Tips for Successful Management of Your International Employees

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While the pandemic has contributed to the increase of international hires, businesses now have options to source talents from a wider audience. Thankfully, technology has eased these processes, making the integration of these international talents easier.

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4 Ways to Expand Your Business to International Markets

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The post 4 Ways to Expand Your Business to International Markets appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. If you are planning to expand your business and take it to international markets, here is a list of four ways to take your business to global markets: 1.


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Who Is Office Dynamics International?

Office Dynamics

At Office Dynamics International we are celebrating 25 years of serving the administrative profession. How long have you been a friend of Office Dynamics International? Perhaps you’ve known us for a long time or you’re new around here. Either way, we want you to know who we are and what we believe. We Passionately Believe. The administrative role is a noble calling. In a “Career of Choice” mentality.

What to Consider Before Going Forward with International Expansion

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When you are looking to expand into international markets, many factors can affect your decision. Before deciding whether or not to go forward with an international expansion strategy, it’s essential to consider these factors carefully and come up with a plan of action to address them.

Is Internal or External Management Training Best for your Business?

Small Business CEO

There are two ways a business can train its employees: either internally, or with the help of a third-party company.… … The post Is Internal or External Management Training Best for your Business? Management management training

How to create an internal Assistant network

Practically Perfect PA

During the Virtual Summit October 2017, we had the amazing Simone White, Executive Assistant and Global Chair of GAIN – Administrative Professionals Network at BlackRock train our group of attendees on starting their own internal network for Assistants. Career Development Featured Networking Video admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant

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International Women’s Day 2020 – A Message From Julie Reed

Office Dynamics

And finally, as an employee, I was fortunate to have managers and co-workers who provided me immense opportunities to lean in and lift up. . And therefore, I am writing today – International Women’s Day (IWD). Sunday, March 8.

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How ‘The Intern’ Explores Transference and Its Impacts on Personal Growth


It’s The Intern. The Intern does not disappoint in that regard. First, the obligatory plot outline: Retired executive Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) gets a gig as a “senior” intern at an up-and-coming fashion website run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

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Hire an Intern

Small Business Labs

We have 4 interns working with us this summer.    Interns, of course, are a challenge to manage.    But we think the good of interns way outweighs the bad.  Our interns, being college students, are natural Internet users.  With   One of our interns is working on several social media related projects for us.      Interns also force to us focus.  Our

Should You Do Internal Recruitment for Your Recruitment Agency?

Recruit CRM

One way of going about this hiring process is internal recruitment. Internal recruitment ensures the candidate you pick is right for the role and enables talent progression within an organisation. But what is internal recruitment? What is Internal Recruitment?

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4 Questions Beginners Ask About International Shipping

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But shipping products, especially internationally, can be expensive. … The post 4 Questions Beginners Ask About International Shipping appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Management shipping

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Smart Ways to Manage International Transactions for Your Small Business

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Having an international presence is one of the best choices a small business can make. With the international consuming class expected to grow by 75% to 4.2 billion people by 2025, expanding your operations overseas will give you the opportunity to capitalize on international demand and enhance sales potential of your current offerings. A major one is international payments. Conventional banks often put hefty fees on international transactions for businesses.

A business case outline for an internal PA network

Practically Perfect PA

An internal network will help us to build stronger relationships and enable better teamwork, communication and easier delegation and reciprocation of help. With Personal Assistants wanting to take on more responsibility this will free up time for management and avoid unnecessary duplication in teams. Knowledge sharing will cut down time for each PA and Manager to research information.

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Stay organized and secure with electronic records management

Business Management Daily

Like many other workplaces, Laura’s office could benefit considerably from implementing electronic records management (ERM). Such a management system utilizes information technology to organize and store records in electronic form.

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How to Best Work With International Colleagues

On The Job

When Erin Meyer visited Tokyo with a Japanese colleague shortly after her book, “The Culture Map” was published, she agreed to speak to about 20 Japanese managers. After her presentation, she asked if there were any questions or comments. “No No hands went up, so I went to sit down,” she recalls. But then her Japanese colleague whispered to her that he believed there were some comments. Would it be OK if he tried to solicit some feedback? Meyer agreed.

