Why Your Small Business Must Have an Internal Employee App?

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An internal employee app is a great way for organizations to engage with their employees. An internal employee engagement app would be effective in doing this. With an internal employee app, employees are encouraged to use their phones at work to access the app.

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Who Is Office Dynamics International?

Office Dynamics

At Office Dynamics International we are celebrating 25 years of serving the administrative profession. Technical skills can be gleaned, but behavior must be taught. How long have you been a friend of Office Dynamics International? Perhaps you’ve known us for a long time or you’re new around here. Either way, we want you to know who we are and what we believe. We Passionately Believe. The administrative role is a noble calling.


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Core soft skill: Resilience

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Today I am going to start a new one – Core Skills. I’m not just going to write about which skills we need I am also going to look at how these skills are linked to the role specifically. I was used to answering the standard interview questions about soft skills but I hadn’t really delved very deeply into the practical aspects of that skill and how it made me stand out as a better candidate and Executive Assistant.

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Hire an Intern

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We have 4 interns working with us this summer.    Interns, of course, are a challenge to manage.    They tend to be inexperienced and have limited traditional work skills.    But we think the good of interns way outweighs the bad.  Our interns, being college students, are natural Internet users.  With   One of our interns is working on several social media related projects for us. 

What Highly Skilled Independent Workers Want

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  Like PWC's Talent Exchange and Deloitte's Open Talent Community , the goal of GigNow is to help EY find and engage skilled independent workers - both for EY's internal use and for use on client projects. They recently released a short video (below) that we think nicely captures 3 key things highly skilled independent workers are looking for in terms of assignments. The opportunity the learn and build skills.

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Is Internal or External Management Training Best for your Business?

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Without employees, your business would not be the great asset it is today, so it’s important that you focus on continuously training them to develop their skills, encourage career development, and grow your business.

Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

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Do you have an internal admin site where you work? An internal admin site is the main company site with all the links that admins find useful for their jobs centralized in one place. Admins and outside speakers would have the opportunity to share their skills, experience, knowledge, etc. The post Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

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How to Know When to Go International?

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Many companies will make the decision after a few years, that it is time to venture into international markets, whereas some dive in straight away after only a few weeks; but how can either of them know if they are ready to do so? International clients may expect credit for longer than your domestic clients, and there will be administration costs and transportation fees too. Marketing business expansion international markets

Smart Ways to Manage International Transactions for Your Small Business

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Having an international presence is one of the best choices a small business can make. With the international consuming class expected to grow by 75% to 4.2 billion people by 2025, expanding your operations overseas will give you the opportunity to capitalize on international demand and enhance sales potential of your current offerings. In addition, you get to source products from low-cost countries and recruit skilled individuals.

Public Speaking Skills

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Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Public Speaking Skills Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on August 6, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Don’t allow these people to control the pace of your speech.You also need to practice skills for handling interruptions. Comments As a Toastmaster for Toastmasters International your tips are excellent ones. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

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10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics

I woke up this morning with the strange realization that this is my very last day with Office Dynamics International. My willingness to try new things helped grow my confidence, introduce me to new skills (and people), and ultimately expanded my role from Chief Executive Assistant to Vice President here at Office Dynamics. Resilience really is a skill set. It was a crucial skill for all of us.

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Enhance Your Langauge Skills for Successful Public Speaking

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The post Enhance Your Langauge Skills for Successful Public Speaking appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Another essential skill for successful speakers is using the correct form of the language. Toastmasters International highlights the importance of correct language by appointing a Grammarian to listen to everyone’s word usage and report on language used during the course of a meeting.

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Is an Intern Really Better than a Virtual Assistant?

Tips From T. Marie

I recently stumbled across a tweet that read: “Interns are actually way better than virtual assistants”. As a disclaimer, I actually do believe that there are times when an intern fits a need better than a VA, so the contents of this post are not meant to disrespect interns in any way, shape or form. Are some interns better than some virtual assistants? Are some situations better suited to an intern than a virtual assistant?

Communication Skills That Have Impact…Choose The Right Medium

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How are your communication skills? Internal correspondence. Bonus, Human Moments are a great way to demonstrate and practice your face-to-face communication skills! The post Communication Skills That Have Impact…Choose The Right Medium appeared first on Office Dynamics. In the 21 st century, we have so many ways to communicate. Is each communication medium interchangeable? Should you use whichever one is fastest or most convenient for you?

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Time Management Skill: Handling Interuptions Professionally – the Saying No Fallacy

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It is not a sin to have poor telephone and visitor skills and habits, but it is to keep them! For personal development and higher productivity with better Time Management skills, tips, tools and strategies to give you 3 to 5 more quality hours each day and a more balanced life, go to … About the Author. For nearly 30 years, Dr. Larry Baker has been an internationally recognized consultant, coach, speaker, author and publisher. Image by Ian McKenzie via Flickr.

