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Professional Services Business Applications from Freelancers Continued their 2020 Surge in January.

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In 2020 professional services applications from independent workers (freelancers, independent contractors, etc.) increased by 21% over 2019.

2020 170

The world dosen’t have exit without a plan

Office Organization Success

Solve the secrecy of a wrong exhibition or save a girl in grief by comrade up with your befriend. Subscription Benefits Include Today’s Paper Find excitable-friendlily conversion of distinct from the Time’s rag in one quiet-to-peruse. But if you are situated in part office or house, you would emergency to logon to the computers apart and have something to tell helter-skelter the plucky to each other with – such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

2021 100

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This is Why Meetings are Such a Hot Mess -- and What You Can Do About It

On The Job

It often seems that many meetings go off the rails right away. Someone shows up late. Another person won't stop texting. Still another participant stares into space and seems to be in another world entirely.

2021 141

The Best Defense Is Attack

Brilliantly Better

Starting next Monday (two days from now) restrictive measures in Valencia, the town where I live in now, will be relaxed.

2021 83

Creative Boom on What They Never Tell You About Becoming a Freelance Creative

Small Business Labs

There's lots of articles these days covering how to become an full or part-time independent worker (freelancer, independent contractor, gig worker. etc.).      One of our recent favorites is What they never tell you about becoming a freelance creative from Creative Boom.

2021 169

5 Ways Recruiters Can Make Use Of The Clubhouse App To Grow Their Business

Recruit CRM

Before the internet is flooded with case studies and interesting breakthroughs they've made on the new social media app on the radar, here's what recruiters and staffing agencies need to know. This app is not just for branding specialists, influencers or Founders and CEOs.

How to Manage Common Macbook Performance Issues?

Small Business CEO

Running into computer performance problems is more or less inevitable. Even if you have a reliable device like a Macbook, you should not expect that it will work without issues. Once you notice that something is wrong with your Mac, try to fix the problem yourself.

2021 79

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Will Coworking Be One of the "Big Winners in the Age of Remote Work"?

Small Business Labs

Business Insider has an excellent interview with Richard Florida , a leading expert on cities and urbanism and the author of The Rise of the Creative Class. The interview covers a lot of interesting ground, and it’s well worth reading. But one part jumped out at us.    Key quote: Human beings are social animals. We require connection, we require human interaction. Remote workers who are by definition working outside of the office will require more of this.

2021 166

Black History Month Interview Series: Lacretia Adamski

Team ELS

Black History Month Interview Series. Meet Lacretia Adamski , Senior Executive Assistant at Salesforce. Lacretia Caldwell Adamski has 1 5 years of experience supporting C-Suite executives in multiple industries including SaaS, health administration, and higher education.

Charities You Should Pay Attention to in 2021

Small Business CEO

Have you ever wanted to make a charitable donation to a good cause, but didn’t know where to donate, which organizations are best, or even how much to give? These are common questions that many people ask, and continually search for online daily.

2021 76

Elon Musk, The Entrepreneurial Hustle, And Some Tax Nuances

Brilliantly Better

There is a very popular short story about Elon Musk that goes (more or less) like this: Elon Musk made $180M when PayPal was acquired in 2002. He put $100M in SpaceX, $70M in Tesla, and $10M in Solar City. He borrowed money for rent. Depending on what social media platform your read it on, Read more.

2002 82

Episode 359: The Common Path to Uncommon Success with John Lee Dumas


This candid conversation reveals what John Lee Dumas has learnt throughout his life – which includes interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs on his show – and steps you can take on a common (yet simple) path that can lead to uncommon success. This episode is sponsored by LinkedIn Jobs.

2021 52

Black History Month Interview Series: Kyala Johnson

Team ELS

Black History Month Interview Series. Meet Kyala Johnson, Executive Assistant at Griffith Foods Inc. Kyala Johnson is the strategic business partner to four high-level executives and also supports their direct teams.

The Courageous La Donna Finnels-Neal, Founder & CEO of Energy Industry Support International

Admin Awards

La Donna Finnels-Neal was first discovered working at Walmart when someone approached her and knew raw talent when they saw it. Soon after she was working for Enron in the administrative field in Houston, Texas.

