Learning How To Learn

Brilliantly Better

When I got into digital nomading, and later on, into the broader topics of location independence and financial resilience, a consistent part of my approach was to learn new skills. For instance, skills that allow you to generate income without being tied up to an office, or to a fixed place.

Why Continued Learning Is Important

Office Dynamics

Are you coming into your fullness through learning and growing? What has been your greatest stretch in terms of learning and development? In this issue, I want to talk about: Why BIG learning is important. The definition of BIG learning. If we do not keep up, we will be left in the dust. Today, should not be a question of, “Do I need to learn?” BIG learning is opening your mind to information, people, and the world around you.


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Up

Eat Your Career

Learning how to leverage that influence to help lead your superiors (from behind) will make you an invaluable asset to the team. . Though the term “managing up” is often thrown around in the workplace, few people really know what it means or how to do it effectively. SIGN UP HERE.

2021 130

6 Ways To Feast On Learning

Office Dynamics

I have always been hungry to learn. Or I should say, once I finished high school I gained an appreciation of learning. I was a sponge and soaked up everything they had to offer. Well, that continued as years passed and I am still hungry to learn. ” I learn from the savvy executive assistants who attend my training programs, the executives who hire me, and from anyone I come in contact with as I travel the country. Ways to Feast On Learning this month.

2016 130

Learning About Yourself with Jessica Baum


The way in which we show up in relationships with others is sometimes an indicator of what’s going on inside of us. The post Learning About Yourself with Jessica Baum appeared first on SUCCESS.

2022 62

3 Things I Learned About Myself in 2021

Go Burrows

As I reflect on all that’s happened this year, I find it helpful to consider a more personal version of the question, “What have I learned this year?” ” I’m glad he taught me that, because now I just figure things out, or pivot, instead of giving up.

2021 74

3 Ways to Open Up and Receive More Love


I’m here to share with you many things, but one of the things I want to focus on now is how do we, as leaders, as change agents, how do we open up to even more love in our life? Continuing on the journey of opening up for love, number one is the importance of self-love.

2022 81

5 Communications Lessons to Learn Today

On The Job

I've been covering the workplace for a long, long (long) time, and the one thing I have learned is that 99 percent of the problems in the workplace occur because of poor communication. I f you’re a boss, shut up and ask more questions.

2021 135

Your Case for Training: Adult Learning Retention Statistics

Office Dynamics

I haven’t been able to find this information on adult learning retention rates until now and I’m sharing it with you! Basically throughout the workshop day, my participants are working in groups, brainstorming, practicing newly-learned skills, giving feedback to each other, writing scripts, role playing, doing creative activities and given feedback by me or our trainers. Adult Learning Retention Statistics: Lecture – 5%.

2015 101

How Playing to Your Weaknesses Can Help You Level Up 


What I’ve learned is that when you break a constraint, you don’t see a gradual increase in performance. The post How Playing to Your Weaknesses Can Help You Level Up appeared first on SUCCESS. Have you ever seen a bungee run? No, there’s no punch line. That’s a real question.

2022 93

How Managers Can Learn to Go With the Flow

On The Job

Workers are more stressed and it's up to managers to figure out how to relieve that stress and keep them moving forward. No one would argue with the statement that the last 18 months have been challenging for workers. But it's also been a very, very challenging time for managers.

2021 149

5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Father


You see, she was raised by a coach (me)—a dad who spent many professional hours working with CEOs and entrepreneurs learning how to be better leaders and how to make their businesses run more efficiently. Prepare for each moment to be a learning moment.

2021 104

9 Tough (and Necessary) Lessons Entrepreneurs Must Learn


I learned that you have to trust yourself , rely on your instincts, and believe in yourself, regardless of others’ resistance, doubts or negativity. Marisa Polvino, co-founder and producer at Straight Up Impact. One of my biggest challenges has been learning to delegate to others.

2021 95

The Mel Robbins Guide to Screwing Up


In her book, The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success , Megan McArdle explains that we gain skills by practicing things because we’re strengthening the connection between the action and the reward. He learned. They thought they were learning.”.

2021 100

Solutions for Online Learning In a Collaborative Space

Office Dynamics

Before I even could give a response, the other assistants in the room began to chime in with their solutions to this problem of the collaborative work space harming the continued learning and development of the administrative professional. Solutions For Online Learning In A Collaborative Space From Other Assistants. One assistant jumped in and said she puts a sign up at her work space indicating she is watching a webinar.

Anyone Can Learn Sales—Here’s Where to Start


They flow together so naturally in most selling situations that, if you were watching someone who knows them well, you might only pick up on two or three. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn just by observation. What matters is that selling skills are there to be learned.

