reviews and raises. However, at my last review, I was told I was getting to the cap for legal secretaries. I’m at a loss … I work anywhere from 40 to 45 hours a week (at my regular pay for 37.5

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5 Steps to Manage Your Money

Small Business CEO

Proper money management is something that everyone should know about. Most people start managing their own money in their twenties when they go to their first job. Then, you have to know how to manage your income so that you won’t spend the whole salary on payday.

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Career Management: Defining the Process and Purpose

Eat Your Career

Workbooks Stress Management Workbook Time Management Magic Reinvent Your Career Workbook More Tasty Goodness Career Management Consulting Job Interview Coaching Resume Revision Group Training & Public Speaking Eat My WHAT?! Say Hello Meet Your Hostess Career Management: Defining the Process and Purpose Written on July 29, 2010 by Chrissy Scivicque in Career The term “career management” is a bit abstract for some people.

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A Detailed Guide On How To Manage Money Effectively

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Are you having a hard time knowing how to manage money effectively? Managing money is a responsibility and if you can’t manage $1,000 effectively, you can’t expect to manage $1,000,000, either. Why is it important to learn how to manage your money? Harv Eker, one thing that’s similar between all millionaires (and billionaires for that matter) is that they all manage their money very well. I felt more motivated to manage my money.

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10 Things Every Employee Should Know

Quick and Dirty Tips

From negotiating your salary to understanding what happens to benefits when you leave your job, this episode will cover 10 critical things every employee should know. . Two things you must carefully negotiate when considering a job offer are salary and, if available, stock options.

How do you measure your career success?

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It could be that you define success as having a fantastic salary, amazing job title, or office all to yourself. Career Development Reward and Recognition admin administrators assistants Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual AssistantThere are so many events, webinars, publications, blogs out there that talk about career success for Assistants.

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How to Manage Yourself When Making the Move to Self-Employment


However, it’s best not to make any hasty decisions until you have put a plan in place to manage yourself. This may seem strange, but you are about to make the move from being managed to managing yourself. How will I manage my workflow and cash flow?

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4 Ways to Get a Bigger Paycheck

On The Job

Grimm says part of the problem with the continuing wage gap is that women often don't receive the same starting salaries as their male colleagues at the beginning of their careers because they aren't as likely to negotiate for more money. In other words, a woman may worry about angering a hiring manager or boss, so she won't ask for more money. I tell them to get the job then talk about salary again in a year," he says. Do you make too much money for what you do?

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When a Demotion Makes Sense

On The Job

You’re peeved that you are working alongside those with fewer skills or less experience – when in a sane world you would be managing them! Attending management class. If you have less authority in a new job, use it as an opportunity to step back and observe how others handle their management duties. drop in salary demotion less pay career advice lose promotion Anita BruzzeseIf you’ve ever been unemployed, you know the joy that comes from finally getting that job offer.

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Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession

Office Dynamics

Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession As Never Before. I am so excited to write this kick-off Blog for our 2nd Annual Admin Blog-a-thon as I have great news about shifts taking place in the Administrative Profession in terms of executives and managers embracing this role as vital to their organization's and leadership team's success. New titles, salary levels, and career planning will be coming in this decade like we have never seen.

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Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession

Office Dynamics

Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession As Never Before. I am so excited to write this kick-off Blog for our 2nd Annual Admin Blog-a-thon as I have great news about shifts taking place in the Administrative Profession in terms of executives and managers embracing this role as vital to their organization's and leadership team's success. New titles, salary levels, and career planning will be coming in this decade like we have never seen.

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How Long is Normal to Go Without a Raise?

Eat Your Career

Is it a problem to have the same salary for 5 years or more? Hiring companies always want to see that you’ve progressed in your previous employment, and a rising salary is one sign of progression. Plus, your current salary is generally seen as a “starting point” for salary negotiations with other employers. career advice career advancement career management get a raiseIn my monthly Q&A sessions, I commonly receive a lot of questions about raises.

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Should You Tell How Much Money You Make?

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People have very strong opinions about whether its OK to talk about salaries, so when this survey from Glassdoor.com crossed my desk, I knew I had to explore it further. Its an interesting topic I explored for my recent Gannett column: The workplace has been turned upside down in the last year because of the recession, and it appears it has even changed our attitudes regarding an often taboo subject: talking about our salaries. And yes - people do talk about salary.

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Uh-Oh: You May Not Be Worth What You Thought

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According to a JobFox survey, some median annual salary ranges dropped $10,000, compared to a month ago. Some examples include software design/development; product management; networking/system administration; finance; and government contracts administration. This helps set the groundwork for a salary bump before your annual review. Make sure you're friendly with the office manager and the IT people so you know when good stuff may become available for purchase.

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8 Signs Your Company May Have Received Government Bailout Money

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Management says the former washers "lacked synergy." When asked about salary transparency, the CFO laughs so hard he wets himself. Tags: bailout Tiger Woods salary transparency TARP cirque du soleil tom cruise katie holmes government bailout money There have been many requests for a piece of the bailout pie from lots of companies, including Hustler magazine and the guy from "Girls Gone Wild."

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Is Your Manager Setting You Up to Fail?

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When he would remind the boss that he was being spread too thin and he worried about the quality of the product, the boss told him that better time management -- and better use of technology -- would solve the problem. That's why a recent story about companies combining mid-level and lower-level jobs -- and then hiring someone at the junior level for a lower salary -- really struck a chord.