Expectation Management

Brilliantly Better

We learn all kind of things in school that I find either unnecessary (or easily retrievable from other sources, when needed), but we don’t learn things that are extremely necessary and really scarce out there.

Why is CPD Certification an Integral Aspect for Human Resources Departments?

Small Business CEO

Continuing professional development or CPD is a concept that describes the advancement of professional careers and in turn, companies. Considering that the world of work changes at such a rapid rate, this CPD certification is necessary to stay relevant and employable.

2021 69

Setting Course for Promotion From Day One


The moment you walk into the office on your first day, you should head for promotion. “Complacency happens when you least expect it,” so setting your course to level up in your role should be a plan you are continually building and implementing.

Monday Moving Forward – Don’t Ride With The Hurricane

Brilliantly Better

My 365 days writing challenge is progressing nicely, I’m already close to 60 days of continuous blogging and the habit is starting to stick. Since I’m getting more and more comfortable with it, I decided to give it a little bit of a structure.

2021 71

Limited Field Of Vision

Brilliantly Better

Every once in a while I remember a very interesting Christmas eve, from more than 15 years ago. Recently, I remember this more often, you’ll see a bit later why. It was a snowy day, and I had to drive from my home town, in the middle of the country, to Bucharest. I pondered a. Read more. The post Limited Field Of Vision appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

2021 53

5 Tips for Concluding Business Contracts

Small Business CEO

Almost every business enters a written contract sooner or later, and they only grow in importance as your business grows too. The future of your business relationship is defined the moment you draft the contract, which oftentimes represents a daunting task.

2021 68

How Might Nitrogen Generators Be Used for Industrial Applications?

Small Business CEO

Nitrogen is a common element on earth. Fortunately, it is industrially useful for man, and almost all industries need nitrogen generation during production. photo credit: Mr pantswearer / Wikipedia. A typical unique property of Nitrogen gas is that it is odourless and colourless.

2021 61

Mass Email Marketing: 7 Tips To Do It Right

Small Business CEO

Bulk email or mass email marketing is the practice of sending huge volumes of email to subscribers with a single purpose. This is to reach out to many customers and increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of an email marketer through increased sales or engagement.

Email 59

How to Fit in a Remote Team – What a Founder Says

Small Business CEO

Entrepreneurs always worry if remote employees would fit into the company culture. We understand the concern, as working remotely is quite different from gathering at an office. It’s easy and natural to blend in when we meet face to face.

How Can Your Business Improve Digital Marketing?

Small Business CEO

Many businesses now rely on their presence online to boost their growth, such as generating new customers and sales. Modern technology has allowed small businesses more freedom in successfully marketing their products. Nowadays, for a company to thrive, an online presence is crucial.

Charities You Should Pay Attention to in 2021

Small Business CEO

Have you ever wanted to make a charitable donation to a good cause, but didn’t know where to donate, which organizations are best, or even how much to give? These are common questions that many people ask, and continually search for online daily.

2021 57

Learning To Play The Guitar – 6 Months After

Brilliantly Better

This is a major milestone for my guitar journey. When I started, exactly 6 months ago, on August 23rd 2020, I promised myself I will be able to play Spanish Romance in 6 months. I had no previous experience with the instrument (barely knew how to hold it), and no musical experience whatsoever. I was. Read more. The post Learning To Play The Guitar – 6 Months After appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

2020 40

Understanding Contractual Disputes: How to Seek Resolution

Small Business CEO

If you find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with a contractual dispute, you need to ensure that you take the right course of action. Understanding the options available to help you to resolve your contract dispute is the first step in preparing your case.

2021 53

5 Must-have Features for B2B Websites

Small Business CEO

Every B2B business needs a website, as it is an essential part of doing business online in this digital age. While there are so many features you can add to your website, adding a lot of features not only confuses your visitors, but also makes your website heavier and slower.

2021 53

Upcoming Changes and Predictions for the Manufacturing Industry in the Next Five Years

Small Business CEO

The year 2020 was a tumultuous year for jobs, the economy, and industries as the world struggled to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on business and daily life. However, there’re reasons to be optimistic about the future, particularly if we are talking about the manufacturing industry.

2020 53

Investing in Technology According to Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report

Small Business CEO

Jeff Brown shares his insight by simplifying technical details to help subscribers make immediate gains from the market in his “Near Future Report.”