September, 2013

Honestly, what are the pros and cons of the role?

Practically Perfect PA

I have been planning to write a blog post around the pros and cons of the role for a while. I wanted to be totally honest but I thought well I can only really base the pros and cons of the role on my perspective and what I have experienced over the years and although I can share plenty of examples I might be limiting the picture somewhat.

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Making Friends and Increasing Business Contacts is Easy If You Know These 7 Secrets of Socially Successful People

Dumb Little Man

We all know people who are beloved by everyone and seem able to make friends wherever they go. Some regard them with admiration tinged with a bit of envy, then shrug their shoulders and figure those people are just born with that special “something”. It might be surprising to learn that being popular is a skill that can be learned like any other.

2013 213

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7 Steps You Can Take When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 7 Steps You Can Take When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Traditionally, Canada does not place well in the Olympic Summer Games. The winter games is a better story.) Canadian athletes competing often surpass “personal best” results or break Canadian records for their sport. However, that’s not always good enough on the world stage. You’ve trained and prepared, you’re motivated and ready, but you end up fourth, fifth or even last.

2013 193

When is a Partnership Not a Partnership?

Virtual Moxie

One of the concepts I introduced in the late 90s that''s now commonly accepted in the. Virtual Assistance industry is that of only working in long-term and. collaborative partnerships with clients. When asked what they think it means to work in partnership with a client, VAs often tell me that it refers to "being equals" in the relationship. And while equality certainly is a big piece of what has to be present in a. partnership, the element I think is often missing is one of.

2013 189

Will the New Artisan Economy Save the Middle Class?

Small Business Labs

How Technology Wreaks the Middle Class covers the growing concern that automation and technology is replacing many middle class jobs.  Key quote: The multi-trillionfold decline in the cost of computing since the 1970s has created enormous incentives for employers to substitute increasingly cheap and capable computers for expensive labor.

2013 185

Increase Productivity By Thinking Inside The Box

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Have you ever had a day with nothing on the schedule, in which you intended to get a lot of things done? And then did none of them? We can increase our productive time by boxing our time with routines, and then thinking inside the box. How Limiting Options Spurs Answers.

2013 180

20 great networking questions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

With The Office* Show coming up in a few weeks I’ve been thinking about my networking plan for the few days that I am there. Earlier this year I wrote a post on how assistants can get the most out of attending events. It was quite a detailed post about my networking experiences so do check it out if you are going to any events this year.

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4 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 4 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Self Motivation – If you want to make new things happen you need to be able to drive yourself. Most people have the misconception that creativity is exclusive to those with special skills or some sort of genetic predisposition to creativity. Nothing is further from the truth. Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise to grow and give great results.

2013 188

Lead the Client Consult to Meet Everyone's Needs

Virtual Moxie

Consulting with clients can be a scary thing for some Virtual Assistants. I think that’s, in part, because that activity is a responsibility of the company’s owner, and although VAs understand that they own their own companies, for many, it’s most comfortable when in the role of the technician (those who do the work).

2013 178

5 Steps to Create a Successful Product Launch System

Office Organization Success

There is more to launching a product or program to your community simply than sending out an email and hoping people will buy! It’s about creating a whole product/program launch system so that you can get maximum sales for your brand-new offering. Every business owner is excited to launch a new product or program and dreams of seeing “sold out” on their website.

2013 173

When And How To Let A Project Go Dormant

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. My schedule was disrupted this week by house guests, and I didn’t manage my time very well. (I I see an article in that!) Here is an article that ran originally in November 2009 about letting projects go dormant. It is applicable right now as I revamp my someday/maybe list, and also as I gear up for Nano #8. It’s November.

2013 175

What is business acumen and how do you get it?

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few weeks I have been developing a twitter strategy for one of my company’s clients. They are an online events business and we are helping them with their marketing so I have been learning about hybrid and online events. I already know how to market via social media, I understand the world of events and I can create content fairly easily but prior to. oh I don’t know… a few weeks ago I knew very little about hybrid events.

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Don't Be A Quitter: Perseverance Is One Of The Most Underestimated Skills of Successful People

Dumb Little Man

There is a trap it is easy to fall into and, if you fall into it, you will lose out on many opportunities in life. This is the trap in which you look at successful people and assume they are the lucky ones. You may think they get all their ideas right first time and never have had any problems in achieving what they have. Your impression may be reinforced by the media’s continuous portrayal of successful people leading completely perfect lives.

2013 205

8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. No matter how you define success, a proper attitude plays a key role in reaching that success. I know people who blame their lack of success on a lack of education. I know educated people who blame their lack of success on circumstances. Regardless of the personal resources you have-education, skills, money, etc.-if if you don’t have a good attitude, you will not get full value from those resources.

