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Why personal development is your own responsibility

Practically Perfect PA

That “back to school” feeling affects us all, even if we have left our school days far behind. There is definitely an air of a new start, a fresh approach to work and the motivation for self-improvement every September. It’s that time of the year when we see the full time and adult education terms start up and I personally have spent many an autumn evenings at an evening class in a cold classroom clutching a pumpkin spiced latte!

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The Surprising Success Strategy That Will Empower Your Next Steps

Dumb Little Man

You’ve developed some goals- serious, life-changing goals. You’re feeling pretty bad-ass about the future. When you think about making these things happen, you feel exhilarated and energized. But, perhaps, you are a little intimidated, too. If that is the case, you could read another self-help book and listen to yet another podcast to get motivated. Or you could try something a bit different by time-traveling to the past to gain wisdom and plan your next move. Dwelling in the past?

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Are You Overly Invested in Work?

Eat Your Career

The philosophy behind Eat Your Career is that work can be a nourishing , enriching life experience. That’s a tall order, I realize. I really do believe that work is a very important part of life. When you’re not happy with your career, it can impact all other areas of life. Your mental, physical and emotional health can suffer. Your relationships and financial security can suffer. Your whole world can become more difficult and painful. I know because I’ve personally experienced it.

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The Gig Economy Pivots to the Enterprise

Small Business Labs

Over the past few months there's been almost a stampede of gig economy companies talking about the corporate market and/or announcing new services, products or initiatives aimed at serving large corporations.

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The Virtual Summit programme is up and running!

Practically Perfect PA

I always think of my conferences and events as my work babies, they take about 9 months to create, they are as time consuming as my actual babies, they cause as much sleep deprivation and worry but they are ultimately worth all the hard work and bring me a lot of joy! The Virtual Summit is my youngest work baby and last week, with the launch of the final programme, it started walking! Yup, that is right the Virtual Summit programme is up and running!

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How to Make Objective Decisions

Dumb Little Man

While some folks bandy around the statistic that we each make 35,000 decisions per day, others prefer to level it out at a neat 773,618 per lifetime. Whatever way you look at it, you are at least aware of making a handful of semi-important to important decisions each day, and at least a couple of major-ish ones each week: and these are the kind of forking-path moments for which we need to be best advised. The wrong choice might wind you up with a heartache, crippling debt or serious injury.

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What Happens If You Can’t Separate Personal Convictions from Your Business

Tips From T. Marie

It’s been abysmally quiet here on the Tips from T.Marie Blog, for that I apologize. You see, I’ve always been told that one must keep their business separate from the things that one may be experiencing personally. I’ve always thought it was pretty good advice. After all, no one wants their business to be impacted. Read more. Business Tips

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Podcast 071: Not starting

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 71 and my topic is starting. I talked about that a few podcasts back, where I gave some ideas on how to get into action when you find yourself continuing NOT to. This time I’ll talk less about technique and more about mindset, or the emotional background to starting. Or not starting. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play.

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Warmth or Competence: What Job Interviews Are Looking For

Dumb Little Man

“Coolly competent, the interviewee enters. Her handshake is firm, her gaze unwavering. Her answers are curt and unvarnished. She’s confident. She can get the job done, no doubt about that. But is she a nice person?”. Warmly incompetent, the interviewee enters. She smiles nervously, but warms to the interview quickly. She speaks in fits and starts, but always with a big smile. She’s a nice person. But can she get the job done?”. Coolly competent, or warmly incompetent?

2017 173

A Collage of Success Tips

Office Dynamics

I just got back from a great 2 day event called Success Live. Maybe you saw my Facebook post … or not. This event was hosted by Success magazine. I have been reading Success magazine for years and find every issue is packed with valuable information and tons of inspiration! Well, the live event was the same.

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Wireless Data Usage Continues to Explode

Small Business Labs

Wireless data consumption in North America has grown 9 fold since 2012. This comes as no great surprise, but the numbers are still impressive. The chart below illustrating this is from the Axios article  America's insatiable wireless appetite. According to the article:  In 2016, there were 291 million unique wireless subscribers in North America, representing 80% of the region's population. There are now more mobile subscriptions in the U.S. than people.

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How to Unleash Creativity in a Team

On The Job

When asked to describe the personality of a scientist, some might revert to the Sheldon Cooper stereotype made popular on “The Big Bang Theory” and describe an anti-social, uncreative, analytical and somewhat dull personality. But Lina Echeverria knows better. As an engineer and scientist with a PhD in geology and more than 30 years of experience as a scientist and a senior manager at Corning, she knows that scientists aren’t dull or uncreative. She knows scientists like to jitterbug. And cook.