2022 68

10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics

I woke up this morning with the strange realization that this is my very last day with Office Dynamics International. I’d love to share these ten consistent messages that I’ve learned over and over during my time here at Office Dynamics working with the legend that is Joan Burge. I found time and again that I was better off speaking up when I had to have a tough conversation with anyone and to not hold onto it or let it fester. My lesson learned here is own your mistakes.

2017 147

Career Success A to Z: L is for Lifelong Learning

Eat Your Career

Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. It’s no exaggeration to say that I truly believe one of the core reasons we are all here on this planet is to learn. As a corporate trainer , I’ve built my career on this love of learning, and I’m fortunate enough to contribute to the learning of others each and every day. In truth, I don’t believe many people (if any) actually disdain the idea of learning itself.

2017 100

Get More From Your Learning! Strategies to Make Professional Development More Effective

Eat Your Career

Learning opportunities are prevalent, and you want to take advantage of them all! More importantly, how do you actually implement the learning? SIGN UP HERE. The post Get More From Your Learning!

2021 130

Recruiting for Financial Services: Learn How to Get Started

Recruit CRM

If you’re doubtful, give us a chance to acquaint you with the case of The Motley Fool , a financial administration firm that chose to break free from the buttoned-up picture of its industry. This is another great way by which you can end up attracting candidates!

2022 70

BIG Self-Improvement…Commit to One Learning Event

Office Dynamics

Here’s a message about giving yourself permission to continue your learning journey for your BIG life. Obviously, these are individuals who have committed to a learning event. They will learn valuable information from our speakers and their peers. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I have been in the adult education/learning/training business for 24 years, mostly working with administrative professionals of all walks of life.

2014 100

Concurrent Learning Sessions

Office Dynamics

Their concurrent sessions are hand-selected with an eye toward their highly crafted expertise; the trainers are top-notch successes in their own right; they present information and resources that are hot off the press, “just Tweeted” experiential learning that matters and makes sense Step by step they build and show specifics, so you leave knowing just want to do. I learned so much!

3 Simple, Regular Practices That Will Help You Come Up with New Ideas


It can be refreshing to one’s self as a knowledge-seeking being to be very bad at something, to get viscerally in touch with what it means to learn as a process, full of curiosity and uncertainty. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm, stall.

2022 99

Business Success Lessons I've Learned (Part 1)

Virtual Moxie

When I started writing, so much just flowed out, so I'm breaking this up into two posts. And here's some of what I've learned about becoming successful in business--whether you have your own company, or you work for someone else: 1. Too many cooks spoil the soup, dontchaknow, and it’s really impossible to learn, process, and implement the information garnered by several at once. There's always something more to learn or see. Learn more.

2012 204

Learning from Failure: How Making Mistakes Can Change Your Life

Productivity Bits

If you’ve failed, don’t beat yourself up about it. Personal Development it is ok to fail learn from failure learn from mistakes lessons of failureCopyright © 2011 Guest Author. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. W e are often told that we should avoid failure at all costs. Of course, failing at something can be a very depressing experience.

2011 139

Imposter Syndrome Cost Me Thousands of Dollars—Here’s How I Learned to Fight Back


I was so terrified of failing to measure up that I said no to thousands of dollars of new business—and the potential for more work in the future—and accepted a fraction of the amount to do the actual work required.

2022 86

Learning the Art of Business Conversations

On The Job

If you cannot learn to communicate in person in the business world, your career is going to suffer. Learning the art of small talk. As your conversation comes to an end, give a brief wrap-up of any decisions made during the conversation so that you ensure there are no misunderstandings. One of the great things about social media is that it allows you to connect with people from around the world, giving you a chance to interact with someone you might not otherwise get to know.

2015 191

Bankrupt and Facing a $100 million Lawsuit, This Entrepreneur Learned the Power of Grit


Over the next few weeks, approximately 75,000 distributors followed his lead, and the company sued Goetschel for $100 million—litigation that would tie up his finances and energy for years. To come up with an idea is so backwards thinking,” he says.

2022 94

Learn to Stop to Keep Going

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Learn to Stop to Keep Going appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Knowing that you have a plan in place can help you pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. You just finished reading Learn to Stop to Keep Going ! Recommended: Evernote Essentials The post Learn to Stop to Keep Going appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Imagine getting behind the wheel of your car and driving continuously, without any thought to refueling or maintenance.

2014 148

Face the Spreadsheets: Lisa Gilmore on Learning to Love the Financial Side of Her Creative Business


That is one of the best pieces of advice to give to entrepreneurs: Stop beating yourself up if you’re not good at it and find someone who is,” she says. Having spent 10 years building up her own business, Lisa understands that bank accounts don’t fill up overnight.