2013 182

Don't Be a Moxie Moron!

Virtual Moxie

Moxie, at its core, has nothing to do with fear. Moxie really is all. about courage, and having moxie is about belief in oneself, and one''s. abilities above all else. Integral to everything moxie-related is. integrity; the state of being whole and right with oneself. Sometimes people act boldly, and what they do looks like Moxie. when that energy is used out of fear or mean-spiritedness, or a lack of. self-confidence, that''s not moxie, that''s just crap. People who behave.

2013 166

Is Technology Hurting Your Job Search?

Eat Your Career

What you don’t know could hurt you! Perfect example: Many job seekers have no idea that resumes submitted online are typically filtered through a software system before a human being ever sees them. That means if your resume isn’t formatted correctly, it could be kicked out before any real person has a chance to review it. According to Forbes, as much as 75% of qualified applicants are getting lost in these systems!

2013 160

How To Set Up LeechBlock

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. One of the power weapons in my fight to stop wasting time online is an add in for Firefox called LeechBlock. Today I will show you how to set up LeechBlock. Why You Need To Block Time Wasting Websites. I don’t know of a single person that says, “I think I will go out and waste hours on the internet.”

2013 171

Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Quite often I am asked which courses I would recommend for assistants that are just starting in the profession and want to undertake some training to increase their skills and help them move up the career ladder. I always say that it is extremely important for assistants to attend training courses throughout the year. We have a shed load of skills that have to be kept up to date so that we can do our job effectively.

5 Reasons Why Journaling is the Ultimate Tool for Self-Development

Dumb Little Man

As a reader of Dumb Little Man, there's little doubt in my mind that. you've take a personal interest in improving who you are as a person. You want to grow, you want to learn, and you want to develop every aspect. of your life. And this is definitely the place to do that. But you're missing something. You need tips tailored to who YOU are. You need advice that comes from your own experiences, the kind that can help you really grow, more than. anything online could do for you.

2013 205

Stop waiting…

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Stop waiting… appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Waiting for just the right time to do something is a big problem. Many of us spend too much of our lives waiting for something. We can probably relate to this little verse, more than we would like to admit. Stop waiting…. Until your car or home is paid off. Until you get a new car or home. Until your kids leave the house. Until you go back to school. Until you finish school. Until you clean the house. Until you organize the garage.

2013 170

Change Your Attitude; Change Your Biz

Virtual Moxie

For more than a decade I worked with a wonderful VA who had, in her signature line, the following original quotation: "It never occurs to me that there are things I cannot do.". C''mon, what MORE could a client want from someone? That''s moxie personified! And while there were things she didn''t know how to do (remember, if you learn 500 things every day, you''ll still never be able to do it all), her attitude made it safe for me to ask her to help me with anything.

2013 158

The Rise of Smart Objects

Small Business Labs

Good article from JWT Intelligence on smart objects. These are objects that have been enhanced by the addition of computers of some kind. A good example from the article is the smart beer bottle from Heineken.   The bottle has a set of music detecting sensors and LED lights. The bottle flashes to the beat of music. The reason I like this example is if beer bottles are becoming embedded with computer chips and sensors then it means pretty much everything will.

2013 156

What Is Wrong With Easy?

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. We were driving to my daughter’s birthday party, and she was giving us instructions to get off the highway. She wanted to take the first exit, which would point us away from the party location, instead of taking the second exit, which would put us in the right direction. When my husband pointed this out to her, she still insisted we should take the first exit, and then do a U-turn.

2013 171

Managing expectations

Practically Perfect PA

I was recently discussing some of the harder areas of the role with a fellow EA. She mentioned that she was never 100% sure what her boss expected of her and whether or not she was delivering. I must admit I was quite shocked that such an experienced assistant would struggle with expectations but the more I thought about it the more I realised that assistants hold themselves to very high standards so most of us will wonder if we are exceeding expectations at some point in our career.

Successful People Don't Let Their Fear Of Failure Hold Them Back. Do You?

Dumb Little Man

Every four years we are graced with The Winter Olympics. Do you ever watch the figure skating competitions? I wanted to avoid watching them for years, as I always felt terrible for the competitors who fell. The entire world just watched them go from a gold medal to no man’s land on the score card. But then I’d see the same competitors four years later, trying again. And more often than not, their technique had improved, securing a higher score than ever. Those people are brave.