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7 Cross-Border Dropshipping Tips Winners Use

Dumb Little Man

Thinking of scaling or taking your dropshipping business overseas? Today is the best time to do that! E-commerce’s global consumer base continues to expand exponentially and with this type of demand, supply must also rise. BigCommerce reports that 96% of Americans shop online with 8% of millennials shopping daily. Studies show that more firms, including B2B companies, are now considering dropshipping.

2017 169

T-Shirt Business Marketing and Promotion Video

Andrea Kalli

T-Shirt Business Marketing and Promotion Video. Designed and edited by Andrea Kalli – Video Design. Video Editing Services. Video Marketing. If you want to see more, check out my showcase videos: [link]. The post T-Shirt Business Marketing and Promotion Video appeared first on Video Design, Editing, and Marketing Virtual Assistant. Video Marketing

3 Examples of How a Comma Can Change Meaning

Daily Writing Tips

Omission of a lowly comma often alters the intent of a sentence, as demonstrated in the following examples, each followed by discussion and a revision. Customers likely to be the target of any kind of prosecution under this law include individuals who use tax planners such as celebrities and politicians.

2017 68

Overlap with Sean McCabe


On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Sean McCabe of the Sean is an entrepreneur, a hand lettering artist, and the guy behind the Seanwes community which connects hundreds of like-minded creatives all over the world. We talked about starting a business and scaling it up while working a full-time job.

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7 Not-So-Over-The-Top Romantic Ideas to Keep Love Alive

Dumb Little Man

At a certain point in a relationship, romance seems to fade. You get comfortable with one another and dinners out with romantic moonlit strolls give way to whatever is in the fridge and on TV. Feeling comfortable without having to make grand, romantic gestures can be a good thing. That level of happiness with just being together is what many of us are ultimately seeking. It’s a slippery slope, however. Romance keeps the fire burning, so to speak. Without it, the two of you can become distant.

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Choosing The Right Chemical Supply Company

Small Business CEO

Whether you are working within the construction industry, the mining industry, or the water treatment and remediation industry, you will need chemical solutions to do your job effectively. Finding a reliable supplier is important to ensure that you receive high-quality chemicals for your needs. It is equally important to find a supplier that will provide high-quality services like chemical blending, safe transportation, and bulk storage.

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Grammar Quiz #13: Pronouns

Daily Writing Tips

Correct any pronoun forms that are incorrect in the sentences below. My mother expected my brother and I to do well in school. Mike and me are going to Mexico this summer. Myself and Alan volunteer every Saturday at the animal shelter. When we get to the theme park, all the passengers have to look out for theirselves. The principal suspended the boys whom had been responsible for the damage. Answers and Explanations. Original: My mother expected my brother and I to do well in school.

2017 64

8 Soft Skills That Make for a Great Assistant

Audacious Admin

Written by Sharon Tsao , recruiting & HR Expert Posted on LinkedIn 11/18/2014 Link to original post ​If you’ve ever seen The Devil Wears Prada , you may believe that being an administrative assistant is a stepping stone to something greater. Though it can be a proving ground that opens doors to other positions, being a personal assistant to an executive or middle manager can also be a fulfilling career that is currently totally in vogue.

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How to Increase Your Productivity in a Coworking Space

Dumb Little Man

Public coworking spaces and shared office spaces have become increasingly popular in the last decade. In fact, in over six years, the number of shared office spaces available has jumped from 1,130 to 13,800 — a leap of 12,670 spaces. This popularity is due to the undeniable benefits of shared working spaces, especially for freelancers and independent contractors. Factors such as energy level, professional ambiance and mingling lend a hand to the success of this office style.

2017 175

Contract Law Basics for Every Entrepreneur

Small Business CEO

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, and the one thing that can really get them in trouble is the legal aspects of business. When first starting a business, there’s a lot of hustle involved, which leads to the small business owner taking major risks. Some of the most worrisome risks of all are contract-related. You might agree to something orally , and if you don’t meet your end of the agreement, you might be in trouble as a result.

2017 66

3 Cases of Inconsistent Wording in Lists

Daily Writing Tips

Whether items are listed in line (within a sentence) or vertically, the syntactical structure of the items should be consistent. In the following three examples, discussion and revision illustrate this point. First Example. Integrity to the Discipline. Constructive Board Engagement. Effective Risk Positioning. Establish a Learning Culture. Set Appropriate Incentives.

2017 61

Stay Strong Through Hurricane Irma

The Marq

In case you're wondering, I skipped last week's post due to Hurricane Irma as it's been ripping through Florida. It's lead to many discussions, calls, emails, texts to friends and coworkers in Florida. As a result, I've been distracted and less focused on business. Look for the next post with some lessons learned through this process. Copyright(c) 2017

2017 40

Using Zero Trust Network Segmentation To Protect Your Business From Hackers

Dumb Little Man

Cybersecurity is a major concern no matter what size or type of business you are running, but most people just aren’t doing enough. We don’t tend to think about information security until it is too late – after a breach has already occurred. And those breaches can be costly, often putting small businesses completely out of business within a few months in some instances.

