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Study: Self-Employed Have Higher Lifetime Earnings Than Salary Workers

Small Business Labs

It's long been accepted as fact in academic and government circles that the self-employed earn less than people with traditional jobs.    It turns out, this accepted fact could be wrong. Bloomberg View's You Don't Have to Be Nuts to Start a Business covers an academic study that shows becoming self-employed or starting a business: "  is a form of experimentation that can boost your prospects later in life, even if the business fails."

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The hidden world of London’s Livery Halls

Practically Perfect PA

In the city of London there is a rich history and tradition of Livery Companies, unbeknown to most Londoner’s but at the forefront of politics within the capital for the past 800 years, London’s Livery Companies play a very important role in the history of our great city. In this blog post I want to introduce a little about the history of these fabulous establishments and explore the versatility as venues for corporate events.

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5 Steps To Reinvent Your Life By Traveling

Dumb Little Man

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller Whenever I want to make a change in my life, I choose to travel. I’ve tried self-help books, Internet videos, and local programs – but nothing seems to work so effectively as the open road. When I engaged in meaningful travel for the first time, I realized that so much of it was geared towards personal development.

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This Is The First Step In Your Online Marketing System

Office Organization Success

When creating your automated online marketing system, the very foundation of your system should be your Content Marketing System – from there you are able to build out your system and incorporate many different online and offline marketing strategies. But it all starts with your content. And this month in the Online Marketing Systems … Made Easy program, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to: Create Your Content Marketing System.

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2015 Freelancing in America Study Released

Small Business Labs

The Freelancers Union and Upwork released their 2015 Freelancing in America study last week. This is the 2nd year this group has done a comprehensive look at freelancing.    Key study findings include: The percent of the U.S. workforce freelancing held steady at 34%, that equates to an estimated 53.7 million people. 60% of the respondents said it was their choice to become a freelancer. The majority of freelancers (60%) say they make more money freelancing.

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6 Lifehacks Using Everyday Items

Productivity Bits

Without the Internet, the word “lifehack” probably wouldn’t exist. Unfamiliar with the term? A lifehack is a technique or method of doing things that is uncommon but brilliantly clever. When used correctly, lifehacks help folks reclaim time, save their money and repurpose items. Lifehacks come in all shapes and sizes. There’s virtually no end to their possibilities, and anyone from any walk of life can invent a new one instantly — as long as it’s sensible and provides utility.

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7 Simple Techniques to Activate Your Creativity

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Are you expected to deliver creative work on a daily basis? Sometimes the flow of ideas comes naturally, but there are also times when you cannot awaken this state of mind no matter how hard you try. It’s like you have a creative capacity – when you use the ‘allowance’, your brain goes blank and it refuses to collaborate. Don’t be devastated; you can find a way to get out of that state.

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Are DC Think Tanks in Trouble?

Small Business Labs

There are lots of recent articles on Senator Elizabeth Warren forcing the resignation of the respected, longtime Brookings economist Robert Litan. Senator Warren and her allies were upset at Litan because he testified against a Warren-backed Labor Department plan to regulate financial advisers. The Wall Street Journal has a good summary of what happened to Litan after his testimony. Key quote: Instead of rebutting his argument, Ms. Warren decided to punish it.

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Pursue Excellence with These 3 Winning Strategies

Office Dynamics

Welcome to another great workweek, filled to the brim with opportunities to prove your mettle and potential in whatever profession you’re in! One of my highly-requested topics is a speech that is based on my best-selling book, “Become an Inner Circle Assistant,” which explores various ways assistants can partner with management to pursue excellence and create effective, productive work teams that have real impact on the bottom line. Even though this book has been in existence for several years.

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5 Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

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Although many people focus on diet and exercise programs to achieve weight loss, I believe that the most important and often overlooked factor is a person’s mindset. At the start of my career as a nutritionist I soon realized that losing weight and becoming healthy is not primarily about food, exercise or other lifestyle habits. Don’t get me wrong, what you put in your mouth and how you move your body matters.