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5 Potential Business Expenses

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However, while you might have thought about expenses such as employee salaries and what it will cost to rent a brick-and-mortar location, you might have forgotten about certain other potential expenditures. Finance Management business expenses financial management

Don't Forget That Even in This Job Market, You Can Still Negotiate a Job Offer

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You want to scream, cry, kiss the feet of the hiring manager and dance in the streets. if you know from your research that the salary is not competitive. Tags: how to negotiate negotiate get more money negotiate with employer negotiate a salary career advice can i negotiate should i negotiate negotiate job offer Anita Bruzzese If you've ever been out of work, you know the feeling when the job offer finally comes.

How important is office culture?

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Our lovely friends over at Career Moves recently conducted a survey to find out how important salary is when looking for a new role. Here is Sarah with more details… Do we just want a good salary? The Career Moves Office Support team recently sent out a Salary and Insights Survey, which produced some surprising results. Interestingly, only a 3rd of respondents are actually happy with their current salary and benefits package!

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I’m a Bored Executive Assistant – Is It Time to Move On? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

I’m over 50 and may not get a match in salary (I’m highly compensated). Ask An Admin Career Management Executive And Assistant Partnership Mgr/Asst TeamAsk an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers.

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5 things PAs should consider before accepting a new role

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salary and reward. I put salary and reward last because although it is important (it made my top 5 after all!) But, once you get past the salary you need to live comfortably there are other considerations because it can be hard to stay in a role you hate despite the pay being good. If the rewards and salary do make a big difference, but the role isn’t great, make sure you can cope with the pressure that can come from not particularly enjoying your job.

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Free Webinar: Discover How to Design Your Personal Career Plan – April 15, 2021

All Things Admin

A single business decision can determine where you live, what responsibilities you have, your salary, who you support – or whether you have a job at all. . During this webinar, you’ll learn: Why it is necessary to shift from reactive to proactive when managing your career and workload.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

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Apparently, being loyal to one company doesn’t necessarily pay off (both in terms of salary and promotion) and moving from one role to another in pretty quick succession is becoming less frowned upon. Here are a few of my thoughts… Salary increase. I didn’t job hop for an increase in salary, it was always for other reasons, but with every new role I did get a pay rise. Hi, I’m Nicky Christmas and I am a job hopper. There, I’ve admitted it.

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Saying ‘no’ nicely

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Also my manager always saw that I was busy with the every day tasks so didn’t ask me to work on anything more challenging. If we are always busy doing work for colleagues that they should do themselves we could be missing out on really great projects which could get us promoted, increase our salary – or who knows what! A short and sweet blog post today.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant—NOT!

Office Dynamics

And yet assistants help file digital documents and manage calls through their cell phones, so the skills required for these tasks haven’t completely gone away. They are not paid the big bucks to manage a calendar and book flights. They are managing a lot of moving pieces.

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WELL Building Standard V2: Designing Healthy Workplaces

Small Business CEO

On average, companies spend about 90% on employees and their salaries. Management business certifications WELL building standard

Is Your Job Title Hurting Your Career?

On The Job

Some of your criteria may be based on salary, location, company culture or perks. Or, they think the title doesn't really matter -- they just want a better salary and more vacation time. Specifically, in a look at tech jobs, it shows that "sales representative" and "sales engineer" garner bigger jumps in salary over time. The jump in salary over a decade can be as high as 55.9% -- that is a much bigger increase than the 3% annual bump you might receive in other jobs.

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Why we need to consider switching to a 4-day workweek — now 


The results: Increased productivity and creativity; improved recruitment and retention; less burnout for founders and leaders; and more balanced and sustainable lives for workers — all without cutting salaries or sacrificing customer service.

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Are Professional Certifications Worth It?

Eat Your Career

Recommended Resource: Straight Talk About Salaries (Recorded Webinar). However, as a career coach , I am also a Certified Professional Career Manager (PCM), which is designation offered through a lesser-known company called TalentGuard. For example, project managers have the PMP certification and Human Resources have SHRM certifications. career advice career management professional certification

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What can assistants expect in 2015?

Practically Perfect PA

I am very optimistic about 2015, here are a few reasons why… Employment opportunities and salary. A few years ago there were a number of articles which suggested assistants will see an increase in their workload as the economy shrinks and redundancies are made within the middle-management tier of businesses. This is the main aspect of the role and not something that will change in 2015 – even if technology helps with diary management.

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So do assistants think the role has diversified?

Practically Perfect PA

Event Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Finance have become a big part of my job. Tasks and responsibilities involving heavy project management are becoming commonplace for the admin too.” I came from a background of office management & finance, I was able to take all the roles that I have had over the last 20 years and roll them into an executive assistant role. I was hired 4 years ago as the PA to the Managing Director and that was it.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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You need to reinforce that your work is under control and manage expectations. Managers ultimately want to hear about bottom lines and how you how you successfully planned and smoothly executed your teams’ success in achieving annual targets. Getting buy-in IS ACHIEVABLE and I managed to successfully get the following approved: Business Cards. Salary Increase. The best way for me to do this was to do an internal time management course.

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3 Essential Financial Reports to Ensure YOUR Profitability

Office Organization Success

Your Financial Management System … one of your top FOUR business management and marketing systems. Creating a robust financial management system is THE essential system for your business – after all it’s the one system that will show you: if your business is making a profit; if you can afford to make an investment in a program or product; if you can take advantage of an opportunity as it arises; or if you can take a salary (also known as Owner’s Draw) at the end of each month.

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