2013 196

The Principle Components of Communication

Ian's Messy Desk

The post The Principle Components of Communication appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Understanding the basic components of communication can help you become a better communicator. Aristotle outlined the basic model of communication in 336 B.C. Whereas Aristotle viewed rhetoric as an art, we tend to see it now more as an experience. The three basic components are not separate and distinct entities. Rather they are tied together. Communication is an experience between speaker and listener.

2013 169

The Reason You Should Change Your Mind

Virtual Moxie

Rose called to say that she was overwhelmed. In talking about it, it. became clear that she was overextended; she''d simply agreed to do to. much for too many (clients, friends, and groups she belonged to). asked her why she thought she did that; she hesitated a minute and then. said, "I don''t know. Maybe I think I''m supposed to be able to do it. all.". After disavowing her of that little notion I said, "Ok --. which of these things you''ve agreed to do can you most easily get out.

2013 158

Green Incentives You Can Set as an Entrepreneur

Eco-Office Gals

The world is become more eco-friendly and green, but it can be hard for you as an entrepreneur to motivate individuals to join the movement. In the same way that you can motivate employees with incentives for good work or attendance, you can do the same with green actions by rewarding this Earth positive activity. Here are some great ideas on incentives that you can use to promote green activity with your employees: Alternative Transportation Bonuses. There are a few levels for bonuses here.

2013 155

Reduce Your Work Week, Part One

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. How much time do you spend at work? If you are in the majority of people, more than you would like. Most people, although paid to work 40 hours per week, work far more than that. Whether it is answering emails from home, responding to emails routed to your personal phone, working through lunch, or simply working late. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , in 2011 the average employed person worked 8.8 hours per day.

2013 170

How can assistants stay on top of the scene?

Practically Perfect PA

2013 174

Reduce Stress Levels and Increase Your Willpower Using These 3 Stress Reduction Techniques

Dumb Little Man

Most of us are under a constant stress. There are so many things that take away from our peace of mind: health issues, financial troubles, responsibilities at work, relationship dramas, and so on. We all know by now that stress is very detrimental to our health and can cause some serious problems. However, did you know that stress also destroys your willpower, and therefore keeps you from achieving your goals?

Stress 196

10 Christmas Organizing Tips

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 10 Christmas Organizing Tips appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I know. It’s still September. However, we’re less than three months from Christmas. Getting an early jump on the planning can make a world of difference on how well things go in December. Have you been a bit stressed during past Christmas‘s? Does it seem like the holidays bring too much to do? By organizing Christmas this year you can help to make this a low-stress holiday.

2013 158

Chili's Augmenting Waiters With Tablets

Small Business Labs

Restaurant chain Chili's is rolling out table top tablet computers to most of their 1200 locations after a successful test run earlier this year. The goal, according to the company, isn't to replace their human wait staff. It's to get diners to spend more per visit. According to a Business Week article : "No, it’s not an effort to replace wait staff with machines and cut down on labor costs, insists Nicole Cochran, senior director of marketing at Chili’s.

2013 154

Why Your Business Should Embrace the Cloud

Eco-Office Gals

We’ve long hailed the benefits of going paperless as a way to decrease your company’s carbon footprint. In addition to using less paper (requiring less deforestation), it saves your company money. Obviously you won’t need to buy paper anymore. Beyond that expense you’ll also save money on not buying printers, copiers, fax machines (and fax lines) and a boatload of toner. You’ll have to pay for fewer repairs. Really, going paperless is one of the best things to do for your company.

2013 149

Simplifying Weekends By Simplifying Laundry

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Far too often we take our large chunks of non-work time (otherwise known as weekends) and spend it catching up on the trivial tasks of life such as laundry and cleaning. In this article, I am going to show you how simplifying laundry will allow you to reclaim your weekends for other uses. Laundry Takes Time… The main thing about laundry is that it takes time for the machines to complete. It’s the machines that do the work.

2013 168

So you want to find a new assistant job?

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last 10 years I have been employed full time in 6 different companies. Is that a lot of jobs for one decade? I’m not sure, I suppose it depends on a lot of factors. I don’t think I have a vastly different career history to other people who work in London, because it is such a fluid market. But I have left a job because it was completely mis-sold (having stuck it out for a year) and another I left because the opportunity to move to Barcelona came along both of which are slightly unusual.

2013 172

Eating 7 Of The Best Weight Loss Foods Will Help You Start Shedding Pounds

Dumb Little Man

Have you been longing to shed off some pounds for a while but do not know exactly where to start? This may be a common problem for many individuals especially if they do not know the proper guidelines to start with. I’m sure that you have heard that you should be eating the right foods to help you lose weight. But the thing is, it is not easy to just start eating foods that you are not used to eating.

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