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How to Thrive in the Data Onslaught

On The Job

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by data, the statistics back you up: If you downloaded a year’s worth of Internet traffic to CDs, the stack of discs would reach 2.5 million miles high. That’s why data may be seen as a curse by team members who feel they’re about to be crushed by this data tsunami – while others are giddy at the potential it offers. So, the key question remains: How to turn data into a blessing instead of a curse for any business?

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Try Working In A New Space To Be More Productive


I got a lot of great feedback on Twitter about how i mportant health is to productivity. It’s not something people tend to think about, but it’s something that we can all improve to find great gains. So I’m back with another suggestion. This is also a bit unexpected, but it works; get a room. But not just any room—get a hotel room to work in. Adam McKay has said that he and Will Ferrell will get a hotel room and write there.

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Jail vs. Prison

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks, Can the words jail and prison be used interchangeably? In colloquial usage, the words jail and prison are often used interchangeably in reference to any place where people are locked up for a legal offense. Jail is the usual choice when speaking of imprisonment in the abstract. For example: A man like that belongs in jail. If you ask me, I’d put him in jail and throw away the key. The connotation of jail is less severe than that of prison.

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3 Ways Of Dealing With The Pain Of Rejection

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We all experience rejection throughout our life. No matter if it happens in dating, in social settings, in sports, at our job or even in our committed relationships. It always hurts and often when we get rejected we gang up on ourselves, adding fuel to the fire. We blame ourselves by taking on all that went wrong and thinking, “how did I cause the rejection?” ” But are we really responsible? When we experience rejection, we experience pain.

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Sabotage in Today's Workplace May Begin With You

On The Job

When we think of "sabotage" we may envision stealthy bad people trying to take down an organization. We may think of malware inserted into a company's system, or someone tinkering with machinery so that it will break down and disrupt operations. But a new book, "Simple Sabotage" points out that it's often the simplest acts -- that many of us do every day -- that can undermine a workplace. Authors Robert M.

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Developing the Ideal Productivity System When You Have ADHD


Ryan McRae is the author of Ordering the Chaos: Simple Ways to Organize Your ADHD Life. He writes at the blog The ADHD Nerd , is a technology addict, and loves everything pumpkin flavored. When I look at the newest productivity system or the latest time management tool, I get very excited. I look at the boxes that can be checked, the grid system, or the priority matrix, etc. So I order this new system. And soon — very soon — I discard it.

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Get Connected Before, During and After Our Conference [Blab Replay]

Office Dynamics

We joined up with Donna Gilliland, Lucy Brazier, Julie Perrine to share with you the value of using digital media as a companion to your conference experience. In this video, we teach you ways to use Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and more before, during and after the conference. Expand your connections! Add value to your event experience! Not attending the live event? You can still get connected. Learn more below about our Conference On Demand Option.

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How to Achieve Success When You Are 20

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“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein You may not have thought about it, but every person wants to achieve success. Of course, there are many ideas about what success is; it can be earning money, having a strong family, or winning many friends. However, the real success is to be happy. When you are 20, you have so many possibilities ahead, and what is also important – you have a chance to achieve success not sacrificing your personal life.

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15 Proven Techniques For Stunningly Persuasive Writing

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! 15 Proven Techniques For Stunningly Persuasive Writing first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Better Writing

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Potpourri of Misspellings

Daily Writing Tips

Strolling along Internet Boulevard one morning, I encountered more than the usual quota of misspelled-words-per-minute. INCORRECT: My level of stress is nothing compared to your personal battles with illness and other life hurtles. CORRECT : My level of stress is nothing compared to your personal battles with illness and other life hurdles. hurtle verb : to dash, rush, or hurry, especially with force. The bull hurtled through the crowd.”. hurdle noun : an obstacle.

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Escaping The Noise And Leveraging The Quiet


This piece was originally published in The Productivityist Weekly. Not signed up for the newsletter yet? Click here and you’ll get it delivered to your inbox every week and receive a copy of The Way of The Productivityist Manifesto absolutely FREE! As I write this, everyone else in the house is sleeping. I’m looking out at a great view, but the only things I can hear are my inner thoughts and the clacking of the keyboard. To be honest, my inner thoughts are much louder than the keyboard clacking.