2017 160

4 Long-Term Goals Your Company Needs to Set Now

Small Business CEO

Every business is launched with a mission – a goal – in mind. But once you have things up and running, goal-setting can quickly make its way to the backburner. If you want your business to grow, setting goals and making plans to reach those goals is critical. Here are four long-term goals your company needs to set right now. Plan for Growth. Expansion and revenue growth are the goals of every business, but do you have a plan in place to reach your targets? Do you even have a target?

2017 66

Missions and Omissions

Daily Writing Tips

The words listed and defined in this post all stem from the Latin verb mittere , which means “send.” They have in common the element mit (or miss). To admit (literally, “send to”), for example, is to allow something to enter or be sent in, though the word also pertains to acknowledging or conceding something.

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Technology Must Stop Being "People of No"

On The Job

George Westerman thinks that IT leaders need to realize it’s time to change “from a caterpillar into a butterfly.” Westerman isn’t referring to a change in wardrobe, but rather an evolution of IT leaders’ attitudes and actions. The market is moving so fast. Customer and employee expectations are changing so fast. If you do the incremental stuff, you’re going to be left behind,” says Westerman , a research scientist at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

2017 25

How Corporate Welfare Hurts Small Businesses

Dumb Little Man

Corporate welfare is one of those things that everybody hates for different reasons, but nobody wants to do anything about it. Big businesses grow too big to fail on government subsidies, contracts and tax breaks. When they get into trouble, they have to be bailed out or the whole economy will fail. It’s an endless cycle and it puts small businesses on uneven ground when it comes to competition and growth.

2017 153

What Are KPIs, And How Do IT Consultants Help You Target Them?

Small Business CEO

Every business has indicators that aid in determining how a company is doing regarding meeting set objectives or measuring employees’ accomplishments after a given period. These “measurables” are achieved using Key Performance Indicators, KPIs. The use of high-level KPIs, for example, depicts the overall performance of a business while low-level KPIs are focused mainly on sales, marketing or customer care. KPIs generally cover the following areas: Business indexes. Finance. Return on investments.

2017 63

3 Types of Misplaced Modifiers

Daily Writing Tips

Poor placement within sentences of words that provide details can hamper comprehension. Take care to avoid the various types of pitfalls demonstrated in the following examples, which are followed by discussion and a revision. The company has been an extremely integral partner for our organization over the past years, both from delivery and leadership perspectives.

2017 54

Humanity Trumps Business

The Marq

There are times in life that you encounter what appears as opposing forces in life, pulling you in different directions. You have to make a decision. Which do you choose, knowing full well that you have to compromise one for the other. Life was throwing that question at me these past weeks when the sign off on a major piece of business I've been working on hinged on steps that needed to be completed by a customer, a friend, a fellow human being who was caught in the Hurricane Irma disaster.

2017 40

Java: The No. 1 Platform for IoT Development

Small Business CEO

Connected devices are now everywhere – from your smartphone, to your fridge, to home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Internet of Things (IoT) will combine the power of voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make the next big revolution in tech happen. It is not about controlling home devices using voice commands anymore, it is about vast IoT networks that will have computing power greatly exceeding anything we have had in the past.

2017 62

3 Accounting Tools to Drive Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Small business owners often scramble come tax season. There is a lot to worry about as a business owner, and the last thing most businesses want to think about is paying their taxes. Keeping the lights on is far more important to a business owner. But you don’t have to scramble last minute to figure out your taxes. There are tools that can help make tax season a little less taxing on a small business owner. QuickBooks Online.

2017 55

How Will Divorce Affect Your Business?

Small Business CEO

They say it’s smart to keep personal and business relationships separate, but when you’re married, you and your spouse become one in every way – including business. If your “I do” turns into “I don’t” in the future, what will happen to your company? Here’s how a divorce may impact your business. Divorce and Business – Your Ex May Become Your Next Business Partner.

2017 54

3 Inbound Marketing Tips Small Businesses Can Implement Today

Small Business CEO

Small businesses can implement inbound marketing into their marketing strategy today – it’s imperative. Traditional outbound marketing avenues are being abandoned by small businesses. The problem is that either the old tactics no longer work, some 90% of executives won’t answer cold calls anymore, or they’re too expensive. Small businesses often can’t afford a TV ad. And consumers are becoming more demanding. A lot of consumers don’t want to be “disturbed.”

2017 53

Ways in Which You Can Improve Business Operations

Small Business CEO

When you wake up every single day you get an opportunity to move the business towards the future but improving business operations is never as easy as it seems, especially when faced with huge competition, as happens with most industries. In order to help you out, here are some methods that you can use to improve current business operations. Start The Day Right. The routine that you create will have a huge impact on everything.

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