2021 91

Business Success Lessons I've Learned (Part 2)

Virtual Moxie

Last week, I sat down to create a list of some of the business lessons I've learned in my 15 years in business for myself. If you don’t like where you end up, reinvent, change the. grow big and strong and reach up and out to the sky before I hung. Give up the need to be the one to figure it all out. And there you have it, friends.the second installation of some of what I've learned on this great big business adventure of mine.

2012 178

7 Strategies to Speak Up to Get Results

Office Dynamics

I’ve lost my mojo and fear speaking up when I should,” confessed Janet who recently stepped into a new position. That’s why I’m offering these seven strategies to help you speak up and speak your truth the next time you feel that your voice needs to be heard: Clarity is Key. For example, are you speaking up to correct a misunderstanding that could lead to litigation or to heal a relationship riff? Consider the price you’re paying for not speaking up.

2016 117

Zeqr Introduces a New Approach to Learning

Small Business CEO

Zeqr is quite literally the future of learning. Groundbreaking e-learning experience. While competition is sure to pop up real soon, Zeqr is the first of its kind to offer a virtual classroom experience with experts in every field imaginable mentoring you in real time.… … Information Technology online education online learning Zeqr Zeqr review

2017 51

Lessons Learned During Crises - Random Lessons Learned

Office Dynamics

Lessons Learned During Crises. This is a list of random lessons learned. If not, sign up here. Last of a series, started June 28). This is the last Monday Motivator in a series of 3. I hope you tuck them close to you for if and when a day comes that you might need them. Or share them with others who might need these now! Read them carefully as several of these lessons are behaviors you need to develop now so you have a parachute in the future.

VCs Investing Heavily in AI and Machine Learning

Small Business Labs

VC investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning more than doubled in 2016, according to the National Venture Capital Association. here's what it really is and why it's so hot now nicely covers what some of the major firms are up to. As the chart below (click to enlarge) from the Axios article Venture Capital Investment in AI skyrockets shows, VCs have continued to pour money into AI in 2017. Virtual reality is also attracting a lot of investment. 

2017 125

How to Trick Yourself into Learning Faster


Finding time to learn, therefore, can be a challenge. The best strategy for people in this position is to use the latest science to accelerate their learning. It turns out that there are a bunch of ways that you can trick your brain into learning faster. Manage Your Learning.

2020 52

How to Trick Yourself into Learning Faster


Finding time to learn, therefore, can be a challenge. The best strategy for people in this position is to use the latest science to accelerate their learning. It turns out that there are a bunch of ways that you can trick your brain into learning faster. Manage Your Learning.

2020 52

Career Lessons I Learned from Katy Perry

Eat Your Career

And you might even learn something along the way. Here’s what I picked up…. She popped up one day, out of nowhere, and was suddenly a star. The somewhat bizarre thing is that she never once seemed ready to give up. Now, I recognize that there are times in life when giving up is indeed the right thing to do. You know the feeling: When everything in the world is falling apart around you and all you want to do is curl up and cry, and yet…life must go on.

2012 160

Launching Lessons Learned Interview: Cena Block

Stephanie LH Calahan

  Today, I'll share another Product/Program Promotion: Problems and Profits -- Launching Lessons Learned.  We'll be discussing what she learned as she launched her 5-week Group Coaching Program.    Thank you for your willingness to share some of your mistakes and lessons learned so that others could benefit!   What didn’t go so well and what were your lessons learned?    Did you have any other lessons learned?

2012 144

Apple’s Strict Return-To-Office Strategy Leads Chief Of Machine Learning To Resign


Even higher ups at Apple are unhappy with its return-to-office policies. . Ian Goodfellow, director of machine learning at Apple, has revealed that he would be resigning from his position.

2022 79

Career Lessons Learned from the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Eat Your Career

This is what I learned about career success from my 2017 solar eclipse experience. Don’t procrastinate (and have a back-up plan). The real eclipse enthusiasts had snatched them up! Thankfully, I had a back-up plan. And always have a back-up plan just in case. The post Career Lessons Learned from the 2017 Solar Eclipse appeared first on Eat Your Career.

2017 116

How I Learned to Love Selling (and How You Can Too)


With this new idea, I learned to stop worrying and love sales. Don’t create a product then look for the customer or you are in danger of ending up with a spare bedroom full of beautiful, but ultimately unsellable dog nose hair trimmers.

2021 91

Learn How to Manage Your Boss

Ian's Messy Desk

The workplace requires you keep up-to-date about developments in your field and improve your work skills through ongoing learning. Learn instead to become a team player and to strike a good balance between work and family responsibilities. The choice is largely up to you. Learn to manage your supervisor by taking initiative, being professional and resourceful. Managing Up a bad boss (timesunion.com).

2012 146