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3 Simple Ways to End Internal Communication Woes

Small Business CEO

In military forces around the world, top-notch communication skills, or a lack thereof, are considered a life and death issue. … Management business communication internal communicationAfter all, any slip in the communication lines can result in catastrophe – soldiers can lose their lives, innocent civilians can be killed or harmed, wars can be lost.

Need for Agility and Skilled Talent Driving Growing Corporate Use of Contingent Workers

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  The reason is contingent workers at corporations no longer just do low level or low skill work. A perfect alignment between an open job/project and the internal or external skills within the enterprise talent pool is the ideal way to address work. Ardent Partners recently released their 2017-2018 State of the Contingent Workforce Management report. Ardent Partners is an analyst firm focused on corporate procurement and supply chains.

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Shelagh and IMA have inked a partnership agreement

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International Management Assistants (IMA) is one of those networks. I’m proud to be an IMA Training Partner, and look forward to continuing to help members hone skills and nurture successful careers. Announcing my partnership with IMA.

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5 Administrative Assistant Skills That Add the Most Value

Admin Awards

What are their administrative skills? Here are five administrative assistant skills that can help you get hired, succeed on the job and drive your career. They look for individuals who proactively update their administrative assistant skills through training. These skills can help the company or executive build an online presence, which is essential to staying in the game in today’s market. Good communication skills are crucial for a successful admin assistant.

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How to Promote Literacy and Skilled Communication

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Public education has suffered from politicized mood swings between various approaches to developing children’s reading skills. Two other interrelated factors are responsible: inadequate funding for public education and a cultural devaluation of writing skills. Also, the general public hears and sees media reports hyping the peril of poor writing skills in texting and other high-tech communication, and observes these facts firsthand.

The Skills You Need to be Great Boss

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You'll need to work to position yourself to be thought of a potential boss, says Daryl Pigat , branch manager for Robert Half International. That means you show leadership abilities such as good communication skills, an ability to stay focused on getting things done and a desire to help others to succeed, he says. Another big error: Assuming that just because you have top-notch skills in a certain area that you'll be a good manager. Hone your communication skills.

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Everything You Need to Know About an Architecture Intern and Future Architectural Roles

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Who is an architectural intern? An architectural intern is a trained person who has the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to help in an architectural office before they have received their degree. Internship is one of the most effective ways – not only for receiving a degree, but also for getting ready for a successful career.

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Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

From what I understand, no one else had anything like the portfolio to showcase their skills. Limited time offer from Office Dynamics International: Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership program significantly marked down to $79 (from $249) until May 10. Earn positive attention in the workplace and address the most common obstacle standing in the way for most assistants—lack of self-esteem. Do you struggle with getting people to notice you?

5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

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Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Week Career Management Communication Skills Difficult People Interpersonal Skills Leadership Networking Problem Solving Self Development Workplace Tools #adminblogathon #adminweek admin professional administrative assistant administrative peer administrative teams building connections diversity executive assistant internal admin network professional development seminars skills for assistants strategies training workplace

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Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development is Important but Few Plan to Invest in Them

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Survey: Few CFOs Plan to Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development for Their Teams. June 19, 2013 / PRNewswire / -- Executives say it takes strong soft skills to move up the corporate ladder, but few firms provide training in this area, a new Accountemps survey finds. When chief financial officers (CFOs) were asked to identify the most common reason their employees fail to advance, poor interpersonal skills was the top response ( 30 percent ). Not developing new skills.

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10 tips for successful public speaking

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Toastmasters International has put together a list of ten tips that will help improve your public speaking skills. Communication 10 tips audience communication glossophobia improve nervous energy practice public speaking public speaking skill rehearsal social psychology sound speeches spoke successful public speaking ten tip tips toastmaster toastmasters international visual aids

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Leadership Communication for Effective Teams

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Poor leadership communications can cripple even the most skilled teams; poor communication has a negative impact on trust, productivity, and morale. Communication communicate completel E-mail education effective effective communication effective teams effective teamwork information internal communications king arthur leadership communication organizational communication skill social psychology team teamsImage via Wikipedia.

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10 ways to improve your public speaking

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You need to develop both skill-sets to deliver strong presentations. Communication delivery glossophobia improve public speaking public speaking tips publics simples spoke tips toastmaster toastmasters toastmasters international vocal cord waysAccording to The Book of Lists , the fear of public speaking ranks number one in the minds of the majority of people. Far above the fear of death and disease comes the fear of standing in front of a crowd.

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How to Create an Internship Program for Your Green Business

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Internships are one great way to give students the opportunity to see what such a career would be like, offering them the ability to learn and develop marketable skills and add an entry to their résumé. While the majority of businesses make no promises about offers of employment following internships, it’s not surprising that many companies opt to hire student interns to more permanent positions after spending a semester training them.