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How To Help Your Heartbroken Friend Become Normal Like Before

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I exactly know how it feels, the pain is really unimaginable. No matter how cheered up person you are in your daily life, once your heart breaks everything comes to rest. You literally then don’t wanna enjoy life or should I say you almost forget how to enjoy life. There was a time when your friend used to be the heartbeat of everyone, the shining star of every party, the person full of life but now your friend is unable to smile even.

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Welcome to Whole Life Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

Welcome to a blog that is going to have a major influence on how you do things. Productivity systems have been around for ages. Planners became really popular in the 80’s and 90’s, helping people organize their time and track their tasks. With the publication of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity , an attempt was made to get out of the rigid prioritization of the old paper systems, and adapt to modern life.

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Center Around and Centre Round

Daily Writing Tips

The phrases “center around” (US) and “centre round” (Br) are often heard in speech and seen in writing on the Web: Other concerns centered around decreased property values.—Book Book published by SUNY Press, 2004. Our concerns center around response time to our emergency rooms.—Statement Statement issued by a Florida medical center. The main issues centre round the high level of ambient noise in the area.—Canadian Canadian newspaper.

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The Productivityist Podcast 60: Less Doing with Ari Meisel


This week on the show I’m joined by Ari Meisel of Less Doing. We talk about what task management app Ari uses (the answer will surprise you), the art of optimization, automation, and outsourcing, and more tips and tricks you can use to help you make more great things happen by doing less. Relevant Links. Less Doing | Ari Meisel. Evernote. Slack. IFTTT. Zapier. Less Doing Live. Blue Blocking Sunglasses | Amazon. A Complimentary Less Doing Coaching Call. Cylon Compendium.

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Which Software And Tech Packages You Really Need

Brilliantly Better

Credibly reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Continually reintermediate integrated processes through technically sound intellectual capital. Holistically foster superior methodologies without market-driven best practices. Distinctively … The post Which Software And Tech Packages You Really Need appeared first on Dragos Roua. Business Technology

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Need reasons to clear out the clutter?

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2013-10-10 12:44:56. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Josh Waldrum from SpareFoot Storage sent me this delightful infographic full of impressive and sometimes scary statistics. Clearing out clutter can literally pay you back; every organizer I know has found uncashed checks, gift cards and money in their clients’ homes. Having more stuff than fits in your house is NOT a good reason to rent a storage unit. But there are plenty of good reasons.

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Semantics and Connotations

Daily Writing Tips

A reader found himself puzzling over the grammatical number of the word semantics: I just had to rewrite a sentence: “The semantics are a problem” vs. “The semantics is a problem.” . My dictionary demurs, explaining that the form of semantics is plural though the number is singular or plural, depending on the sense. .

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Naive and Naivety

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks about the use of the word naivety: I recently read this in a copy of Nature : “They challenge the naivety of the idea that science, proceeding openly and aloof from its sociopolitical environment, reaches incontrovertible truths by unassailable reason.”. I do not recall ever seeing that use before. Pronunciation note. naive [nye-EEV]. naivety [nye-EEV-uh-tee]. The adjective naive is a badly assimilated French borrowing.

2015 70

Minimize vs. Reduce

Daily Writing Tips

A reader feels there’s a difference between the words minimize and reduce : Writers often use “minimize” to mean “reduce.” ” To minimize something is to reduce it to the smallest amount or degree. To “reduce” something is simply to make it smaller.

2015 66

Doing Penance

Daily Writing Tips

In current usage, penance is associated with spiritual practice as a form of self-imposed punishment: penance noun : The performance of some act of self-mortification or the undergoing of some penalty as an expression of sorrow for sin or wrongdoing. When the word penance came into English from Anglo-Norman, it applied to secular punishments as well as penalties assigned by religious authorities.

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