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Why Your business Should Really Consider Operating Internationally

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If the answers are unfavourable to more than three of these questions, then you should really consider expanding to an international market – here are the top reasons for doing so: New Customers. … Management business expansion business operations international business

Research: Internal Moves Smarter Than Job Hopping

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Researchers say that while employees receive pay boosts with an internal job move, an external move may not have as much potential. "[W]hen It does suggest that internal moves are quite important in moving ahead in your career," says Matthew Bidwell, a management professor and one of the researchers. It is those internal moves that lead to advances in pay, rank and responsibility, and provide long-term gains in pay and satisfaction,” Bidwell says

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How to Know When to Go International?

Small Business CEO

Many companies will make the decision after a few years, that it is time to venture into international markets, whereas some dive in straight away after only a few weeks; but how can either of them know if they are ready to do so? International clients may expect credit for longer than your domestic clients, and there will be administration costs and transportation fees too. Do Your Management Agree? Marketing business expansion international markets

10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics

I woke up this morning with the strange realization that this is my very last day with Office Dynamics International. It is so important to stop and celebrate yourself, your team, your manager, your company – when you hit a big goal or you accomplish something you’ve been working toward for some time. The post 10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International appeared first on Office Dynamics.

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How to Stop Wasting Time – Internal Factors

Ian's Messy Desk

These time-wasters fall into two types: internal, those things we generate and external, those things that come at us from outside. Taking on more than you can manage only leads to frustration as nothing gets done very well. Break the task into small pieces – if the whole seems too big to tackle, break it into manageable sub-tasks. Schedule your work to best manage routine or tedious tasks.

3 Simple Ways to End Internal Communication Woes

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Management business communication internal communicationIn military forces around the world, top-notch communication skills, or a lack thereof, are considered a life and death issue. After all, any slip in the communication lines can result in catastrophe – soldiers can lose their lives, innocent civilians can be killed or harmed, wars can be lost.

Assistants as information managers

Practically Perfect PA

Back in 2013 HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland released the Management Assistant 2020 report , which detailed how the role of an Assistant will change by 2020. One of the predictions centred around the idea that Assistants would become information managers in their organisations. So what do we mean by Assistants as information managers? This is what the report says about Assistants as information managers.

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Easy event management

Practically Perfect PA

We recently worked with Gallus Events who managed our Assist Travel event in London. The event management was seamless and one of the main reasons was because they used an online event registration / management platform called Eventbrite. Eventbrite Event Management. What events can be managed on Eventbrite? If you have a staff away day using Eventbrite will save you hours or possibly days in the management of the event!

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10 Tips to Help Manage ADHD at the Office

All Things Admin

Trouble managing time and tasks. ADHD can be tough for anyone to handle, but for an administrative professional, where things like attention to detail, time management, and organization are literally in the job description, it can mean disaster. . 2022 Julie Perrine International, LLC.

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Advice For Handling International Business Payments

Small Business CEO

But how do you conduct business internationally when it comes to the actual payment itself? Listen to the podcast interview for Sherif’s tips and advice on how small businesses can manage international payments. With the wonders of modern technology, it’s getting easier and easier for businesses to connect to foreign markets. Between currency conversions and exchange rates, you may be tempted to throw up your hands in defeat. But wait!

Which tasks should assistants manage?

Practically Perfect PA

There are so many ways we can help them with this from managing their calendar effectively, minimising interruptions and generally keeping them on track. Another way we can ensure our managers stay focused is to take control of certain tasks that they should really have no involvement with (or should just been informed as and when they need to be). Assistants should conduct research on behalf of their manager. Email and diary management.

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5 SOP examples for your business

Business Management Daily

In order to produce more consistent results and streamline your internal operations, it can be beneficial to create standard operating procedures for everyone to follow. SOPs are an excellent tool for small business owners looking to take their business process management to the next level.

Ep 146: Mimi Coiffait – Sports Industry Executive Assistant & Operations Manager

Go Burrows

Mimi Coiffait is a specialist sports industry EA and operations manager with over 10 years of experience supporting high profile organizations. And yes, they do ship internationally so visit today!

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5 Organisational Benefits of Managed Training Services

The Small Business Blog

As more and more companies turn to managed training services to deliver their training and development requirements, many HR & L&D professionals are wondering whether it is time that their organisation did the same. It can be a tough decision – especially when you already have a pool of highly skilled internal L&D talent which… Read the full article here: 5 Organisational Benefits of Managed Training Services on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

Learn How to Manage Your Boss

Ian's Messy Desk

And whether you think your boss is brilliant or a bore, the fact is that you have to manage the relationship with your boss if you want to advance your career. Many of us give little thought to managing our supervisors. Employees , consider your immediate supervisor as an important internal customers. Practise time management skills and schedule time each week for networking. Learn to manage your supervisor by taking initiative, being professional and resourceful.