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Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

Office Dynamics

I hear managers or Human Resource Professionals say it doesn’t take any special skill to be an administrative assistant. Related: At Office Dynamics International We Believe… The post Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career appeared first on Office Dynamics. In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on why I believe being an executive assistant is a rewarding career. When people tell me, “Anyone can do that job,” it bothers me.

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7 surprising venues with outdoor space that you need to know about

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The UK (especially London) venue scene is extremely fast-paced, so ensuring you are presenting the most current solutions for your internal events can often be a time-consuming task. Core Skills Events Management Featured admin administrators assistants Career EA Events Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Office Dynamics

Good communication skills. Organization skills. Interpersonal communication skills. Excellent calendaring skills. Excellent time management skills. Great networking skills. Analytical forward thinking skills. More free webinar events with Office Dynamics International: The post Qualities Of A Great Assistant appeared first on Office Dynamics. What qualities do assistants think you need to be a great assistant?

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The Future of the Administrative Profession

Office Dynamics

By Joan Burge, Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International. Demonstrate your leadership skills. These are fundamentals, critical foundational skills needed to fully mature your career. Being confident, prepared and honing your skills is a great way to handle this. Virtual Support – executives travel internationally and support is virtual. How skilled are you in handling “offsite” support across time zones?

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Local SEO: The Truly Great Marketing Strategy

Andrea Kalli

Ultra-competitive international search terms can attract thousands of competitors, each as skilled and ruthless as the next. From offshore hackers to dedicated corporate SEO experts, the number of players vying for a spot in some of the most competitive international search arenas can be truly staggering. Why is it, then, that so many SEO experts devote all of their time into ranking for ultra-competitive, highly difficult, and often unrewarding international search terms?

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5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job

Office Dynamics

Whether it’s finding the right caterer, meeting global counterparts from international office locations or brushing off your creative skills to whip up a spiffy PowerPoint presentation, you love tackling projects outside of your job scope (and even get excited at the opportunity!). There’s no doubt that a stigma surrounding admin roles still exists but as any Ninja knows, it takes skill, smarts and a whole lot of common sense—attributes not everyone possesses.

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5 Reasons to Attend Office Dynamics World Class Assistant Course

Office Dynamics

Joan Burge, founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International is the creator of the World Class Assistant course and has helped men and women from around the world get their CWCA designation. This course was created by Joan Burge , founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International. Attendees have ample time to practice newly-learned skills, work in teams, receive peer feedback, and experience exceptional networking. #5:

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All the free training we offer in one place!

Office Dynamics

At Office Dynamics International we love what we do. Part of what we do is provide tools and services to administrative professionals to enhance the quality of their work-life that promote administrative excellence. We offer high level coaching, onsite workshops, an annual conference for administrative excellence, an executive assistant boot camp and more. However we aren’t able to reach every administrative professional with our our premium programs.

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Revolutionary Ways Assistants Can Get Information from Their Managers

Office Dynamics

Utilize internal SM and messaging apps for knowledge sharing. The theme for our 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence was The Revolutionary Assistant. Our conference was held in October 2016 in Las Vegas. We had 450 assistants from 11 countries attend. Our team-building activity for 2016 was called Compression Planning®: From Idea to Action and Results Faster. Annette Brown who is a certified McNellis Compression Planning Instructor hosted the session with my assistance.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence

Office Dynamics

And to quote Liam Neeson in the movie “Taken,” regularly interacting with a wide range of personalities inside and outside the company requires “a very particular set of skills.” Let’s face it, people who have strong interpersonal skills, maintain a friendly tone and show a genuine interest in their coworkers are just more likable. Joan Burge – Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International.

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Webinar Replay Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge

Office Dynamics

Leverage your skills and help your Executive achieve his or her goals by creating a positive reputation both inside and outside the organization. Simple strategies to engage your mind, think ahead and manage perceptions both internally and externally. Specific actions you must take now to help your Executive leverage your skills and abilities. Our webinar replay for Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge is now available for viewing.

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Declare your independence!

Virtual Moxie

But my intern reminded me of a post I wrote about declaring indepence four years ago, and in reading it again, I got such a kick out of it that I decided that that’s what I wanted to share with you guys today. Its where savvy, committed, smart and highly skilled meet spunky, shameless, gutsy, and brazen. Virtual Moxie - The Cure For The Common Virtual Assistance Practice I Want Moxie!

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Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International has and always will be focused on YOU. 9 Ways to Improve Your Organizational Skills. Career Management Communication Skills Executive And Assistant Partnership Mgr/Asst Team Problem Solving Productivity Self Development Stress Management Uncategorized Work Environment

Survival Tactics for Administrative Professionals During Chaotic Times

Office Dynamics

At Office Dynamics International, Secretaries, Executive Assistants, and Administrative Assistants alike have approached us on skills, tactics, and traits to implement in order to achieve agility and survive the pressures of today’s society.