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2-D barcoding may be coming to paper 1040s

Business Management Daily

A section of the Internal Revenue Manual (i.e., The post 2-D barcoding may be coming to paper 1040s appeared first on Business Management Daily. If the IRS were Superman, paper would be its kryptonite.

Revolutionary Ways Assistants Can Get Information from Their Managers

Office Dynamics

We were really excited about this activity because the main goal was to get assistants to come up with revolutionary solutions on time-old problems such as managers not making time for their assistants; managers not providing sufficient information to their assistants; handling constantly changing priorities; getting support for training and development. The 4 main topics to be addressed were: Revolutionary ways to get the communication and information you need from your manager.

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A Manager’s Guide to Dismantling a Fear-Based Company Culture from the Inside Out


A Unique Opportunity for Middle Managers. As a middle manager, you’re in a great position to spot fear-based characteristics. The head of human resources took a strong stance and started weekly meetings where the managers met to discuss the company’s culture and employee-related issues.

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Hybrid Work Management Firm Raises $30 Million In New Funding Round


The funding, led by Tola Capital, will be used towards expanding its staff, international presence, marketing strategies, and partnerships. . The post Hybrid Work Management Firm Raises $30 Million In New Funding Round appeared first on Allwork.Space.

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How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

Office Dynamics

The article, Juggling: The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers by Stacy Leitner was originally posted at If you are an assistant who works with multiple managers or executives, you know the work can be overwhelming at times. However, after a recent turn of events such as staffing vacancies and promotions, I have found myself providing administrative support to several other key managers while we recruit for vacant positions.

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How to Manage the Rush Jobs

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Manage the Rush Jobs appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Fifteen minutes later another manager comes by looking for last-minute help with a PowerPoint presentation. Meanwhile, you’ve skipped lunch, a courier is waiting on a delivery from you and the intern is hovering, looking for approval on the next step. How Project Management Apps Help You to Always Know Everything. You just finished reading How to Manage the Rush Jobs !

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Navigating the IRS’ Interactive Tax Assistant

Business Management Daily

scholarships); Deductions; Credits; International; and Additional Topics. The post Navigating the IRS’ Interactive Tax Assistant appeared first on Business Management Daily. Tax lawyers should be able to do their own taxes, don’t you think? With minimal help, of course.

9 Traits of a Successful Manager that Increases Productivity


As a manager, you likely face challenges every single day. You face multiple responsibilities, hundreds of project tasks, tight deadlines to meet and not to mention the expectations that lie on your shoulders as a manager. It can be easy for a manager to feel as if every task is urgent.

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How to Help Your Manager Get Things Done – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

This is the best blog for advice for administrative assistants and executive assistants provided by Office Dynamics International. Ok, Renee is wondering how does an administrative assistant manage her manager or executive? Does Renee start with managing deadlines, learning how to schedule properly? How do you help your manager get things done?

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Is Software Asset Management dead, or has it taken a back seat to License Management?

The Small Business Blog

Software industry specialists worked together back in 2006 to determine an international standard for Software Asset Management which would enable companies to prove that they were in full compliance with the rigorous demands set out in line with ISO/IEC 19700-1.

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Ep 144: Nancy Imbs on Emotional Intelligence, Giving Feedback, and Managing Difficult Conversations

Go Burrows

In this episode, Nancy talks about emotional intelligence, giving helpful feedback, and managing difficult conversations. And yes, they do ship internationally so visit today! For international and custom gifting solutions, reach out to the Loop & Tie team here.

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Top tip guide to managing global ground transport

Practically Perfect PA

If you need an international service, check that your service provider operates in all the countries on your itinerary. Knowing this information will allow you to manage your travellers’ expectations – that way, when they get a Hyundai instead of a Mercedes S-Class, they’ll understand why! Also, if you are managing expenses and payments for travel, find out if your supplier can supply invoices from around the world in GBP. It sounds simple.

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Mastering Project Management - Webinar

Office Dynamics

Find the best way to manage your projects – without letting them manage you! Mastering Project Management. Business Management Daily. We all manage projects from time to time. But just because you manage a project, does that make you a project manager? True project management professionals know the steps to take – and the steps to AVOID – for perfect projects every time. Join us May 23 to discover: Perceptions of Project Management.